Spurred to Separation Event Story Parts 9-10

Jun 13th, 2018
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  1. Mifuyu: ...Let's get out the warning to the Westside magical girls and tell them not to go to the Central Ward.
  3. (A few days had passed since Mifuyu and Yachiyo had given the warning "not to go to the Central Ward"...)
  5. Eastside Magical Girl: Get out of here before you get hurt, you sheltered little prisses!
  6. Westside Magical Girl: You're the one who'd better get out of here.
  7. Westside Magical Girl: This area is controlled by our team now!
  8. Eastside Magical Girl: Don't think you can just decide that for yourselves!!
  9. Eastside Magical Girl: Oraa!!
  10. Westside Magical Girl: Ow! Don't think we're just gonna stand by and take this!! Haaaa!!
  12. (However, the magical girls causing conflicts in the Central Ward ignored the warning...)
  13. (And the conflicts between the Westside Magical Girls and the Eastside Magical Girls grew more and more violent by the day...)
  15. Tsuruno: This is big trouble! There's been another casualty!
  16. Tsuruno: Not just on our side, but on the Eastside as well! And I heard the Central Ward girls are getting involved, too!
  17. Yachiyo: Again?!
  18. (Thud!)
  19. Tsuruno: Wah!
  20. Yachiyo: What is it this time?! Even though we warned them so much not to go to the Central Ward...!
  21. Mifuyu: Yacchan, calm down. We've got to stay composed.
  22. Yachiyo: ......
  23. Yachiyo: I'm sorry. I'm going to go cool off for a bit.
  24. Mifuyu: Yes, I think that's smart.
  25. Tsuruno: ...I've never seen Yachiyo so upset like that before... is there a hole in the desk?
  26. Mifuyu: The desk is fine. I'm more worried about Yacchan's hand.
  27. Tsuruno: Oh...
  28. Mifuyu: ...I understand Yacchan's feelings.
  29. Mifuyu: There's nothing we can do...
  30. Mifuyu: Even I didn't think they'd ignore our warning so completely...
  31. Tsuruno: ...Say, would it really be so hard to cooperate with Kanagi?
  32. Mifuyu: Yes... we don't have anything to negotiate with...
  33. Mifuyu: It'd be good if we at least knew who perpetrated the original attack...
  34. Tsuruno: ...The original attacker, huh?
  35. Tsuruno: If that attack hadn't happened, this conflict wouldn't have gotten out of control as fast as it did.
  36. Tsuruno: Which means it could be someone who stands to benefit from fanning the flames like this.
  37. Mifuyu: Someone who stands to benefit...? From magical girls hurting each other?
  38. Tsuruno: Or from deepening the conflict so that both the West and East collapse, maybe?
  39. Tsuruno: We keep thinking about someone from the inside...
  40. Tsuruno: But could it be someone not from Kamihama City? Like someone who wants to have Kamihama!
  41. Tsuruno: Maybe that, or... it could be the doing or a witch or something!
  42. Tsuruno: Well? Well? Isn't that an incredible deduction?
  43. Mifuyu: ......
  44. Mifuyu: ...Heh heh, you're right.
  45. Tsuruno: Mifuyu, I think it's better if you smile.
  46. Tsuruno: ...Though with this situation, that's probably something I shouldn't be saying.
  47. Mifuyu: That's right, though. I can't let my spirits sink.
  48. Mifuyu: ...Tsuruno-san, I'm going to head out, so I want you to take care of Yacchan.
  49. Mifuyu: Please listen to her.
  50. Tsuruno: Wha-! Where are you going?
  51. Mifuyu: To the Central Ward, because I've been called out by a certain person.
  52. Tsuruno: ...Will you be okay going alone?
  53. Mifuyu: Yes, she's a reasonable person, so it's not going to turn into some sort of showdown or anything.
  55. ------
  57. Mifuyu: ...Huh?
  58. Mifuyu: T-that's...!
  59. Central Ward Magical Girl: ......
  60. Mifuyu: Are you okay?! Keep it together!
  61. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu...
  62. Mifuyu: (She's unconscious, but she's still breathing...)
  63. Mifuyu: (What terrible wounds... and her soul gem is so dirty...)
  64. Mifuyu: (She needs to be tended to and purified...)
  65. Mifuyu: ...Haa, now she just needs to regain consciousness...
  66. Mifuyu: (I haven't seen her around, so that means she's either an Eastsider... or a Central Ward girl.)
  67. Mifuyu: (...What's happened...? I hate to say it, but...)
  68. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu... I-I...
  69. Mifuyu: Thank goodness. You're awake.
  70. Central Ward Magical Girl: Kyaaaa?! A-Azusa Mifuyu?!
  71. Mifuyu: Huh? P-please take a moment to calm down!
  72. Central Ward Magical Girl: I-it really is...!
  73. Central Ward Magical Girl: The Westside really is coming to drive the Central Ward magical girls out!
  74. Mifuyu: ......
  75. Mifuyu: Please calm down. I didn't come here to add to your problems.
  76. Central Ward Magical Girl: Liar! I was just attacked by a Westside girl...!
  77. Central Ward Magical Girl: I'd just found that territory, too, and I was driven out of it...
  78. Central Ward Magical Girl: I hate this... I've had enough of this... nobody is honoring their pacts!
  79. Central Ward Magical Girl: Why does all of this have to happen to me...?!
  80. Mifuyu: (So Westside magical girls really are breaking the pact and doing this to the Central Ward girls...)
  81. Mifuyu: (Even though I came here to have a discussion, I've got another problem big enough to give me a headache here...)
  82. Mifuyu: (No, first I've got to calm this down girl and get her to go back home.)
  84. ------
  86. Hinano: ...So you've come.
  87. Mifuyu: I apologize for being late. I ran into a bit of trouble...
  88. Mifuyu: I'm glad you decided to meet with me again, Hinano-san.
  89. Hinano: ...I didn't want to meet you like this.
  90. Mifuyu: ...It's about the Central Ward, isn't it?
  91. Hinano: Yeah, when we met before, you said...
  92. Hinano: "We respect the territory of the Central Ward magical girls," didn't you?
  93. Mifuyu: ...Yes.
  94. Hinano: I believed what you said. I believed you!
  95. Hinano: But what's the situation now?
  96. Hinano: We've got people injured after being caught up in battles, and we've got people driven out of their territories, as well!
  97. Hinano: Where's the respect you talked about...?!
  99. ------
  101. Central Ward Magical Girl: I'd just found that territory, too, and I was driven out of it...
  102. Central Ward Magical Girl: I hate this... I've had enough of this... nobody is honoring their pacts!
  104. ------
  106. Mifuyu: (There's nothing I can say in response...)
  107. Hinano: Here in the Central Ward right now, there are many on both the Westside and the Eastside...
  108. Hinano: ...thinking only about how they can exploit the Central Ward.
  109. Hinano: Everyone can't stand being caught up in the battles between the West and the East.
  110. Hinano: At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there were people willing to start going kamikaze...
  111. Mifuyu: That's...!
  112. Mifuyu: That's terrible!
  113. Mifuyu: To have become so desperate that they'd consider such a thing...
  114. Hinano: ...We're expecting it at this point.
  115. Hinano: Those who have been cornered...
  116. Hinano: If they're going to keep being tyrannized like this, then they may be thinking...
  117. Hinano: might be preferable.
  118. Mifuyu: Hinano-san, we'll definitely reach a resolution to this situation.
  119. Mifuyu: So please wait just a little bit longer!
  120. Hinano: And what do you accomplish by telling me that? I'm not the one who can't wait.
  121. Mifuyu: ...Ah...
  122. Hinano: ...Besides, I have no proof that I can just believe you.
  123. Hinano: ...Mifuyu-san, you've got more experience than I do.
  124. Hinano: I know well that you're someone who understands the pain of others.
  125. Hinano: But you've got no way to settle this, do you?
  126. Hinano: So no matter how much we wait, this situation won't get resolved.
  127. Hinano: Am I wrong?
  128. Mifuyu: (I've got nothing I can say to her pointing that out... but...)
  129. Hinano: Frankly, I'm tired of waiting. I told myself if it's Mifuyu-san, it'll work...
  130. Hinano: When your team came to the Central Ward and asked to talk...
  131. Hinano: I honestly expected to hear you ask us to join your cooperation system.
  132. Hinano: Speaking personally, that it was coming from the West...
  133. Hinano: I was confident...
  134. Hinano: That you'd treat the magical girls of the Central Ward as equals.
  135. Hinano: ...And yet this is the result!
  136. Hinano: Even though I don't rely on anyone...
  137. Hinano: I... as a veteran, I should have been more reliable!
  138. Hinano: ...... ...I apologize for speaking carelessly.
  139. Hinano: ...It's not like there's anything I can do about it either...
  140. Mifuyu: (Hinano-san... I've ended up betraying your trust...)
  141. Mifuyu: (...Whether or not I win back your trust, I've got to take responsibility for this.)
  142. Mifuyu: (...I can't depend on the good graces of others; I'm a peacekeeper after all...)
  143. Mifuyu: ...We will handle this situation.
  144. Mifuyu: We will definitely do it... before anything happens that can't be undone...
  145. Hinano: ...... ...You've got no basis for that belief, don't you?
  146. Mifuyu: I don't.
  147. Mifuyu: But I...
  148. Mifuyu: ...As a peacekeeper of the Westside, it's something that I've got to do.
  149. Hinano: ......
  150. Mifuyu: I don't blame you if you can't believe what I'm about to say.
  151. Mifuyu: But please lend me your assistance.
  152. Hinano: ......
  153. Mifuyu: Please stop the Central Ward magical girls from going berserk.
  154. Mifuyu: The end of this will come soon, so please handle it until then.
  155. Mifuyu: Please stop the Central Ward girls from ruining themselves.
  156. Hinano: ...That was always my plan.
  157. Hinano: I'm not a peacekeeper or anything, so I don't know how much I'll be able to do.
  158. Hinano: But I'm a magical girl of the Central Ward. I'll do what I can do.
  159. Hinano: That's something I've got to do as well.
  160. Mifuyu: Thank you very much.
  161. Hinano: ...Please give me actions instead of words.
  162. Hinano: Because... that's what I'll be doing, too.
  163. Mifuyu: Yes, definitely.
  164. Mifuyu: (As a peacekeeper of the Westside, my top priority should be the welfare of the Westside.)
  165. Mifuyu: (Yacchan, I understand that.)
  166. Mifuyu: (But before that, I am a magical girl of Kamihama.)
  167. Mifuyu: (A magical girl of Kamihama must think of the welfare of all of the magical girls of Kamihama.)
  168. Mifuyu: (I just pray that there are no more injuries from these pointless battles...)
  169. Mifuyu: (As a veteran and as someone with power, I can't let myself depend on others.)
  170. Mifuyu: ...Kanagi-san's cooperation will be essential.
  171. Mifuyu: (This is a problem that both the Westside and the Eastside have in common, after all...)
  172. Mifuyu: (This isn't the time for the people at the top to be quarreling.)
  173. Mifuyu: (I'll discuss this with Yacchan, and we'll try to find a path toward being able to cooperate.)
  175. ------
  177. Part 10:
  179. Yachiyo: ...I see. So Miyako-san said that...
  180. Mifuyu: Yes, and we don't have a moment to lose.
  181. Mifuyu: We need to get the Central Ward in order at least before any more casualties happen.
  182. Yachiyo: And, to do that...
  183. Mifuyu: Yes. Cooperating with Kanagi-san will be essential.
  184. Meru: Nanami-senpai! Mifuyu-san! Listen!
  185. Yachiyo: Meru! You're here early... we're in the middle of a very important conversation right now and...
  186. Meru: But! Kanagi-san is being awful!
  187. Meru: She wouldn't believe me! She said I attacked someone!
  188. Yachiyo: What?
  189. Mifuyu: ...Can you please tell us the story from the beginning?
  191. ------
  193. Kanagi: Anna, may I have a moment?
  194. Meru: Er, will it take long?
  195. Meru: I want to go over to Nanami-senpai's today.
  196. Kanagi: Did you go to the Central Ward yesterday?
  197. Meru: The Central Ward? No, I didn't.
  198. Meru: I had supplemental lessons yesterday, so I couldn't leave Daitou Ward.
  199. Meru: And really, it's awful!
  200. Meru: Just because I missed a few days of school means I have to spend all my time after school in supplementary lessons.
  201. Kanagi: ...Is there someone that can verify that?
  202. Meru: You could ask the teacher, and he'll tell you.
  203. Meru: He was standing guard over me the whooooooole time so I wouldn't run away.
  204. Kanagi: ...Come with me.
  205. Meru: Wha-?! What is this about?!
  206. Kanagi: We're going to the teachers' office.
  207. Meru: I wanna go to Nanami-senpai's!
  209. ------
  211. Kanagi: ...So it was true.
  212. Meru: Um, I'd really like an explanation for this about now...
  213. Kanagi: Hm?
  214. Kanagi: Ahh, right...
  215. Kanagi: There's a magical girl that says you attacked her in the Central Ward yesterday, Anna.
  216. Meru: Whaaa-?! I-it wasn't me!
  217. Kanagi: I know that.
  218. Kanagi: It's just that the girl who was attacked...
  219. Kanagi: ..said she saw you and you said "I'm your enemy!"
  220. Meru: It wasn't me!
  221. Kanagi: I know!
  222. Kanagi: If it was, I'd be punishing you right now.
  223. Meru: Err! W-who was it?! Who was this coward who used my name!
  224. Kanagi: If I knew that I wouldn't have a problem.
  225. Kanagi: ...Really though, this situation has become way more complex than I thought...
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