go ./all.bash fails at the end

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  1. ok      cmd/internal/obj/arm64  0.062s
  2. ok      cmd/internal/obj/riscv  0.113s
  3. ok      cmd/internal/obj/x86    5.894s
  4. ok      cmd/internal/objabi     0.020s
  5. ok      cmd/internal/src        0.019s
  6. ok      cmd/internal/test2json  0.125s
  7. ok      cmd/link        15.426s
  8. ok      cmd/link/internal/ld    6.416s
  9. ok      cmd/link/internal/sym   0.015s
  10. ok      cmd/nm  8.329s
  11. ok      cmd/objdump     5.196s
  12. ok      cmd/pack        2.906s
  13. ok      cmd/trace       0.691s
  14. ok      cmd/vet 16.479s
  15. FAIL
  16. go tool dist: Failed: exit status 1
  17. cneira@navarra:~/goroot/src$
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