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  1. unknown_user: '&fUser is not in database'
  2. unsafe_spawn: '&fYour quit location was unsafe, teleporting you to world spawn'
  3. not_logged_in: '&cNot logged in!'
  4. reg_voluntarily: '&fYou can register your nickname with the command "/register password
  5.   ConfirmPassword"'
  6. usage_log: '&cUsage: /login password'
  7. wrong_pwd: '&cWrong password'
  8. unregistered: '&cSuccessfully unregistered!'
  9. reg_disabled: '&cRegistration is disabled'
  10. valid_session: '&cSession login'
  11. login: '&cSuccessful login!'
  12. vb_nonActiv: '&fYour account isn''t activated yet, check your emails!'
  13. user_regged: '&cUsername already registered'
  14. usage_reg: '&cUsage: /register password ConfirmPassword'
  15. max_reg: '&fYou have exceeded the max number of registrations for your account'
  16. no_perm: '&cNo Permission'
  17. error: '&fAn error occurred; Please contact the admin'
  18. login_msg: '&cPlease login with "/login password"'
  19. reg_msg: '&cPlease register with "/register password ConfirmPassword"'
  20. reg_email_msg: '&cPlease register with "/register <email> <confirmEmail>"'
  21. usage_unreg: '&cUsage: /unregister password'
  22. pwd_changed: '&cPassword changed!'
  23. user_unknown: '&cUsername not registered'
  24. password_error: '&fPassword doesn''t match'
  25. invalid_session: '&fSession dates do not correspond. Please wait until the end of
  26.   the session'
  27. reg_only: '&fRegistered players only! Please visit http://example.com to register'
  28. logged_in: '&cAlready logged in!'
  29. logout: '&cSuccessfully logged out'
  30. same_nick: '&fSame nick is already playing'
  31. registered: '&cSuccessfully registered!'
  32. pass_len: '&fYour password didn''t reach the minimum length or exceeded the max length'
  33. reload: '&fConfiguration and database has been reloaded'
  34. timeout: '&fLogin timeout, please try again'
  35. usage_changepassword: '&fUsage: /changepassword oldPassword newPassword'
  36. name_len: '&cYour nickname is either too short or too long'
  37. regex: '&cYour nickname contains illegal characters. Allowed chars: REG_EX'
  38. add_email: '&cPlease add your email with : /email add yourEmail confirmEmail'
  39. bad_database_email: '[AuthMe] This /email command only available with MySQL and SQLite,
  40.   contact an admin'
  41. recovery_email: '&cForgot your password? Please use /email recovery <yourEmail>'
  42. usage_captcha: '&cYou need to type a captcha, please type: /captcha <theCaptcha>'
  43. wrong_captcha: '&cWrong Captcha, please use : /captcha THE_CAPTCHA'
  44. valid_captcha: '&cYour captcha is valid!'
  45. kick_forvip: '&cA VIP Players are only able to join the server when full!'
  46. kick_fullserver: '&cThe server is full, try again later'
  47. usage_email_add: '&fUsage: /email add <email> <confirmEmail> '
  48. usage_email_change: '&fUsage: /email change <oldEmail> <newEmail> '
  49. usage_email_recovery: '&fUsage: /email recovery <Email>'
  50. new_email_invalid: '[AuthMe] New email invalid!'
  51. old_email_invalid: '[AuthMe] Old email invalid!'
  52. email_invalid: '[AuthMe] Invalid email'
  53. email_added: '[AuthMe] Email Added!'
  54. email_confirm: '[AuthMe] Confirm your email!'
  55. email_changed: '[AuthMe] Email changed!'
  56. email_send: '[AuthMe] Recovery email sent!'
  57. email_exists: '[AuthMe] An email already exists on your account. You can change it
  58.   using the command below'
  59. country_banned: Your country is banned from this server
  60. antibot_auto_enabled: '[AuthMe] AntiBotMod automatically enabled due to the number
  61.   of connections!'
  62. antibot_auto_disabled: '[AuthMe] AntiBotMod automatically disabled after %m minutes'
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