Dadonequus Discord Part 229

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  1. >You just look upon the group. Each one of them giving you big eyes. Big cute eyes....
  2. >You were so tired. You could end this if you really wanted to, with your horn.
  3. >But as you stood there, you started to think and slowly realize why Scootaloo said what she said.
  4. > coincided with what you were trying to do. If you become closer friends with the captain...then it should help you.
  5. >...but, you had to be cautious. It could still be a trick.
  6. >But these fillies. That was as far as you'd let them go, if they tried to go in deeper. You'd have to step up and tell them off. They only got lucky with the captain because, in truth, he was just a stupid runt that got promoted to spite the ex-captain.
  7. >So you took a breath to calm down. But seriously, if you get shushed one more time.
  8. "Yeah...But you have to wait until I'm ready also ok? No sneak attacks"
  9. >The captain's puppy dog eyes grow wide with newfound excitement as he happily wags his tail "Yes! A duel! That means you can't end it until you're destroyed! Woo!"
  10. >You raise an eyebrow at him
  11. "You do know a duel implies I can end up destroying you too, right?"
  12. >"Yeah, but that won't happen. A changeling is strong and cunning! And....mnnnn..." He goes back to cuddling on Applebloom "And friendship! I like my new friends!"
  13. >"Awwww, we like ya too Captain...though, isn't it kinda weird having a rank as a name?" Applebloom says as she goes back to cuddling him.
  14. >"I never really had a name. I like my name now. It's important!" The captain says with pride
  15. >.....
  16. "Captain...are you feeding right now?"
  17. >"Well...yeah...but...I'm hungry...I've been out all night. B-but, I'm not being friendly to feed. I'm being friendly because I like my friends"
  18. >"Feeding? ah don't see him eating" Applebloom takes a close look at him, everything seemed fine in her eyes
  20. >"Oh! I remember, Changelings feed on love, right? He might be feeding on that...wait...isn't that a bad thing?" Scootaloo asks, not sure if anything was going wrong.
  21. >"E-erm...wait! It's not too bad. It doesn't really hurt anything if I feed enough to fill my belly."
  22. >Sweetie Belle looks around, she didn't feel any different really. "I guess it's fine, anypony feel any different?"
  23. >"Nope" Said the other two fillies
  24. ".....I don't feel any different either. But I guess that's because theres four of us. According to Chrysalis, it just drains you of love for a little while if heavily fed upon. I guess because he's small and theres four of us. It really doesn't hurt us any...But..."
  25. >You look down at the captain.
  26. "....No tricks, because I swear. If any of my friends get hurt....I'm turning you into literal it? I swear....Things have gotten wayyyy out of hoof. And I'm trying to keep things together"
  27. >The Captain got up and saluted at you with his paw "I promise not to hurt them! They are my pony friends! The only one I want to hurt is you right a're my friend too....and stuff"
  28. "Whatever...just remember what I said"
  29. >The captain nods..but then gets worried "And..what about my queen? I still have to report back to her..."
  30. >"It'll be fine Captain! She's probably not that heartless as to hurt you or nothin!" Applebloom says with enthusiasm
  31. >"Yeah, she's probably more like a mom to her own kind, right? Just scolds them or something. I remember her saying she was pretty devoted as a queen" Scootaloo adds
  32. >"Yup! And he's her captain, so he's the highest rank. Meaning theres no way she'd get rid of him over something this small." Concluded Sweetie Belle
  33. >"...I guess you're all right...w-what do you think..Anon?" The Captain asked you, worried.
  35. >.....Was he really that worried. Under all that "murder", he just seemed like a dumb kid. Damn, Chrysalis really wanted to spite her old captain as much as possible to make someone like him the captain. Yeah, you'd relax for now...but you swore. You better get some damn respect.
  36. "No, it should be fine. Stereotypically speaking. She's probably just going to scold you and maybe even threaten you. But nothing will come of it.....we really should be going you know, we have school soon."
  37. >"Yeah, Anon's right. If that bell rings and we aren't there. Miss Cherilee is gonna get mad and scold us too" Scootaloo states
  38. >"Well...erm..I don't want my friends to be late for school. I'll go brave my fate, as captain, that is my duty!....b-but if I see you all again. We'll still be friends right?"
  39. >All three fillies reassuringly tell him yes.
  40. > say yes, but not as enthused.
  41. >"Alright! Well...erm..I need to go find a puddle or something....See you all later....friends.." The Captain says meekly as he walks off, looking back every so often to make sure no one was scowling at him behind his back.
  42. >The three fillies then look at you, they were you.
  43. "......don't look at me like that"
  44. >You weren't having it.
  45. >"Why couldn't you be a little nicer to him?" Sweetie Belle asked
  46. >"Yeah, he didn't seem so bad...aside...actually....Never mind. I'm not mad anymore, that captain did say he wanted to destroy Anon." Scootaloo realized
  47. >"He did...ah thought it was cute until ah realized he was serious" Applebloom says
  48. >"...No, you both are right. I guess Anon does have a reason to be angry...sorry Anon"
  49. >You put your hoof to your face....these fucking girls...
  50. "..Let's...just get to school already..."
  51. >And so the four of you head off. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were still curious on a few things. Mostly with Chrysalis and yours friendship. You told them all that it was on a rocky road right now. You explained to them what happened at the castle.
  53. >You were sooooooo tired.
  54. >Even if that went well. You had to worry about three fillies possibly fucking everything up or getting themselves into danger. The captain though?....ugh..despite his want to kill you. He seemed genuinely honest. And then there was Chrysalis.............nah fuck this.
  55. >As you went into the classroom and sat down, you slammed your head right on your desk and tried to catch some sleep.
  56. >..........
  57. >"Woah, look at Anon. He looks so tired" your ear picks up
  58. >"Well duh, he probably was playing "Super Alicorn Blaster II" All night, were you there when he won the championship? It was awesome!"
  59. >"You know what's even more awesome? Did you see what was around his neck? I bet that's the horn!"
  60. >"It is the horn....being Anon's biggest fans, we got to hold it once. That's definitely it"
  61. >"He's so cool..He even got to hang out with the princess for a whole week"
  62. >"Eh, he's not that great..I almost had em at the championship, I-I just sneezed..thats all"
  63. >"Yeah yeah, but just look at him. I bet he actually spent the night fighting crime"
  64. >"Like a super hero?"
  65. >"That's so dreeeammmmyyy"
  66. >"Hey, Lay off of him! He's mine! Say that again and I'll make sure you'll fall a whole letter grade!"
  67. >"Aiyyee! My mom would k-kill me if I got anything less than a A"
  68. >"....oy....Anon can't be perfect with all his choices"
  69. >"What's that supposed to mean?!"
  70. >"N-nothing...hehehe"
  71. > just wanted to sleeeeeep
  73. >And then....the bell rung.
  74. "Agh!"
  75. >You sprang up and fell backwards.
  76. >You could hear giggling as you got up and quickly got back to your seat....oghhh..
  77. >Cheerilee was looking through some papers before smiling and greeting the class. "Hello everypony, good morning. I hope you're all rested up for today. We are going to have a change in today's Recess, We'll be spending it inside the class. As for today's lesson. We are a little behind due to yesterday's...mishap. So we will be starting anew...with a history lesson on the founding of Manehatten. Doesn't that sound interesting?" Cheerilee smiled.
  78. >But the class didn't seem so enthused.
  79. >And you...your eyes were bloodshot at this point.
  80. >"Now class, you'd be surprised how interesting it can actually be. Building a large city from the ground up actually has a lot to it. I know nothing crazy happens equivalent to our little town. But it doesn't need to be crazy to capture your attention. There's culture, wonder, and diversity all across the city that you never see here in Ponyville. And that's why I think spending a day learning about it will open your minds a little more about places outside of our happy little town. I'll be writing down a few notes on the board on more important explanations. But I expect you all to try to write as many notes in general, especially if there's something that captures your attention. And then after Recess, I'll pass out some special textbooks so you can do your own research for your homework. Which is to write about something you liked about learning about Manehatten. And for anypony that's ever been, please don't hesitate to write about your experiences there as well and..."
  81. >Cheerilee notices you snoring. You had fallen back to sleep midsentence. , she wasn't going to have you sleeping. not in her class. Though there was some worry in the back of her mind as well. Usually when you were at class...chaos was soon to follow.
  83. >"Anon....oh Anon...are we having a nice sleep?" Cheerilee says in a nice and soft sleep.
  84. "'re dumb...Moondancer is better than Twilight...mmnnnn" You say in a very low whisper, even in a slight babble as drool drops from your mouth
  85. >" are...hmmm...." Cheerilee takes a deep breath "WELL TOO BAD! WAKE UP!"
  86. "AGH!"
  87. >You spring up, you're eyes opening wide as you look left and right in surprise
  88. "W-what's going on?! Where am I?!"
  89. >"....You're at school Anon, you are aware I don't tolerate sleeping in my class, right?" Cheerilee says with an authoritative look in her eyes.
  90. "N-ngh...I'm sorry Miss Cheerilee...I didn't get any sleep last night...."
  91. >God she looked annoyed.
  92. "..I had...trouble at home"
  93. >It wasn't a lie, but you say that to see if that would throw her off....and it did.
  94. >Cheerilee sighed. And frowned at you. " it something with your father? Trouble with your sister?"
  95. >You nod and give her sad were back to full on lying without thinking of the consequences. But what could you do? You didn't want to get in trouble.
  96. "It's sorta like that. I guess springing it on Dad caused a few problems. And with my new sister...well..old sister. It's just really overwhelming"
  97. >You look up at her with adorably glistening eyes despite them being bloodshot.
  98. "I'm sorry...."
  99. >"....Anon..." Cheerilee raises her hoof and gives you a pat "I know it's hard, but you need to do your best. I won't scold you for sleeping. But please, do your best to stay awake. This is a very important lesson about our land of Equestria. And I'd really rather you don't fall asleep. If you can just bear with us through the first half of class. I'll roll out the emergency blankets for you to use as a makeshift bed to get a little extra does that sound?"
  100. >That actually sounded really awesome...but that was probably due to the aches of not sleeping.
  101. "I'd really like that..T-thank you Miss Cheerilee..I'll do my best to stay awake"
  103. >Somehow, you could feel that the CMC, at this point, could tell you were bullshitting the "nice and cute" personality. But you did turn your head to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Specifically DT. She looked at you and smiled....yeah, she was still perfectly fooled...good.
  105. >Cheerilee started the lesson. And already, from the get go, you had trouble following.
  106. >You wrote notes and tried to memorize names, events, and even times when apparantly they thought the city....back then a town...would have to be torn down.
  107. >Your mind was emptying itself of such names such as Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin, being replaces with such figures as Saddle Spurs and Mayor Deficits...god these names.
  108. >You did your best...but it was boring. This was something you didn't really care about. It was a city that started form nothing. Needed supply lines, a legendary bandit that found friendship and helped the ponies find better trade routes, basically everything you'd expect until it became a big bustling city that attracted art and theater and made good relations with practically all the Equestrian nation.
  109. >".....And that's why it's important for trade and businesses to thrive in Manehatten. many ponies in other cities and towns rely on some of the goods of the city as well. And in turn, the tourist trade and imports keep the city itself flourishing. It may sound simple, but it's actually quite complicated....Well, that should be all. Recess everypony! enjoy your lunch and playtime...but please no roughousing in the classroom. I don't want anypony accidentally bumping into somepony else or into the wall or desk"
  111. >You immediately slam your face onto your desk and start snoring.
  113. >Cheerilee noticed you conk out suddenly. But she knew you'd get more rest if you were comfortable. She went to a cabinet, it had some emergency supplies in it. Including blankets and pillows in case there was ever a time her and her students would end up stuck in the classroom whether due to snow or monster attack. The blankets were thick and warm and the pillows fluffy. She set it up for you and carefully walked over to you before looking upon the other students. "Students, if you can, try not to make too much noise. Alright? If anypony else feels like they need a nap, you may do so...." She then looks to you "Alright then..." Cheerilee carefully picks you up without waking you and brings you to the blankets. She puts you onto of the ones she set up and she gently puts one over you after putting you on a pillow.
  114. >You never woke up once. you actually felt at peace.
  115. >During your sleep, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were commenting on how adorable you looked. The CMC kept to themselves. They were busy discussing changeling strategies.
  116. >And as you slept, you could feel a cool air surround you, making you shiver
  117. >A cold air?
  118. >You open your eyes, feeling absolutely rested
  119. "What?"
  120. >You lift your head and look around. The classroom....was suddenly empty.
  121. >how eerie
  122. "Hello?"
  123. >No answer
  125. "The hell? Where did everyone go?"
  126. >You get up and walk over to a window.
  127. >You could see Ponyville, but it was night,and....kind of weird looking.
  128. >"Anon......Annnnoooooonnnn"
  129. >You hear a familiar voice speak to you inside the classroom. But you had a little trouble placing a name...
  130. "Hello? Hello? Who's there? Whoever you are! stay back! I've got my..."
  131. >You feel around at your neck horn.
  132. "Oh shit..."
  133. >" have secrets....dangerous secrets"
  134. >You frantically start to look around
  135. "Who's there! Show yourself..."
  136. >You say, trying to open the window so when it does show itself, you can quickly slink away.
  137. >".....Annnooonnnn....Annnooonn"
  138. "Dammit! Open! OPEN!"
  139. >You keep trying to force the window open. But it just won't!
  140. >Fuck it, you decide going through the front door might be the answer. Even if whatever is speaking is behind it. You could just kick it immediately upon opening the door and run away.
  141. >But the moment you look upon it, you see a darkness flowing out from it. A Darkness with changeling eyes within it. Like a sea of endless gaze.
  142. >.......
  143. >Never realized what was going on.
  145. "I'm dreaming.....Princess Luna? Or is it just my imagination?"
  146. >"Anon!" You hear a yell directly from behind you, startling you enough to make you jump forward and slam your head into the ground....before bouncing up and floating in mid air.
  147. >as you slowly turn upside down. You could see Luna, looking very seriously at you, bordering on anger.
  148. "Ow! Hey! Was that really necessary?"
  149. >Luna nods "Yes, despite you being very astute you seem to be very blind to things going on around your life. You do not understand the anger I feel right now"
  150. >Anger?
  151. "What did I...."
  152. >Wait...the sea of changeling eyes.
  153. >....oohhh shit....
  154. "...You know about the changelings?"
  155. >"I do....I don't understand why my sister...nor you...had to keep this a secret from me. And I don't know if you realize, but what you are doing is foolish. Foolish beyond measure!" Luna shouts, oh yeah. She was pissed alright.
  156. >You plant your hooves onto the ceiling and look down at her. Oh come on, what the hell did she have to be angry about.
  157. "Why? How did you even find out? Didn't you say you'd respect my dreams?"
  158. >"And I have......But Applebloom's dreams became linked to yours. Your secret unlocked itself to me almost immediately upon me gazing upon what you had been keeping from me through her dreams. Changelings Anon? What have you gotten yourself into?"
  160. "Woah Woah, Hold on!"
  161. >Dammit, you didn't need this.
  162. "How much do you even know? Aside from us not telling you, what is there to be angry about?"
  163. >"Everything! The changelings are enemies to Equestria. They are vicious and vile! They are loveless creatures which I thought even my sister agreed didn't deserve to exist along with us. They only bring pain and misery and seek nothing but conquest. That's why we sealed them after the instance in the Crystal Empire. But here we are, their queen is out and about as YOUR sister. I've been waiting for you to enter a deep sleep since I have found out. Because I do not, DO NOT, agree. This is not matters that you need to concern yourself with. And I do not care what my sister says. You and Discord will give up these endeavors and allow us to seal them once more"
  164. >ahh shit!
  165. "Princess Luna.....I know it looks bad. But how could you just want to seal them like that? There's still a possibility that they can be reformed. Thats what I'm trying to do. I made a promise. And..."
  166. >"And"
  167. >Princess Luna interrupts you "You have been losing hope, I have seen it. If you lose hope, you lose the means to complete this task. You are doomed to failure. And the consequences for failure are far to dire to allow. I will not have this conversation with you. I have only come to tell you my royal decree"
  168. "But..."
  169. >But it wasn't hopeless
  171. "It's not hopeless, What you saw...It's because I did think it was hopeless. But this morning, my friends found out my secret through Applebloom. And with their help, we managed to convert the captain of the changelings...mostly. He became their friends, our friends. That has to count towards something."
  172. >Luna didn't even look like she was considering it "And did you not think he was telling falsehoods in order to fool you all?"
  173. "I did....but then I realized that he's really dumb. He's super dumb Princess Luna, like a foal. He looked really happy just to be friends. He even admitted he was feeding off of us. But I could tell, he values the friendship he earned. Isn't that progress?"
  174. >Luna narrows her eyes at you "....How could you understand? You aren't even native to our world"
  175. >....Why did you even care so much? Chrysalis was actively ruining you. The Captain was just dumb. And really? Your life would be easier if they were just gone....
  176. >You started to think deeply. There was a time where you didn't want to deal with any of the villains of the show. If you could have had Chrysalis sealed. All the better.
  177. >But really...Chrysalis was the only one you could be yourself around. There was Discord yeah...but he always wanted something out of it. Chrysalis at times, just seemed to sometimes want to hang out just to hang out. Movie Night was fun, and you could remember her actually giving good advice about Diamond Tiara...she didn't need to do that. And you were sure that wasn't part of a master plan as who knew when and if she was going to be let out. There was many a time she could have seriously hurt you in some way. But she hasn't.
  179. "I guess I don't understand. But I know my world had villainy that would make your head turn. Genocides...genocides of hundreds of thousands of people by leaders they shouldn't have needed to fear. And nothing usually gets done about it. I don't know the true extent of Chrysalis's crimes. But I've had times with her where I could consider her my friend. And I know compared to my own people, that's already progress."
  180. >"And if it's all an act? You are aware not even my sister and I could save you from the consequences. No matter what she says, concealing the truth about you will become impossible. Is it really worth the risk?"
  181. >You sigh as you gently hop off the ceiling and land on the floor
  182. "Probably not, especially because I'd lose everything I worked so hard to get. I really have no reason to try. I know she's evil. But Princess Luna, I spent a week with Twilight..and I spent a single day with Chrysalis as my sister. I've spent my time with her as she normally is. I spent my time with Discord...I've spent my time here in Equestria. Just about everypony wants me to be somepony I'm not. I'm not the nicest of guys, but I'm also not this big jerk. Maybe something inbetween. I'm me. I know I'd never be able to help a pony like Sombra or a centaur like Tirek. They are pure evil. But Chrysalis, I just think she's a victim of circumstance. She doesn't know how to be anypony else but a insect vampire.I want to help her because...Well....I guess before I had nothing good to justify it. But now, with the help of my friends, We managed to slowly reform her captain. And if that can happen, then I won't allow somepony who very well is just misunderstood be doomed to be stuck in Tartarus for the rest of their life"
  184. >"Do you realize how foolish that sounds?" Luna raises an eyebrow at you
  185. >You sigh
  186. "I do, it's probably the dumbest thing I've ever done and I have no real reason to do it. But it does make me curious, were you all for your sister having Discord reformed?"
  187. >Luna shook her head, then she began to think about it, and... "No, I didn't really approve of that either. Discord was dangerous and uncontrollable. And I warned her that sooner or later, it would come back to doom us all."
  188. >It sorta did..
  189. "Yeah...and I guess that prophecy came about with Tirek. But, as it turned out. Discord still chose to follow the path of righteousness....sorta. I dunno, It's so stupid that I want to do this. But...have you ever lived a life where you accomplished nothing? You say to yourself you're happy with yourself but it's all a lie to get you through the day. Nobody cares, and nobody would care if you're gone. You just live your life autonomously, dreaming of something that'd never happen. Feeling so useless that you don't even attempt to try to achieve your dead dreams."
  190. >Luna shook her head. "I'm afraid I would not know that...but I assume you speak of your former life"
  191. >You nod
  193. "Yeah, and when I came to Equestria. Everything got better, I have a family, I...genuinely love Fluttershy as my aunt. I have friends. And it feels great. But...I don't feel fulfilled I guess. Everything I've done I managed to do because of my secret, Discord, or my horn.I should have realized it sooner when I wanted to reform a pony named Suri Polymare that I just wanted to do something great with my life for once. And I thought I did with Starlight...but that was set up because of my status and my horn. I'm happy she's good now,'s not enough. I want to...just something fulfilling. And I think I can do that with Chrysalis. If I can reform her, I'll feel I'll have real worth in my existence. I don't want to feel useless in my life. I don't want to just feel that everything comes easily to me just because I'm "Discord's Son"....I guess I didn't really realize it until now."
  194. >".....Self the cost of everything else. I cannot imagine how your life has been to risk everything just for that. But I know how it feels to be so sure that you were less than nothing. And punish yourself for your own past sins. To feel that your own self worth is tarnished due to a nightmare of jealousy and hate. mnnn" Luna was softening up as she began to understand. "I see now why my sister had kept it a secret, She knew even you didn't know your reasons for carrying on. Not until now anyway. But Anon, it still stands that should you fail...."
  195. >You nod
  197. "I know, and I know it's stupid to go on. But I have to at least try. I already have help, and as much as THAT annoys me. They managed to do in a day what I've haven't been able to do at all when it comes to the Captain. For Chrysalis, I just have to keep her in line while still being her friend. And I can do that when we're both ourselves. She seems to genuinely enjoy my company. Once I get her to understand the whole "Friendship is Magic" thing. I'm sure she'll lighten up.....but I won't let her do what she wants either."
  198. >You give Luna a cocky smirk
  199. "I have the horn afterall, I probably turn her into a parasprite if she stepped out of line"
  200. >Luna doesn't even smile
  201. "ahrm..."
  202. >Awkward
  203. "That was a joke...sorta"
  204. >Luna didn't understand "But it seems like a proper punishment to me"
  205. >.......
  206. "Yeaaah, I-I guess. Ok, point is...I feel that I have this. I just have to step up my game whenever she steps up hers. Please Princess Luna, I have to try. If things get too serious, I'll use the horn to end it before it gets really bad."
  207. >"I hope you are able if that ever becomes the case. Anon....heed my words. Queen Chrysalis is a master of deception and lies. Remember to always consider that she is lying to you with whatever she says, even if it turns out to be truth. She is not to be trusted. You need to take caution"
  208. >You nod, you understood. And you were glad to have this chat with Luna. It made you realize why you were actually doing this. And it strengthened your resolve.
  209. "I will, and thank you Princess Luna"
  210. >You bow to her to show her proper respect. She nods as acknowledgement.
  211. >"You're welcome Anon, and I wish you good luck..." She says as she starts to disappear.
  212. >You wait, now knowing you're about to wake up...until you realize something.
  214. "Wait! I have something to ask!"
  215. >She was a warped light at this point. But you can hear her voice ringing in your ears. "what is it Anon?"
  216. "How are you doing in Mario!"
  217. >"I have completed all of them, and have moved on to Metal Gear and have come close to destroying the console ten times. If I turn into Nightmare Moon again due to such rage, you will be the first to suffer!" She bellows
  218. >Oh..geez. That made you shudder in fear.
  219. "R-really?"
  220. >You hear a giggle "No, That was a joke...I suppose it wasn't a good one. In anycase's time to.."
  221. >"Wake up Anon...come on, Recess is over" You feel a hoof gently shake you "Did you get a good rest? Are you ok?"
  222. >You slowly open your eyes to see a concerned Cheerilee over you.
  223. >You take in a breath, and smile at her
  224. "Yeah...thanks for letting me sleep Miss Cheerilee"
  225. >"It's no trouble Anon...but, I'd like to avoid having to do this often. It's not very good to sleep during recess when you can be getting sunshine and exercise. But..since we're all in here anyway. I thought it wouldn't hurt to do it this once. Now..." She smiles gently at you "Get to your seat, class is about to resume"
  226. >You nod and go back to your seat as she puts away the pillows and blankets.
  227. >You whisper to yourself.
  228. "Thanks Luna...."
  230. >You were awake now, well..not completely. A nap at Recess wasn't going to get a whole night's rest. But that dream, You could feel pieces you thought you lost of yourself coming back together.
  231. >As for class, You were looking through the textbook that Cheerilee passed out and you had to wonder something as you read through it and copied down more notes.
  232. >How were you able to write and read Equestrian as if it was english?
  233. >Probably Discord shenanigans, best not to dwell on it.
  234. >But as you read and copied down notes. Cheerilee seemed tense, you noticed it out of the corner of your eye. It was like she was expecting something to happen but didn't want it to happen. If you had to guess, it had to be the fact that usually...there was some sort of event that happened when you were around. Usually never good.
  235. >But then you noticed she was looking through some papers as well, and then looking at you.....hrn?
  236. >Then she got up, walked towards you, and tapped at your shoulder. "Anon, I'd like to talk to you about something outside"
  237. >you look up at her, actually curious as to what it could be.
  238. "What is it Miss Cheerilee?"
  239. >"I'd like to talk to you about your academic ability if you don't private."
  240. >Academic ability?
  241. "Ok..umm.."
  242. >You scootch out of your seat, and follow her outside of the classroom. But she was still tense about something. Taking a look around as she steps outside.
  243. "Miss Cheerilee, are you ok?"
  244. >"...Just making sure know, it's nothing." She sighs in relief, nothing menacing seemed around.
  245. >She then looked to you, she was smiling now, and speaking gently "Anon, I've asked to talk to you in private because I've taken notice of how smart you are. Most notably? Your math skills, I've never had anypony in my class with such an I.Q. before. It's impressive"
  246. >...where...was she going with this?
  247. "Ummm, well. Y'know. It's just numbers into other numbers. Nothing too hard really"
  248. >You say with a slightly sheepish tone
  250. >"relatively speaking, it isn't. But for colts and fillies that is more often than not, a very difficult task. May I ask who your teacher was when you were in the orphanage? I'd like to get a transfer of your work."
  251. >OH SHIT
  252. >You immediately tense up as your eyes wide, you shift your eyes left and right. Thinking of an appropriate lie.
  253. "U-ummm...erm..I didn't really have a teacher. I always erm....skipped...class"
  254. >Cheerilee was now confused. and now in caution. A class skipper? Hooky? She didn't see you like that...directly anyway. "Skipped class?" Cheerilee giggled with an inquisitive tone "Anon, you can't expect me to believe that. What's next? Are you going to tell me you were self taught too?"
  255. >.......
  256. >You nod
  257. "Y-yup! I was always a good reader. I don't remember who taught me to read, but I just pick up things like..."
  258. >You clap your hoof on the side of your other leg twice.
  259. "That. Easy peasy"
  260. >"Really..." Now Cheerilee was looking down at you with a face that suggested you were spouting bullshit. "So you wouldn't mind me giving you a specialized homework then?"
  261. >Specialized? Well...fuck that shit. You may be an adult in mind. But you didn't want to do more homework than you had to. That's dumb.
  262. "I didn't say that, I just said I learn things pretty fast. I don't see why it matters."
  264. >"It does, a pony's education is one of the most important matters in anypony's life. Anon, if you are excelling in my class from starting in the middle of it. Then there's a problem. I feel this isn't for you. I want you to go to better schools, ones where you can learn and do what I'd never be able to teach. There's actually a wonderful school in Canterlot that'd be just for you that excels in all things math. And there's another in Manehatten for Literature and writing. With all the classes you need inbetween to become the best colt that you are able to be. That's why I want to give you this homework. It's an evaluation of your skills. I know your travelling arrangements would be fine, given who your father is "
  265. >But no! You don't want to have to go to another....wait...would that be a bad thing? Not like you'd be out of Ponyville.
  266. >...Then again...Miss Cheerilee was cute to look at. And then there was your friends and DT..they'd be sad if you weren't in the same class.
  267. >Then...Oh shit no, fuck that shit. You'd have to make new friends. Yeah fuck that. You already have enough of that, specially when one was initially trying to kill you.
  268. "Miss Cheerilee, I don't want to go to another school. I want to stay in your class with you and my friends. Your the nicest teacher ever! And you're my first too!"
  269. >Cheerilee frowns. She didn't want to upset you. But she didn't want such a "brilliant" mind to go to waste. "Anon..I'm touched that you think that. And...." Cheerilee looks back at the door "I know you've made a lot of friends Anon...and...."
  270. >Cheerilee stopped, you were making the saddest face you could. Filling your head so much sad nonsense that it was pushing it out through tears
  271. >"And.....Anon..don't look at me like that. This is important."
  272. "B-but...I don't want to go anywhere e-e-else..Miss Cheerilee, please. I'll be fine right here....You're better than any other teacher anyway. I'm sure of it."
  274. >Why was she bringing this up to you and not Discord anyway?....unless...
  275. "Besides...I'm too young to make this decision anyway. You could ask my dad...I could get him right now if you want."
  276. >Cheerilee gulped "A-actually, I was hoping you'd be the one to talk to him after I grade your evaluation tomorrow. I could give you all the necessary forms you'd need. These forms can only be signed by a direct parent or legal guardian and..." Cherilee sighed, realizing where this was heading. She could tell you didn't want to go. And she could ask Fluttershy, but she'd still have to deal with Discord. And as she thought about it, it could mean trouble for her career if Discord disrupted whatever school you'd have gone to next. She really cared about your education, but she didn't want to cause trouble for anyone else or put her own job in jeopardy. She considered you a good kid. But it seemed the circumstances were against her. She just couldn't understand why you couldn't do another school while still being in Ponyville. "Ok..Ok. Forget I asked, but Anon. You better not sleep in my class even if you finish your work so early alright? Early or no, I won't tolerate it." Cheerilee smiled at you with a sunny smile "Now come on inside, even somepony as smart as you still needs to write down notes for your homework, so no slacking. But Anon, if you ever want to try...just ask, I'll hold on to these papers for you"
  277. "I know, thank you Miss Cheerilee, but I think I'll be ok"
  278. >With that, you both went back inside. And class went steadily after that. It was a good thing Discord still had that annoying and fearful presence about him. It came in handy this time.
  279. >By the time the bell rang to end class. You had a bevy of notes. Of course, thanks to the show. You also had some extra information as well...maybe nothing too useful for the homework. But one or two things should work.
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