Mummy JOI

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  1. You look nervous my dear boy, what's the matter? Would you like to have a chat with mummy?
  2. Come sit down, dear... I've noticed how you are constantly nervous around me lately. Is it because you are turning into a young man? You know, it's fine to feel aroused by an older woman's presence.
  3. What's that dear? Oh I know what I'm talking about, I've heard you moan while stimulating your little toy in your room...
  4. Now then, be a good boy and take your trousers and underwear off. That's it. Good boy! Now, now.. That's a big erection you have there!
  5. You must be delighted to see me! Oh, it's okay, don't be shy, it's a perfectly natural reaction. Young men like you tend to get quite aroused when they look at a mature woman like me. You're just a little excited!
  7. I think we should take care of this before it becomes a problem. Now be a good boy and place your index finger and thumb around your penis. Now start masturbating, slowly at first.. that's it.. nice slow strokes. You're such a good boy.
  8. Your little balls must be full of cum, they look so tight! I bet they must be about to explode..
  9. I would tell you to wrap your whole hand around your penis, but it looks a bit too small for it, doesn't it, poor thing?
  11. Whoops, are you getting aroused? From what I can see you must be getting very excited.. your penis is red and it's really throbbing now!
  12. What's that? You want me to open my shirt? You want to see my breasts..? Oh you must ask politely my dear. You must be a good boy and BEG for it.
  13. What? Mummy can't hear you... Hmmm, that's better. There you go, look at them dear. Stimulate your little peepee with your fingers to my breasts.
  14. Just tell me when you are about to ejaculate and I will finish it off.. Mummy needs to be in control of your orgasm, you know? Only I know how to really handle my son's pleasure.
  15. Do you like the site of my breasts? Are you getting there? My big round areolas must be exciting you so very much from what I can see..
  17. What? Are you about to ejaculate? Ok, let me finish you off, dear. Like this, nice and slow.. Look at how my two fingers slide up and down the shaft of your red little penis.
  18. Uh huh.. I can feel your balls throbbing, you are about to let it out right? I will now countdown from 10 to 1, but you can only ejaculate when  get to 1, do you understand dear? I asked you if you understand... Alright then. Look at my breasts.
  19. 10... 9... 8... Hold it in dear, you must hold it in... 7... 6... I love they way your whole body is twitching... 5...4... That's a good mummy's boy, ready to make cummy spurts at her command.. Not yet though! 3... 2... And... 1!
  20. Let it all out.. There we go.. That's it.. Very good boy! Very nice cummy spurts! Oh wow, your little peepee is spurting everywhere! So much cum for such a tiny penis!
  21. What a mess you made..! It's all over your tummy... I've brought up such a good boy! Always obeying mummy's commands!
  22. Alright, we will have to clean you up now...
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