Motherly Instinct (Slave Pony, America, Oneshot)

Feb 11th, 2018
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  1. >Day Motherly Instinct.
  2. >”Where were you, Anon?” You mother asks as you close the door.
  3. >Incognito has her arms crossed, and is wearing pajamas and a robe.
  4. >Twilight Velvet stands beside her with a frown.
  5. >You wonder how long they have been waiting in the dark for you to come home.
  6. >Obviously you can’t tell them you were hanging out with Katie and smoking.
  7. >What will they believe?
  8. >It has to be something simple, and unverifiable.
  9. ”I went out to see a movie,” you lie.
  10. >”At this time of night?”
  11. “Well, I decided to get something to eat, and I guess the time flew by.”
  12. >Your mom doesn’t look convinced, and taps her foot.
  13. >”Who were you with? Katie? File?”
  14. >Why doesn’t she just leave you alone?
  15. >You’re too old for this.
  16. ”File and I barely talk anymore.”
  17. >Ever since he’s gotten cool he mostly ignores you.
  18. “If that’s all, I guess I’ll just go to bed.”
  19. >”No, you still didn’t tell me who you were with.”
  20. “It really doesn’t matter.”
  21. >”It matters to me.”
  22. >You both look at each other for a while.
  23. >She probably wants you to tell her more, but if you keep lying, it will be hard to keep it all straight.
  24. >Instead you just make an annoyed face.
  25. >That always gets on her nerves.
  26. “Mom, we just went to see a movie, and then got something to eat. It’s not big deal.”
  27. >”So you were with someone.”
  28. >Shit.
  29. “Yeah, so what? I’m not allowed to have friends?”
  30. >Incognito opens her mouth to say something, but Twilight Velvet speaks first.
  31. >”It’s getting late. Why don’t we go to bed? I mean, Anon’s back home safely, and that’s what’s important, right?”
  32. >Your mom glares at Twilight, but slowly her resolve weakens.
  33. >Twilight always knows what to say.
  34. >”Maybe you’re right.” She turns back to you. “But I don’t like you coming home late without letting us know where you are.”
  35. >Nice, you actually got away with it.
  36. >Better play it cool then.
  37. 1/16
  38. “Sorry, Mom. I’ll make sure to call next time.”
  39. >She presses her lips together in annoyance, but your concession seems to appease her slightly.
  40. >”See, there was nothing to worry about.”
  41. >Twilight starts moving back to her room, but your mom stays in place.
  42. >She’s probably wondering if she should press you for more or just let it go.
  43. >Knowing her, she will probably spend most of the night stewing on this.
  44. >One day you should ask your dad to convert his basement office into your room.
  45. >That way you can come and go as you please.
  46. >If only the heater actually kept downstairs warm.
  47. >You move past them to go to your room.
  48. >”Wait a second,” Incognito grabs your arm and makes a confused look. After a moment she makes the connection. “You smell like weed.”
  49. >Fuck.
  50. >Twilight’s ears flare up and she stops in place.
  51. “Uh, what?”
  52. >”Don’t ‘what?’ me. I know what it smells like.”
  53. >Twilight moves back to try to save you again.
  54. >”Maybe a stoner was sitting in his chair before he sat down, and then it just soaked into his hoodie.”
  55. “Yeah! Twilight’s probably right,” you agree too quickly.
  56. >It’s a bit of a leap of logic, but who knows, maybe it will work.
  57. >Incognito narrows her eyes at you.
  58. >”Don’t lie to me, Anon,” Incognito says, her voice low and threatening.
  59. >Almost like the calm before the storm.
  60. >Well, it was a good try from Twilight.
  61. >Time to roll the dice one more time.
  62. “I’m not,” you lie. “I don’t even know what weed smells like.”
  63. >”Let me smell your fingers.”
  64. >She grabs your hand and you instantly pull it away.
  65. “Mom!”
  66. >”What are you so worried about? Is it because you’re lying?”
  67. “Get off my case, Mom.”
  68. >”If you don’t have anything to hide, then you won’t care.”
  69. “Ugh, I can’t do anything in this house!”
  70. >You try to pull away, but her grip is surprisingly strong.
  71. >”So you were doing drugs!”
  72. >You hear loud footsteps coming from down the hallway.
  73. 2/16
  74. >”Jesus Christ. Can you two keep it down?”
  75. >Your father is wearing lounge pants and a white t-shirt.
  76. >”Epon, your son is doing drugs!”
  77. >”’My son?’” He scoffs. “When he’s in trouble, he’s ‘my son.’”
  78. >”Well he takes after you.”
  79. >”Yeah, and he probably doesn’t like getting the third degree, just like me.”
  80. >”You need to deal with this,” she says while stamping her foot.
  81. >A look of annoyance passes over his face.
  82. >Epon takes a deep breath before turning to you.
  83. >”Anon, were you smoking weed? The truth now.”
  84. >You frown, and put your hands in your pockets.
  85. >How are you going to get out of this one?
  86. >Twilight offers the slightest shrug when you glance at her.
  87. >Fuck.
  88. >She’s got nothing.
  89. >Your only chance is to look remorseful.
  90. >On its own, your shoe scuffs the floor slightly.
  91. “Maybe…”
  92. >The reaction is immediate.
  93. >”Oh my God!” Your mother wails.
  94. >”Honey, you’re overreacting.”
  95. >She glares at him.
  96. >”I’m overreacting?” She repeats incredulously. “Your son is about to become a drug addict and I’m overreacting?!”
  97. >”Again with ‘my son?’” He points a finger at her. “Don’t try to act all high and mighty. You were smoking up the day we met.”
  98. >This gives her pause, “but things were different back then.”
  99. >Epon crosses his arms.
  100. >”Yeah, now it’s legal.”
  101. >”I don’t care.” She turns to you. “You’re grounded for a month! And I want to know who you were with!”
  102. >It’s no use talking to her when she gets like this.
  103. >You feel a moment of weakness in her grip and jerk away.
  104. >A hand reaches out again, but you’re too quick.
  105. “I’m out of here.”
  106. >You push past them to go to your room.
  107. >”Don’t walk away from me! I’m your mother!”
  108. >She takes one step forward, but you assume your father holds her back since she doesn’t follow.
  109. >”You have to cut the umbilical cord. He’s grown up.”
  110. >You slam the door and jump onto your bed.
  111. 3/16
  112. >It only takes a moment to turn on your Bluetooth speaker.
  113. >Still, you can hear muffled arguing while the first song plays.
  114. >Two more songs play before you hear a knock at the door.
  115. >You’re not in the mood to deal with this shit.
  116. >Smoking isn’t a big deal.
  117. “Go away.”
  118. >”I just want to talk, Anon,” Twilight says.
  119. >You turn to your side, facing away from the door.
  120. >Twilight is a good pony, but she should know when to mind her own business.
  121. >Sometimes she sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong.
  122. >Though, she’s been with you a long time, and seen you during ups and downs.
  123. >Maybe that’s why you don’t want to see her.
  124. “Leave me alone.”
  125. >The handle turns slightly, and the door opens just a crack.
  126. >”Can I come in?” Twilight asks.
  127. “What do you want?” You say without looking at her.
  128. >”Just to talk.”
  129. >In annoyance, you sit up to face your pony.
  130. >She shies away from your glare.
  131. ”Did Mom send you?”
  132. >”No,” she says as she shakes her head.
  133. >Your look must have softened, because she enters without permission.
  134. >Her hooves barely make a sound as she moves over the carpet.
  135. >The bed shifts slightly as she climbs on.
  136. >By the way she looks around, you can tell she doesn’t approve of the state of your room.
  137. >Must be her motherly instinct kicking in.
  138. >She used to clean it, but you got mad at her when you couldn’t find your collectable cards.
  139. >Now you are stuck keeping it neat, which doesn’t happen all the time.
  140. >She only washes the laundry you throw in the basket in the corner.
  141. >It seems so silly now.
  142. >The cards ended up being at Katie’s house and not thrown away like you thought.
  143. >Either way, you don’t even play that card game anymore.
  144. “Are Mom and Dad still arguing?”
  145. >Twilight scrunches her nose.
  146. >”They’re,” she searches for the right words, “making up right now.”
  147. >You know what that means.
  148. “Gross.”
  149. >Twilight smiles at this, but doesn’t respond.
  150. 4/16
  151. >Now that you think about it, that’s probably why she is here.
  152. >Her room is near theirs, and she can probably hear when they fool around.
  153. >She leans against you before she speaks.
  154. >Unconsciously, your arm moves to hold her.
  155. >”You know you really made your mom upset.”
  156. “So?”
  157. >”It’s tough for a mother to watch their little ones grow up. They’re little cuddly foals one day, and before you know it, they stay up late and party.”
  158. “Were your kids like that?”
  159. >”Not really. Twilight was always so concerned with reading and studying. Shiny acted up every now and then, but it’s part of growing up.”
  160. “Mmm.”
  161. >Twilight turns slightly and nuzzles into your hoodie.
  162. >”You know you can talk to me about anything. I won’t tell your parents.”
  163. >She offers the slightest glance before she returns to simply leaning against you.
  164. >You both sit there without speaking for a while.
  165. >The music changes from track to track, but Twilight stays quiet.
  166. >She just shifts every now and then, nearly insisting that you pet her.
  167. >It’s annoying, but effective.
  168. >Finally, you relent, and lightly brush her mane.
  169. >A hint of a smile appears on her face, and you can’t help yourself and you play with her ear.
  170. >She always likes that.
  171. >Without warning, Twilight pushes against your chest and you lay back.
  172. >Her small body follows yours, and she rests her head on your chest.
  173. >One hand cradles her back, the other soothes her cheek.
  174. >She’s warm, and the simple gesture is enough to break the silence.
  175. “I was with Katie,” you confess.
  176. >”Oh? I haven’t seen her in a while. Is she your girlfriend?”
  177. “Twilight, it’s not like that.”
  178. >”Uh, huh,” she agrees, but you’re sure she’s just humoring you. “And she was the one who wanted to smoke?”
  179. ”Do we really have to do this?”
  180. >She shrugs.
  181. >”I’m not your mother. You don’t have to tell me anything. I only ask because I care.”
  182. >She gets up and traps your arm under her as she climbs over you.
  183. 5/16
  184. “Twilight.”
  185. >One hoof wraps around your neck, so she can nuzzle you more easily.
  186. >”What?”
  187. >Her breath tickles you.
  188. “You’re trying to trick me into telling you more.”
  189. >A hoof lifts to her chin, and she moves her head in mocking imitation of deep thought.
  190. >”So?”
  191. >You can’t help but laugh at that.
  192. >She used your own patented word of annoyance against you.
  193. >She’s a good mare.
  194. >How can you refuse her?
  195. “Well, maybe. I guess we both wanted to.”
  196. >”See. That wasn’t so bad.”
  197. >She doesn’t know the whole story though.
  198. >Should you really tell her more?
  199. >Will she laugh at you?
  200. >As if sensing your hesitation, she uses her magic to move your hand on her mane.
  201. >It’s not your fault she knows your weakness.
  202. “I was going to ask her out.”
  203. >”Oh?”
  204. “Yeah, but it never felt like the right time.”
  205. >”I see,” she says with some disappointment. “There never is a right time. If you wait for that, it will never come.”
  206. ”What am I supposed to do? I mean, I’ve known her for a long time. Why would she be interested in me?”
  207. >”I have to admit, it was easier back in Equestria. Ponies would just know when they met the one.”
  208. “That’s not very helpful.”
  209. >She lifts herself up slightly to look into your eyes.
  210. >”I don’t have all the answers. What were you going to say to her?”
  211. ”Something like, ‘Uh, hey, Katie. We should go hang out more often and stuff.’”
  212. >Twilight sits up and crosses her hooves.
  213. >Without your little personal heater, the room feels slightly colder.
  214. >”Is that it?”
  215. “What?”
  216. >”What’s she supposed to make of that?” She imitates your voice, “’Lets hang out or whatever, but if you don’t want to that’s fine also.’ That’s too vague. Hanging out could mean anything.”
  217. “I can’t just go ahead and ask her out.”
  218. >”Why not?”
  219. “Because I can’t.”
  220. >”Oh, Anon,” she shakes her head. “You will never know unless you ask.”
  221. >She just doesn’t get it.
  222. 6/16
  223. >It’s a big deal to ask out your childhood friend.
  224. >What if she says no?
  225. >Will your entire friendship be ruined?
  226. >If Katie was new then it would probably be easier.
  227. >Your dog pokes his snout into the room before running in and looking at you curiously.
  228. “Go away, Goldie. Can’t you see we’re busy?”
  229. >If cuddling with your pony is what counts as busy, then maybe things aren’t so bad.
  230. >Goldie leaps on the bed and starts sniffing around.
  231. >”I told you to stay, Goldie,” Twilight chastises. “Why don’t you ever listen to me?”
  232. >He looks at both of you blankly before making a few circles.
  233. >Soon enough he finds a comfortable spot and curls into a ball to sleep.
  234. “Goldie, no. Go to your bed. I’m not playing.”
  235. >You point out the door for emphasis, but he ignores you.
  236. >”He probably thinks since I’m here that he-“ her ears swivel and her brows furrow. “Oh, uh…” she chuckles. “Your parents are getting more enthusiastic.”
  237. “Gross! You didn’t need to tell me that.”
  238. >You push her away, but the moment your hand retracts she’s nuzzling into you again.
  239. >”Well, it’s natural. One day you’ll have fo- kids, and then they will think it’s weird too. The circle of life.”
  240. “More like circle of awkwardness.”
  241. >”What?”
  242. “It was a dumb joke.”
  243. >”No, your tone was off.” She lifts herself up to look at you. “It almost sounded like… Are you…?”
  244. >She doesn’t finish the sentence, but you’re pretty sure what she’s getting at.
  245. >You feel your cheeks burning in embarrassment.
  246. >If anyone finds out you’ll never live it down.
  247. >”Oh Celestia, you are!”
  248. “I’m what?” You ask, still hoping against hope that you’re just imagining things.
  249. >”But that girl seemed so nice. I thought you and her…”
  250. >No such luck.
  251. “We only went out a few times. It’s not a big deal.”
  252. >”I never said it was,” she smiles.
  253. >It’s that coy, knowing smile that gets on your nerves.
  254. 7/16
  255. >She always does it when she figures things out.
  256. “Twilight, you’re this close to being kicked out of my room.”
  257. >”I’m just playing with you, Anon. I know people don’t like talking about it much. It’s just that I thought that you already had-“
  258. “Twilight,” you say with a warning tone.
  259. >”Fine, fine, relax. Celestia, you’re so touchy today.”
  260. “I’m touchy? You’re the one who keeps rubbing up on me.”
  261. >”I meant figuratively, not literally.”
  262. “Oh.”
  263. >Twilight’s big eyes look up at you.
  264. >You have been kind of neglecting both her and Goldie recently.
  265. >All three of you used to hang out so much when you were younger.
  266. >Now that you do your own thing, you just never seem to find time to pet her.
  267. >Maybe that’s why she’s so affectionate today.
  268. “Twilight…”
  269. >Your dog lets out a mean fart.
  270. “Goldie!” You both yell in unison.
  271. >He just raises his head and turns it slightly in an attempt to understand what you want.
  272. >What a dumb dog.
  273. >Does he think farts just appear out of thin air?
  274. >Twilight uses her magic and lifts Goldie up.
  275. >He lets his legs dangle as he floats out the door and into the hallway.
  276. >Goldie is used to Twilight picking him up, but his reaction the first time was funny.
  277. >He barked and yelped and tried to run in mid-air.
  278. >With another flick of her horn, the door closes and the lock clicks into place.
  279. “Well, that was annoying.”
  280. >”Tell me about it. Your parents need to get him new kibble or something.”
  281. >She lays on her side, and you turn to face her.
  282. >Twilight’s nose just barely touches yours.
  283. >A whisper of her mane falls over her eyes, and you brush it away.
  284. >A blush appears on her as you run your hand over her cheek.
  285. >She does feel warmer than usual.
  286. “Are you alright, Twilight? You feel really warm.”
  287. >She nods.
  288. >”I’m fine, Anon. Don’t worry about me.”
  289. >You shift so she can rest her head on your arm.
  290. >The other hand finds its way to her soft belly.
  291. 8/16
  292. “Well, you are acting strange today. Did you eat something weird?”
  293. >”No. Just a flower sandwich and some salad. Nothing unusual.”
  294. >She moves a hoof to lift your hoodie slightly.
  295. >Twilight shimmies closer to you so her barrel touches your now exposed stomach.
  296. >She inhales deeply into your neck before giving you light kisses under your jaw.
  297. >The feeling of closeness seems to wake something inside you, and your pants get tighter.
  298. “Twilight, what are you doing?”
  299. >”Just trying to comfort you.”
  300. >She goes in for another peck, but you push her away.
  301. >You’re rewarded with a low whine.
  302. “Something is seriously wrong with you. You’ve never acted like this before.”
  303. >She tries to cuddle with you again, but your arm keeps her at bay.
  304. >After a moment she gives up and settles on your spare pillow.
  305. >Her eyes turn to a worried look.
  306. >”You’re going to get upset.”
  307. “No I won’t. We can tell each other anything, remember? Nothing you say will make me mad.”
  308. >Twilight visibly swallows as she makes a small circle on the mattress with her hoof.
  309. >It’s strange seeing her like this.
  310. >For some reason she is acting like a scared filly.
  311. >What could she possibly say that would annoy you?
  312. >She’s practically your best friend.
  313. >Well, was anyway.
  314. >You barely spend any time with her anymore.
  315. >She takes a deep breath to build up her resolve.
  316. >”Your father asked me to talk to you.”
  317. >You let out a chuckle.
  318. “That’s not a big deal. I thought you were gonna say something crazy.”
  319. >Twilight shifts uncomfortably.
  320. >”Epon said that you were always acting agitated, and he thought you were frustrated or something.”
  321. “That doesn’t sound so bad.”
  322. >”I’m not finished. It was more like, he wanted me to have ‘the talk’ with you.”
  323. “What?”
  324. >You lift yourself on to an elbow so you can get a better look at her.
  325. >”I thought you were fine until a month or two ago when you started sneaking out and smoking weed.”
  326. ”So you knew?”
  327. 9/16
  328. >”Anon,” she scoffs. “I do your laundry. Of course I was going to notice.”
  329. >Shit.
  330. >She must have seen other stuff too.
  331. “What about…?”
  332. >She blushes.
  333. >”Yes.”
  334. “But you didn’t say anything?”
  335. >”It’s normal for a colt your age to,” she looks for a good euphemism. “experiment.”
  336. “Jesus.”
  337. >She didn’t answer your question.
  338. >Does your dad know you take care of business at night?
  339. >Or your mom?
  340. >Fuck!
  341. >Twilight extends a hoof to touch your arm, but she doesn’t scoot closer.
  342. >“I didn’t tell anyone, so you don’t need to worry.
  343. ”Yeah. But…”
  344. >”And when Epon-“
  345. >You interrupt her.
  346. “So he told you to sleep with me? Like a whore?”
  347. >”Ugh, you’re just like your mother sometimes. Just let me finish speaking!”
  348. >She glares at you, genuinely annoyed at your reaction.
  349. >Twilight is your friend, not some slave girl that has to tend to your every whim.
  350. >It’s not like she’s helping either.
  351. >Seems like you have to drag every sentence out of her.
  352. “Fine. Speak.”
  353. >”It wasn’t like that. He was just worried about you is all. I was too.”
  354. “Well I’ll save you the effort. We learned about the birds and the bees a long time ago.”
  355. >”I thought so, but you were always so distant. I never got a chance to speak with you. I was hoping one day you would hang around so we could go to the park and talk.”
  356. >You let out a single bitter laugh.
  357. “There never is a good time, is there?”
  358. >”I guess not,” she smiles weakly.
  359. >You both lay there in uncomfortable silence again.
  360. >”I know I’m a bit older… but it’s been a while since I’ve been with a stallion. If it was with you, I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.”
  361. >You extend a hand and brush her mane.
  362. >She leans into your touch.
  363. ”You’re very pretty Twilight, but you don’t need to do this.”
  364. >”I just thought that maybe I could help you out. This is a tough time for teenagers.”
  365. “What about…”
  366. >You stop yourself from finishing the sentence.
  367. 10/16
  368. >”I haven’t seen him in years. I doubt I ever will.”
  369. “We could try to find him.”
  370. >”No, Anon.” She shakes her head. “We both promised each other we would continue living our lives.”
  371. >You wonder if he found a loving family.
  372. >Twilight Velvet certainly seems happy.
  373. >She is everything you could have hoped for in a pony, and more.
  374. >You hope that she feels the same way about your crazy family too.
  375. >Yeah, you and your mom sometimes fight, but everything is usually fine.
  376. >Whenever things get out of hand, Twilight is there to smooth things over.
  377. >What would you do without her?
  378. “I’m sorry for overreacting.”
  379. >”That’s alright.”
  380. >You lay back down, and your pony inches toward you as if begging for your touch.
  381. >How can you deny her?
  382. >Without thinking you lift an arm so she can take her place by your side.
  383. >She doesn’t hesitate to press herself against you.
  384. >Twilight is so warm.
  385. >She takes your free hand in her hoof while your other hand rubs her side.
  386. >”So?”
  387. >Her eyes plead with you.
  388. “I don’t know if I can. Not for my first time.”
  389. >”That’s alright. You don’t want to fall in love with your pony, right?”
  390. ”Twilight!”
  391. >She giggles at your reaction.
  392. >”I’m just teasing you.” Her hoof pushes and pulls your hand back and forth in a playful motion. “But I can still teach you a few things if you want.”
  393. >Now you’re intrigued.
  394. “Like what?”
  395. >”I know people last longer than ponies, but still, you don’t want your first time to go by too quickly. With some training, you might even impress Katie.”
  396. >You hold her tighter.
  397. “Maybe…”
  398. >She climbs up a bit so you are face to face with her.
  399. >Twilight’s nose is nearly touching yours.
  400. >She looks away, suddenly embarrassed.
  401. >After a moment she look back with half lidded eyes.
  402. >”So?”
  403. “I guess we can try.”
  404. >”Okay. Just tell me if you’re not comfortable and we’ll stop.”
  405. >Though you are right next to her, she still manages to lean in slowly.
  406. 11/16
  407. >So very slowly.
  408. >Her eyes dart between glancing at your eyes and your lips.
  409. >It’s almost like she is expecting for you to push her away or something.
  410. >You can’t take it anymore and pull her in for a kiss.
  411. >She lets out a little eep when your lips touch.
  412. >Jesus.
  413. >She’s so soft.
  414. >It’s a gentle kiss.
  415. >More of a peck really.
  416. >One kiss turns into two, then three.
  417. >Each time she grows more confident and leans into you more.
  418. >One hand moves to hold her cheek, the other explores her little body.
  419. >Her tail swishes and you can just barely feel it through your jeans.
  420. >She pulls away slightly to look at you with bedroom eyes.
  421. “Twilight… that was great.”
  422. >That coy knowing smile again graces her face, before she presses her cheek against yours.
  423. >She smells so good.
  424. >”I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch.”
  425. >Without separating from you she again brings her mouth to yours.
  426. >This time you don’t hesitate and pull her in for a deep kiss.
  427. >Her lips open slightly and you match her movements.
  428. >Twilight's long flat tongue experimentally touches yours.
  429. >A low moan escapes from your mouth.
  430. >You can feel your jeans tightening up again.
  431. >Her breath mixes with yours as she continues her assault.
  432. >Twilight's hooves move to your neck and shoulders.
  433. >One just barely tugs at your collar, the other runs wild through your hair.
  434. >You kiss out to the air when she pulls away.
  435. >”You’re not bad at kissing,” she smirks. “Have you been practicing?”
  436. “I am now.”
  437. >You brush her mane and again coax her into a long wet kiss.
  438. >She giggles at this like a filly.
  439. >Her rear hooves reposition themselves so she can lay on top of you.
  440. >You lay there making out for what seems like forever.
  441. >Finally a hoof moves to your lips.
  442. >You kiss the underside of her hoof to her amusement.
  443. >”There’s more to being with a girl than just kissing.”
  444. >Her horn lights up and you can feel the bottom of your hoodie being tugged up.
  445. >”You don’t need this, right?”
  446. 12/16
  447. “Probably not,” you smile.
  448. >You sit up and lift your arms to allow her easy access.
  449. >The hoodie and your shirt are carelessly thrown aside.
  450. >Her warm barrel presses against your now bare chest.
  451. >Against your will, your hips seem to move on their own.
  452. >”Oh, my. Eager aren’t you?” She teases. “Why don’t you try feeling me down there?”
  453. >If you had doubts before, they are gone now.
  454. >Her tail flicks on your hand, nearly insisting that you reach down further.
  455. >Her teats are small, little more than mounds at the bottom of her belly.
  456. >She inhales sharply as you squeeze and pinch lightly.
  457. >Now you have the initiative.
  458. >Twilight Velvet lifts herself slightly so you can get a good grip on her soft bits.
  459. >She presses her muzzle against your ear and whispers, “go lower.”
  460. >Nervously, you proceed.
  461. >This is really happening.
  462. >Her sex is wet and so incredibly warm.
  463. >You can feel heat radiating off of her, and something reaches out and touches you.
  464. >Up and down you rub her most intimate parts.
  465. >How far will she let you go?
  466. >You decide to test your luck and extend a finger.
  467. >As she leans back into your hard one digit finds purchase.
  468. >Twilight inhales sharply as you enter her marehood.
  469. >She was always a little warm, but now she feels so incredibly hot.
  470. >It’s dripping wet and your finger easily slides in and out of her.
  471. >Her breath quickens and her hips buck once eagerly.
  472. >”You’re making me feel like a filly again.”
  473. “I’m glad,” you whisper back.
  474. >Your finger glides into her damp sex over and over.
  475. >She grinds into your hand, and you feel obliged to give her more.
  476. >This time two fingers enter your pony, and she moans in excitement.
  477. >You never saw this side of her before.
  478. >Instinctively you go in for another kiss.
  479. >She only lets you have a brief moment before again her hoof breaks your kiss to your protest.
  480. >She moves down and kisses your chin.
  481. >Then your neck, and down your chest.
  482. 13/16
  483. >All the while you explore inside her with your fingers, while playing with her teats with the other hand.
  484. >Slowly she moves to her prize, and you are unable to maintain your ministrations.
  485. >The air is cold against your wet fingers, but you don’t mind.
  486. >All of this has made you fully erect, and your jeans feel painfully tight.
  487. >She rubs her muzzle against your pants, inhaling your scent.
  488. >You have never wanted something more than right now.
  489. >Why did you resist her?
  490. >Your hands let her go and quickly unbutton your jeans.
  491. >Though she has magic, she opts to pull off your pants with her hooves.
  492. >Like your hoodie, your pants are carelessly thrown aside.
  493. >Only your boxers protect you now, but in a moment they are gone as well.
  494. >The feeling of vulnerability is strange.
  495. >No one has ever seen you naked before, except for when you were a child.
  496. >What if she thinks it looks weird?
  497. >If it bothers her, she doesn’t say.
  498. >Instead she smiles at you before licking the tip.
  499. “Fuck.”
  500. >That makes her laugh.
  501. >”You like that?”
  502. “Yeah.”
  503. >”Good.”
  504. >You hold one of her hooves as she licks again.
  505. >It’s slow this time.
  506. >She starts at the base before ending at your tip.
  507. >Twilight repeats this several times before playing with your heavy orbs.
  508. >You haven’t had time to take care of it, so you know they are full.
  509. “Stop teasing me,” you plead.
  510. >”But that’s part of the fun.”
  511. >She ignores you and licks you once more on your tip.
  512. >Involuntarily your hips buck again.
  513. >Twilight Velvet licks her lips once before opening up.
  514. >The feeling of being swallowed by her soft lips is indescribable.
  515. >Still, you can try.
  516. >She moves back and forth once, her muzzle easily taking your shaft in her mouth.
  517. >Her long tongue moves and teases you more.
  518. >With every dip the suction seems to increase, like she is trying to suck out everything.
  519. >Her tongue circles your sex before seemingly wrapping around it.
  520. >Being encased twice is almost too much and your hips buck repeatedly.
  521. 14/16
  522. >Twilight just smiles as she looks at you and squeezes harder.
  523. >You feel that familiar feeling of pressure building up.
  524. >One hand moves on it’s own and grips your sheets as she takes you.
  525. >”Just relax,” she coos.
  526. “It’s too much.”
  527. >Her tongue tightens and twists causing you to moan loudly.
  528. >Your free hand moves to her jaw and pulls her down into your thrust.
  529. >You can only control her for a moment before her magic stops you.
  530. >She pulls away and puts a hoof on your hole.
  531. >Twilight gives you an instant to rest before speaking.
  532. >”No, you aren’t supposed to cum yet.”
  533. “Please, Twilight. I can’t take much more.”
  534. >”You have to keep trying.”
  535. >She waits half a heartbeat before returning to her caressing touch.
  536. >It takes everything to keep from blowing your load that very instant.
  537. >But you have to keep going.
  538. >She continues pulling and squeezing every inch of you.
  539. >A hoof moves to massage your balls as she maintains her relentless assault.
  540. >It feels so amazing.
  541. >You continue thrusting into her mouth, hoping for release.
  542. >This time she looks up and you, and her eyes seem to give you permission.
  543. >She unwinds her tongue and increases her suction.
  544. >Twilight slams her muzzle to your base several times in coordination with your movements.
  545. >You’re at your limit, and only have enough time to warn her.
  546. “I’m cuming.”
  547. >With both hands you grip her and thrust a final time.
  548. >You feel your dick throbbing as you shoot your ropes into her mouth.
  549. >She makes a satisfied cooing sound as she moves back and forth, coaxing out every last drop.
  550. >With a bit of flair she lifts up and gives you that smile again.
  551. >Twilight opens and you see your giant load pooled in her mouth.
  552. >With a quick swallow, it’s gone, and she climbs back up to lay in your waiting arms.
  553. “Fuck, Twilight. That was great.”
  554. >”I could tell. You came so much. I might not need breakfast tomorrow.”
  555. >You hesitate when she moves in for another kiss.
  556. 15/16
  557. >After all, your dick was just in there.
  558. >”Girls will expect you to kiss them after a blowjob.”
  559. >Her tone is that of a teacher, and you don’t sense any judgement from her.
  560. >Is it weird if it came from you?
  561. >You push those thoughts aside.
  562. >Twilight makes a surprised eep as you kiss her deeply.
  563. >She rolls on her back and you climb over her, still making out.
  564. >Though your member is limp, you try to bring it back to life.
  565. >Twilight stops you with a hoof.
  566. >”No. You’re supposed to save your first time for a girl, not an old mare like me.”
  567. >Your balls ache, and you doubt you have much cum left.
  568. >Still, after having a taste of heaven you want more.
  569. >But you decide to listen to your pony for now.
  570. “You’re not that old, Twilight. You’re beautiful.”
  571. >She smiles and presses her cheek against yours.
  572. >”Thanks,” she whispers. “And tomorrow, I want you to ask out Katie properly.”
  573. “But I’m grounded for a month. I can’t go out.”
  574. >”Let me worry about that,” she says in such a confident way that you don’t argue with her.
  575. >She's such a good pony.
  576. "Thanks, Mom."
  577. >Shit!
  578. >Twilight laughs at this.
  579. "Sorry, that just slipped out."
  580. >"Don't worry. I don't mind. But now we really need to get you a girlfriend."
  581. "Alright, I'll ask her out."
  582. >You shift so you both can sleep.
  583. >Her on her side, with you keeping her close.
  584. >And, one hand holds her hoof.
  585. fin
  586. 16/16
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