20 Questions About.....MusicalKitty.

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  1. Kitties.
  3. People love 'em. I know 'cause one was nominated to do 20 Questions.
  5. See, 'cause Spinstrike is taking his sweet time, I asked the people of Prototype to nominate another subject, and by a commanding margin, MusicalKitty won out. Music is no newbie to prototype; in fact, he's been here since July 2014 and is currently in 17th on the leaderboard, with over 32.7 billion BP. Music, is primarily known for his affinity towards cats, but he's a bit of a mystery, otherwise. He comes to the chat; just not as often as some of the more popular members I've interviewed previously.
  7. Prime subject to revive 20 questions with, then, especially since he's an audience favorite.
  9. Community Q's:
  11. Q1: I heard that you made your account for your cat, or are you a cat? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  12. Music: No, I'm not a cat, as a joke I made this account for my cat and one for me, but then I lost the password of my other account, so I started using this one.
  14. Q2: What are your thoughts on Tango? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  15. Music: I'd pick him over Beat, but not over Rush.
  17. Q3: Why did you decided on the name MusicalKitty [MegaBoyX7]
  18. Music: I kinda got it from my cat, who just really loved Music.
  20. Q4: Can you compose music [MegaBoyX7]
  21. Music: Yes, I can. I can play music on a Piano, and I can also sing.
  23. Q5: What is your favorite smash brothers game [MegaBoyX7]
  24. Music: For Wii U is fun, I'd have to say Melee. I'm not interested in the competitive aspect, but it's fun to utterly destroy my friends with Jigglypuff.
  26. Q6: Do you like drawing [MegaBoyX7]
  27. Music: Yes, I wouldn't say I'm good at drawing, but out of all other forms of art, I'm best at drawing.
  29. Q7: Do you play the Keyboard? [Meta]
  30. Music: Kinda, it's similar enough to a piano for me to play it, but I'm not familiar with it.
  32. Q8: Favorite Robot Master from MM5 (Gameboy Version)? [Meta]
  33. Music: If you're refering to the Stardroids, then it's Pluto.
  35. Q9: Do you think Someone should sprite a Cat that you get to choose? [Meta]
  36. Music: I've been working on a Sprite for me, but since there's no hopes of me finishing it, so sure, why not?
  38. Q10: We've seen the likes of Rush being an almost perfect adaption tool, so do you ever think we could see the same for Tango in the future? [MegaBossMan]
  39. Music: Possibly, since he was only really involved in MMV, I imagine Tango being fit for space travel if the Stardroids truly come back.
  41. Mikey's Q's:
  43. Q11: What official MM games have you played?
  44. Music: I have Played MM1-8, Mega Man & Bass, X1-3, Command Mission, BN1-2, Network Transmission, Battle Chip Challenge, Mega Man Zero 1-4, Power Fighters 1 and 2, and Legends 2.
  46. Q12: Which one's your favorite [and why]?
  47. Music: I'd have to say X1, mainly because of how the Mavericks' stages can be affected by the order you play in, the design of the Mavericks, the gimmick of collecting armor throughout the stages, and the fact that it is the first game I've ever played.
  49. Q13: ...and which one is your least favorite [and why]?
  50. Music: I despise Mega Man 5 with a burning passion. There wasn't really any fun stages for me, it felt monotonous and frustrating to replay a stage for the umpteenth time due to dying so many times, and the weapons are just so bad it could make you cry (there was really only one exception)
  52. Q14: Whereas most every1 else calls you "Kitty", I know I call you "Music" a lot, so, what kinda music do you normally listen to most [and why]? :P
  53. Music: I ldon't listen to enough to group it into a genre, but I'd say my favorite band is Metallica because it helps me whenever I get stressed out.
  55. Q15: If it were up to you, the next Top 50er you would have me interview [even if they've already been interviewed] is.....?
  56. Music: I'd say Bt Man (If he is currently in the top 50) because he seems like a pretty mysterious guy, or maybe Meta
  58. Q16: What's the one Mega Man game--more than any other--that you've always wanted to play, but, haven't, yet?
  59. Music: I'd love to play Mega Man 10 over anything else
  61. Q17: Imagine that YOU have the power to choose the next official MM game that will be made. You can only choose one of the following: "Mega Man 11", "Mega Man X9" or something else. Which one [and why]?
  62. Music: I think a Battle Network 7 would be cool, it's overall my favorite series, and I'd love to see how Robot Masters like Oil Man or Strike Man would look like in NetNavi form.
  64. Q18: What's your overall opinion on Prototype, itself [the game]?
  65. Music: It's ok, the Star Force system is a little flawed, and there's a little too much grinding for me, but it's cool to see my favorite Robot Masters in this form of game.
  67. Q19: What's the hardest decision you can remember ever making?
  68. Music: My hardest decision was when I was 6, I was at an adoption center and I was trying to decide on what cat to get, after a while, I was down to a Burmese or a Tiger Stripe, and I finally picked the Burmese (which is the cat I currently have)
  70. Q20: Is it true that cats have 9 lives?
  71. Music: I don't think so, the most I've seen a cat have was about 2 or 3.
  73. Special thanks to MusicalKitty for taking the time out to help revive 20Q's. Additional thanks go out to MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7, Meta and ThatOneEnderMan for their suggestions.
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