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Windows 7/8/8.1 Updates to avoid as of the June 2018 "Patch

Tiberian Jun 21st, 2018 2,039 Never
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  1. Windows 7/8/8.1 Updates to avoid as of the June 2018 "Patch Tuesday":
  3. KB971033,  Activation exploits
  4. KB2876229, Skype
  5. KB2882822, replaced by KB3068708
  6. KB2952664, telemetry crap
  7. KB2970228, new Russian ruble symbol, breaks fonts
  8. KB2976978, Windows 10 update crap for Win8
  9. KB2977759, telemetry crap
  10. KB2982791, Causes crashes
  11. KB2990214, telemetry crap
  12. KB3004394, faulty update
  13. KB3018238, only applies to Windows Server 2008
  14. KB3021917, telemetry crap
  15. KB3022345, telemetry crap
  16. KB3035583, telemetry crap
  17. KB3050265, telemetry crap
  18. KB3065987, telemetry crap
  19. KB3068708, telemetry crap
  20. KB3075249, telemetry crap
  21. KB3075851, telemetry crap
  22. KB3080149, telemetry crap
  23. KB3081954, telemetry crap
  24. KB3083324, telemetry crap
  25. KB3083710, telemetry crap
  26. KB3097877, Casuses crashes
  27. KB3102810, telemetry crap
  28. KB3107998, Lenovo fix to remove blocker
  29. KB3112336, More WIN10 crap
  30. KB3112343, More WIN10 crap + MS monitoring of win10 upgrade
  31. KB3121255, crash during backup of PI Data server fails
  32. KB3123862, Windows 10 update crap
  33. KB3125574, Apr 2016 rollup with bad ones in it
  34. KB3133977, BitLocker can't encrypt the drive and the service crashes
  35. KB3135445, WIN7 update client to force WIN10
  36. KB3137061, Azure virtual machines network outage data corruption
  37. KB3138901, No Internet multiple users log on Remote Desktop Services
  38. KB3139923, MSI repair doesn't work after you install updates
  39. KB3147071, Connection to Oracle database fails. Causes browser lockups?
  40. KB3150513, telemetry crap
  42. other:
  43. KB3184143 removes the Get Windows 10 app
  44. KB3172605 July 2016 update rollup (re-released Sep 13 2016)
  45. KB3179573 August 2016 Rollup
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