Mother & Daughter - Informations

Jul 2nd, 2020
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~ The Mother and Daughter Next Door ~

옆집모녀 --- Publisher Link

By 류승배 / Studio WePToonTALK

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship Description
Sun-Woo / 선우 Single A famous painter who gives lesson inside an Art Academy as hobby.
Yeon-Soo / 연수 Single (?) Sun-Woo's neighbor, who combine amazing figure and nice personality.
Yeji / 예지 Single The daughter of Yeon-Soo, Sun-Woo's ideal woman.
Hee-Jin / 희진 Single School accountant with a perfect and voluptuous body.
Seung-Yul / 승률 Single Sun-Woo's senior during college, head of the art academy.
Min-Ha / 민하 Single Sun-Woo's classmate during college and longtime friend.

Synopsis: Sun-Woo a famous painter became the teacher of a class inside a local Art Academy.
One day, the girl he always been dreaming of appeared before his eyes, she became his student.
Yeji and her beautiful mother Yeon-Soon also became Sun-Woo's new neighbors..


Ques: Why can't i see chapter on mangadex ? Or Why can't I see chapter directly in the website ?

Ans: You need to create an account on mangadex, after that you go to your Account Settings (top right, then Settings). Right there, there is an option Hentai toggle, you set it to Show toggle (in navbar cog). Now go to the manga you want to read. Again top right, there's a settings button, you click it and it opens a settings box, there's an option Hentai: you need to set it to View All.

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