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  1. Adol: A legendary adventurer with at least 100 journal entries recording his various experiences. Known as “Adol the Red” due to his flaming hair, his excellent sword skills have left that named seared in villains around the world. His kindness is just as well known.
  3. Dogi: A bear of a man, Dogi is Adol’s best friend and life-long traveling companion. He ran into Adol in Darm Tower, the site of Adol’s first adventure, and decided to follow him to Felghana, Altago, and beyond. His physical strength is astounding.
  5. Aisha: The royal princess of Altago, a kingdom in northern Afroca. A skilled markswoman in her own right, only matched by her stubbornness. She first met Adol when he came to help her combat the Wind of Destruction, and is currently working to restore the kingdom.
  7. Geis: Known as the “Dark Mercenary”, Geis is a formidable halberd user who’s brother, Ernst, almost caused the destruction of Europa on the Canaan Islands. Ever since then, hes been finding work, trying to come to terms with his feelings and his rivalry with Adol.
  9. Elk: A wild youth from the woodlands of Altago, Elk helped Adol prevent the Winds of Destruction from wreaking havoc on Altago by receiving the powers of the Earth Dragon. His mischievous nature has gotten him into trouble before.
  11. Cruxie: A kind-hearted but strong girl, Cruxie is the sister of Altago’s elder of Segram, Mustafa. She contracted a deadly disease known as Iksan Fever, but overcame it thanks to the Fire Dragon’s power. An able warrior, she joins Adol’s fight.
  13. Mishera: The graceful eldress of Kylos in Altago, Mishera is blessed with the power of Windsight, and joins Adol’s quest to prevent Altago’s destruction. Although she may be blind, her magical ability is not to be underestimated.
  15. Chester: A white knight from the land of Felghana, Chester is the descendent of the legendary warrior Genos, who sealed away the evil Galbalan long ago. Chester inherited his will and after honing his skills with Dogi under a legendary mercenary, his swordplay is impeccable.
  17. Kloe: The crown princess of Liberl, who’s full name is Klaudia von Auslese. She joined Estelle’s journey to protect her home from a myriad of threats. During this time, she slowly gained more self-confidence, and was officially appointed heir to Liberl.
  19. Agate: The “Heavy Blade” of the Bracer Guild, Agate is a remarkable fighter, and earns that name through the use of his massive greatsword. Formerly a street kid, he was set on the bracer path by Cassius, Estelle’s father, and has come to her aid numerous times.
  21. Renne: The “Angel of Slaughter” of Ouroboros, Renne is wildly strong for her age. Her assignment as an Enforcer resulted in the Liber Ark incident in Liberl. Rather than return however, she fled to Crossbell, with Joshua and Estelle following her.
  23. Olivier: The bastard prince of Erebonia himself, his real name is Olivert Reise Arnor. Together with his close friend Mueller, they banded with Estelle to help put an end to the Liber Ark incident. Since then, he’s turned his attention back home.
  25. Tita: An apprentice engineer at the Zeiss Central Factory, granddaughter of renowned orbal scientist Albert Russell, Tita has accomplished much at her young. First joining Estelle to help resolve the Liber Ark incident, she now works on the Orbal Gear project.
  27. Loewe: The “Bladelord” of Ouroboros, Loewe is a well-renowned swordsman who grew up with Joshua. His village of Hamel was destroyed as pretext for the 100-days war, and has scene embarked on a journey to test humanities worthiness.
  29. Estelle: Often described as the Sun, due to her infectious cheer and good nature, Estelle is an experienced member of the Bracer Guild. She was one of the pivotal players in resolving the Liber Ark incident and has proven to be a capable woman. (And shes the best)
  31. Joshua: The moon to Estelle’s sun, Joshua is a fellow Bracer trained in stealth and dual swords. Formerly the “Black Fang” of Ouroboros, Joshua ended in the care of Cassius and Estelle and slowly regained his humanity. After the Liber Ark incident, he travels with Estelle.
  33. Lloyd: A new detective with the Crossbell Police Department, Lloyd is a dedicated and earnest officer. He heads the Special Support Section, and works with his allies to stand up to injustice and organized crime, which is rife in Crossbell.
  35. Lappy: A strange creature sometimes appearing as a pom. He acts as a guide for the warriors summoned by the Laws of Xanadu, and can even speak their language.
  37. Michel: The “Great Sorcerer” of Tiraswheel and the originator of Cant and Chapel magics, Michael is an exceptional user of magic. His real name is Michel de Lap Heaven, and his magic is used far and wide.
  39. Mona: A brave little fellow who’s just trying to earn a little money in the desolate hellscape Xanadu has become, all so he can buy a present for his girlfriend. Outside of upgrading weapons and armor, Mona also keeps some rather unique items in stock for savvy bargain hunters.
  41. Dragon King Galsis: The ultimate threat lying in the land of Xanadu. His soul refuses to stay at rest, and thus must be vanquished again and again every time he is resurrected. As a result of this, he is the subject of countless legends.
  43. Mustafa: The young elder of the desert town of Segram inside Altago. He is Cruxie’s brother, and her illness results in him assisting Adol in preventing Altago’s destruction. He wields a massive hammer that he uses to crush his foes with ease.
  45. Josette: A sky bandit turned delivery service operator, Josette and the rest of the Capua family have been through it all. Former Erebonian nobles, the Capua’s first ran into Estelle early on in her journey. Now Josette works with her brothers for honest work.
  47. Anelace: A female bracer with spunk to spare, Anelace often has more energy than she knows what to do with. Self-identified as Estelle’s rival, her bracer work is her top priority, that is unless something cute enters her vision. Her motto is: “Cuteness is Justice!”
  49. Sigroon: Princess Aisha’s personal guard and instructor, Sigroon takes her duties very seriously. Serving as captain of the Dragon Knights, Sigroon joins Adol’s quest when Aisha was preoccupied. Aisha often takes advantage of her overly serious nature.
  51. Scherazard: The “Silver Streak” of the Bracer Guild, Schera is a former troupe member turned bracer after her troupe split ways. Serving as a mentor and an older sister to Estelle in Rolent, Schera joined to help resolve the Liber Ark incident, helping however she could.
  53. Olha: The priestess of the Redha Tribe on the Canaan Islands. She is dedicated to the goddess Alma, just like her mother before her. She met Adol when he washed ashore and cared for his wounds, alongside her sister, Isha.
  55. Kevin: The 5th dominion of the Gralsritter, Kevin is a wandering priest who serves the church. Formerly known as the “Heretic Hunter”, he has since dropped that alias upon returning from Phantasma, and now goes by “The Thousand Arms”.
  57. Ries: A sister and squire of the Septian Church, Ries was instrumental in assisting Kevin in resolving their past doubts in Phantasma. Her favorite activities include being a glutton and reading the church’s many sacred texts. She is currently traveling with Kevin.
  59. Lilia: A lovely girl who lives in Lance Village, situated high in the sky on the land of Ys. She finds Adol after he his teleported up to the island, having vanquished the forces at Darm Tower. She had a terminal illness, but Adol’s actions we’re able to save her life.
  61. Dark Fact: Heir to the Fact line, descendants of one of the six priests of Ys. After losing his parents to a mob for opposing the mining of cleria, he vanished, only to clash with Adol at the top of Darm Tower.
  63. Zin: Successor to the school of Taito, an eastern martial arts style. Zin is also an accomplished A rank bracer, who was asked to come to Liberl after Cassius had to depart the country. He was instrumental in helping resolve Liberl’s troubles.
  65. Dela Delon: A rather voluptuous enchantress who spends her time pursuing a mercenary named Ares, the man responsible for the death of her master. However, her clumsiness has hindered her every chance she gets, despite being a capable magician
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