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Dec 6th, 2021
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  1. Name: Amy Thest the Inescapable Revelrous Friendmaking Heartthief Hugger
  3. Amy Thest is a light purple crystal pony mare with a red-ish mane and tail. She's impulsive, but also rigid. She doesn't break her own rules, no matter the consequences. She hates liars and traitors. She's usually kind, but when angered, she's a force to be feared.
  5. She's spent most of her life traveling and alone. She spent a period of that time meditating in the woods. That meditation gave her a greater connection to nature, allowing her to transform into her spirit animal, a great wolf.
  7. With recent events across Accorsia, Amy has found herself conflicted on how to act. She wants to keep out of affairs, but as more and more ponies die, she finds it hard to not act. Even so, she doesn't know which side she should be on. The only thing she knows for certain is that the demons can't be allowed to roam free where ponies are.
  9. H/w: 17/7 [2 EP into hits and 2 into Wounds]
  10. Gender: Female
  11. Race: Crystal Pony
  12. Class: Druid (Shaman/Cleric)
  13. Secondary Class: Mage
  14. Alignment: Chaotic Good
  15. Special Talent: Righteous Fury: +2 to Wrath
  17. Skills
  18. Wrath (2 points)
  19. Natural Remedy [+2 from BP] (1 point)
  20. Unorthodox: Natural Remedy is now a spell (1 point)
  21. Compassion (1 point)
  22. Animal Totem (Crossclass)
  23. Animal Mastery [+1 from BP] (Mystic Animal Totem)
  24. Master Caster (Cross Class)
  25. Mantra of Equality [+2 from BP] (Aspect of Balance Level 1)
  26. Prayer of Enlightenment (Aspect of Balance Level 2)
  27. Commandment of Balance (Aspect of Balance Level 3)
  28. Pragma (Aspect of Destruction Level 1)
  29. Prohibition (Aspect of Destruction Level 2)
  30. Agape (Aspect of Destruction Level 3)
  31. Vestigial Sunlight (Aspect of Mind Level 1)
  32. Gilded Tongue (Aspect of Mind Level 2)
  33. Reconstruction (Apsect of Mind Level 3)
  34. Can I Borrow This? (Aspect of Time Level 1)
  35. Impatience (Aspect of Time Level 2)
  36. Go, Go, Go! (Aspect of TIme Level 3)
  37. Jhana of Uprooting Poison (Studying)
  38. Hungry Like the Wolf: Recharge 2; Instant; Spell: Bite into a magical effect, such as an enemy's oncoming spell, or a natural magical effect in the surrounding area, and devour it. This both neutralizes the effect, and allows you to roll that spell once for your own purposes, using whatever bonuses and modifiers that the original caster would have used, PLUS any of yours that are applicable. Using this skill is an Instant action, but the captured spell is whatever kind of action the original spell was (standard / automatic / instant / etc)(Witchcraft)
  39. Harvest of the Battlefield: Recharge 2; Spell: Bite into the body of a recently deceased target. On success, choose from one of the following effects:
  40. >Restore full Hits and 1 Wound, or 2 Wounds on crit success
  41. >Gain a temporary +1 bonus to any one skill or action type for the duration of combat, or the next combat if you are out of combat at the time.
  42. >Obtain one quality of the target's body, along with any applicable Racial skill. You can then call upon any devoured quality freely, transforming your own body to reflect it.
  43. Princess of Hunters: Recharge 3; Spell: Permanently steal any one skill from a target, gaining it for your own use. You do not gain the target's roll bonuses along with the skill. In order for a skill to be a valid target for stealing, the user must fulfill three conditions. 1: You must know what skill you want to steal. 2: You must have seen that skill used before. 3: You must know of the target's motivations and desires.
  44. Shadow Drag
  45. Crystal Emotions (Racial)
  46. Transparency (Racial)
  48. Inventory
  49. Saddlebag full of vials
  50. Starlight Fragment: Relic (Wrath has no cooldown while in Mystic Animal Totem)
  51. Lumpet the Trumpet
  52. Merryflower Root
  53. Ecclesian Jacket
  54. Garment of the Founder
  55. Level 1 Tattoo (1 extra turn of Mystical Animal Totem)
  56. Level 2 Tattoo (1 extra standard action each turn in Mystic Animal Totem)
  57. Level 3 Tattoo (Gain an additional turn on Animal Totem Form. User takes half-damage while in Animal Totem Form,. All foes in close range are knocked back on activation and cannot attack the user next round. Regain 1 Wound per turn while in Animal Totem Form, after damage calculation for that turn.)
  58. Page of the Unholy Traitor (+1 to one temporary skill at a time)
  59. Arc of the Moon (Witch Catalyst)
  60. Enhanced Ecclesian Jacket (Adds 5 Hits and 1 Wound, stackable with armor. Additionally, once per combat, can completely nullify a single attack made against you as an automatic action.)
  61. 21 Stone of Attunement
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