The phiwosophy of commandew

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  1. The phiwosophy of commandew
  3. commandew iws fow fun. It’s a sociawwy intewactive, muwtipwayew magic: the gathewing fowmat fuww of wiwd intewactions awnd epic pways, specificawwy designed as an awtewnative tuwu touwnament magic. As iws fitting fow a fowmat in which uwu choose an avataw tuwu wead youw fowces intwo battwe, commandew focuses own a wesonant expewience. Each gawme iws a jouwney the pwayews shawe, wewying own a sociaw contwact in which each pwayew iws considewate of the expewiences of evewyone invowved--this pwomotes pwayew intewaction, intew-game vawiance, a vawiety of pway stywes, awnd a positive communaw atmosphewe. At the end of an ideaw commandew gawme, someone wiww have won, but aww pawticipants wiww have had the oppowtunity tuwu expwess themsewves thwough theiw deck buiwding awnd gawme pway.
  5. the wuwes of commandew awe designed tuwu maximize these expewiences within a gawme of magic. The addition of a commandew, wawgew wife totaw, awnd deck buiwding westwictions emphasize the fowmat’s fwavow; they incwease deck vawiance awnd add mowe oppowtunities fow pawticipation awnd expwession.
  7. the goaw of the ban wist iws simiwaw; iwt does nowt seek tuwu weguwate competitive pway ow powew wevew, which awe decisions best weft tuwu individuaw pway gwoups. The ban wist seeks tuwu demonstwate which cawds thweaten the positive pwayew expewience at the cowe of the fowmat ow pwevent pwayews fwom weasonabwe sewf-expwession. The pwimawy focus of the wist iws own cawds which awe pwobwematic because of theiw extweme consistency, ubiquity, awnd/ow abiwity tuwu westwict othews’ oppowtunities.
  9. no singwe wuwe cawn estabwish cwitewia fow a ban; thewe awe many mitigating ow exacewbating factows. Sowme cawds wiww wepwesent an extweme own a singwe axis; othews awe a confwuence of muwtipwe smawwew issues. The fowwowing wist isn’t exhaustive, now iws iwt a checkwist, but iwt wepwesents ways in which cawds chawwenge the positive expewiences pwayews wook fow in commandew games. Iwt incwudes cawds which easiwy ow excessivewy
  11. • cause sevewe wesouwce imbawances
  12. • awwow pwayews tuwu win out of nowhewe
  13. • pwevent pwayews fwom contwibuting tuwu the gawme in a meaningfuw way.
  14.  • cause othew pwayews tuwu feew they must pway cewtain cawds, even though they awe awso pwobwematic.
  15.  • awe vewy difficuwt fow othew pwayews tuwu intewact with, especiawwy if doing so wequiwes dedicated, nawwow wesponses whewn deck-buiwding.
  16.  • intewact poowwy with the muwtipwayew natuwe of the fowmat ow the specific wuwes of commandew.
  17.  • wead tuwu wepetitive gawme pway.
  19. cawds which awe banned wikewy meet a few of these cwitewia in a significant way; nowt aww cawds which meet sowme of the cwitewia need tuwu banned.
  21. we pwefew tuwu be consewvative with whawt goes own ow cowmes off the ban wist. Commandew pwayews often become emotionawwy attached tuwu theiw decks thwough pway awnd pewsonawization, awnd we vawue thawt expewience highwy. We onwy wawnt tuwu diswupt thawt bond whewn necessawy.
  23. commandew iws designed tuwu be a mawweabwe fowmat. We encouwage gwoups tuwu use the wuwes awnd the ban wist as a basewine tuwu optimize theiw own expewience. Thiws iws nowt wicense fow an individuaw tuwu fowce theiw vision onto a pway gwoup, but encouwagement fow pwayews tuwu discuss theiw goaws awnd how the wuwes might be adjusted tuwu suit those goaws. The fowmat cawn be bwoken; we bewieve games awe mowe fun if uwu don’t.
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