Rise Skills Eng

Jan 9th, 2021 (edited)
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  2. [gs]
  3. Tackle
  4. A shoulder thrust that withstands all attacks.</n></n>Keeps you from faltering or falling</n>when attacked, making it useful for</n>standing your ground while charging.
  6. Guard Tackle
  7. A forward-dashing attack using</n>the flat side of the blade. More</n>cumbersome than your standard</n>tackle, but strong and allows you</n>to guard.</n></n>A successful Guard can be followed</n>up with a powerful Charged Attack.
  9. Hunting Edge
  10. A daring aerial attack, using a Wirebug</n>to fly up for a hefty Roundslash.</n>If the attack connects, the hunter</n>bounces upward and transitions directly</n>into the next Charged Slash attack,</n>forming the crux of this attack.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  12. Adamant Charged Slash
  13. A technique using a Wirebug to dash</n>forward, and deliver a Strong Charged</n>Slash. Also allows you to withstand</n>knockdown attacks by hardening your</n>body as you dash forth.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  15. True Charged Slash
  16. A devastating Charged Slash attack</n>delivering extensive damage, striking</n>twice by making a large swing with</n>the weapon.</n></n>By striking the monster's softer weak</n>spot with the first strike, the second</n>strike deals additional damage.
  18. Rage Slash
  19. A strike from a unique stance.</n></n>While it does not match the power</n>of a True Charged Slash, receiving</n>damage while the weapon is drawn</n>sparks a flame in the user's heart,</n>strengthening their attack.
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  22. [ls]
  23. Step Slash
  24. A top-down slash while moving forward.</n></n>The blade takes a vertical path, making</n>it a useful technique when aiming up</n>high.
  26. Drawn Double Slash
  27. A drawn attack that unleashes</n>a vertical then horizontal slash.</n></n>As you move forward, you're able</n>to absorb a hit while attacking.</n>Although it deals more damage than</n>a Step Slash, there are few attacks</n>that you can use to follow up. Use</n>at your discretion.
  29. Soaring Kick
  30. A quick Wirebug-induced jump kick.</n>A missed kick ends the attack with a</n>single slash, while a successful kick</n>can be followed with one of two moves.</n></n>The Plunging Thrust increases Spirit</n>Gauge, while the Spirit Helm Breaker</n>reduces the Spirit Gauge by one level.</n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  32. Silkbind Sakura Slash
  33. A whirlwind-like attack, dashing and</n>slicing past the target with a Wirebug.</n></n>The hit causes multiple lacerations</n>over time, inducing additional damage.</n>The first connecting hit increases</n>the Spirit Gauge one level.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  35. Spirit Roundslash Combo
  36. Changes into a Spirit Blade on its</n>third strike and onwards.</n></n>Follows from a Spirit Blade III into</n>a Spirit Roundslash.</n></n>A basic Spirit Blade combo. Easy</n>to hit the target while damaging</n>any other enemies close by.
  38. Spirit Reckoning Combo
  39. Changes into a Spirit Blade on its</n>third strike and onwards.</n></n>Dividing Slash > Spirit Reckoning.</n></n>A Spirit Blade combo belonging to</n>an offshoot combat style. Difficult</n>to use, but has enough power to</n>make up for this shortfall.
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  42. [sns]
  43. Hard Basher Combo
  44. A derivative of the Shield Slam.</n></n>Shield Bash > Hard Bash.</n></n>A melee attack using nothing but</n>a shield. A direct hit to the head,</n>however, may open up more</n>opportunities.
  46. Drill Slash Combo
  47. A derivative of the Shield Slam.</n></n>Thrust > Drill Slash.</n></n>The Drill Slash is a multi-hit attack</n>with tremendous potential when</n>combined with an elemental weapon.
  49. Advancing Slash
  50. A drawn attack where you perform</n>a downward slash while stepping</n>forward.</n></n>A quick and effective action that</n>negates staggering and knockbacks.
  52. Sliding Slash
  53. A sliding attack that slashes</n>the target twice.</n></n>The slide maneuver reaches far, but</n>lacks the ability to turn. Successfully</n>landing the first hit or inputting the</n>necessary command while sliding</n>allows for a follow-up jumping attack.
  55. Windmill
  56. A multi-stage attack using a Wirebug's</n>silk to spin the weapon around.</n></n>Any incoming attack can be negated</n>while the weapon is spinning.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  58. Metsu Shoryugeki
  59. A jumping Wirebug attack that uses</n>your shield to uppercut your target.</n></n>At the beginning of the attack, there</n>is a moment where you can perform</n>a Guard. A well-timed counter can</n>further add to the damage dealt.</n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
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  62. [db]
  63. Demon Flurry Rush
  64. A spinning multi-hit attack performed</n>on the ground.</n></n>Only available when Demon or</n>Archdemon Mode is active.</n></n>An effective move with reliable dash</n>capabilities and versatility.
  66. Demon Flight
  67. An attack performed by slamming down</n>both blades. A successful hit vaults you</n>into the air, slicing your target as you</n>spin upwards.</n></n>Highly effective against larger monsters</n>and those with weak spots up high.</n>Easy to follow up with a Midair</n>Spinning Blade Dance.
  69. Demon Mode
  70. A move made to exceed one's limits.</n></n>While active, your stamina gradually</n>decreases while your attack and evasion</n>change, resisting any knockback.</n></n>Movement speed increases dramatically,</n>allowing you to roam the field like a</n>force of nature.
  72. Feral Demon Mode
  73. A move beyond the limits of any other.</n></n>When active, your stamina gradually</n>decreases while your attack and evasion</n>change, resisting any knockback.</n></n>You switch to an attack-focused stance,</n>dealing slashing attacks when dodging.
  75. Piercing Bind
  76. An attack that drives a blade bound by</n>Ironsilk into the target like a stake. The</n>blade remains connected to the hunter</n>by Ironsilk, dealing additional slash damage</n>to the same spot every time you attack.</n>The added damage accumulates over time,</n>eventually unleashing massive damage.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Slow)
  78. Tower Vault
  79. Launches a Wirebug upwards and you</n>with it.</n></n>This action does not do any damage,</n>but allows you to move through the air</n>in most cases, even with your weapon</n>drawn.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  81. =======================
  82. [ham]
  83. Side Smash
  84. A side swipe with the hammer.</n></n>Can be used as a starting point for</n>bludgeoning combos.
  86. Water Strike
  87. An attack that allows you to absorb</n>a monster's hit.</n></n>Perform this attack right as you're</n>about to be hit to negate the damage.</n>When successful, it is possible to follow</n>up with an upswing hammer attack.
  89. Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon
  90. A spinning attack using a Wirebug.</n></n>It moves along an arc pattern much like</n>midair spinning attacks performed on</n>a slope, but is just as effective on</n>flat terrain.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  92. Dash Breaker
  93. An attack performed by rushing forward</n>with the help of a Wirebug.</n></n>A simple skill evoking the philosophy</n>of "beelining and then smashing."</n>Any enemy attack damage is negated</n>while launching forward.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  95. Charge Switch: Strength
  96. A special action affecting charge</n>attacks.</n></n>Lengthens required charge time, but</n>allows for more powerful actions.
  98. Charge Switch: Courage
  99. A special action that affects charge</n>attacks.</n></n>It decreases charging levels, but</n>allows you to follow from one</n>charge into another more quickly.
  101. =======================
  102. [hh]
  103. Overhead Smash
  104. A mighty attack that swings the hunting</n>horn down from above.</n></n>Effective in reducing the target's stamina.
  106. Melodic Slap
  107. Swings the hunting horn around once,</n>generating a forwards Sonic Smash. Low</n>damage output but effective at stunning.
  109. Melody Mode: Performance
  110. An action affecting invigorating</n>melodies.</n></n>Two attacks of the same note</n>in a row generates a melody effect.</n>Playing using <OPT Blader_ZR> boosts your own</n>abilities.</n></n>A mode focused solely on combat.
  112. Melody Mode: Echo
  113. An action affecting invigorating</n>melodies.</n></n>Generates a melody effect from the</n>Musical Staff using <OPT Blader_ZR>,</n>while boosting your own abilities.</n></n>This mode is useful for applying various</n>melody effects.
  115. Bead of Resonance
  116. Places a Wirebug cocoon on the ground.</n></n>If the same hunter generates melody</n>effects, the effect also appears around</n>the cocoon, as does as a Sonic Wave that</n>damages monsters near it.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  118. Earthshaker
  119. An attack that drives an Ironsilk-bound</n>blade into the target like a stake.</n></n>When it hits, the Wirebug and weapon</n>are connected with silk. The vibrations</n>of the weapon's sonic blast explode</n>inside the target.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  121. =======================
  122. [lan]
  123. Anchor Rage
  124. A defensive skill requiring a shield</n>and some patience.</n></n>The technique is to efficiently brace</n>and absorb the power of the incoming</n>attack—a high-risk move, but the more</n>power absorbed, the greater the damage.</n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  126. Spiral Thrust
  127. A lightning-fast, two-step maneuver to</n>reposition and counterattack.</n></n>This attack uses your shield to parry,</n>then uses a Wirebug to send you</n>thrusting forward. Use it to confuse your</n>target and unleash a wave of strikes.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  129. Dash Attack
  130. A charging attack using the lance.</n></n>You can continue to speed up for</n>a certain amount of time by gaining</n>momentum.</n></n>The charge attack continues until</n>you choose to cancel it, have no more</n>stamina, or crash into a wall.
  132. Shield Charge
  133. A charging attack with the shield up.</n></n>You can dash for a limited amount</n>of time while fending off attacks with</n>the shield.</n></n>Crashing into a monster will cause</n>shield-based blunt damage, making</n>it an offensive and defensive skill.
  135. Guard
  136. Ready your shield to block attacks.</n></n>A large shield can defend against</n>many an assault.
  138. Insta-Block
  139. Swing the shield in an arching motion</n>to parry attacks. This action works if</n>an attack is blocked at the start of the</n>guard move. Failing will leave you open</n>to attacks, but succeeding can deflect</n>the most powerful attack without being</n>hit, and lets you follow up with a Cross</n>Slash. Great for countering right after</n>blocking.
  141. =======================
  142. [gl]
  143. Charged Shelling
  144. A shelling attack that utilizes residual</n>heat.</n></n>Unleashes a fortified shot, though this</n>requires extra time to load.
  146. Blast Dash
  147. An action that uses recoil to travel.</n></n>By aiming the Gunlance backwards, the</n>hunter is launched forward to</n>quickly close in on the target.</n></n>It is also possible to fire or perform</n>a Blast Dash again while hurtling.
  149. Hail Cutter
  150. Uses a Wirebug to launch you upwards</n>performing a Rising Slash on the way up</n>and an Overhead Smash on the way down.</n></n>You can reload in midair, which reduces</n>the cooldown time for Wyvern's Fire.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  152. Ground Splitter
  153. Uses a Wirebug to move forward and</n>jump into a vigorous upward slash.</n></n>Scraping the gunlance on the ground</n>heats up the barrel, temporarily</n>increasing the damage dealt by shells,</n>Wyrmstake Shots, and Wyvern's Fire.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Slow)
  155. Quick Reload
  156. An action for shell reloads.</n></n>Allows for quicker shell reloading after</n>an attack. While it reloads shells to</n>max capacity, it does not reload</n>Wyrmstake Shots.
  158. Guard Reload
  159. A reload action performed with the</n>shield up.</n></n>An effective technique that protects you</n>while reloading both shells and Wyrmstake</n>Shots, but reloads fewer rounds.</n></n>Artillery-type Gunlances using fewer</n>rounds will be less affected.
  161. =======================
  162. [sa]
  163. Forward Slash
  164. Thrusts the axe's blade forward while</n>stepping.</n></n>Doesn't do a lot of damage, but is</n>versatile.
  166. Forward Overhead Slash
  167. A lunging attack performed by winding</n>up the axe and smashing it down.</n></n>Difficult to pull off but delivers good</n>damage. A subsequent Sword Mode</n>attack will turn into a Double Slash.
  169. Finishing Discharge
  170. A finishing blow for the Element Discharge</n>attack.</n></n>Performs a thrust attack while fortifying</n>elemental energy, ending with a massive</n>explosion.</n>If the Activation Gauge is full and the</n>target is a large monster, the action</n>becomes a point-blank Element Discharge.
  172. Compressed Finishing Discharge
  173. A finishing blow for the Element Discharge.</n></n>Puts you into a knockdown-resistant</n>stance and delivers a swift strike</n>accompanied by an elemental explosion.</n></n>The Activation Gauge has no effect on</n>this action.
  175. Invincible Gambit
  176. A technique using a Wirebug to surge</n>forward and dish out three strikes.</n></n>You will be impervious to knockdowns</n>until the strikes are completed, making</n>this attack useful in a slugfest or pinch.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  178. Soaring Wyvern Blade
  179. Uses a Wirebug to fly up while slashing,</n>ending with a Forward Slash from midair.</n></n>If the Forward Slash is successful,</n>the weapon's Activation Gauge fills</n>up, a large explosion goes off where</n>it connected.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  181. =======================
  182. [cb]
  183. Condensed Element Slash
  184. While charging, elemental energy gathers</n>on the sword to strengthen it and generate</n>a powerful bash effect.</n></n>The damage dealt by the sword tempo-</n>rarily increases, and incurs additional</n>damage. Reinforcing the sword with</n>this skill, however, requires the shield</n>to also be elementally boosted.
  186. Condensed Spinning Slash
  187. Activates the Element Regeneration</n>system while charging. The shield</n>rotates and acts as a spinning saw blade.</n></n>This technique switches the weapon</n>into Axe Mode, allowing multiple hits</n>until the mode is disengaged. Longer</n>hits in Axe Mode turn the energy into</n>phials.
  189. Morph Slash
  190. Sword to axe, axe to sword. This</n>switching attack forms the basis</n>of a Charge Blade.</n></n>Right as the weapon begins switching</n>to an axe, or right as it is about to</n>finish switching to a sword, the shield</n>is raised to block incoming attacks.
  192. Counter Morph Slash
  193. A defense-focused switching attack</n>with a longer blocking effect.</n></n>The weapon can block attacks as it's</n>switching to either Axe or Sword Mode.</n></n>If an attack is successfully blocked</n>during the switch, the follow-up Element</n>Discharge Slash's damage increases.
  195. Counter Peak Performance
  196. A Guard technique using Wirebug silk.</n></n>If an attack is successfully blocked,</n>phials are filled, and you can lead</n>into various attack-focused actions.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  198. Axe Hopper
  199. Slam the axe overhead, using recoil</n>and Ironsilk to propel you up into the air.</n></n>While going upwards, you can unleash</n>a powerful Element Discharge.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  201. =======================
  202. [ig]
  203. Leaping Slash
  204. A downward slash technique performed</n>while lunging forward.</n></n>This attack can negate knockbacks</n>without Orange Extracts.</n></n>A versatile skill that can reach higher</n>areas with its attack.
  206. Advancing Roundslash
  207. An attack performed by spinning</n>forward like a top.</n></n>When attacked during the spin,</n>you will use that force to jump up.</n></n>Note: This only happens while you</n>still have momentum.
  209. Tornado Slash
  210. A hefty slash performed after a</n>bludgeoning attack, using the</n>entire body to swing the weapon.</n></n>The second strike is particularly</n>powerful while remaining versatile.
  212. Tetraseal Slash
  213. An attack that delivers four strikes</n>on the spot.</n></n>One of these attacks is a hit with</n>the handle's seal, which can lure</n>in Powder Kinsects.
  215. Recall Kinsect
  216. An emergency evasion performed with</n>a Wirebug that recalls your Kinsect.</n>As the Kinsect returns, it will perform</n>spinning attacks that scatter healing</n>extracts. Its stamina will fully recover</n>as it returns.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  218. Diving Wyvern
  219. A devastating dive attack that uses</n>a Wirebug to pull you downward with</n>great force.</n></n>The attack has a small damage radius,</n>but that means the damage is highly</n>focused.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  221. =======================
  222. [lbg]
  223. Reload
  224. Executes a reload.</n></n>Reload speed depends on ammo</n>type and the weapon's capabilities.
  226. Elemental Reload
  227. Reloads shots using a special mechanism.</n></n>Its reload speed is somewhat slower than</n>the standard, but it increases the damage</n>output of elemental shots.
  229. Forward Dodge
  230. An evasive maneuver that you can</n>perform when your weapon is drawn.</n></n>As gunners are more likely to be</n>in danger from being hit, evasive</n>maneuvers to keep distance from</n>their target is important.
  232. Quickstep Evade
  233. A quickstep evasive maneuver that</n>you can perform when your weapon</n>is drawn.</n></n>The distance covered is much smaller</n>than the standard evade, but requires</n>less time to recover. Ammo fired</n>immediately after executing this move</n>does increased damage.
  235. Fanning Vault
  236. A jumping action using Wirebugs.</n>Shots can be fired while in midair.</n></n>While airborne, you can fire</n>Wyvernblasts directly underneath</n>to land a direct hit on a monster.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  238. Fanning Maneuver
  239. A maneuver using a Wirebug and</n>centrifugal force to quickly flank left</n>or right. Also temporarily ups attack</n>power.</n></n>Shots can be fired while in motion.</n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  241. =======================
  242. [hbg]
  243. Melee Attack
  244. A bludgeoning attack delivered by</n>directly smashing with the weapon.</n></n>Delivers impressive damage, and</n>may even stun your target. If a</n>shield is equipped, incoming</n>attacks can be blocked while</n>executing your attack.
  246. Tackle
  247. A shoulder check with robust</n>functionality.</n></n>Prevents flinching and knockback</n>when attacked, making it useful for</n>offensive situations. However, the</n>damage received is significant, so</n>caution is advised.
  249. Counter Shot
  250. A parrying skill using Wirebugs.</n></n>Absorbs an attack from a monster</n>without taking any damage. Follow</n>up with a powerful counterattack.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  252. Counter Charger
  253. A parrying skill using Wirebugs.</n></n>Absorbs an attack from a monster</n>without taking any damage. Will</n>shorten the amount of time needed</n>for a Charged Shot.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  255. Mech-Wyvernsnipe
  256. Fires a specialized shot, different</n>depending on the weapon.</n></n>The number of rounds is managed</n>via its own gauge, and replenishes</n>over time.
  258. Healing Mech-Wyvernsnipe
  259. Fires a specialized shot, different</n>depending on the weapon.</n></n>The number of rounds is managed via its</n>own gauge and replenishes over time.</n></n>Regular Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe</n>shells inflict less damage, but hits will</n>replenish the hunter's health.
  261. =======================
  262. [bow]
  263. Power Shot
  264. A regular shot followed by</n>a particularly powerful shot.</n></n>Fires shots with a higher level</n>of charge than usual.</n>(Does not exceed maximum level.)
  266. Absolute Power Shot
  267. A regular shot followed by</n>a particularly powerful shot.</n></n>Fires shots with a higher level of charge than</n>usual. (Does not exceed maximum level.)</n></n>Standard Power Shots will cost more</n>stamina, but potentially stun the target.
  269. Charging Sidestep
  270. An evasive skill that covers a lot of</n>ground.</n></n>You can raise your charge level</n>while dodging, and you can control</n>the direction you dodge in by pushing</n>the Left Stick forward, backwards, left,</n>or right.
  272. Dodgebolt
  273. A spinning evade that doubles as</n>an attack.</n></n>Baiting the attack and making it</n>a near-miss can fill up the charge</n>level considerably. Also allows</n>you to move forward, backwards,</n>left, or right.
  275. Focus Shot
  276. A Wirebug-based evasion action.</n></n>After landing, crouching will cause</n>stamina to recover at a rapid pace.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  278. Aerial Aim
  279. An action for firing arrows by jumping</n>straight up with a Wirebug.</n></n>Particularly damaging shots can be fired</n>from midair. A close-range attack using</n>an arrow can also be aimed directly</n>underneath you.</n></n>(Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
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