Emerald All Gold Symbols announcement

Exarion Oct 9th, 2018 575 Never
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  1. I will be streaming my Emerald All Gold Symbols run on Saturday, October 27, at 7 a.m. CST (12 p.m. GMT). Thank you to everyone who helped me meet the sub incentive!
  3. All Gold Symbols is a category in which the player must win the Gold Symbol from all seven facilities at the Battle Frontier. This is extremely challenging because you have to win dozens of battles in a row with various rules, starting over from zero at each facility if you lose once. And unlike casual play, you can't spend hours breeding, raising and trading for the perfect teams.
  5. The run will likely last between 15 and 25 hours. If I haven't finished by 25 hours, I will probably stop for health reasons and try again whenever I feel well enough to (hopefully Oct. 29 or 30). Also, if the run starts really poorly -- an hour or more behind Werster's time at the 5-hour mark -- I might stop and try again the next day, since I think I will have a better chance of finishing that way.
  7. The stream(s) will double as a fundraiser. Gunner and I have tentatively planned a move to Virginia, and we're looking at significantly higher living expenses, in addition to some potentially hefty moving costs. I can barely afford food right now, and I'll need to do much better to continue living with Gunner. I'm setting a goal of $500 and will keep track of donations in the bottom-left corner of the stream layout. Any support is greatly appreciated.
  9. My run will use a route similar to Werster's, with minor improvements at nearly every stage. My routing document can be found here:
  11. Below is a list of FAQs for each facility, written by Werster before his run.
  13. Factory:
  14. Pyramid:
  15. Tower:
  16. Dome:
  17. Pike:
  18. Arena:
  19. Palace:
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