Mana Muffling Mofu

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  1. Mana Insulating Blanket
  2. Rarity ◊♦♦
  4. At first glance, this is a thin and light, highly refreshing blanket.
  5. It is easy for mana to stay inside of it. Beings that emit mana from the body, that is, humans and mamono, wrapping themselves up is the means of activating it.
  6. As the blanket sucks in mana it will swell like fluffy fur, and the mana confined inside will warm up, cloaking the comfy character from the cold.
  8. The warmth of the blanket is proportional to the amount of mana the wrapped up person emits.
  9. It is more effective if it wraps two rather than one. If it is a mamono, who emit more mana from their body than humans, the effect is yet greater.
  10. The most effective thing is for a human man and mamono to share the blanket, entwining their bodies together, circulating magical energy by kissing and mingling, releasing a lot of mana into the blanket.
  11. If a monster couple wrap themselves up in the blanket to flirt and get intimate, then even in the heavy blizzards of snowy mountains, together in a room with a fireplace, crawling into a fluffy bed, feeling their lover's body warmth while dozing off, it will bring about a warm comfortable coziness.
  13. Also, should a human who is distressed on a snowy mountain wrap themselves alone in this blanket, a monster of the snow country will surely come to join them inside.
  14. Even if they fall asleep in the cold conditions, they can sleep in snug safety, when they wake up with a fluffy blanket, wrapped up in a fluffy Yeti's arms.
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