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  1. bind 0 "vstr gauntlet"
  2. bind 1 "vstr mg"
  3. bind c "vstr shotgun"
  4. bind 4 "vstr grenade"
  5. bind r "vstr rocket"
  6. bind g "vstr lightning"
  7. bind w "vstr rail"
  8. bind v "vstr plasma"
  10. set gauntlet "weapon 1;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  11. set mg "weapon 2;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  12. set shotgun "weapon 3;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  13. set grenade "weapon 4;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  14. set rocket "weapon 5;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  15. set lightning "weapon 6;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  16. set rail "weapon 7;cg_drawcrosshair 6;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  17. set plasma "weapon 8;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_crosshairsize 42"
  19. bind mwheelup "vstr hightoggle"
  20. bind mwheeldown "vstr lowtoggle"
  22. set hightoggle "bind v vstr highleft;bind b vstr high;bind n vstr highright"
  23. set lowtoggle "bind v vstr lowleft;bind b vstr low;bind n vstr lowright"
  25. set highleft "say ^3HIGH LEFT - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
  26. set high "say ^3HIGH MID - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
  27. set highright "say ^3HIGH RIGHT - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
  29. set lowleft "say ^3LOW LEFT - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
  30. set low "say ^3LOW MID - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
  31. set lowright "say ^3LOW RIGHT - ^1ENEMY FLAG CARRIER"
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