Blastzone SCP:SL Server Info

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  1. <b>1.</b> Don't camp in areas for too long a period. This applies to humans camping to hide from SCPs and SCPs camping to get humans.
  2. <b>2.</b> Don't mic-spam. This includes screaming really loudly over voice/intercomm. Music is fine as long as you're not doing it for too long and it isn't too loud.
  3. <b>3.</b> Friendly Fire is on but this does not mean you get to freely murder your allies. This is primarily to make you watch your fire.
  4. <b>4.</b> You should detain members of the other faction and evacuate them, they'll be respawned on your team.
  5. <b>5.</b> Cross-teaming is allowed but only for short periods with SCPs (luring SCPs to humans to get the SCP to leave you be) and for evacuating detained personnel.
  7. <b><u>NOTE:</u></b> This server is running the "Serpent's Hand" plugin. This gives a 20% chance for a Chaos Insurgency respawn to be replaced with members of the Serpent's Hand.
  8. Serpent's Hand members have their role displayed as "TUTORIAL" whose model is a red guard.
  9. Serpent's Hand members work with the SCPs to eliminate all other humans. They also win with SCPs.
  10. <s>Chaos Insurgency no longer wins with the SCPs.</s>
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