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Apr 19th, 2016
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  1. Hi Harry,
  3. Well now that it's in the Review, sure. My comment is that the Senate had ample opportunity to contribute to this process over the past several months. None of them showed up to any interviews. Their representation on the committee had to be Brandon since their original representative never showed up for any meetings.
  5. I heard Zubair wasn't impressive at the confirmation meeting last week, and that's disappointing and embarrassing for him, but I really believe he could have been a great CEO/FM and would restore integrity to an organization that has been lacking it in some form or another for a long time. What all of our more experienced advisors (outside Board members, Stanford administrators, etc.) thought was that the organization needed someone who had been out in the work force, not a graduating senior. We also followed the process laid out in the Joint By-Laws for the Financial Manager Selection for the first time in institutional memory - which I thought was really awesome.
  7. I knew Zubair and Ateeq knew each other and I don't think he intended to hide any of that from the Senate (given that Ateeq spent several years on the Graduate Student Council, it's reasonable that he would know grad students from the past couple of years...just like I know a lot of undergrads). I think the Senate's decision to reject Zubair's confirmation, without even giving me a chance to articulate why I spent so much of my Winter Quarter deliberating over the interview and selection process, was hugely disrespectful and dangerous for the organization.
  9. They as a body did nothing to contribute, and then derailed it at the end with allegations of corruption. Great way to make news, not a great way to lead such a massive organization. And it puts the cherry on top of the incompetence they've showed all year - including changing the rules to allow Senators to just up and leave whenever they feel like it. Their accomplishments are pretty much on an individual basis, and I have great respect for them for that. But I hope next year's Senate gets something done as a group.
  11. Always,
  13. JLF
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