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Apr 29th, 2021
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  1. MP beta changelist
  3. NEW
  5. Bags in hands/equipped now reduce run speed and walk speed.
  6. - The more full the bag is, the bigger the slow down.
  7. - Equipped bags in 2nd hand can also reduce combat speed.
  9. Added Baph's latest Distributions.
  10. - Please check clothing stores, the Mall, furniture stores, camping stores, and the garden supply store
  12. Fixed fuel station having unlimited fuel:
  13. - Random amount is now set to start.
  14. - This amount is now synced in MP.
  16. Added HidePlayersBehindYou server options, default true:
  17. - If player is behind you, you won't see him (like zombies).
  18. - Defaulted MouseOverToSeeDisplayName to true.
  19. - When player lose LOS on players, the don't instant consider them as "hidden". Timer now added so the player "remembers him"
  20. - Tweaked sneak calculations
  21. Using targetAlpha for sneaking.
  23. MP/SYNC
  25. - Process real zombie/car collision on remote client
  26. - Remote zombie/car collision processing is improved
  30. - Park Ranger/Lumberjack profession now gives a bonus to walking through trees.
  31. - Balanced stealth calculations (fog/nighttime were too OP!).
  33. FIXES
  35. - Fixed various map errors via a map export
  36. - Fixed some tiles defs (bunker cutaway, railward vendor machine, changed shelves to clothing rack on certains container for clothing store).
  37. - Fixed duplicating items when falling.
  38. - Fixed some issues with sneaking.
  39. - Fixed server sending wrong data whhen a player connects with equipped items in hands.
  40. - Fixed death sounds for zombie killed by a car
  41. - Fixed some problems with detecting cover.
  42. - Fixed some timed actions not using the instant timed action cheat.
  43. - Fixed removing bullets on others causing error.
  44. - Fixed removing bullets on others not being synced.
  45. - Fixed disinfect on others not being synced.
  46. - Fixed Nutrition updating for players in god mod.
  47. - Fixed equipped some bags not reducing max run speed.
  48. - Fixed allowing debug connection even for non admin (might revert this, i often need it when we do the MP test).
  49. - Fixed some distributions problems in laundry.
  50. - Fixed laundry basket acting as a dryer.
  51. - Fixed zombies spawning outside very large buildings (eg. Mall) when unexplored rooms are seen for the first time.
  52. - Fixed target alpha being reset when player teleporting from movement prediction.
  53. - Fixed PolygonalMap2 exception with burnt vehicles near hoppable objects. Happened on the bridge near West Point.
  54. - Fixed some problems in laundry distributions.
  55. - Fixed icon of surgical gloves.
  56. - Fixed admin always seeing username if "DisplayUserName" was set to false.
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