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  1. : bro whats the matter?
  2. Thedemonexreiment: Just trying to get myself together
  3. JudithGraceAionios: its okay bro, is it your dad?
  4. Thedemonexreiment: Ya somewhat and the fact my moniter has the wrong cord
  5. JudithGraceAionios: it's okay at least your still hanging with us.4
  6. Thedemonexreiment: Yes
  7. Thedemonexreiment: I still laugh at serea not knowing who I was
  8. JudithGraceAionios: huh
  9. Thedemonexreiment: She didn't know who I was until I got on my main account
  10. JudithGraceAioniosJudithGraceAionios : who is she
  11. Thedemonexreiment: Am I really used because I have a small dick :/
  12. Thedemonexreiment: And serea is moms sister
  13. JudithGraceAionios: is that what she said
  14. Thedemonexreiment: She said I was a tiny dick and heard stories idk if she was joking around or what
  15. JudithGraceAionios: when?
  16. Thedemonexreiment: When we was dancing
  17. JudithGraceAionios: so this was very recent
  18. Thedemonexreiment: Yeah
  19. Thedemonexreiment: I really can't tell if someone is joking or not in the state I am in right now
  20. JudithGraceAionios: i dont get why people think its okay to joke bout shit like that, and thats kira the one i didn't like right ?
  21. JudithGraceAionios: dont mean anything
  22. Thedemonexreiment: I am not sure
  23. JudithGraceAionios: it still hurts
  24. Thedemonexreiment: Ya
  25. Thedemonexreiment: Idk maybe because I have a small dick I am used who knows or maybe I am easy to minipulate hell idk
  26. JudithGraceAionios: stop it
  27. Thedemonexreiment: Ok sis v.v
  28. Thedemonexreiment: But ya I will be definitly on after work
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