Celestial Paladin - Chapter 2

Jul 3rd, 2012
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  1. >You are Anonymous.
  2. >Champion of Celestia.
  3. >Bringer of light and vanquisher of darkness.
  4. >You are currently riding a royal chariot, bound for the town of ‘P0nyville’
  5. >You have not heard of this town before. It must have been founded during your latest slumber.
  6. >How long your last sleep was, you do not know. You make a mental note to read up on recent history at some point.
  7. >Soon the town comes into view, and you are incredulous.
  8. >”What is this?!”
  9. >This town is right next to the Everfree Forest, and yet...
  10. >No outer walls? No moat? No gatehouses?
  11. >And those homes! Made of wood and thatch!
  12. >How did they expect those to protect them against whatever foul beasts roamed at night?
  13. >Clearly it was wise of your princess to send you here.
  14. >These p0nies desperately needed your protection. It was a miracle their town had grown as large as it had.
  16. >”Where would you like to be dropped off, sir?” one of the pegasi guards pulling the chariot asks.
  17. >You survey the area. There are many suitably dramatic places to choose from.
  18. >The main road outside of town could be good, as the slow walk up to the town centre would attract much attention.
  19. >Or perhaps the park? Landing between the twin statues of the Royal Sisters would definitely send a message.
  20. >But time was of the essence. The day was already half over, and who knew what monsters would lurch into town at sundown, hungry for p0ny flesh?
  21. >”Just hover over the centre of town”
  22. >The chariot flies there, and hangs in place about a dozen metres in the air. A crowd has already begun to gather.
  23. >You thank the pegasi, and vault over the side of the chariot.
  24. >As you hit the ground you fall to one knee, your armour easily absorbing the impact. A small cloud of dust is kicked up by your arrival.
  25. >You then rise to your full height, the surrounding p0nies bowing in awe at your magnificence.
  26. >Their hearts must be filled with joy, to know their salvation is at hand.
  28. >It was a little past noon, and Mayor Mare was sat at her desk, about to enjoy her lunch. A simple daisy and daffodil sandwich and an apple, but delicious nonetheless.
  29. >Besides, today was Friday. Fridays were always good for those who worked in the town hall.
  30. >The morning was filled with a long meeting (an excuse to gossip and drink tea) and the afternoon was nothing but stamping files (more gossip and tea). Best of all, everyone got to go home early on Fridays!
  31. >As she lifted the sandwich to her mouth, the room shook slightly. A cabinet full of trophies and other assorted bric-a-brac jangled, and a small amount of her tea spilled from her cup onto her desk.
  32. >”Whatever is going on out there?” she said to herself, putting her lunch down and trotting out of the front door. “I swear, if those two colts have brought another Ursa into town-”
  33. >As she stepped outside, she stopped. It was not an Ursae. Instead, a steel-clad giant was towering over her. It was so tall, she had to crane her neck up to look it in the face, and once she did, she almost wished she hadn’t.
  34. >”Are you the ruler of this town?” it asked her, in a metallic, echoing voice.
  35. >To her credit, Mayor Mare regained her composure quite quickly. “I am the mayor of Ponyville, yes”
  36. >The creature stood up straight, and banged a fist against its chest with a mighty clang. “Fear not” it intoned. “I am Anon, here at the behest of her majesty, Princess Celestia”
  37. >”...oh?”
  38. >”I need to find the one named Twilight Sparkle. Where can she be found?”
  40. >Internally Mayor Mare sighed. She should have known it would have asked for Twilight. It seemed that everything strange had something to do with her and her friends.
  41. >”Yes, you’ll want to go...” she pointed past Anon to one of the streets leading from the town centre. “Down there, and take the third left. Her house is in the library, you can’t miss it”
  42. >”My thanks” Anon said to her. It then turned and ran, leaving scared and confused p0nies in its wake.
  43. >Mayor Mare quietly went back inside to her office, and shut the door. Shoving her sandwich aside (suddenly, she wasn’t so hungry) she opened the bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out a bottle of liqueur.
  44. >She had a feeling it was going to be one of those weeks.
  46. >As you pound your way down the dirt roads of the town, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it all.
  47. >The colours were much brighter and happier in tone than the towns you remember. And the flowers everywhere are very pretty.
  48. >The lack of proper defenses is still completely inexcusable however. You’ve still yet to see a guard of any kind.
  49. >At your approach, p0nies bow down and cover their eyes. In awe, no doubt.
  50. >They obviously know salvation when they see it.
  51. >”Hi! What’s your name?” a cheerful voice suddenly asks, as a pink face lowers itself into your field of vision.
  52. >”My name is Pinkie Pie! Are you new in town? Because I know all the p0nies in town and you don’t look like any p0ny I’ve ever seen before and-”
  53. >By the sun, this mare could talk! How did she get on your shoulders?!
  54. ”I’ve no time for games, citizen”
  55. >You say to her. Without breaking your stride you grab her by the scruff of her neck and unceremoniously drop her.
  56. “I must find Twilight Sparkle”
  57. >To your surprise she immediately reappears on your shoulders.
  58. >”Ooooh, you’re looking for Twilight? Go left!”
  59. ”How did you even-?”
  60. >”Do it, silly filly!”
  61. >You do so, and see a large tree ahead of you.
  62. >No, not a tree. A house, carved into a tree! A large sign of an open book is hanging above the door.
  63. >”That’s Twilight’s house there! She lives above the library! Which is kind of silly, but I live above the bakery so maybe it’s not that silly at all! Or maybe we’re just BOTH silly or-”
  64. ”Yes, thank you!”
  65. >You interrupt loudly, as you stop in front of the tree.
  66. “But your presence is no longer required. You can... go?”
  67. >As mysteriously as she had appeared, she’d vanished.
  68. >You have fought and conquered many threats in your time, but you suddenly feel uneasy
  69. >And you don’t quite know why.
  71. >Inside the library, Twilight Sparkle was practically bouncing with excitement. She had received a letter from Princess Celestia earlier.
  72. >It told her that somep0ny called ‘Anon’ was being sent from Canterlot to investigate the increase in animal attacks from the Everfree Forest, and that he was to defer to the orders of her and the other Elements of Harmony.
  73. >That in itself wasn’t very exciting, but the letter hinted that this ‘Anon’ was old. Very old.
  74. >It then listed a number of important historical events, and figures both p0ny and non-p0ny. Her curiosity blazed like an inferno.
  75. >’I have so many questions!’ she thought to herself with glee. ‘I wonder if he’s met Starswirl the Bearded? That would be amazing!’
  76. >There was a series of heavy knocks on the door. Trying her best to collect herself, Twilight hurried down the stairs and opened it. She was taken aback by what she saw.
  77. >It was definitely not a p0ny. It seemed to heavily resemble a minotaur, although with several differences. The proportions were off, and it didn’t seem to have hooves or horns.
  78. “Greetings. Are you Twilight Sparkle?”
  79. >”Uhm. Y-yes, that’s me” Twilight stuttered, staring up into the glowing eye slit of the helmet. “Are you Anon?”
  80. >The giant boomed an affirmative, standing to a salute and banging a fist against its chest. Maybe it was just a trick of the surroundings, but to Twilight the clang sounded slightly hollow.
  81. >”Well, er. Come in! Come in, make yourself at home!” she offered, gesturing inside. “Spike! Our guest is here!”
  82. >Bending almost double, Anon followed Twilight the library. Once inside he found that there was more than enough room for him to rise to his full height.
  83. >Once he caught sight of a the little purple dragon that is Spike however, he stiffened up, and shifted into a defensive posture.
  85. “Twilight Sparkle”
  86. >Your voice may not have the range it used to, but you try your best to convey urgency to the unicorn.
  87. “Keep still, and remain calm. A foul drakeling has entered your home”
  88. >You say this without breaking eye contact with the dragon. It stares back at you, frozen in fear.
  89. >Perhaps you have not been asleep for too long? Perhaps the wretched wyrms still taught their spawn to fear you?
  90. >Twilight seems confused, alternating between looking at you and the dragon. “Fowl what? Do you mean Spike?”
  91. “You... named it?”
  92. >”He’s not an it! But yes. He’s my assistant! I’ve had him since he hatched!”
  93. >A dragon servant? Raised from birth? The very idea leaves you incredulous.
  94. “This is... most unorthodox”
  95. >”It’s not going to be a problem, is it?”
  96. >Your gaze moves from the dragon, to her. The dragon takes this opportunity to scurry upstairs and out of sight.
  97. >You are loathe to accept this situation, but her majesty demanded it. And you would not disobey her.
  98. >You shall simply have to add ‘Keep an eye on the wyrm’ to your internal to-do list.
  99. “No, Twilight Sparkle”
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