[PTFG] The Trial Ch. 3

Jul 19th, 2015
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  1. >Hnnng...
  2. >"Prrry, don't you think you shouldn't walk on those nails?"
  3. >The pink cheshire-cat like chinchilla pup gapes at you with endless wonder.
  4. >hnnnnng
  5. "Worry not about me, little one, you should be excited. It’s going to be your 700th your birthday party!"
  6. >Her eyes are filled with a dreamy gleam of stars.
  7. >"But you look like you'rrre hurting. Don't you feel it?"
  8. >hnnnnng
  9. >You wave a hand, which she over to hove above.
  10. "I’m alright, kennel kid, your squire can take a bit more than he looks!"
  11. >She descends nuzzles into your open palm.
  12. >hnnnnng
  13. >If only the pain you felt were from the nails boring into your feet.
  14. >HNNNNNG
  16. >"Arrre you okay, Mica? You don't look so good..."
  17. >You clutch your stomach in main and put up a fake smile.
  18. "Please, Pudding, I'm- wait what did you just say?"
  19. >The little Chinchilla floats over to your face, ever going, ever staring, looks you in the eyes.
  20. >You get lost as your stare back into the galaxy that is the window to- you're not sure how many souls have found vacancy in the expanse of her timeless childish gaze.
  21. >"Yourrr name. Isn't it Mica?"
  22. >It sounds familiar.
  23. "N-no, Pu, it's... Hnnnnnnng!"
  24. >"Hrnrnrnrnrnrg? That's a funny name. I like Mica better."
  27. ~*--__--*~
  29. >Thud
  30. >"Ah Fuck!"
  31. >You rub the back of your head, you'd just fell on the floor.
  32. >Wait... Your hands weren't this fla-
  33. >Oh.
  34. >Right.
  35. >That's what she meant.
  36. >Well, at least the dreams over... Now you don't have to deal with-
  38. >You curl up into a ball of intense abdominal contractions.
  39. >You feel full in the entire area and you feel a fire in your rear.
  40. >What, are you going into labor or something!?
  41. >Impossible, you didn't even turn into a-
  42. >Something is trying to find escape out of your cavities!
  43. >It's attempting to dig it's way through the gap!
  44. >Oh god...
  45. >When was the last time you took a shit!?
  46. >Your eyes pop wide open.
  47. >You search desperately for anything, finding what you're looking for.
  48. >The bathroom!
  50. >Okay, you can do this.
  51. >All you have to do is crawl your way- hnnnnnnng.
  52. >Okay, roll. Rolling is fine.
  53. >You can totally roll with this.
  55. >You're already curled into a ball.
  56. >You're only problem is going to be getting inside.
  57. >You'll deal with that when you get there.
  58. >You take in a deep breath- bad idea!
  59. >You're already fu- pbtbtbtbp.
  60. >...
  61. >That was the wind.
  62. >Slowly, gently, every so carefully, you roll your way to the bathroom door.
  63. >Don't want to have any... accidents.
  64. >After an AGONIZING minute and a half, you bump into the door.
  65. >And as luck would have it, it is already open.
  66. >Thank the lor- HNNNNG RIGHT!
  67. >You roll all the way in.
  68. >Your eyes are already adjusted to the darkness, but there is a soft glow coming from a crystal in the ceiling, probably what would be the light source if it was on
  69. >You spy what you need.
  70. >A very small, low to the ground version of your average toilet.
  71. >Well, at least its not some hole in the floor.
  72. >Its the right size for this species anyway.
  73. >Actually you're surprised to see one of- HNNG NO TIME.
  74. >You hobble your way to the throne of destiny, to claim it as your own in more ways than one.
  75. >.
  76. >...
  77. >.....
  78. >Plop
  79. >Plop Plop.
  80. >Nothing else is coming out.
  81. >What the hell, it wasn't even that ba- hnnnnnnnnng!
  82. >Sploosh.
  83. >Oh God, some of the water got on you!
  84. >Gross!
  85. >Disgusting!
  86. >What a relief.
  87. >You give a heavily exhausted sigh.
  88. "That could have been better... Note to self, take regular shits."
  89. >After a few minutes sitting around, you drone-ly figure out how to wipe yourself with the tissue.
  90. >You covered your entire hoof with a role of at least 12 sheets per wipe.
  91. >How wasteful.
  92. >You also figured out how to use soap.
  93. >After dropping. It many times.
  94. >There's a joke in there somewhere.
  95. >You need to learn how to magic soon, otherwise this'll be a serious problem.
  96. >Learning how to do all your basic things again.
  97. >An arduous task when the body is not yours.
  99. >Okay, technically it is, but that's besides the point.
  100. >You shuffle your way back into the room proper.
  101. >It’s still very dark in here.
  102. >The curtains are pulled back and you can see the moon in the sky.
  103. >You're not sure when you went to sleep last night, just that it was ASAP, if only so you wouldn't have to deal with-
  104. >Wait.
  105. >Nah... He wouldn't have done anything to you in your sleep.
  106. >He's already been watching you before you woke up.
  107. >...Okay that doesn't make you feel any better, but you think you should give him /some/ credit.
  108. >He's probably the one who brought you here in the first place.
  109. >Despite yourself, you think he might actually be a pretty good guy.
  110. >Just annoying as fuck.
  111. >Where is he anyway?
  112. >Looking around the room, you're alone in here.
  113. >Huh.
  114. >...
  115. >This might be the chance you need to go find that stone.
  116. >You walk to the room door and reach for the knob.
  117. >Then you pause.
  118. >This place has Royal Guards. Does that mean there are Night Guards too?
  119. >You think Serendipity said something about that.
  120. >You hesitate for a moment.
  121. >If it comes down to it, you'll just come up with an easy excuse.
  122. >You mean, everyone wakes up 2 in the morning, and needs to take a walk around the house to get tired again or something like that sometimes right?
  123. >With something of an excuse prepared, you turn the knob.
  124. >Quietly.
  125. >Well as quietly as you can anyway.
  126. >You think you're catching onto this hooves thing though.
  127. >The soap thing really helped boost that transition.
  128. >The door opens slightly.
  129. >No creaking, good.
  130. >You peer outside a little.
  131. >It seems clear enough
  132. >You poke your head out some more and look left and right down a long hallway.
  133. >Not a soul for yards.
  134. >Okay, that's one problem down, no guards are stationed.
  135. >Doesn't say much about the patrol.
  136. >Now you just have to find your way to Sparkle's study and-
  137. >Wait.
  138. >You don't know how to navigate through this place at night, not without light.
  139. >You could try going from memory from the foyer, but...
  142. >Same problem.
  143. >Sigh…
  144. >Okay, so, by some miracle you have managed to navigate your way back into the foyer.
  145. >Incidentally, that walk actually did tire you out a bit, and you think you lost a half hour.
  146. >As luck would have it, you hadn’t run into any guards on the way either, so maybe there really aren't any-
  147. >Flashlight!
  148. >You duck behind the stairs.
  149. >You listen out for the sound of hoofsteps, and such a sound follows.
  150. >And with it a-
  151. >*Yawn* "I can't believe I slept through the whole day. I didn't even get to finish my emerald-sapphire-vanilla cream frosted cake with the ruby cherry on top..."
  152. >You hear his stomach grumble.
  153. >Wait that voice sounds familiar.
  154. >Is that...
  155. >Another yawn. "Oh, man, I can't wait to dig into that, my mouth is watering just thinking about it."
  156. >He disappears around the corner with his light.
  157. >...
  158. >That was Spike.
  159. >That was Spike!
  160. >Okay, get it together.
  161. >Can't stray from the path now, you've come too far.
  162. >You can ra- /hug/ that little purple ball of qt another time.
  163. >Emerging from your hiding spot, you get your destination back in mind.
  164. >You think you started off heading... this way.
  165. >You step in front of the long dark hall and stare the way down.
  166. >Yeah... you still don't recognize shit.
  167. >Some serious miracle that you ended up in the foyer.
  168. >Maybe you should ask Sp-spike for help.
  169. >I mean, it's not like he'd be suspicious of you being up this late, since he is.
  170. >Twilight Probably told him about you.
  171. >Right?
  172. >Nothing to worry about.
  173. >Yeah.
  174. >You're just going to ask him to tell you how to get to Twilight's private study.
  175. >Not an odd question a all to ask for the new acting um...
  176. >Hoofman.
  177. >You need to know these things.
  178. >In your lost thoughts you'd somehow auto piloted yourself into a location you do not recognize at all.
  179. >WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU- oh it's the kitchen hallway.
  180. >You know this because of the huge double-doors from early td-
  181. >From yesterday.
  183. >Did spike come this way though?
  184. >I mean, sure this is the cafeteria, the place where food would normally be if anywhere, but wouldn't there be like, another kitchen or something that Twilight and Spike would use inste-
  185. >wham
  186. >You just got knocked in the face by the door swinging open.
  187. >You land on your ass with an "Oof"
  188. >Well, it was more of a muffled "Ow, fuck"
  189. >"Huh?"
  190. >A small shadow figure stands on twos in front of you.
  191. >It fidgets about before finally turning to face you.
  192. >Two glowing green orbs with slitted pupils stare at you for a moment before they blink.
  193. >"Gah! I wasn't sneaking around. I mean. I wasn't up for a midnight snack or anything either!"
  194. >Oh, it's spike.
  195. >Something rolls into your thigh.
  196. >"No, I mean, um..."
  197. >You 'grab' it.
  198. >You think it might be the flashlight he was using earlier.
  199. >The question is, how do you use it.
  200. >"Oh, this? This is... uh..."
  201. >Click
  202. >The flashlight turns on, and it was pointed directly at his face.
  203. >His pupils shrink and he freezes like a deer in the headlights.
  204. >Makes sense you suppose.
  205. >He snaps out of it quickly enough though.
  206. >"C-cake? What Cake, I don't see any... um..."
  207. >He looks down at the slice of gem crusted cake on his plate, then immediately gulps it hole, tossing the plate quickly where a shattering sound follows.
  208. >He gives you his best 'I'm totally innocent' smile.
  209. >You give him the "are you serious" look, that you doubt he could see, but can probably tell you have.
  210. >He drops to his knees.
  211. >"Please, oh please don't tell Twilight! If she finds out I snuck cake at night again, she wouldn't let me have cake for a week! A week!"
  212. >You don't say anything.
  213. >"I'll do anything you want!"
  214. >Anything you say.
  215. >No, bad Mica. Penis down. That's gay.
  216. >Who are you kidding, everyone's gay for Spike, but now isn't the time.
  217. "It's okay, little man, I won't snitch on ya."
  218. >He quirks a brow, "Snitch?"
  219. "It means to tattle."
  220. >His face morphs like he got the wrong idea before he says "Oh"
  221. >Fucking cartooniverse.
  223. >"Gee, thanks."
  224. "Any time. I used to have a little brobro myself who used to do shi- things like this all the time. I gave him tips on how to get away with it no problem, too."
  225. >"Whoa, really?"
  226. "Yeah, man. And if he ever did get caught, I'd take the flack for him. Say I sent him for it."
  227. >Then he'd owe you.
  228. >"Wow."
  229. >You miss that little turd. Even more so now that you might not see him again. No, don't think like that, this trial is practically over. You just need to get that stone back and things'll be easier right?
  230. >Hey, maybe Spike could be your temporary replacement for him while you're here, for nostalgia's sake.
  231. >He seems impressionable enough.
  232. >"You seem pretty cool, uh..."
  233. >Oh.
  234. "M-m-mica"
  235. >Dammit, why did you stutter that.
  236. >"Oh, that's a nice name. I'm Spike, but you probably already know that. I mean, I'm the only dragon in town. And personal aid to the Princess. She's sort of my big sister you know."
  237. >Sounds like boasting. Is he actually boasting? Maybe it’s pride.
  238. >Well, you don't blame him.
  239. >This seems kinda familiar though.
  240. >He sighs "And i guess I'm glad I bumped into you this time. You know, the last time I told someone I'd do anything for them, they made me-"
  241. >Wait, hold on, maybe you can use this.
  242. "Actually..."
  243. >He stops as you get back up to your full height.
  244. >You still have the flashlight shining on him.
  245. "Maybe you could do me a little favor..."
  246. >He gulps, then sighs.
  247. >"Fine..."
  248. >Wow, that was easy.
  249. "Thanks, dude. I- wait where'd you go."
  250. >You feel something squeeze your cheeks.
  251. >The back ones.
  252. >You squeak.
  253. "W-wait, what are you doing?"
  254. >"Well, you aren't exactly the first pony to catch me sneaking cake in the middle of the night. It's usually this one crazy mare who has works late sometimes as punishment for always being late for work. Ms. Teardrop can be pretty rough on her, but she's too scary for anyone to say anything about it. I think even Twilight might be a little afraid of her sometimes, heh."
  256. >You can feel his claws slowly sink into your flesh as he firms his grip.
  257. >No, not like this.
  258. "Th-that's funny and all, b-but-"
  259. >"Oh, right. Don't worry, I've gotten good at this."
  260. >What sick and twisted mare could possibly want to twist such an adorable innocence in this way.
  261. >And Spike, how could you...
  262. >It was supposed to be the other way around!
  263. >You can feel your back legs twitch in anticipation.
  264. >Your new primal instincts are screaming at you to buck his lights out right here, but you don't want to harm a scale on his cute little head.
  265. >Your knees twitching, you resign to your fate.
  266. "M-make it quick."
  267. >You feel his claws stroke against your rear.
  268. >You whimper when they move up to the small of your back of your back, his thumbs coming together then traveling back in a circular motion.
  269. >You bite into the bit of mane that drifts in front of your face to muffle a moan before it escapes your lips.
  270. >It becomes harder to stay standing has he goes on and you sink to the floor.
  271. >”Are you okay?”
  272. >Your lips quiver as you try to speak.
  273. “I-I’m s-sensitive okay?”
  274. >Wait, no, you should have said stop.
  275. >You try to speak again when his fingers press into your flesh, earning another moan.
  276. >Then he moves onto the rest of your back, slowly drawing a claw along the line if your spine, then focusing back on the joint where your thigh meets your waist.
  277. >Hang on.
  278. >This isn't rape.
  279. >This is molestation, but.
  280. "Sp-spike, wha-nnf"
  281. >He pauses. "Sorry, what was that?"
  282. >You take a second to catch your breath.
  283. "What are you doing?"
  284. >"Um... giving you a massage. Isn't that what you want?"
  285. >Massage?
  286. >Wooh, thank God.
  287. >You look back at him.
  288. "No, Spike, that's not what I was going to ask you for."
  289. >He looks to you, then down to his claws firmly grasping your glutes, back to you, then to his claws again.
  290. >"O-oh! Sorry." he quickly withdraws. "It's just, I-i'm so used to-"
  291. "Don't, it's okay. I'm not mad."
  293. >You're a little scared actually.
  294. >He was able to overpower you so easily with just a touch.
  295. >You mean, you got caught off guard, but still.
  296. >"Oh, that's good."
  297. >You bring a hoof to your head as you sit up and reflect on your weakness.
  298. >That's the second time that's happened.
  299. >You need to assert some dominance around here.
  300. >You can't keep getting pinned down like this, you have to pin someone else down for once.
  301. >...
  302. >That doesn't count!
  303. >You tripped!
  304. >That's not what you wanted to do at all!
  305. >"So um..."
  306. >Oh right.
  307. >You clear your throat.
  308. "Yes, what I actually wanted to ask was..."
  309. >How do you ask for this.
  310. >Do you just come out with it straight forwardly?
  311. >What if he gets suspicious?
  312. >No, he doesn't even know who you are.
  313. >Like, he didn't go 'oh, right, you're Twi's new worker' or something.
  314. >Oh fukkit, what could go wrong.
  315. "I was just wondering if you could probably show me where the Princess's study is."
  316. >He stares at you silently for a moment.
  317. >Looking into his eyes, it seems he's trying to figure something out.
  318. >You return a nervous smile.
  319. >Fuck, that was stupid.
  320. >Why didn't you try to come up with-
  321. >"That's it?"
  322. >Wo- 'that's it?'?
  323. "Y-yeah. That's it."
  324. >He scratches his head, then he shrugs and smiles. "Sure, I can take you there no problem."
  325. >Okay, that was too easy.
  326. >Too quick a switch too.
  327. >What's the catch here.
  328. >"You coming?"
  329. >He's already walking off, looking back to you.
  330. >Well you might as well follow him.
  331. "Yeah, give me a second, my legs are dead."
  332. >You seriously have a little bit of trouble getting them to function.
  333. >What did he just do to you.
  334. >And how can you get him to do it again.
  335. >"Oh, right, sorry."
  336. >He stops, leans against a wall and begins to whistle a tune as he waits.
  337. >You take this moment to wiggle your lower half, trying to shake some life into them.
  338. >After a moment you're up and walking.
  339. "Okay, let's go."
  340. >You follow him as he leads you down the hall.
  341. >It’s a bit hard to walk though.
  342. >Why-
  343. >Oh no. Sweet Jesus no.
  344. >You make sure spike isn’t looking before you look down and check yourself.
  346. >”Captain, we’re at half mast! We were nearly there, but we’ve lost point! Permission to take extra measures, sir!”
  347. >Denied soldier! Stand down!
  348. >It’s a miracle neither of you noticed that.
  349. >You sigh.
  350. >A short walk later, and you come up on the hall leading to where you think he said the study should be.
  351. >But what you wanna know is, why he's letting you go there so easily.
  352. >Isn't a Princess's study supposed to be like, off limits to anyone but the-
  353. >Oh, okay, you get it.
  354. >You guess he really loves his cake.
  355. >Maybe he's just glad he doesn't have to massage you.
  356. >What's up with that, anyway.
  357. >What sort of sick depraved mare could possibly take advantage of a kid like that.
  358. >Somewhere in the distance the shatter of glass can be heard, followed by loud yelling.
  359. >Speaking of voices, you think you hear some around the corner.
  360. >Sounds like...
  361. >"-And don't worry about the stone. The Princess, I mean, Celestia. Um... Princess Celestia. Uh..."
  362. >Twilight.
  363. >She's still having trouble with that?
  364. >But who's she tal-
  365. >"Old habits die hard, don't th-" Oh come on. "Wasn't it you who said it was okay to drop the formalities, /Princess?/"
  366. >Twilight coughs a bit, "Um, yes, of course. Celestia, said she'd take care of it."
  367. >Spike is about to round the corner, but you grab him!
  368. >You press you back against the wall, restraining him with one arm.
  369. >"Hey, what gives-"
  370. "Shh!"
  371. >You peek over the side.
  372. >Yep, it's the owners of those voices alright.
  373. >Wait, Shinspuk's looking back through the corner of his eyes.
  374. >He smirks and you back out.
  375. >Shit, did he notice?
  376. >"What are you looking at Shin- I mean Sparks." she fumbles.
  377. >"Oh no, it's okay, Twilight." he said that in a slower, lower tone.
  378. >You peak out again.
  379. >He has a hoof raised to her face.
  380. >"You can call me that if you want, I don't mind."
  381. >"affaa ssh- um... oh dear."
  382. >"Go on, say it. Shiny..."
  383. >Twilight begins to babble as he leans in closer.
  384. >Nigga, das my waifu!
  385. >Wait, hold on.
  386. >'Shiny'?
  387. >Isn't that what she calls her brother or something?
  388. >Speaking of, you decide to debate her roleplay fetish later as you turn to spike.
  389. "Sorry about this, kid."
  390. >"Sorry about wha-"
  392. >Deploying the Spikes!
  393. >You bowl that little motherfucker out into the opening, getting a surprised reaction from Twilight.
  394. >Great reaction!
  395. >You'd have preferred to get a "strike" on the commander, but this works.
  396. >"Sp-spike! What are you doing here."
  397. >The poor dragon is too disoriented to speak.
  398. >"And he's not alone either."
  399. >Fuck
  400. >"It's bad manners to hide from a princess, you know."
  401. >You sigh.
  402. >Welp
  403. >"Hide? What are you talking abou- Mica?" she says as she sees you come into view.
  404. "I wasn't hiding from the /princess/."
  405. >"Oh? Then from whom?"
  406. >You grumble.
  407. >It's too late/early for this shit.
  408. >"Mica, what are doing here. Out of bed I mean. It's really late."
  409. >She's still blushing from what was just going on.
  410. >You're glad you stopped it.
  411. >That nerd's virginity is yours.
  412. >... she /is/ virgin right?
  413. >'Shiny' echoes through your mind.
  414. "I was just... taking a walk, and uh..." shit why did you say 'and', that was your only excuse.
  415. >You look to spike.
  416. >Oh right.
  417. "Looking for something to read myself to sleep?"
  418. >It takes Twilight a moment to piece it together in her current state, looking to you, then to Spike.
  419. >"Oh, that makes sense I guess, but the study is closed off to use until I announce otherwise. I'm sure I told /somepony/ here to make sure everyone knows."
  420. >She turns to Spike.
  421. >"Speaking of, what were /you/ doing up so late at night? I remember tucking you into bed myself."
  422. >The purple reptile looks caught.
  423. >"Well?"
  424. >"U-um, you see..." he looks to you.
  425. >You sigh, bro mode activate.
  426. >You step beside him.
  427. "Yeah, that could be my fault."
  428. >Her attention quickly shifts to you, and you flinch.
  429. "I... bumped into him somewhere, and asked him to show me where I can find something to read. And he obliged to showing me... the closest place?"
  430. >She's hardly convinced, but it looks like she'll let it slide.
  431. >For now.
  432. >"Right, well, either way, we should all be getting to sleep. I'll take spike back to our room. As for you two, Commander, help Mica pick something and escort him back to his room."
  433. >She and Spike begin to glow.
  435. >She turns her attention back to Spike, who gulps.
  436. >Is she teleporting?
  437. >No, not again.
  438. "Princess, wait!"
  439. >Twilight cools her magic. "What's wrong?"
  440. >You bite your lip, glancing back to the commander.
  441. "I-I don't feel like reading anymore. That walk actually tired me out a bit. I can always find something another time."
  442. >"Oh, that's alright then. Command, take Mica-"
  443. "No!"
  444. >She jumps.
  445. "I mean, um. Can you uh..."
  446. >Quick think.
  447. >Think fast.
  448. >Wait, light fast.
  449. "Can /you/ take me there? With like, teleporting, n stuff."
  450. >She seems to be thinking it over.
  451. >If she accepts your request, that's two good things!
  452. >You'd get to experience teleportation, consciously, /and/ you wouldn't have to spend another moment with-
  453. >"Sure, I don't see why not."
  454. >You hoof pump.
  455. "I-I mean, thanks. Your highness."
  456. >"Mica, please, Twilight is fine. I'd prefer it if everyone would call me that actually..."
  457. >Her horn light's up.
  458. >"I suppose I'll be heading off too, then. Goodnight, everyone."
  459. >"Oh, right, goodnight, Spa- I mean, Commander."
  460. >He waves at you both as you become covered in Twilight's glow.
  461. >And in a blink, the scenery changes.
  462. >Suddenly, it looks like you're in your room again.
  463. >And you left the door open.
  464. >Goddammit
  465. >You turn to Twilight.
  466. "Excuse me, um. What will I be doing tomorrow.
  467. >"I'd scheduled for you to start a bit later, in the morning than you did yesterday, in case you didn't know. You'll be heading into town tomorrow to get used to the place during the day. I mean, you'd have to get out of the castle sometime, right?"
  468. >You nod.
  469. >"I suppose you could use the free time to properly familiarize yourself with the staff you'll be aiding. Mr Duskhoof will see you in the morning. Until then."
  470. >Her horn begins to glow again.
  471. >"Later, Mica." Spike says, waving.
  472. >"Oh, don't think I forgot about you. Goodnight, Mica."
  473. >And in a flash, they're both gone.
  474. >You walk to your door and close it.
  475. >Then immediately hop into bed.
  476. >Nnnnnnng still soft as fuck.
  477. >Sleep comes quickly.
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