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  1. [IntroStrings]
  2. "...and give me the strength to overcome every challenge. Amen."
  3. "...and may all I do in this arena bring glory to you. Amen."
  4. "...and have mercy on every soul I bring to the afterlife. Amen."
  5. "...and allow me your wisdom and power in this battle. Amen."
  7. [FragStrings]
  8. "That is the first of the seven rites to suffer through. Six more to go."
  9. "Now, your soul is free."
  10. "Rise again. As many times as you want, I will strike you down again."
  11. "Requiescat in pace."
  12. "Your flesh offered little resistance. I believe it invited me to cleave through."
  13. "The flesh gives, the bones break, the heart stops. You are left with nothing."
  14. "Be proud of your new scars. I will give you more, if you'd like."
  15. "There is honor in dying for a good cause. My cause is quite worthy, I assure you."
  16. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
  17. "I cast you to the afterlife. Be wary of that first step."
  18. "You may give up, if you'd like. It would be easier on you."
  19. "I have brought the fire and brimstone to this world myself."
  21. [KilledStrings]
  22. "Even in the chill clutch of death, I gain ever more strength."
  23. "I will rise again, and again, and again. My work will not stop, even after death."
  24. "There are many more lessons I have yet to learn."
  25. "I cannot win them all."
  26. "You have no need to teach me of the afterlife."
  27. "I err. A rare experience."
  28. "My armor may falter, but my soul will match your blows."
  29. "I cast aside my old flesh, and rise again with a new life."
  30. "You cannot stop my work. It is a physical impossibility."
  31. "A thousand times, a thousand deaths will not slay me. I will always return for you."
  33. [RoamingStrings]
  34. "These halls are stained with the life of thousands. What were their lives like?"
  35. "There are many thoughts to contemplate with this lull in battle."
  36. "The path boasts many thorns and thistles. I have the patience to go through."
  37. "Come. I grow weary of this quiet."
  38. "The Lord's patience is infinite. Mine is not."
  39. "I am here to fight you, not to wander like a lost child."
  40. "Delay all you want. My weapon's edges will not dull."
  41. "The true warrior is a shadow within the darkness, a whisper among shouts."
  42. "Run as you'd like. I am all about you, waiting for you to trip."
  43. "There are those who say there is honor in retreat. Do not believe them."
  44. "I take all challenges by charging forward. I see you prefer charging backwards. Pity."
  45. "Avoiding death by my hands is like avoiding fate itself."
  46. "I am the darkness around you, the stone under you, and the sky above you. You cannot run."
  47. "The environs all blend together again."
  48. "You think yourself worthy? Prove it."
  49. "What made you choose this path of utter annihilation?"
  50. "Is this the life you willingly chose?"
  51. "Sometimes it is preferable not to hear the serpent's rattle."
  53. [RareRoamingStrings]
  54. "Tell me of your master. Was he a good man?"
  55. "What words would you prefer on your requiem? I am writing it now, while we wait."
  56. "Every time the Wheel spins, I find myself with more to marvel."
  58. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  60. [WinStrings]
  61. "The universal truths apply to all. The sun rises. The sun sets. I win."
  62. "I was ordained to win this battle. Who were you to defy it?"
  63. "You were not worthy. I was. I say this as fact, not with arrogance."
  64. "And now, I ascend to even greater challenges."
  65. "I must remember, to be victor in a competition like this is no cause for pride."
  66. "And so it ends. Rejoice, for I was merciful."
  67. "The fire of my soul carresses my enemies. You have withstood the fire well."
  68. "'...and I have created the waster, to destroy.'"
  69. "You were a good opponent. Unfortunately, great is better than good."
  71. [LoseStrings]
  72. "I bear no ill will. Not every victory can be within my grasp."
  73. "I have misjudged you. I am pleased that true heroes still exist."
  74. "You show great promise. I will match you on a higher level."
  75. "You have taken a great step towards providence."
  76. "The fire of my soul carresses my enemies. You have withstood the fire well."
  77. "Take heart. Only those who fight true are those who win."
  78. "Do remember, to be victor in a competition like this is no cause for pride."
  79. "Champion your people with honor and dignity."
  81. //[FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  83. //[EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  85. //[DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  87. [PissedStrings] // Llama!
  88. "I have no words adequate for a child like you."
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