Jan 23rd, 2016
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  4. Trademasters are the idols of merchants. They decide how the 'game' at the markets is being played.. If your guild is holding the political status of trademasters you can once per turn change as a free action one of the policies on the 2 trade laws that are established in the city use their influence to control the markets and the trade(after all members have done their actions/went idle).
  6. *Choose which of the 3 actions you wish to make
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  9. Action 1: Change transaction policy
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  11. you can change the current transaction law policy to one of the followings:
  12. 1)'Free transactions policy' - Any guild can buy and sell resources at the city market for as much as it could afford.
  13. 2)'Sustained transactions policy' - To prevent dramatic climates at the market, each guild can only make up to 30 transactions in a single turn.
  14. 3)'Abolished transactions policy' - The market is forbidden completely, no one can buy or sell anything at the market.
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  17. Action 2: Change trade policy
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  19. you can change the current trade law policy to one of the followings:
  20. 1)'Free trade policy' - Any guild can trade with any other guild with any type of resource.
  21. 2)'Bartering goods only policy' - Guilds can only exchange materialistic resources with each other.
  22. 3)''Abolished trade policy' - The trade is forbidden completely, guilds can not exchange anything between them.
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  25. Action 3: Close a local market
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  27. you can pick any local region from the city and close its market for 3 turns. If that region is under a certain guild's influence you will have to pay from your influence an amount that equals to that ruling guild's fame (Ex: If that guild has 8 fame then the action costs 9 influence)
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  30. Action 4: Overwatch trade agreements
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  32. Every trade agreement done between any guilds until your next action-turn has to go through you first and be approved. Trade agreements unapproved by you will be canceled. This action costs 10 influence
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