The Party Pt. 2: Electric Bogaloo

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  1.     I stared at R’s chest. Her breasts weren’t as small as I imagined them to be. They were perky and well-rounded, with dark buds sitting on top of them. Her nipples were noticeably stiff, either from the cold air or her arousal. As my eyes were glued to her tits, R asked, “And how about now?” She looked at the growing bulge in my pants. “I guess that answers my question,” she said. In a spur of boldness that even surprised myself, I suggested, “Well, you don’t know if it’s actually that big or not. Maybe you should get a closer look.” R bit her lip while staring intensely at my pants. “Maybe I should,” she replied. She stood up from the bed and started to walk towards me.
  2.     Stopping in front of me, R looked up. Her expression was filled with a combination of curiosity and lust, the latter seemingly being the driving force behind her actions.  She turned her attention back to my pants and knelt down, bringing herself face to face with my erection. I felt her breathing hasten, the warmth of her breath against me only contributing to the growth of my cock in my pants. R placed her hand on top of it. It twitched against her, causing her to gasp in response. I was silent, afraid to say anything that could ruin the moment. R undid the button and zipper on my pants and dragged it down slightly, revealing my underwear. Finally, after a moment that felt like it was stretched to an eternity, she did the same for my boxers.
  3.     R pulled my boxers down slowly until my cock suddenly popped out from under it. It was stiff, the veins running through it foregrounded by my dark brown skin. At full mast, its length was only slightly above average, six inches, and it was circumcised. R’s eyes widened. She reached out her hand and hesitantly grabbed my cock. Although its length was nothing to brag about, the same couldn’t be said about its girth; R struggled to fully wrap her fingers around my cock, the softness of her skin causing it to pulse in her hand. She lightly stroked it, eliciting a groan from me and another pulse. Pausing for a moment, R continued to stroke it, her eyes focusing on how the head of my cock swelled.
  4.     She looked up at me. “Is it okay if I-?” she began. I nodded. R returned her attention to my cock and leaned forward, pressing her tongue against the head as she continued to stroke me. I groaned again, this time a little bit louder. She started to lick around the head of my cock, focusing on the slit as she used her unoccupied hand to lightly grab my balls. Thrashing her tongue, she began to stroke my cock faster, her grip around it tightening as began to focus more on it. Suddenly, R stopped licking the head of my dick. Placing her tongue at the base, she slowly slid her tongue along the underside of my cock.
  5.     “Fuck…” I groaned. R looked back up at me. “Does that feel good?” she asked. “Yeah,” I said, “keep going.”  She continued to lick my cock, tracing her tongue along its veins before returning her attention to the head. Her hand on the shaft moved faster than before while the one on my balls began to lightly fondle them. After a few minutes, R returned to the head and started to wrap her mouth around it. I grunted as I watched her take my cock inside her mouth, her plump lips sliding lower and lower down its length.
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