A Party for Two

May 9th, 2014
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  1. Dave groaned as he slammed the door to his studio apartment shut, tossing his keys lazily onto the kitchen table as he walked towards his bed. Striping his shoes and socks off as he moved, the lanky twenty five year old flopped face first into bed, simply laying there. After a moment, he sighed, turning to stare at the ceiling as he shook his brown hair out of his eyes.
  3. “Fuck you life. You're an asshole.” Dave put his hands to his face, massaging the lines he'd acquired in the last few stressful years. “Or... maybe I'm the asshole. But the fact of the matter is you suck life. Can't you like... throw me a bone? Send someone to help me out?” The man cried out to the ceiling, his hands reaching up “Come on! Anyone! I just need someone who'll fix everything. That’s not too big a demand, is it? I'm willing to do anything, I just...” He paused, as he shut his eyes tight. “I just need someone to help me get going.” Dave dropped his arms, the world seemingly ignoring his request.
  5. An almost impossibly quiet humming started to fill the room as Dave slowly dragged himself onto the bed. As he started putting his pajamas on, the hum grew. It started low, a deep unearthly chord that eventually moved higher in pitch. The odd sound caused Dave’s ears to twitch. The man looked around his darkened apartment, trying to find the source.
  7. “Is the radio busted or something?” Dave muttered as he got up, walking barefoot towards a clock radio sitting on a dresser. As he fiddled with the radio, the noise grew louder and more clear. It sounded as if something was yelling, as if someone was skydiving and he had stumbled on their landing point With a sudden loud crash to his left, Dave flinched as something flew right at him.. The pink blur smacked him dead center, toppling the man over onto the ground. Dazed, David tried to look up, bumping his nose against some sort of pink snout. His eyes flicked from the snout to two impossibly big blue eyes, then down to an enormous grin.
  9. “Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!” The creature said. Dave could hardly hear it over his own screaming, as he desperately tried to scramble away. Pinkie simply followed him, staying nose-to-nose as he scooted back. With a loud bang and a curse, Dave felt his head connect with the wall of his flat. Pinkie Pie giggled above him as he took a deep ragged breath, trying to ignore the rattling in his skull. He couldn’t help but admit to himself though, for some reason he couldn’t imagine this pink thing was malicious. In fact, she seemed almost pleasant. He realized the sides of his mouth twitching up into a small smile, simply by her presence.
  11. “So, what's your name?” Pinkie asked, not the slightest bit perturbed at Dave's outburst. Her breath washed over him and the smell reminded him of the bakery his parents used to own. He couldn't help but grow a little hungry as he stuttered out a response.
  13. “I-I'm, m-m-my name's D-Dave” He reached up slowly, giving Pinkie a poke in her belly “Are... you real? Have I gone crazy?” Pinkie giggled at the poke.
  15. “You're not crazy silly! And of course I'm real, its like you've never seen a pony before!” Dave blinked, wanting desperately to interject but Pinkie went too quickly to put a word in edgewise. “I'm just here to help you, because I was sitting around Ponyville... and my tail started to do this flufful twitch! And I knew that someone needed my help, because they were sad, and lonely and that’s no fun at all!” Her voice started to pick up in speed and energy as she continued “And worse of all, they were reeeeeeeeeeeealy far away, so I couldn't just invite them to a normal party or something! So, I got this idea that if I got a big enough head start...” her limbs expanded out cartoonishly wide to hammer home the point, “and I started running really fast, I could manage to find who needed my help, and from there it was a hop, a skip and a jump and then... I was here!” Pinkie's smile grew larger as she wrapped David in a big hug, nuzzling the man's neck as his eyes went wide. “ And now I've found you! And that means I can make you happy, and that'll make me happy, and then we'll both be happy! And everyone being happy is the best kind of happy!”
  17. David couldn’t help but breathe in the cotton candy scent of the pony's mane, slowly moving to return the ponies hug. She felt soft and cuddly, almost like a gigantic fluffy marshmallow, and her weight on his chest put him slightly more at ease. A moment passed before Pinkie broke the hug, getting back onto her hooves.
  19. “Well Dave, as your newest best friend, I promise you that after tonight, you'll feel like a new you! You'll be just as happy and excited about life as I am. And I know just how to do it!” Dave noticed a glint in the pony’s eye as he picked himself off the ground. He couldn’t tell whether her tone was worrisome or exciting.
  21. “O-oh?” He muttered as he brushed dirt off his pajama pants, “What do you have in mind Pinkie?” With a sudden fluid motion, the pony tossed a hoof full of confetti right into Daves face. The colorful paper blinded him momentarily, and by the time he could once again see, his whole room had been rearranged. Pinkie stood upright on her back hooves in front of him, crying out excitedly as she threw more confetti.
  23. “A party!” Dave stared in awe at his transformed apartment, amazed at how much Pinkie had managed to do in such a short amount of time. The walls held party lights and colorful streamers. Every surface was covered with plates, some of sweets and other with cups of punch. Even a disco ball hung from the ceiling over a small makeshift dance floor.His radio was pumping out loud, happy party tunes he'd never heard before, and all kinds of games and party activities were laid about. Not waiting for his response, Pinkie started pushing Dave forward, towards a pitcher of punch on a far table.
  25. “Come on Davy! The party can't start until you're there!” Dave turned his head back, still letting Pinkie lead him.
  27. “Davy?” he asked.
  29. “Yeah! Dave is waaaaaaaaaay too stuffy of a name, and we're here to have fun! So, I got to thinking, and Davy just sounds so much nicer!” The pony walked in front of Dave, taking the lead as they reached the table. The man couldn't help but look down, examining the pony. On the side of her flank where three party balloons... maybe some kind of tattoo? As his eyes wondered, he noticed the mare's pink tail flitting back and forth, oddly high in the air. He tilted his head slightly, wondering why she would be doing that unless…
  31. Dave coughed loudly, blushing red as he looks away from Pinkie's nethers. Considering how... cartoonish she looked, he didn’t even consider that she'd could parts like that! Hell, from the way she walked, It was almost like the pony was trying to display herself. On top of all of this, he noticed a growing tingling in his crotch as his pajamas started to tent. Before he could consider what in the world had come over him, the two arrived at the table.
  33. “Here, try some punch!” Pinkie handed the human a glass, bringing him back to reality. He sniffed it, a mix of citrus and sugar wafting back to him.
  35. “It smells good but... what kind is it?” The pony took a huge swig of her own glass before answering
  37. “A special one I made up myself! I only make it for me very bestest of best friends. Its a secret flavor though, so you'll have to figure it out on your own~” Cocking an eyebrow, Dave put the glass to his lips, taking a small sip. He swished it in his mouth, trying to gauge the flavor, as Pinkie watched on intently, almost as if she was waiting for something. The punch was crisp and sharp, starting off with a citrus flavor. As the sweet and refreshing flavor washed over his tongue, the man felt some of his worries and pains melt away just as the flavor of the drink changed. It morphed into something like cotton candy mixed with blue raspberry and some other flavor he couldn't place. Dave felt himself grow light headed, but at the same time oddly happy. His mind and body relaxed and he couldn’t help but want to drink more. Downing his glass quickly, he turned for more as Pinkie happily watched on.
  39. “Wow, this stuff is really good! I've never tasted something quite like it before.” The pony giggled
  41. “That’s why its a secret silly.” She smiled, “But, you can't just drink a little bit of it at a time! Its so much better if you drink a whole lot of it at once!” Suddenly, Pinkie gasped loudly, eyes seeming to glow with excitement. “We should have a drinking contest!” She cried out happily, quickly moving to the table, pouring glass after glass. “First to finish ten glasses
  42. wins!” She hopped hoof to hoof, giddy with excitement. Dave couldn't hold back a chuckle.
  44. “I think I could take you on.” he said, thinking back to his college days with a grin.
  46. “Are you sure~? Ready... Set... Go!” As soon as he heard the word, Dave grabbed two glasses, trying to chug them down at the same time. The sweet, almost intoxicating flavor washed over his tongue, then to his mind as he slammed the first glasses down, picking up his third. The more he drank, the more Dave seemed to loosen up. It was as if every sip he took cleaned him from his inhibitions, washed away so that he could party just as Pinkie wanted him to. By the seventh glass, his body seemed to lighten up, becoming colorful just like the pony he stood next to. In the middle of his tenth and final glass, he heard something slam beside him.
  48. “Ha!” yelled Pinkie happily, “I win!” Taking the last swallow of his drink, Dave smiled wider than he had in years.
  50. “Wow! That was crazy Pinkie! I've never seen someone drink punch that fast before” He giggled a little, not even thinking how insane it was for a grown man to be giggling at a pink cartoon horse. “I guess that’s because I've never had somepony to race against!” Pinkie joined in the giggling.
  52. “Exactly! And now that you've got somepony here, we're gonna party like a couple of ponies! Now, come on!” Pinkie pointed to the other side of the room, yet again leading Dave. As the two passed the booming radio, Dave couldn't help but cover his ears. “God... didn't even know that thing could go so loud...” He rubbed them as Pinkie turned to face him.
  54. “But! This is Vinyl's newest jam! You gotta listen to it loud!” Pinkie gave a sly smile, and in the back of Dave's mind he couldn't help but wonder if maybe she had lead him this close intentionally. “But, I can help you out if you'd like!” She smiled wider, the man simply nodding. It couldn't hurt if she tried, right?
  56. He knelt down, removing his hands only for Pinkie's hooves to take their place. Despite the clopping they'd been making against the ground, they were soft and fuzzy to the touch, and Dave couldn't help but murmur happily as he felt them. Slowly she started to rub his ears, caressing his ear's curves and ruffles softly. Dave's murmurs turned into light sighs of bliss, never having felt something like this before. So lost in the feeling was he that he didn't notice as Pinkie's rubbing changed into molding, his ears stretching up his head. It was like they were simply clay to the pony's hooves.
  58. Pinkie leaned over, giving one a little lick while the human's eyes were shut. She giggled as the man's whole body shivered happily in response. With a final stroking across their full lengths, the new pony ears twitch happily on top the human's head. With the pleasure slowly fading the human started to come to. Immediately, he noticed just how different the world sounded.
  60. The music was suddenly not only at the right volume, but it seemed light every note rang right into his very soul. He couldn't help but tap his foot, simply in response to the strength of the rhythm. A grin formed as he realized just how much better his hearing seemed to be. Pinkie smiled back and spoke, only now the voice was clear and vibrant; sugar to his new ears.
  62. “That better?” Dave could only manage a nod as he tried to wrap his mind around all the new feelings. Without missing a beat, Pinkie starting to hop forward “Them come on silly! We gotta party to enjoy!” Without anything to argue, Dave quickly followed.
  64. The man's eyes wandered back to Pinkie, unable to resist. Soon, they settled on her plot as it moved through the air. It jiggled slightly on every bounce,her glistening pink lips visible as her tail raised happily up at the apex of each hop. He didn't look away this time. In fact, he couldn't imagine doing so. Something about her seemed to strike a chord deep in him... and he didn't even care. He smiled, enjoying the mare in front of him. Only when she stopped did he notice they stood next to a bucket at the end of the room. Looking in, it seemed to be filled with her special punch and a number of floating apples.
  66. “Bobbing for apples?” Dave asked “Like, the game they play around Halloween?” Pinkie tilted her head slightly,
  68. “Hallo-what? I've never heard about that before... but sounds fun!” her eyes lit up for a moment before continuing “In Ponyville, everyone loves this game! I have a friend named Applejack, and she grows the best apples in the whole world, and I always make sure to use them when I have a party.” She took a few steps forward, her head above the barrel, “Now, come on! Lets get started.” And without even waiting for a response, she dunked her head, quickly returning with an apple. Tossing it, she said “Your turn!”
  70. Catching the apple and taking a bite, he moved to bend over the barrel. Without thinking he dunked himself into the punch, chasing after an apple that caught his eye. He snuck a sip of the punch while under its surface, almost opening his eyes in shock at just how much more potent the punch in the barrel seemed to be.
  72. Despite trying for a solid fifteen minutes, all Dave managed to do was suck down more punch. Shaking the liquid out of his hair, he plopped down sighing as he spoke, “Man... I can't seem to get a grip on these things...” Pinkie smiled back kindly, placing a hoof to his back.
  74. “Don't worry Davy, I'll help you out!” She leaned in, poking his nose “You're just at a disadvantage, that's all. But don't worry, I know how to fix that!” The pony moved behind the man, putting two hooves on either side of his face. Carefully, she guided the man's head back into the barrel.
  76. Once under the punch, she began to lightly pull on his face. At first, it resisted her prodding, but soon the familiar warmth seeped under his skin. Just as with his ears, the man relaxed his body as the euphoria struck his mind like a truck. Pinkie carefully massaged the changes into the man's face, stretching it out into the start of a pony muzzle. Her hooves tickled under his chin, causing him to open his mouth instinctively.
  78. As soon as the punch entered his mouth, he felt the glowing pleasure inside him double. White-hot bliss blotted his vision as his senses were overwhelmed by the feeling. While Pinkie kept working outside, he felt a slight tingle in his teeth as they changed into those of a pony; flat and even. With a little pat on the new snout, and a strong lengthening pull on his tongue, she put an apple into Dave's new mouth.
  80. Dave snapped back to reality. He pulled himself above the punch, smiling wide with the apple in his muzzle. Without even noticing the changes, he gave it a solid, victory chomp.
  82. “Wow, thanks Pinkie, that really helped me out” he said with a mouth full of apple, “What did you do?” Pinkie responded by flashing a sly, happy grin as she said in a sing song tone,
  84. “Oh... just some slight changes~” As Dave chewed, he finally noticed something strange. It wasn't that the apple suddenly tasted better than any fruit he'd ever eaten, although that was true, but rather the size of his mouth. It felt too big. Going cross-eyed, Dave held back a gasp as he laid eyes on his new muzzle.
  86. “P-Pinkie!? What the hell's wrong with my face?” His ears quiver as he turned, Pinkie's traditional smiley face shifting into on of concern.
  88. “W-what do you mean Davy?” Pinkie asked shakily, sweat growing on her brow as she looked around the room for something to keep the man from freaking out. Dave lifted a trembling hand to his face, feeling his odd, hairless muzzle. He opened his mouth, but his voice was caught in his throat.
  90. Her search growing more desperate, Pinkie's eyes fell onto the gigantic barrel of punch. In a swift motion, she dunked her head in and sucked as much punch into her as she could manage. Even in his state, Dave couldn't help but watch stunned as she seemed to expand out ever so slightly.
  92. “For god sake Pinkie, I think the punch can wait! Something's wrong wi-” Her middle slightly bulging, Pinkie pulled Dave towards her mid sentence and forced his lips against her own. Dave's eyes went wide as he felt a slight tingle from Pinkie's fur against his muzzle. Before he could try to pull away, his mouth was suddenly filled with punch. Pinkie was forcing it down his throat, and soon Dave's mind was washed of the fear from his changing body. With a happy moan, he greedily started sucking down the juice willingly. For a moment their tongues met, and the man couldn't help put a hand behind Pinkie's head, pushing them closer together.
  94. As the kiss stretched on, Dave's mind brushed away all the questions it had about what was going on. Who cared if his body felt different? Clearly it felt better, if it let him share a kiss like this. He felt a hoof gently stroke his hair as Dave let loose a moan into the Pony's mouth. His stomach gurgled as it took in liquid, bulging slightly before warming up like his ears and face before. The more he drank, the more his body seemed to burn in pleasure, until every bit of him was enthralled. Slowly pulling away, Pinkie smiled.
  96. “What's wrong Davy?” He blinked, thinking for a moment before responding,
  98. “Nothing worth thinking about.” He smiled back, the two sharing a short moment before he heard a ripping below. Looking down, he blushed at the sight of his now ripped pajama pants. “H-how about that? I can't believe those things shrunk...”
  100. Pinkie gave a slight smirk before moving down and garbing the remains of his pants with her mouth. With a quick motion, she ripped the remaining scraps away, leaving only a pair of greatly tented boxers. Blushing red Dave opened his mouth to speak. However, before he could get a word out, Pinkie gave the bulge a nuzzle.
  102. “Ooooo~ Somepony's enjoying themselves, aren't they~?” Daves only response as a deepening blush. “Oh, don't worry about it Davy! I'm a party pony. I've seen worse than this” She gives the man a reassuring wink before moving her hooves up to his stomach. “You seem like you're real full of punch, aren't you! Don't worry, I can help...”
  104. The pony didn't even wait for a response before rubbing Dave's stomach. His whole body warmed up again at the slightest touch of her hooves, a sigh escaping his lips as he laid back and simply let Pinkie work. Kneading and massaging, the man's flesh went wherever Pinkie directed it to. His whole body so tied to getting that pleasurable high that it gave Pinkie complete control over its shape. With a tap on his side, Dave rolls over as Pinkie moves to massaging his ass.
  106. “Now, I want you to take a deep breath Davy~ Just... feel all those things that weigh you down, and breathe them out! Shoo! No need for them at a party, right?” Dave nodded, slowly breathing out. As he did, his whole body seemed to recede. Not only was he breathing away his worries, but also his size. He kept going, the odd feeling giving him a new feeling deep inside. A feeling that what was happening was right. He clearly was too big. Pinkie wasn't like that, so why did he need to be. With a satisfied nod, he breathed out again and again, soon becoming just about as big as Pinkie. After what felt like a wonderful eternity, Dave felt Pinkie's hooves warping around him in a hug.
  108. “How was that Davy? Feeling better?” With a grin to rival hers, he eagerly nodded back,
  110. “Oh yeah, that was amazing! I feel great!
  112. “So... ready for more party?”
  114. “Do you even need to ask?” Pinkie giggled at his eagerness, her eyes setting on the snack table.
  116. “Come on! Lets go get some snacks” Her hoof pulling him along, Pinkie practically dragged Dave across the ground to a table covered by every kind of sweet imaginable. Picking up a rather sweet looking cupcake, Pinkie threw it whole into her mouth, smiling as the treat touched her tongue.
  118. She quickly started eating more as Dave took a look at the spread. Spotting a cupcake with pink frosting, he picked it up, slowly taking a bite and chewing. He was startled when he heard Pinkie try to mumble something beside him,
  120. “"Mm mmmm mrmmm mm, mhm mmm mm, MM!" She spoke though a full mouth.
  122. “Uh... what was that Pinkie?” With a mighty swallow, Pinkie repeated herself sans the cupcakes,
  124. “You can't just eat them like that! Who are you, Rarity? No no, you gotta do a ton at a time!”
  126. “Oh yeah, then how am I going to taste them?” Before Dave could blink, he felt Pinkie force a hoof into his mouth and somehow grab his tongue with her hooves, stretching it cartoonishly out in front of them. The action didn't feel bad, in fact it felt good. Like stretching a muscle after a long time of sitting down. Before Dave could enjoy it however, he felt Pinkie pile food onto his outstretched tongue.
  128. “With you tongue, silly!” With an almost devious grin, Pinkie let go, slamming both the tongue, and all the sweets on it, back into Dave's mouth.
  130. Unable to do anything else, the man simply chewed. The taste was sweeter than he thought possible, and as swallowed, he felt an odd, pleasurable warmth inside him. Not wanting to let it fade, he grabbed the nearest item, a large chocolate cake, and devoured it. He groaned happily as he felt the warmth grow as the sweets slid down his throat. Grabbing sweet after sweet, he jammed them into his mouth, feeding the growing fire within him.
  132. Soon an additional tingling spread across his body. It was as if the warmth within him had moved out to his skin. For a moment, he stopped eating, just enjoying the sensation. Looking down, he finally understood what was going on. Fur. Pink, wonderful fur was growing across his body. There was no fear, only excitement as he brushed a hand though it, shivering happily at the sensitive feeling. His whole body was soon covered in soft, cuddly pink fur just like Pinkie. He couldn't help but hug himself, giggling at how wonderful it felt to do so. A sudden sharp poke near his plot behind him forced him back to the real world.
  134. “Ouch! What was that!?” He turned around, seeing a giggling Pinkie. Something else caught his eye, only for a moment. Something large and pink.
  136. “Well, I was bored and you seemed like you were having a fun time just hugging yourself. So, I thought I'd play 'Pin the tail on the human!'” With an odd twitching, he suddenly felt a jolt go through his spine. After brief pain, he noticed feeling something behind twitch slightly. He flicked it into view, finally understanding what it was. The tail was puffy and pink, just like Pinkie's. He couldn't resist letting out a giggle as he tested moving and swaying it under his control.
  138. “But human's don't have tails!” Pinkie laughed,
  140. “Well, now you do!” The two started laughing happily, both their tails swishing almost in sync. Pinkie looked out to the middle of the room, a light-bulb suddenly appearing above her head “We should play a game!” The two quickly ran to a number of boxes stacked tall, filled with every sort of party game. Pinkie dove headlong into the stacks, toppling them into a pile above her as she held one up.
  142. “How about this one?” Davy gave it a close look, and while he couldn't read the text on the box, he noticed a number of ponies twisting among themselves on a number of multicolored dots.
  144. “Oh, Twister! I love Twister. I mean... before right now I didn't but, all the sudden it sounds awesome!” Grabbing the box, he helped lay out the mat. Pinkie swirled the spinner, yelling out “Right fore hoof red!” without delay, her front right hoof went to a red square as Davy went to follow suit.
  146. “Pinkie, is it cheating that I don't technically have a hoof?” Pinkie grinned wide,
  148. “What are you talking about silly? Of course you have a hoof!” Looking down, Davy blinked, looking at his right fore hoof on the red dot. It felt oddly warm, as if something had just happened to it, and just for a second something about all this seemed wrong. Before he could think farther, Pinkie was already calling out out the next move.
  150. “Left Hind hoof green!” This time, as Dave moved his back foot to the green circle, he felt an odd tingling. By the time he managed to get his balance and look, all he saw was a hind hoof. The only thing that struck him as odd was that his back legs didn't match. One was that of a ponies, the other a hu... something or another. In any case, a deep, fuzzy part of him knew it didn't matter. Everything would be made right.
  152. “Back Right yellow!” This time Davy watched from the moment his foot moved towards the dot. At first, nothing happened, but then a familiar burning pleasure entered his leg. In the distance he heard some snapping. He'd been so distracted he'd been ignoring them. He felt his foot seem to expand out, quickly gaining length as his joints started to shift. His knee raised up as his hip and its joint snapped into a quadruped state.
  154. With a groan, he felt his toes start to merge together, growing hard as he lost feeling in them. It took him a moment to realize what they were doing as his leg shifted more. But, as the new hard mass positioned itself on the bottom of his leg, he realized it was the bottom of his hoof. His back hoof. Just thinking of it made a part of him feel giddy as his upper leg and ass started thickening with muscles, preparing itself to deal with the new stresses of walking with hooves. Without a second thought, Davy turned to Pinkie,
  156. “What next?”
  158. “Left fore hoof blue!” He didn't even wait to watch, slamming his hoof down on blue, groaning happily as his body shifted to accept his new form. His spine popped as it farther readjusted, his neck growing to become accustomed to bending up. His boxers bent oddly as it dealt with the new mass on his plot and hind legs.
  160. All the while, Pinkie moved below Davy, putting her own hoof on blue. With a grin, she leaned up to his tent, and gave it a long lick, damping Davy boxers. With an excited gasp, he lost his balance, the two collapsing together.
  162. The two simply laid together, laughing happily. The two snuggled close, and Davy couldn't help but grind against Pinkie. He blushed, but felt her return the affection. Their eyes met, and they leaned close. Their muzzles met in a short kiss, and just as Davy moved to make it deeper, her ears perked up.
  164. “Listen!” Davy stopped mid kiss, hearing a new song start on his radio “This is my jam~! You wanna dance?” She smiled wide, and whatever ability Davy had to say no was instantly melted away. Letting her lead him to the dance floor, he felt a little ping of joy every time his new hoofs clopped against the floor. The Dave of an hour ago would have been terrified. Now, he couldn't think of living any other way.
  166. At first, the two simply find the beat, dancing on four legs, then standing up to dance on two. They move closer together, until they can feel each others fur rubbing against one another. Their tails sway to the beat as Pinkie slipped a hoof down Davy's boxers. He groaned happily, grinding his cock into her hoof. The feeling of her fur against his smooth, human cock drove his mind wild. Deep down in him, a part of him realizes its about the only part of him Pinkie hasn't changed.
  168. “Davy... do you like me?” Pinkie whispered into Davy's pony ears as she rubbed against his furred body. He could only manage to choke out a long, lustful groan in response. Pinkies hoof gently rubbed against his balls, filling them with an odd warmth. He bit his lip, wondering if its just his imagination, or if somehow his balls are growing more sensitive by the moment. They slowly expand in Pinkie's hoof, giving the mare more room to rub and caress them with her delicate hooves. “Are you happy with what I've done to you?”
  170. Done? What had she done? He was having trouble remembering, the stroking of his cock sending waves of pleasure to his mind. He groans again, his meat trembling slightly. A pressure grows, faster and faster as she strokes. Its too much, the grinding of Pinkie's dancing and the work of her hooves driving him crazy. His lack of a response seems to be what Pinkie was looking for, as she gives him a sudden strong stroke.
  172. “Are you ready? You're almost finished~!” Davy looks up at her dazed, the haze in his mind making him unsure what's really going on. But, whatever she was finishing, he couldn't help but be excited for. Pinkie practically licked his ears as she spoke into them, her voice soft and sweet, like taffy,
  174. “Just give in, ok? You can be just as happy as me. No more sad times, just parties and adventure!” He nodded, finding that one little bit of him that was holding on. Just give in? Just give in. Just... give…
  176. Suddenly, Davy screamed out in bliss. He felt his dick pumping, but nothing seemed to come out. Instead, he felt his cock explode in size mass rapidly. His boxers ripped as his growth became too much for them to handle. His balls, now pink and fuzzy, swayed lightly. He could almost make out his sheath in all the commotion. A small part of him wondered how he'd ever gotten along without one. He looked back, seeing his tail sway happily, his plush pink ass twitch slightly, and below his spotted dick throb needfully. Despite the change, his horniness hadn't dissipated.
  178. In a sudden burst, he felt the familiar euphoria on his mind. This time, however, it seemed to change him. The pleasure moving though his brain, rearranging and replacing thoughts as it saw fit. His mind was quickly a swirl of questions and broken memories. He felt like something major had just happened to him, but couldn't put his finger on what. And what was he doing here? This wasn't Ponyville... but then again, what was Ponyville? He felt like it was his home, but he didn't know what or where it was. Looking up, he saw Pinkie's grin meet him.
  180. “You need to stop thinking silly~!” She turned around, lifting her tail high as he finally got a good look at her sex. Her slit was wet, clearly he wasn't the only needy one here tonight. His cock somehow grew harder, the logical part of his mind drifting away only to be replaced with lust and desire. “Come on pony~ Leave it all behind, and just be happy like me!” She wiggled her plot right in his face, her sent feeling his nose. For a split moment, everything was clear.
  182. In a swift motion, he aimed his new cock with her sex, slipping himself deep within her. The two of them moaned in unison. His straight brown hair quickly turned pink as he hilted into the mare, and the changes seemed to sink deeper into his mind. Even as he felt something overwhelming his mind, he couldn't get rid of a nagging doubt.
  184. “I... don't feel like Dave. Dave isn't a pony name.” Pinkie nodding happily in agreement.
  186. “You aren't Davy silly! What is your name?” The colt thought hard, searching inside himself. From deep down, a name suddenly appeared. It bubbled up through him, until it jumped out of his mouth.
  188. “Bubble Berry . I'm Bubble Berry. But... I... still have doubts” Pinkie cut him off, sliding a little off of his dick before sliding back on, sending a jolt though Berry's body.
  190. “You know what I'd do? I'd put any part that didn't feel like Berry to you, and push it somewhere, and get rid of 'em~! Maaaaaaaybeeeeee here~?” She squeezed on his length, causing his mind to go wild.
  192. Put it all there…
  194. Was he Bubble Berry? He thought she'd called him by another name but... did he want that name? He'd felt so good tonight, so much better than he'd ever been before. He felt his old name slipping away, prepared to leave him and yet he didn't chase after it.
  196. He wanted it gone.
  198. He pushed everything of the old him away. Old memories, school years he'd wasted, ex's who he didn't want to remember, parents who'd been taken away too soon, bosses who never gave a damn for his own well being. All of it went away, forced down by every thrust into Pinkie. His new cock twitched as he pushed it all away, feeling something new take its place. His friends, the bakery he'd worked, the town he threw parties for. Ever thrust brought him closer, going faster and faster. The pleasure grew and grew as he held back. He felt the heat and slickness from Pinkie, her moans and gasps the only thing that distracted him. He felt something growing inside him, a pleasure burning up in his crotch, a pressure he couldn't hold back.
  200. He was Bubble Berry.
  202. He climaxed hard, with Pinkie quickly following suit. His normally straight hair poofed up, resembling Pinkie's. He felt revealed as the two panted, laying in their own juices. His mind was finally clear. He was a pony. And as far as he knew, he'd always been one! The hyperactive, super happy, party colt Bubble Berry. A huge grin spread across his face, seemingly there to stay. Before he could dwell on this any longer, he felt Pinkie pick herself off of him, already bouncing happily.
  204. “Come on Bubble, You have to come meet my friends!” Both flashed a huge grin to each other as they hopped off to Ponyville, leaving some human’s old apartment behind.
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