Nov 16th, 2013
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  1. Well... You write that as long as they cover their private parts with something, you're okay with her setup.
  3. “Of course, that's why I asked Sanae to bring her swimsuit,” She smiles. “Although I'll be happy if you don't mind if we all enjoy the hot water without any clothes though-”
  5. “Lady Suwako!” Sanae glares, her face turns red.
  7. “Jeez, chill Sanae. I know, I know... I can't please everyone. Just saying my thoughts.” She flies out from the stone bathhouse. “At least we have our picnic.”
  9. Sanae sighs and walks out with you to the-
  11. “Stop right there Sanae.” Kanako holds both of you. “Try to carry Nobu using the wind to the side of the lake, now.”
  13. “Eh!? But-”
  15. “There's a lot of water for him if you mess it up,” Kanako crosses both of her hand. “Come on, you don't want to carry him on your back all the time, do you?”
  17. She turns her eyes to you, indirectly asking for your permission. Sure, why not? Sanae sighs.
  19. “Stand still Nobu, I need to concentrate,” Sanae orders. Okay... The wind starts to surround and lift you. Different from Kanako's wind, Sanae's feels... wobbly.
  21. “Increase the pressure...” Kanako guides. Your body is slowly lifted by the wind upwards... “Now, move him forward using the same technique.”
  23. You can feel the wind change its direction-
  25. *Whooosh!*
  27. The wind spins your body around. Urgh... You feel really want to puke...
  29. “Lady Kanako, I- I'm losing control of him!”
  31. “Stabilize the flow! Lower the press-”
  33. *Whooosh!*
  35. The wind flings you out from the bath house into the lake.
  37. *Splash!*
  39. -----
  41. “Uh huh, I'll go to the shrine again. Daddy said that I'll stay there a bit longer while he does his job...”
  43. You and the girl sits on the park bench, near your father and some other people, who're sitting under the cherry blossom right now.
  45. “Will you go with me? I don't want to be there alone...”
  47. You ask her where the shrine is, and tell her that you'll ask your dad if you can go with her.
  49. “Jeez, you already forget it? It's on Shimosuwa-”
  51. -----
  53. *Whooosh!*
  55. Brrr... You slowly open your eyes... And find yourself laying on Suwako's lap, shirtless, because it's wet. They didn't take off your wet pants though. You can see Kanako and Sanae on the other side of the lake, lifting a large stone with the wind.
  57. “Ah, you're awake,” Suwako caress your head. You try to lift your head, but her hands hold your head to her lap. “Relax Nobu, enjoy the cherry blossoms~ How about a snack?”
  59. She takes a lunchbox near her, and feeds you a rice ball. It also has a face on the top of it. You open your mouth, then she slowly shove it into your mouth. Hm... Delicious.
  61. “The rice ball is good, isn't it?”She also eats one of them. “Please forgive Sanae, she only followed Kanako's order to lift you up. I've already scolded Kanako and told her to train with some rocks first. For now, just enjoy the picnic, okay?”
  63. Uh... You can't enjoy it if she keeps your head on her lap. It's nice, but you want to do something more... fun.
  65. “Hey, Nobu... Do you mind, if you tell me more about your memories?” She puts the lunchbox aside. “I mean... You did regain some of them, right? Is it good that you want to pursue more?”
  67. Huh? You don't mind telling her all your past memories that you've gained, but what's with her words? It's only natural for someone to rediscover their past, right? You write your thoughts to her.
  69. “Well, maybe... But what will you do after you gain your memory?” She looks deeply through your eye. “Will you leave us and go back to your old life?”
  71. Probably so... Does she wants to keep you here? You did owe much to this shrine... But you also want to go back to your own previous life...
  73. “No Nobu, we help you because it's the right thing to do! We won't charge you or anything! Well, maybe Kanako will, but-” She covers her mouth. “Don't tell her what I said before, okay? Although we do have some tasks for you if you plan to stay. You see, those villagers down there, their technology is really... outdated compared to the outside world. Now, if we bring that technology to the people and shows them how it can improve their life...”
  75. Yeah, just like what Kanako said earlier. Speaking of which... You tell Suwako that when you walked down to Kappa's lake, Kanako told you to not tell the villagers that the Kappa helped you with the console or the villagers would distrust it. Nitori requested otherwise, so they would trust the Kappa more. You don't know which one to choose.
  77. “Hm...Well... I dunno, both of them have points...” She pats your cheek. “Do what you think is right, okay? Don't worry about Kanako, if you do have problems with her, just tell me, she won't dare mess with you as long as you're under my protection!”
  79. Suwako proudly pound her chest. Uh... Doing so probably will split the shrine, and that's not a good thing. If you have problems with Kanako, you'll probably either stay silent about it or tell her directly about it. Running away from a goddess seems like...a futile effort to achieve.
  81. “So... Will you tell me about your memories or not?” She asks again. Oh well, it seems you don't have any other choice...
  83. -----
  85. “Hmm.... Tell me more about this girl,” she gives the writing pad back. “I think its normal that your father appears often in your memory, but her? What's so special about her?”
  87. You wish you knew.... Maybe someone important in your life, maybe just one of your childhood friend, maybe she's one of your relatives, since both of her and your parents are close... The possibilities are too many. Oh, the photo that Yukari gave to you, better show it to her so she knows what this girl looks like.
  90. Crap, where is it? You start to search every inch of your body and your shirt. Goddammit, the only photo that links to your past...
  92. “Nobu? What's wrong?”
  94. You immediately tell her that Yukari gave you a photo related to your past some days ago, it's really important to you.
  96. “Hum... Sorry, I've never seen it before. Don't let it bother you, okay?” Suwako pulls your head back to her lap. “Nobu... I'm not saying that you shouldn't care about your past, but I think it'll be better if you let it go. I mean, why do you struggle for something that you don't know? Mostly you only recall your childhood memories, what if your recent past was not as good? What if your mind unconsciously repressed your memories because it's so bad that your past self didn't want to remember it? Don't forget your condition when we found you: Full of wounds. Are you [i]really[/i] sure that you want to remember that memory?”
  98. Urgh... It will be unpleasant to remember, but you have to if you want to know what actually happened to you. Why does she worry so much about it? It's your memory, right?
  100. “Doesn't mean that I can't be worried about it, you're part of this shrine after all.” She caress your cheek. “Look, I won't stop you if you want to pursue your past, I just don't want you to suffer and regret the memories that you'll gain.”
  102. You can't decide if the words coming out from her mouth are because of her good will or her intention to keep you in this place... Whatever, you don't feel like talking to her about it again...
  104. []Sleep. The serene sky and the falling cherry blossom petals are really making you more relaxed than before...
  105. []Get away from Suwako and help Sanae with her training, since your body is already wet anyway...
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