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  1. really important H A C H I S H A K U S A M A
  2. 'the eight-foot tall woman
  3. brings death...'
  7. T O K Y O - P E R S O N A L  D E T A I L S
  9. FULL NAME; Ahn Hyani.
  11. ー HANI - "Because you're sweet as honey babe."
  12. Hoseok calls her this the moment she and him exchanged names. Hyani couldn't understand it, but whenever this word rolls of his tongue, Hyani always finds herself captivated, intrigued yet a touch of curiosity and excitement sparks inside her. She just couldn't understand why.
  14. ー YANI - "Yani~"
  15. Now this nickname is what makes her heart melt. The girls and her siblings call her this and it makes her utterly soft. Usually, the girls, Taemi and Jinhyun call her this when they want something etc. Hyani really doesn't mean to spoil people but she believes that they deserve all the best. But, they also use this nickname when they coo at her or tease at her or whine adorably.
  17. BIRTHDAY; 13/09/95
  18. FACE CLAIM; _lim_oo in ig.
  20. birthplace; Toronto, Canada.
  21. nationality; Canadian.
  22. ethnicity; Korean.
  24. parents status; Both are alive.
  25. siblings ; She has two siblings. A she - Ahn Taemi, who is 7 years old and Ahn Jinhyun, a he - who is 16 years old.
  27. O S A K A - T R I V I A  A N D  F A C T S
  30. Hyani is like the fresh summer breeze caressing your cheek, the comforting smell of fresh rain as the sun comes down to show itself once more to brighten up people's day before nightfall, the feeling of swaying around a field of gently dancing lavenders in late afternoon. She is a soft-spoken person and a generous soul, willing to help anyone in need. Yet her soft side makes her weak. Hyani sees the good in people before the bad. Which is why it is easy for her to be taken advantage of. Yet, her sweet and slick way of talking helps her out at times. She is capable of gently coaxing others and is a wonderful persuader. Perhaps her biggest downfall is being selfless and the willingness to help others. Even if she ends up at a disadvantage, the well-being of others is her main concern. Her selflessness can get her into situations that aren’t beneficial to herself, but regardless she feels like it’s the right thing to do and continues to act on the argument of “it’s the right thing to do.” She sometimes puts the happiness and wellbeing of others before her own, neglecting her own feelings as long as those around her are happy. Hyani's absolute number one fatal flaw is honesty. She was never a good liar and doesn't have the ability to be fake. People can tell she is lying because she always looks down or avoids their intense gazes. Is also good at being versatile. She is familiar with many things. Considering that she is extremely flexible physically as well as mentally. Also adds the fact that she lived in a cultural life before she had moved. Can also adapt to most things easily. She  adapts in ease in order to fit in a situation or circumstance better. Despite everything, Hyani wants to be strong all the time. She does. But it is just that her heart and brain collide that it comes to a point where it gets in the way and suddenly, life is a lot more overwhelming than it used to be.
  33. - BADMINTON - it's an easy and fun sport to play.  
  34. - VIOLIN - She plays the violin on her free time, the melody soothes her when she is stressed.  
  35. - MUSIC - Is the biggest Krnb and Khiphop bitch you'll ever meet.
  36. - SKETCHING/DRAWING - I guess this kind of developed when her sister, Taemi would always request paper dolls or just over all colouring together.
  40. OVERSIZED JUMPERS | They’re comfy af and would always feel like you’re being hugged all the time uwu.
  42. ICED COFFEE | Prefers cold coffee more since she could drink it right away. Also doesn’t burn her tongue the moment she takes a tiny sip.
  44. MUSIC | Listening to music, especially Krnb is music to soothe the soul.
  46. CUDDLES | Cuddle sessions for days, Hyani is a big softie when it comes to long comforting hugs.
  48. SENTIMENTAL THINGS | From words to items, it will literally hit her heart and will fall head over heels for you since she gets soft hearted when it comes to these things.
  50. TRENDY CLOTHES | Not gonna lie, Hyani has some sense of fashion too. She adores the new things haha.
  52. ROMANTIC MOVIES | A total hopeless romantic. Aspires those cliché love stories to happen to her as well. Her imagination runs wildt
  54. ODOR  | I mean. . .you really wanna smell stank? Fuck outta here if you smell stank because Hyani will go batshit. She has a sensitive nose. Ironic this issue doesn't affect her when others, and even herself wears perfume.
  56. LIARS | Hates the fact people aren’t honest with her. Sure, Hyani is the type to forgive, but never forget. Is capable of holding grudges if the lie is that big and hurtful. Hyani hates it the most when you break her trust.
  58. THUNDERSTORMS | Legit flinches everytime the loud angry sounds of thunder booms the dark sky. Hyani curls up into a fetus position as a comforting position.
  60. TOMATOES | Evil juiced uglies! oh my god don’t even get me started on the smell.
  62. WINTER | Sure, in the beginning it’s all cute n shit with the fluffy looking snow. . .but when mid January hits it’s all brown, muddy, yucky snow and fULL OF THOSE EVIL BLACK ICE THAT ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.
  64. GETTING RIDICULED | Hates being ridiculed from others overall. It makes her feel small.
  66. GETTING SICK | Hyani hates it when she looks weak, she feels the need to stay strong for her fellow members who she considers as family
  70. People admire her for her honesty and selflessness.
  71. Hyani never hesitates to share and others can benefit from it as well. People ask Hyani for help because they are aware that she will be there. She is reliable and won't hesitate to drop things that she was currently doing just to help you. Well, if she was doing something really important of course she would hesitate but she will judge from how important the situation is for you to receive her attention.
  74. Hyani can become persistent. Even if you say you are fine and you can handle it yourself, she sometimes doesn't know the meaning of 'no.' This annoys some people but Hyani means all well and just wants to help at any chance she can. But she needs to know there are times when others mean it and can handle things on their own. Not everyone needs assistance Hani.  
  77. - Hyani most of the time doesn't hesitate to accept or say yes.
  78. - She's allergic to nuts so when others ask her if she has a boy in her life she says 'she's allergic to nuts.'
  79. - Uses profanity on a daily but her mouth instantly becomes holy when she is around children and elders. Only says it in front of her good friends or to herself etc.
  80. - One time, when Hyani was working at a cafe, she had once spilled coffee on a random dude and it happened to spill on his dick area. Hyani didn't realize it was that part so she started wiping it without knowing until the dude grabbed her hand. The girls always tease her for this.
  81. - Once broke her violin out of exasperation because she couldn't play the piece right. Didn't tell her parents because she would be in major trouble. Instead, she bought a new one with her own money. Which was why she works at a cafe.
  82. - Looks after her little sister frequently because both of her parents work day to night each day. She occasionally brings her to the cafe as well. Sometimes Hyani's brother, Jinhyun take turns to watch over Taemi but Hyani let's him have fun and more free time. She also says he has to use his freedom and study well.
  83. - Hyani attends Universty of Tokyo and is currently in her last final months before she graduates and receives her diplomas such as a bachelor's degree etc. She plans on becoming a pediatrician since she is good with children and enjoys the subject.
  84. - Hyani likes to bake brownies for herself at times
  85. - She likes cookies n cream because why not have cookies with ice cream together
  86. - Thinks that whoever invented ice cream cake is a whole genius
  87. - She runs her hands through her hair a lot when she's stressed,,,which is like all the time
  88. - Scented candles for the win. Her favourite candle is cinnamon scented
  89. - Hyani throws things when she is in rage
  90. - Did I tell you she actually adores kids ?
  91. - Has a hand kink and daddy kink oops.
  92. - Hyani cries and breaks down when things get too hard for her and she reaches her highest point of frustration or stress  
  94. Y O K O H A M A - L O S T  I N  J A P A N
  96. the girls are faced with many characters they only believed were present in urban legends. is your character afraid or is the light that leads the girls?;
  98. Hyani is an overall cry baby. She can't even stand to watch horror movies because she wouldn't be sleeping for days. She overthinks a lot which causes her to stress even more. Add to that, she hates to admit she is a coward. Tends to lowkey be fearful, occasionally lacks motivation, self conscious, fears rejection as well as being sensitive to criticism. Hypocritical is the right word. Hyani covers it up with a facade of being smiley and care free once she is comfortable. But it does not help when she has social anxiety. Always jittery and feels quite nervous in social situations at first. Highly concerned that she will end up doing something embarrassing or humiliating, or that others will think very badly of her. She is an individual who is very self-conscious and constantly feels on stage, acting. Some days she wishes she could push all her emotions aside and live her life just on her terms. That way she wouldn’t constantly be second guessing herself. Hyani would not have to worry all the time if maybe what she said was wrong or if she had made someone upset unintentionally. Since of course, she is very honest. So no, she would be the one afraid. But, she will do her best to offer her assistance anytime.
  101. - KINDNESS -
  102. Is close to KINDNESS the moment they met. Well, in a way you could say. They don't speak a lot, but they do enjoy each other's company such as reading books next to each other or drinking drinks together around a relaxing atmosphere. When they do talk, it consists of Hyani being cuddly and KINDNESS tries to always push her away. KINDNESS loves it though not gonna lie. They have witty banters and Hyani considers KINDNESS as her sister. Sometimes their hangouts would consist of KINDNESS reading while Hyani is on her phone haha. KINDNESS helps Hyani with her studies sometimes when she struggles so she could pass and receive good grades. They're like chill and affectionate buddies.
  104. ENEMIES ;
  105. - ABSTINENCE -
  106. They're not really enemies but they just are not close you know? They get along with the dirty jokes but that's basically it. They can't seem to see eye to eye at almost anything. They bicker a lot which causes frustration from not only ABSTINENCE and Hyani, but the entire group as well. To sum it up, they can't agree on anything and always fight.
  108. do you mind if your character dies or gets injured?;
  109. I don't mind at all, i'd be a little sad but I would still support of course ! I can't wait to see what you have planned hun <3
  111. H I R O S H I M A - L O V E  I N T E R E S T S
  113. love interest; Jung Hoseok - GREED.
  114. backup love interest; Kim Namjoon - ENVY.  
  116. personality overview;
  117. Jung Hoseok is a snake. There, I said it. He is sly like a fox and a highly experienced coaxer. Quick on reasons and lies which is why he is extraordinary in the area of persuading and reasoning. You may call him a 'devil's enabler'. Hoseok is a two-faced man who has the ability to deceive many in order for him to benefit and gain. He is cunning and mischievious. Takes pride of his plentiful boxes of expensive collections and valuables. Hoseok on the outside is very bubbly, sweet and is willing to do anything for you. If of course you give something back to him. Why does he do this ? Well he needs your trust of course ! Delightful to others who grant him anything he wishes. What does he do with all the things he receives and gets you may ask? Well, as a matter of fact, Hoseok is a huge hoarder. He just can't seem to let his valuables go. Since he is greedy, that means he is also needy. He loves attention and values validation. Hoseok can get possessive and touchy when he feels like it. Unlike Jimin, who is LUST, Hoseok knows how to control himself at times with his urges. But when Hoseok really wants it, he gets it. You can say he is dedicated or a total brat.
  119. hobbies and interests (at least two);
  120. - COLLECTING - Is a huge collector. From different types of stones (minerals) to bears, to jewelry etc he has at least one of everything. it is never enough for jung hoseok.
  121. - TECHNOLOGY - He likes the study of the advancements in technology. Also, he uses this interest to learn about more things about computers, phones etc for his hacking technics.
  122. - READING - Hoseok likes reading actually. Literacy calms him down and there is nothing wrong with a criminal sitting down for a good book is it not ?
  123. - DANCING - He does street dancing from time to time. Hoseok is self taught and has beaten many throughout his days in dance offs.
  125. likes and dislikes;
  126. - Absolutely loves to piss people off. He enjoys bothering Jimin or Taehyung the most. He does this with a big grin as well so how could anyone hate him ?
  127. - Likes to eat with others rather than alone. He just wants their company, but Hoseok doesn't share his food.
  128. - Likes hip hop music a lot. But also likes Rnb and classical.
  129. - Loves kimchi fried rice. With sprite ;)
  130. - Shops at Saint Laurent and the other expensive stores. What can I say? The man thrives for good quality.
  131. - Likes to scare others for giggles and fun.
  132. - Actually likes skinship such as holding hands, hugging etc.
  133. - Loathes coffee. He cannot even stand the smell.
  134. - Dislikes wrinkled clothing.
  135. - Also hates sharing. Would really rather not share.
  136. - Absolutely hates horror movies.
  137. - To be honest, Hoseok dislikes isolation.
  138. - Hates airplane rides because he gets sick easily.
  139. - Hoseok hates cold weather, he can't do much on those days because he cannot help but stay inside all day.
  141. people admire him because...;
  142. Well, of course people admire him. His facade is him showing others his sweet and euphoric self. He is the perfect man anyone could ask for. He shows himself as a smiley and kind person. Hoseok displays a nice and flamboyant man that others melt for. From gays to girls the list can go endless. Hoseok has overall a good reputation.
  145. He never pays them back! He asks or borrows huge amounts of money from them but he never owes them back. Hoseok has his ways of getting away somehow so others cannot find him. This year, Hoseok just started paying of his debts by using his parents' cards. He hacked into his parents' back account if you are wondering. Also, Hoseok can become an annoying prick. Well, at least Jimin thinks so. He's always Hoseok's main victim and target when it comes to teasing. He even does it with a great huge grin that Jimin wishes he could smack. But he respects his elder nonetheless haha.  
  148. - His thief or stage name is Jhope (yeet)
  149. - He can eat a whole lot but for some reason he doesn't get fat like what the fuck is up kyle
  150. - He sleeps only during the day. Doesn't sleep at night because that's when he goes to nightclubs, steals from others like shops etc.
  151. - Hoseok loves crowded and tight spaces. It's easier for him to steal from others rather than open space.
  152. - Adores animals actually. One time he couldn't resist adopting a dog. His name is Mickey and he lives with Hoseok.  
  153. - The night is his favourite part of the day since he can do his dirty deeds or sinning then.
  154. - He knows how to hack. He learnt at the age of 15.
  155. - Hoseok street dances from time to time when he feels like it.
  156. - It's his speciality to piss people off. He does this to others with a big huge grin though so how could anyone get mad at him ?
  157. - Profanity is this man's second language. Well, besides knowing english, korean, japanese, mandarin and a little french.
  158. - Did I tell you that this man loves the dark ?
  159. - Close with all of them but is more closer to Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin.
  160. - Owes a lot of people favours like owing money but he never returns it etc.
  161. - Hoseok barely ever asks the boys any favours because he knows how serious they are when it comes to those things. Also, it might cost him his prized possessions you know?
  162. - Besides stealing things, he loves to scam.
  163. - Has only gotten caught once of stealing because he forgot to bring gloves that time. Those were in his rookie days though, he had made sure to never make the same mistake again.
  164. - Actually lives for bdsm and has an unparalleled sex appeal.
  165. - He is actually very competitive and never backs down from anything if he gets some sort of prize in the end.
  166. - Has a praise kink.
  167. - Highly dislikes horror movies. Would shit his pants because Jeongguk watches it anytime at any day. The boys makes fun of him for it.
  168. - His parents are loaded so he occasionally steals- more like hack, into his parent's bank account/s
  169. - He actually treasures the boys.
  172. Of course not, i think it would make the story more interesting. it adds more thrill and excitement to attract the readers you know ? mystery and cliffhangers is a major yes! I hope others don't kill me for agreeing oops
  174. K Y O T O - S I G N I N G  O F F
  176. ANYTHING TO ADD ; Her background !
  178. Ahn Hyani was born on the 13th of September, 1995. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada until the age of 10 years old. Hyani had moved to Seoul then because of her Grandmother's poor condition. Her parents, more like her Father, had begged her Mother if they could move just to see and spend the remaining time and last moments with his Mother. And so, Hyani and her family immigrated and has lived in Seoul for 7 years. On Hyani's 17th birthday, her Grandmother had a sudden heart attack and was rushed to the hospital at 10 PM. She had sadly passed away at 1 AM in the night. Her family was utterly devastated. Hyani's Grandmother was her everything since her parents were rarely home. Even though her Father said they'd move so he could spend all his time with his Mother.
  180. Hyani's Grandmother wished to be buried in Tokyo, Japan so she could be one with the cherry blossoms. Hyani had never wondered why but that was what her Grandmother would always used to say. When Hyani's family stayed in Tokyo, her parents fell in love with the place instantly. Which is why they decided to relocate and left their life behind in Seoul. In result, Hyani ended up learning more japanese and ended up finishing her last year of high school in Japan. Who is now currently in her last couple of months of university ready to graduate. As for her siblings, they too went to the schools in Japan as well.
  182. MESSAGE TO YOU; yOO what's good i'm lizzi, the urban legend i picked is the 'slit mouthed woman'. I think she is called the 'Kuchisake-onna'. Also, it's okay love! Please take your time and don't be pressured. This applyfic seems very intriguing so I can't wait to see what you have planned love! Have great day as well and take care sis ! let's be friends as well <33
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