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  1. Landed on Bothawui, followed intel of the murdered agents on the ground. Upon arrival, we discovered the assassin, a Cathar woman named Thashex, who had recently attempted to murder agent Raist Har’let with a substance known as Trihexilon, or Dragons Breath; an extremely toxic susbatnce. However, the murder was prevented by a bystander who jumped in front of the agent to save his life.
  3. Our search led us to a man named Vash Luce, a Balosaur, who purchased the ship in which Thashex and her partner, who was un-named at the time, Ten Menzor. However, before we were fully able to question Vash about the ship Thashex appeared before us and used her lightsaber to stab him in the chest. She employed a force power in which she was able to teleport from location to location, seemingly able to go through solid objects.
  5. We boarded the ship they arrived on. The terminals had been scrubbed clean, but we encountered Vashs’ correspondent, Tylee Min, who was positive they had just encountered Vash only minutes earlier. The shape-changer scrubbed the ships’ comuters after taking the form of Vash, and sedated Ms. Min.
  7. Meanwhile, Thaeka Mor’Bid was reported to have been aboard the command ship above Bothawui, and we determined the agents were being assassinated as they landed to make reports, so we made haste to try and save her. Once aboard and confirmed the agent safe, the Sith who had snuck aboard the ship enacted their plan. Thashex and her troops had boarded the ship in order to sabotage it from the inside to weaken the fleet support above the planet.
  9. We managed to take Thashex into custody and after a brief (unfruitful) interrogation we placed her in carbonite, sending her to Coruscant where she could be monitored safely. Thaeka and Raist’s intel suggested the fleet above Manda was a trap to lure Bothwui’s defense fleet away.
  11. Once back on the ground, we attempted to find the mole inside Republic Secret Intelligence Services, with ex-lord Sielbh finding information that 5 years prior a biometric data was added and the previous biodata deleted. As we narrowed in on our mole, the head of the droid GG-88 exploded in a flash grenade type explosion and the mole, disguised as Tryn Tu’An, made their escape taking the form of Teska Mor’Bid.
  13. An elderly man appeared on the holocom, the Sith “Lord”, Maurelok, specifically to threaten us. Shortly after exiting the building, Ten and an escaped Neshid fled in an ambulance with an unidentified Twi’lek male and a bystander with an injured leg. After a brief chase, Ten was apprehended. We raced back to RSIS Headquarters where Udeth Mor’Bid, leader of the RSIS, was cornered and near death. He would have been dead without Sielbh’s quick medical response.
  14. As we cleared the building for any more Sith operatives, we discovered a proton bomb that would have leveled the entire building and destroyed the archives. Seyley managed to disarm it safely.
  16. We returned to the command ship to drop off Ten when ‘Lord’ Maurelok reappeared, wishing to speak directly with Devron Seyley. The reasoning is still unclear, as Seyley is adamant about not having any connection to this man, however he seemed quite eager to kill him. Extreme caution should be taken as while we are unsure of he’s capable of.
  17. After questioning Ten Menzor, it’s revealed that she’s unstable, possibly due to the prolonged lifestyle of living as Tryn Tu’An and also likely mental and physical abuse from the Sith themselves.  However, she did not seem entirely willing to work for the Sith and aided us with information on various Republic agents held captive.
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