Jainna outline.

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  1. Jainna Outline for new people:
  3. This assumes you know basics of all mechanics, like requirements to be next to players not to be frozen, etc.
  5. P1:
  7. 1) Stay either with ranged or melee group, when called to cheat towards certain side of the boat to bait fire, do so.
  9. 2) Frontal blasts are sometimes cast towards range group, avoid these.
  11. 3) Reset your stacks with fire consistently, they do a lot of dmg on mythic. When it goes dark at 100 blizzard energy you will get bunch of stacks reset during this, or at the very least right after blizzard ends.
  13. 4) If called to kill a certain ballista, kill it fast as ranged, otherwise don't touch them unless specifically asked to multidot them.
  15. 5) Avalanche runs down the side of the boats next to balistas according to the marker assigned to you. Just match the marker on your head with raid marker. If you go to the wrong side, its not end of the world, just run in sync with the other person. Avoid going forward towards tanks with Avalanche. Don't leave too early with Avalanche and at the end of it either use mobility or gateway to get back to the group to not get frozen. Running through fire also avoids being frozen but be careful of the fire dmg.
  17. 6) When clearing stacks or running be through fire, be quick. Fire damage stacks fast and can kill you fast.
  19. 7) Right before we push, clear your stacks and move towards the edge of the boat where bridge spawns and away from Jainna.
  21. Intermission:
  23. 1) Run down the tunnel hugging left wall.
  25. 2) A call will be made where Jainna is, and depending on the call and AA you'll know where to go. The raid will be split either 10/10, 13/7 or all 20 on same side.
  27. 3) If all 20 people are on one side move forward quickly, 1-2 gcds per image never stop moving.
  29. 4) 13/7 split means 13 side moves pretty quick, and the 7 side can take their time with the one image.
  31. 5) 10/10 Split means both sides need to move quickly but not too fast, make sure images actually die.
  33. 6) If you are assigned to interrupt an image always move ahead of group to get the kick as early as possible, but not for too long and too far to not get frozen for being isolated.  Usually its safe to kick image 2 as we start dpsing image 1, and image 4 as we starts dpsing 3.
  35. P2:
  37. 1) Stacked with raid pretty much full time.
  39. 2) Barrels are faster on mythic dont let the explosion kill you, but dont leave too early.
  41. 3) Coming out of intermission get broadsides onto the barrel close to us and bait glacial ray. If you are mobile get the far barrel next to the wall with a broadside, call out that you are doing it, so multiple people don't go. Ask for a grip if you need to avoid being frozen.
  43. 4) Don't dps barrel unless called for or you are assigned to it.
  45. 5) After first barrel explodes, second set of broadsides goes out, try to get a far barrel next to wall with this one if it wasn't broken already. This lines up with Icefall so beware of that and ask for grip if needed.
  47. 6) Follow the raid with all the moves, each ray is baited into the wall.
  49. 7) Siege-breaker get out of the group but not too early. Stay 5-10 yards to the side of the group to indicate where you are planning to go, wait till 3 seconds until its going to blow up then move away as far as you can and then back into raid before you get frozen.
  51. 8) After second avalanche cast of the phase we move to final barrel which is often done via a gateway.
  53. Wall Intermission:
  55. 1) Pretty simple, dps what you are assigned and use cds you are assigned.
  57. 2) After wall breaks dps Nathanos, breaking him out quickly is important. When he is at 20% cancel Lust, this will be called.
  59. 3) Don't hit people with Heart of Frost.
  61. 4) Kick elemental if assigned.
  63. P3:
  65. 1) Kick Elemental if assigned.
  67. 2) Heart of Frost get out fast, stay  close enough to not get frozen but don't tick anyone. HoF should stay behind the group mostly.
  69. 3) Everyone get into first frozen orb and no one get into second one.
  71. 4) Move once to avoid Glacial ray from both Jainna and her image.
  73. 5) Pump.
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