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May 9th, 2017
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  1. - MEM is much faster than ME3Explorer. ALOT ME3 takes 6-10 hours to install with ME3Explorer. Less than an hour with MEM, on SSD.
  2. - Some textures simply won't install in ME3Explorer (textures a 2x1 resolution ratio, eg 4096x2048).
  3. - ME3Explorer is prone to crashing when installing all of ALOT at once. MEM has no such issues.
  4. - MEM supports an installer mode that greatly simplifies the installation process and reduces user error.
  5. - ME3Explorer has issues with ATI2_3Dc norms. It swaps the channels of this format.
  6. - Mipmaps (MIPs) are smaller versions of textures, used to optimize performance. The vanilla game files contain a number of "empty" mipmaps (null pointers).
  7. ME3Explorer ignores them. This causes the so-called Aquarium glitches, that plague eg the plants in the cabin's aquarium.
  8. MEM removes them, thus fixing the issue.
  9. - TextureGroups (TGs) are used to categorize textures into groups (hence the name). Each group has a given Min and Max resolution that it is allowed to render at in-game.
  10. ME3Explorer sets all modded textures to the same TG (Shadowmap), which has by default a Max resolution of 4096 pixels.
  11. MEM keeps the original TG of the textures, and instead modifies the INI file so that all TGs have a Max resolution of 4096.
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