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  1. We are using less paper nowadays than we used in the past. After all, we are consuming media online; we think before we print, we opt for digital bills and bank statements. But the digital revolution has also contributed much to the growth of the paper industry. The digital revolution has also been useful to the paper industry. With every new technological advance, the amount of information has multiplied, and the volume of paper has also risen as well. Paper remains the best, and the most cost-effective and most prevalent way to view and store many kinds of information, from novels to transaction records to catalog. Most of the technology advances in the areas of printing, distribution, display and storage have had an enormous effect on the volumes of different grades of paper. Some applications actually offer opportunities for increased use of paper, and other cause changes in demand in different grades of paper. These trends also include opportunities as well as threats, and total demand for printing and writing papers continues to rise.
  2.         We might be using less paper in offices and buying fewer newspapers because we are reading them online now. But you are ordering more online. The stuff you buy on the internet has to be transported to home, and it is sent in packaging made out of wood fibers. So, that is one of the key reasons the pulp and paper is a growing industry. Nowadays, 95% of the raw material used in the paper industry is coming from plantations. Writers are the creators and writers can also be called as the heart of a company because it is a writer’s responsibility to write my paper into a flawless original essay in the field of studies. Millions and millions of trees would not exist if it is not for the pulp and paper industry, because no one would be planting millions of trees just for fun. Without the paper industry, the environment would look much worse than how it is today. One very exciting thing is to hope that in maybe five or six years, we will see carbon fibers made out of tree fibers in the market. It will completely revolutionize the industry itself. Firstly, it will be much cheaper than carbon fibers made out of oil. Secondly, the raw material will be available beyond the next ten, twenty, thirty years. And finally, it is a completely sustainable product. So we can assume that paper will last for few more years and can hope to last forever by planting more trees.
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