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  1. Dear Bridgers community,
  3. My name is JumNyum. I’ve been playing this game called The Bridge ever since it was released to PTR, and it has been a game I’ve poured hours upon days upon weeks into. It’s something I can safely say I’m good at- not the best, but good enough to stand the test of time. I’ve been on the leaderboard for most of my time playing as well, and that’s kept me motivated to continue my time on the server.
  5. On that fateful day I matched up against arkCat, and he invited me to the first Bridgers guild. I fell in love with the amazing community that resided among the toxic hypixel culture- It felt like a lucky break from the chaotic and tense aura around the immense growth of bedwars, skywars, and duels that seemed to bring the worst out of people.
  7. I met amazing personalities like Kiran, Oliver, Atrin, Lynx, Nathan, British, Ratfood, Caden (4G), and honestly too many more to list out. It was refreshing, and it grew quickly to be my favorite hobbies and pass time. I had a lot of good laughs, tons of fun games, and it felt like for the first time in a while, I had truly found a good competitive community in hypixel.
  9. Even through the multiple guilds we burnt through, things stuck out and a lot of us remained friends. Eventually, even after I left the small, remaining friend group that had dispersed from Bridgettes, I was eventually re-introduced to the community when the game finally released to duels- and a new era of Bridge began.
  11. As I kept playing, through Overpass and Bridgers v2 both, I noticed nothing ever felt the same. Due to the growing exposure of the game as ranked matches became a staple of skill and the more casual competitive experience faded into obscurity the game grew progressively more unenjoyable. The toxic community filled with horrible personalities and scummy cheaters grew more and more prevalent until the oldest and most recognizable faces of what once was the bridge community either left, began to cheat their way to victory, or fade into obscurity, only to be remembered by veteran players like myself.
  13. I’ve grown tired of committing my time and energy to something that doesn’t give back what it once did. The genuine community of supportive people that I remember is no more, and all that I see remaining are a few familiar faces surrounded by a sea of terrible duels personality.
  15. I mark this as my official resignation from not the game, but associating with the community. You might see me on one day, and hell, I might un-retire and return to being in a bridge guild. But until I feel like the community makes a turn for the better I’m marking my official quitting point as of now.
  17. I wish everyone luck in their games, and thanks for a great experience.
  19. -Jum
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