HM:StH NG+ Cake Contest Notes

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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. NG+ Cake Contest Notes
  3. [Updated 18 Apr 2020]
  6. - 1 weed
  7. - 10 Golden Eggs
  8. - 1 Golden Milk
  10. SPRING
  11. - Spring 2: Intro then gift Katie at the Lake
  12. - Spring 3: Gift intro Gina outside Ronald's with Golden Egg, then gift/talk Katie at the Lake.
  13. - Reset if more than two rainy non-Mondays.
  14. - Gift/talk Katie everyday except Monday, skipping any rainy day. After the third interaction, wait outside the cafe until noon, then enter to trigger the first custcene.
  15. - Get the recipe from the bookcase upon returning home that night.
  16. - The next time you would gift Katie, don't gift her outside, wait until noon to trigger the recipe cutscene instead. Then gift/talk Katie inside the cafe.
  17. - If you got 0 rainy non-Mondays up to the 13th, sleep once so that your 11th gift is Spring 14. Otherwise, it will already Spring 14 or 15.
  18. - On the day of your 11th gift to Katie, go to the Villa to trigger the book cutscene, then head back to the cafe to give Katie the book at noon. Wait at the Goddess Pond until she appears for the Moondrop Dew cutscene.
  19. - The next day, give Katie both the remaining Golden Egg and the Golden Milk. Wait until noon, then enter the cafe to trigger the second failed cutscene, responding "No" to Katie's question. Exit and re-enter to trigger the completed cake cutscene.
  20. - Sleep for a week, then exit your house to finish the ending.
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