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  1. Dear eRepublikans,
  3. For the first time I am writing an article in English .And this is not without a proper reason.It's been 3 years since the establishment of an alliance, better to say a tree of friendship where every country is equal to the other ones, with equal rights and possibilities to vote. This game has changed a lot for 5 years since its establishment. Many alliances have risen up and fallen down, vanished from the World Map and left some or none memories on them. Every of them had had their own times when they rock 'n rolled the World, when their colors were on almost every region, before yet another Force rose up to fight them. That's what happened to PEACE.After a long period of "enslavement", European part of ATLANTIS banded together to form EDEN (European Defense and Economic Network).
  5. EDEN has been a family a family for all of us.Even in the period when my country was officialy "neutral".I think that most of the older players can remember our period of PTO threat from Serbia and the problems we faced then.National treasury empty, congress under reing of PTOers and lack of players that could help us. We found help, you guess where, in EDEN, even if we didn't ask them for help.With the help of EDEN players, mostly Polish and Spanish players, which aren't now unfortunately part of our family, our country was safe and we could continue our own rise. My country is currently at position no.10 by daily damage in EDEN countries, which isn't a lot compared with other countries in it.We've passed good and bad times, times when we were just a drain or buffer zone between them and Serbia,times when we lead the attack on Serbia, which left them without congress.Everyone of us remembers such times,dozen hours without sleep,just to watch a new region being conquered or liberated.Every 'leaf' on the EDEN tree can remember this and we shouldn't let it happen that our 'leaves' fall down and disapper.Only we can prevent this happen. Every problem that we face can just make us stronger and tighten our relationship, our friendship. I suppose that most of you have heard about another problem our alliance is facing.This article isn't about criticizing nor judging their acts. This article is just my way to support our EDEN in this rough times when it's up to us will our family survive or disappear.Everyone of us is a 'leaf' on our tree, everyone is a part ouf our circle of friendship and everyone of us can support our EDEN in these times.I think EDEN has deserved this. Dear readers, please shout and vote up this,so that more people can see this and help us.
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