Mikey's SNC ideas [3/29/15]

mikey76500 Mar 29th, 2015 (edited) 32 Never
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  1. Idea #1: Storyline. Game needs one.
  3. I know, Adrian, I know; it's way better and easier [for some reason I still don't understand] to make the game first and worry about the story later, but, an impasse has been crossed concerning it, and I think it needs bringing up. Consider that you now control your own destiny considering the Galaxy Council, since [Duo, Slur, Trill, Planet Man and Cosmo Man to the side], You control who the 4 missing replacements are, and can add additional ones at your leisure.
  5. Putting a storyline in place will also make decisions easier in terms of bosses; Who's mandatory? Who's optional, Who's supposed to be easier? Who's supposed to be more difficult? Who should be fought once? Who should be fought 4 times? Who should e a boss? who should be a SUPERboss?, etc.
  7. Speaking of the Galaxy Council.....
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  11. Idea #2: Designs for the new Galaxy Council.
  13. At some point, I recommend that a staff-only Legacy Chat takes place that discusses possible future designs for our Galaxy Council replacements. Seeing as the Galaxy Council will be major enemies in this game, their secrets and designs shouldn't be spilled to EVERYONE. Only staffers would be allowed at these meetings to properly flesh out who the GC should be. With the staffers likely to have played the game, and likely know it inside and out, they'd be the perfect candidates for input on not just the Council's designs, personalities and fighting style, but on the Council in general.
  15. Speaking of Staff.....
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  19. Idea #3: Prototype needs a restaffing in the worst way.
  21. Nearly 1/2 the current staff listed on Prototype's Credits page haven't logged into Prototype in MONTHS. Now, I understand that you have your Adrians and your Bosses and your Rhythms and Spinstrikes that are busy programming and spriting and planning, etc., but, at least these 4 log into Prototype on at least a SEMI-regular basis. As far as I'm concerned, anyone outside of Adrian that hasn't logged into Prototype anytime in the last 3 months should NOT still be holding a Moderator status at Prototype; If you up and disappeared from your actual real life job for 3 months, you wouldn't have one when you got back, now, would you?
  23. Let the past moderators have their credits and thank yous; their work can still be appreciated, but, at some point, Adrian needs people that are actually, you know.....HERE. I say that if nominations must be made, we can make them, but, the final words on replacements should be left squarely on existing staffers only; Adrian, Boss, Spin and Rhythm would know who best fits the job description, after all, since THEY'VE fit the job description for a long time. Leave the difficult [or IS it?] parts to them.
  25. Speaking of Difficult.....
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  29. Idea #4: Normal and Difficult.
  31. The idea of the game having diff levels has been tossed around quite a bit. I personally feel as though the game shouldn't need any difficulty levels if it's being done right, with the proper learning and difficulty curves. However, if difficuly levels MUST be made, I suggest going in the direction of the original NES titles--Normal and Difficult. Nothing more. In the NES titles, Difficult basically meant that all enemies took half the damage from weapons and weaknesses that they would in Normal difficulty. You could play around with values [not just HP, BP and turn caps] that'll give veteran players some challenge.
  33. I still maintain that the game doesn't NEED difficulty levels, though.
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  37. Idea #5: Only the NES RM's [MM's 1-6] should be mandatory [at least, for now].
  39. Trying to force the entirely of the RM lineup into this game as MANDATORY enemies is going to kill Adrian.
  41. May I suggest that, for now, at least, we try to focus on only including the RM's from MM1-6 as MANDATORY enemies. If the need exists to inclue MM's 7 or 8's RM's, then, do so, but, for now, a cutoff point for mandatory enemies should exists so that with have the best game possible while also making sure that it's creator doesn't die from exhaustion.
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