Dugtrio% (Red)

Exarion Dec 15th, 2018 (edited) 120 Never
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  1. The route:
  2. - Get Body Slam
  3. - Can do everything after Slowpokes in red bar (~80% RS range on Gyarados)
  4. - Possible candy to L35
  5. - Can do Celadon Center early to survive Gyarados
  6. - Get Rock Slide
  7. - Do early Koga? Then you can OHKO Silph Gyarados with crit RS and save several turns in setup/healing
  9. Lance:
  10. - Get L55 and near-perfect HP and Special
  11. - Hydro Pump barely doesn't kill after an X Special
  12. - Stall for a miss, then 2HKO with Rock Slide (badge boost essentially guarantees)
  13. - Use 2 X Attacks (and maybe an X Acc)
  14. - Full Restore as necessary
  15. - 2HKO the Dragonite (Hyper Beam and Agility can be risky)
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