Mottraye's Planterran Overhaul

Nov 18th, 2019
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  1. Planterrans Expanded
  3. Planterran [V+21] [F -50%/ C -50%/ E 50%/ A 50%]
  5. All Planterrans are [Photosynthetic]
  6. *All Planterrans double their natural Stamina, MP and HP regen while in direct sunlight, but halve their regen while in darkness.
  7. *As long as a Planterran gains the benefits of photosynthesis, they do not need to eat and cannot starve.
  8. *A Planterran that has gone 24 hours without direct sunlight loses all Regen, until they spend atleast an hour in sunlight.
  9. *In addition, Dendroforms and Anthroflora have additional requirements to meet. If these needs are not met every 24 hours, they lose access to all regen until those needs are satisfied.
  11. All Planterrans have the following traits:
  13. DO NOT APPLY UNTIL HETEROMORPHS WITH SIMILAR IMMUNITIES ARE RELEASED*[Plant Immunities]: Are immune to Critical Hits, Polymorph, Disease, Poison, and Mental Status effects
  14. *Have natural weapons
  15. *Nature casting (Wis or Con)
  19. Additionally, choose between Pteridomorph, Dendroform and Anthroflora
  20. *Pteridomorphs gain ML +5 and CL +10, and Immunity to Critical Hits
  21. Gain [Primeval Senses]
  22. *Dendroforms gain ML +10 and CL +5, and are immune to passive detection when standing still in a forest swampland environment.
  23. Gain [Forest Folk]
  24. *Anthrofloras gain ML +0 and CL +15, and can perform a supernatural action to inflict [Confuse] on targets.
  25. Gain [Psychotropic Hemovore]
  27. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  28. Advanced forms:
  29. [Requires level 40]
  31. > Shambling Moss [ML+5 CL+5] [Requires Pteridomorph and Swim 30+]
  32. * Can Breathe underwater indefinitely
  33. * Can rapidly regenerate lost limbs, constitution is considered 2x higher
  34. * Reroll failed Climbs and Grapples
  36. > Death Vine [ML+10] [Requires Pteridomorph and Grapple 30+]
  37. * Natural Weapons secrete a Poison DoT
  38. * Can breathe a cone of noxious fumes that applies a Poison DoT, once every 4 hours
  39. * Can Grapple a Target to inflict Poison DoT damage
  41. > Dryad [CL+5 and ML+5] [Requires Dendroform and Stealth 30+]
  42. * Know how to Sneak Attack to deal increased damage to target who have not detected them.
  43. *Dryads can phase through non-magical plants, and any plants created or manipulated with magic of 4th tier or lower, allowing them to conceal themselves in plants of their size and move through underbrush without impediment.
  44. * Natural Weapons deal additional Acid damage
  46. > Treant [ML+10] [Requires: Dendroform and vitality 50+]
  47. *Know how to use Ranged Weaponry (Notably Thrown Boulders).
  48. *Are huge in size; Strength and Constitution are considered 2x higher, but Dexterity is considered 2x lower
  49. *Are twice as hard to Knock Out or Stagger
  51. > Alraune [CL+10] [Requires Anthroflora and Deception 30+]
  52. *While remaining motionless in Forest or Swampland Environment, Mana Regeneration is Enhanced
  53. *Can Perform an Action to inflict a Target with [Charm] or [Fascination] Mental Status Effects
  54. *Natural weapons inflict deep bleeding, inflicting [Sap] on a critical hit.
  56. > Mandragora [ML+5 CL+5] [requires Anthroflora and and the ability to Deal Increased Damage to Targets that have not Detected them]
  57. *Can shriek once every hour to inflict damage and [Deaf] on all character’s within an AOE; damage is increased against character's that have not detected the Mandragora
  58. *Possess darkvision
  59. *Are small in size, considering their [Strength] as ½, but treating their [Dexterity] as 2x
  61. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  62. Prestige Classes
  63. [Require level 70]
  65. >> Kelpie [ML +5] [Requires Shambling Moss]
  66. *Can take on the form of Humanoids or Beasts as long as they are at least partly submerged
  67. *Characters grappled by a Kelpie are supernaturally drowned, inflicting [Sap] on targets that require air to breathe; if they are already underwater, the damage is doubled
  69. >> Lurker [CL +5] [Requires Shambling Moss]
  70. * While remaining motionless in Forest or Swampland Environment become Invisible to Perception passive Detection
  71. * While remaining motionless in Forest or Swampland Environment Mana Regeneration is Doubled
  73. >> Viper Root [ML +5] [Requires Death Vine]
  74. *Gain a burrow speed, and can move stealthily through soil as fast as they can move on land.
  75. *Gain Tremorsense our to 60ft, detecting nearby enemies that are in contact with the ground
  77. >> Moonflower [+5 ML] [Requires Death Vine]
  78. *Have a 360o gaze attack that inflicts [Fascinate], and can shed an aura of light equivalent to a torch
  79. *Can convert slain humanoids into “Pod People” planterran minions, with an effective level equal to half the victim’s level.
  82. >> Medusoid [CL +5] [Requires Death Vine]
  83. * Natural Weapons and breath attack have a chance to inflict Petrification
  84. * Breath attacks have a chance of Ignoring a Target's Resistances
  86. >> Spriggan [CL+5] [Requires Dryad]
  87. * Can Perform an Action to restore Vitality and remove a Mental Status Effect on a Target
  88. * Can issue simple commands to Beast and Plant NPCs
  90. >> Kodama [+5 CL] [Requires Dryad]
  91. *Timeless nature of seasons mean Kodama do not age, and are immune to [Stop] and [Death]
  92. *1/day can rapidly age a living target with a touch supernatural action, inflicting [Doom] and [Slow]
  95. >>Witchweed [ML +5] [Requires Dryad]
  96. *When inflicting damage with their natural weapons, drain some stamina from the target and add it to your own.
  97. *Unaffected by all negative effects of magically created and manipulated plants, and are selectively immune to the racial abilities of other [Planterrans] and all Nature Magic of 7th Tier or Below
  99. >> Treant King [CL +5] [Requires Treant]
  100. *Can create a small Forest Environment at surrounded location, once every 72 hours
  101. *When making an attack or spell, can treat a single tree within a long range as the source of the spell or attack
  103. >> Whip Wood [ML+5] [Requires Treant]
  104. *Reactions martial arts have their cooldowns and stamina costs halved.
  105. *Have significant reach, and can attack in a 360 degree arc.
  107. >> Coal Treant [CL+5] [Requires Treant]
  108. *Project an aura of Immunity to Fire and Physical Status resistance to self and friendly Planterrans, and increases [Burning] damage to enemies that scales with the plant life and number of planterrans in the area
  109. *Can perform an action to apply [Burning] to all enemies
  111. >> Shrieking Nightshade [ML+5] [Requires Mandragora]
  112. *When inflicting [Confusion] on a target, have a 50% chance to inflict [Insanity] instead; this becomes 100% if the target already has [Confusion]
  113. *Enemies made [Deaf] by your shriek also suffer [Stun].
  115. >> Homonculus Root [CL+5] [Requires Mandragora]
  116. *Upon ingesting atleast 1 unit of a character’s blood, gain access to up-to-date and detailed knowledge of that character for 1 week, including: inventory, Karma, classes abilities, present location, present form, affiliations, outgoing communications and present buffs/debuffs (including any hidden conditions).
  117. *While having knowledge of a character with the above ability, can redirect any single target spell, attack or effect to the known character; the Homonculus access to up-to-date and detailed knowledge as though a week had passed.
  119. >> Alraune Queen [CL +5] [Requires Alraune]
  120. *Can emit an Aura that restores the Vitality and grants Immunity to Cold for nearby Plants
  121. *Can issue simple commands to Plant NPCs, and Faefolk NPCs become a Summoner option
  123. >> Droseraune [ML +5] [Requires Alraune]
  124. *Can perform a grapple as an instant action once per minute. Can set this free grapple to trigger in response to certain conditions (eg hostile marked character in grapple range declares an action)
  125. *Grappled opponents receive an Acid DoT.
  126. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  128. [Primeval Senses]
  129. Pteridomorphs are a more primitive form of planterran, and are distinct from the more humanoid body plans of the other planterran subraces. They gain the advantage of a 360 FoV, can see in total darkness, cannot be blinded, and are immune to any attacks that target vision [flash-bangs, medusa gazes, etc].
  130. However, their lack of developed, humanoid eyes limits their standard vision range, meaning that beyond a certain range they gain a 25% miss chance with all spells and attacks and halve their perception ability, and posses a range beyond which they are effectively blind.
  131. > Basic Pteridomorphs have unimpeded vision out to 30ft, and can see blurrily out to 60ft.
  132. > [Death Vines] have sharper senses to aid them in hunting, with unimpeded vision out to 45ft, and blurry out to 90ft. However, they gain a dietary requirement, and must now eat meat or starve.
  133. > [Moonflowers] can [photosynthesis] with moonlight, but also require 6 hours of moonlight a week to retain access to photosynthesis. Amongst other things, this can make them vulnerable during some periods of the lunar cycle.
  134. > [Medusoids] require petrified flesh to survive. However, the petrified flesh can be of any age or provenance (although petrified flesh is relatively heavy).
  135. > [Viper Roots] gain Tremorsense out to 60ft, however their nature as an exposed root sets their racial [Acid] resistance to 0%.
  136. > [Shambling Moss] Have blind sense out to 15ft, thanks to communication with spores, but are now water dependent, and must be immersed once every 48 hours or lose the ability to regenerate health, stamina and mana.
  137. > [Kelpies] have double vision ranges and Blind sense to 30ft in water, but reduce their keen vision to 20ft and their blurry vision to 40ft while on land.
  138. > [Lukers] are keen ambush predators; all of their senses are doubled in range while remaining still, or merely drifting on a current; however, their vision ranges are halved when in movement
  140. [Forest Folk]
  141. Dendroforms have tough, treelike bodies that are resistant to damage.
  142. However, they are dependent upon trees for their physical health, and time spent away from their kin will harm them.
  143. > Basic Dendroforms must spend 10 minutes within 30ft of a tree, atleast once every 24 hours. If they do not do so, they lose the ability to regen. They have armour as strong as [light armour].
  144. > [Dryad] are bonded to a specific tree. If the dryad are more than 30ft away from that tree for 24 hours, the Dryad can no longer Regen unless they come within that range again. Dryads can choose a new tree once every 48 hours. A dryad can teleport back to their tree once every 24 hours.
  145. > [Witchweed] must ensure their trees are as solitary as they are; the time they spend with their designated tree only counts if there are neither other planterrans nor plants of within 30ft.
  146. > The bound tree of a [Kodama] is immortal. However, a [Koadama] can only designate a tree once every 168 hours.
  147. > [Treant] have natural armour as strong as Medium Armour. When a Treant does not come within 30ft of atleast 3 trees simultaneously for 24 hours, they lose regen until they do so.
  148. > [Coal Treants] Must inhale smoke form burning plant life once every 24 hours; on the plus side, plant life survives the process thanks to their aura, although this is terrible for stealth.
  149. > [Treant Kings] can use their created trees to satisfy this ability, however they must spend 1 hour within 30ft of atleast 6 trees to satisfy the requirements for photosynthesis.
  152. [Psychotropic Hemovore]
  153. Anthroflora are the most humanoid of all Planterrans, an adaptation which assist them in hunting their prey. However, all Anthroflora are dependent on blood to some degree. For reference, losing 4 units of blood is almost always fatal to a human.
  154. > Basic Anthroflora can assume their alternate form after consuming a unit (500ml) of fresh blood. If they do not do consume a unit of blood for a 24 hour period, they lose the ability to regen until they do so.
  155. > [Alraunes] increase their blood requirements to 2 units, and can only imbibe blood through their roots. Alraunes can take on their alternate form at any time, and can also identify people by their blood and learn their names.
  156. > [Droseraune] must digest a whole medium sized body within their jaws to satisfy themselves, blood and all. The process takes 1 hour, satisfies the Droseraune for 36 hours, and is fairly disgusting for all involved.
  157. > [Alraune Queens] can satisfy themselves with any fluids, not just blood, but require 4 units to satisfy the requirements of photosynthesis.
  158. > [Mandragoras] gain the ability to drink any blood regardless of freshness. Mandragoras can look like any humanoid whose blood they have consumed, but their alternate form is limited to small size.
  159. > [Shireking Nightshades] no longer need sunlight to photosynthsize, and double their regen in darkness, rather than light.
  160. > [Homonculus Root] Require only half a unit of blood to sustain themselves, but the blood they drink must be from a still living humanoid (the blood can be of any age, but the 'donor' must be alive at the time the blood is drunk).
  162. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  163. I was very close to giving a [Phantom Fungus] prestige class to Shambling Moss before I remembered that myconids were a thing. So here’s a bonus Myconid class:
  165. Phantom Fungus (Puffball, Level 70+, Stealth 50+) (H -25%, C 25%, A 25%, S -25%)
  166. *While in an enclosed space, gain invisibility and total concealment.
  167. *This becomes partial concealment when outdoors or in a strong wind, and effect is lost for 1 hour when exposed to fire
  168. *Gain [Blindsense] based on Sound
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