Mar 24th, 2014
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  1. There are four schools of Magic in HPQ.
  3. Casting: This school is mainly focused on direct, immediate applications of magic. Direct Combat Magic like Fireballs or Magic Shields fall under this category along with things such as Healing and other uses.
  5. Enchantment: This school is mainly focused on effects given by inscribing runes into objects. Enchantments can be used in combat, both in the form of passive or active boosts and one use items. Enchantment is also used for more mundane uses, many households by enchanted items instead of more mundane objects.
  7. Summoning: This school focuses mostly on magic dealing with familiars and other creatures, along with non-mundane items. Summoned items vary in longevity and cost, running the gamut from easy to cast short lasting items to everlasting creatures that generate their own magic. Theoretically you can summon anything with the right knowledge.
  9. Mysticism: This school is a more general catch all category for magic that doesn’t fit in the other three or that blurs the line between them. Skills such as aura’s sustained by magic, communing with spirits and other mystical beings, interactions with the natural world or other more esoteric skills belong here.
  11. Each of these requires a different knowledge base and is ranked by six common levels; Untrained, Novice, Weak, Average, Strong and Expert. There are higher levels, but these are largely unofficial and rather uncommon. These levels will also be used for non-magic based skills.
  13. Untrained is given to people who are completely untrained or have no knowledge of a subject.
  15. Novices have little to no real training of a particular subject or are completely lacking in any practical application. Many male magic users continue to remain at this level due to difficulty in educating them.
  17. Weak ranking is given to people who are still in the process of learning but have the ability to cast at least a few small magics of the given area by themselves. It is not uncommon for a person to have trouble in a school and remain at this level even after graduation. Most male magic users are no higher than this in any given area.
  19. Average is simply that, average. Most graduates of a Witch school find themselves ranked average in 3 or 4 of the schools. Males that operate at this level are considered rather gifted and considering their circumstances this is true praise, not condescending lip service.
  21. Strong means that an individual can cast higher level magics easily and depending on the particular application, may have a higher level of effect as well. Only a small number of Males have reached this level and most have only at the expense of all the others.
  23. Expert is given to a person who has an extreme amount of theoretical knowledge in a particular school/is able to regularly use most high level magic as easily as most use lower levels. It takes a particularly studious individual or an extremely gifted talent to be granted this level. Only a small handful of genuinely gifted males have been given this rank.
  25. There is another, unofficial level given to those who have both a complete theoretical and practical knowledge of a particular field. “Master” level individuals know and can cast on whim almost any magic in a particular area of study, up to and including those thought lost or nearly lost.
  27. All magic costs mana, either from the caster or from another immediately available source. It is not possible to “Bank” mana except in certain highly rare, very expensive items available to only a few individuals. It is however possible for groups of magicians to pool their mana into one magic if they are undisturbed and working together. This is almost never feasible in combat, as magic based combat is generally fast paced with spells and enchanted weapons being used on a speed and effectiveness basis, not power.
  29. Magic in men was only discovered three years ago, the cause of it is unknown and currently being researched by many magic institutions. While magic is by no means universal in females, it is widespread enough to warrant its own institutions and has several large corporations based around it. Other than that, the world has no large stigma for or against magic or magic users.
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