Ab pinaca,Ab fubinaca,am2201,apvp,Ethylone for sale

Dec 3rd, 2014
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  1. We are a chemical factory specializing in the line of legal
  2. research chemicals,Past shipping tracking available
  3.  our product Includes:
  4. ST-135
  5. 5FAKB458
  6. 5fur-144
  7. AM2201
  8. mam2201
  9. ur-144
  10. 5FPB-22
  11. jwh-122
  12. EAM-2201
  13. jwh-210
  14. PB-22
  15. 5F-PB22
  16. 5F-UR144
  17. AKB48
  18. 5F-AKB48
  19. AB-Fubinaca
  20. AB-Pinaca
  21. BB-22
  22. 5F-BB22
  23. a-PVP
  24. a-PBP
  25. thj2201
  26. PV-8
  27. 5-MEO-Dalt
  28. 5-MEO-MIPT
  29. Ethylone Crystal
  30. We do supply other products Upon request from customer and we
  31. sell at moderate prices.Looking forward to your inquiry.
  32. Please kindly contact us for more details
  33. skype..monlonjules
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