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Operation FacePaint

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Jun 3rd, 2011
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  1. Operation Facepaint (Or how the youngest billionaire in the world became a pauper within days)
  3. Face paint definition: in this case it would be printing a picture of any Facebook photo that was accessed outside your friends list, ejaculating on it, and then taking a picture of the resulting spermy photo. The point is made in a disturbing yet extremely lulzy fashion. Please provide all photos to Anon and they will take it from there.
  6. Gay niggers are our spiritual overlords, and it's nice to see that sensible people are preventing these beautiful creature's demise. They are they key to humanities salvation. For more info please visit
  9.  Fri064009 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> essentially, I'm quitting the internet for the
  10.                                          summer and taking a long deserved vacation
  11.  Fri064025 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> but I had one lulzy op that you could implement
  12.                                          fairly easily if you choose to do so
  13.  Fri064039 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> and that would be to obliterate facebook
  14.  Fri064045 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> in favour of diaspora
  15.  Fri064105 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> Purpose: to expose the appauling obvious
  16.                                          privacy flaws inherent in Facebook since its
  17.                                          inception
  18.  Fri064114 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> Julian Assange himself would be with us on this
  19.  Fri064159 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> Step 1. Exploit all of the known privacy flaws
  20.                                          in order to obtain as many photos of hot girls,
  21.                                          grandmothers, babies, ANYTHING as possible, all
  22.                                          from people outside of your friends list
  23.  Fri064212 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> Step 2. Facepaint the FUCK out of all of these
  24.                                          photos
  25.  Fri064214 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> and post them online
  26.  Fri064225 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> explaining the simple steps that anyone can
  27.                                          take to access anyone else's photos
  28.  Fri064251 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> Step 3. Explain to the world Facebook's
  29.                                          inherent security flaws and present diaspora as
  30.                                          the only sensible, free, open source option.
  31.  Fri064327 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> I'll post this in the main channel
  32.  Fri064331 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> but then I'm leaving for a while
  33.  Fri064344 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> I'll come back and check on your progress at
  34.                                          some point if I don't see anything moving
  35.  Fri064401 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> we need to bring down zuckerberg
  36.  Fri064409 JesusChristTheLordAndSaviour> nobody deserves to be subject to his little
  37.                                          world
  41. Love your ol' pal, Jeebus.
  44. Good night world
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