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Feb 28th, 2018
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  1. Comments for "Jacinda 3, Simon 0" are broken so I'll post here instead since it's slightly relevent:
  3. Yeah that last question? Jacinda didn't answer it. Rehabilitation is a laudable long term goal, in the mean time don't we need beds /now/? Or are we going to abuse prisoners with sweat boxes and double/Nth bunking until numbers can come down? Because the only alternative seems to be releasing people who really shouldn't be released.
  5. Strong and withering is fun to watch but wow she's a lot more negative than she appears on the campaign trail, where negative doesn't serve Labour well. She might seem miles smarter but constant non or half answers to questions - however blatently spun those questions are - isn't a great look.
  7. And besides, she's signing the TPPA. If there was any alternative to our two behemoth right wing parties that should end her chances of re-election.
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