Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 12, Strings Unbound

Mar 30th, 2017
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  1. >So that was it. You had your cutie mark, a new power, the filly you tried to save was lost in a swarm of bugs that sucked love and you felt like a retarded who can’t open a bottle of ketchup
  2. >You did the things your way… the wrong way. Next time, you won’t fail. If… there is even another time to try
  3. >Ugh… no more trying to be the hero of the tale, you are too far away from being one. Just like Queen Chrysalis said, you are beyond the title of prince of chaos --if you go that way. You need to learn from your mistakes and like she said… make your own story a good one
  4. >Hopefully it has a good ending
  5. >A whole month has passed since that day, the day you learned that new power, the power to infinitely clone yourself it seems, and lost a battle, a battle against yourself… you could’ve done a lot of things better than whatever you did that day
  6. >Was it really a whole month? Hmm, you don’t really know how much time has passed actually, every day is a monday and it’s hard to keep track of time like this
  7. >Dumb Discord and his rules of the week, how the fuck are you supposed to know what day is which day of the month? Do they even have the same months as in Earth? Discord doesn’t tell you, all he did say was that days were used in a term of moons
  8. >Still absurd and hard to tell because he can change time whenever he pleases
  9. >This has really fucked up your sleeping schedule to the point that you no longer sleep your wonderful eight hours beauty sleep; and what you hate the most is that you have nightmares most of the times about some shadows and… whispers
  10. >Eh, it shouldn’t be nothing to worry about, nobody can invade your dreams anyway
  11. >Unless Discord does, which would surprise you. If there is a creature that can go inside dreams of others, it would be very neat… creepy, but neat
  12. >But well, it’s been a long time and you learned and thought about everything that has passed. You swear not to commit another mistake and to work in your ways as the chaotic colt Discord wants you to be
  13. >The more chaotic you are the most powers you get, so… forget and move on, Alberto
  14. >And yeah, Sweetie Belle was too squeaky anyway, at this rate with what has happened in the past days you could… start to forget about her
  15. “That promise tho…”
  16. >You take a sigh. You hate breaking promises, as the loyal and proud colt you are at the moment, you really do hate that
  17. >Today was a new chaotic day, another day to show Discord what you are made of. Over the past month or so, you’ve been training your powers with him, he’s trying to get you to multi copy into more than one hundred (you)’s and see if you can get even more powers
  18. >So far… you can’t get that many copies but at least you got other neat spells to play with. Your sneeze teleportation is upgraded to the point where you can teleport from far away locations and without the use of a feather; you also gained the power to heal yourself which comes in handy… but only when chaotic things happen around, as usual. That time spell watch, well, you don’t need a watch now and you can stop time with or without yelling ‘La hora’
  19. >And lastly the one that you consider to be the best, is that you can fly! …Barely. Well, right now your landing is… awful, but damnit if you don’t feel like an Ace flying in the sky… for like… one whole minute. You will eventually get better as Discord tells you, but for the moment you’ll take what you can get
  20. >The experiment of flying is… so confusing. You don’t have wings, you /feel/ like you do have wings, but you don’t see them
  21. >Too bad you can’t use telekinetic magic yet… it would make playing instruments a bit easier. You’ve been practicing with your hooves to play the guitar, but it doesn’t feel the same as playing it with hands… so Discord gave you a flute. Yet again, covering the holes of the flute with your hooves… is stupid, but works
  22. >You are not sure if this is chaos magic or horse logic
  23. >Oh, and lest you forget your creation of objects got an upgrade too. Sometimes when your powers feel like it, you can create something as big as that tower from the time Discord and you invaded the town
  24. >Speaking of which, you are right now in a floating island that is right above the city of Discord, or well, his castle. The view here is over the clouds and it’s glorious. You can practice, train and run around… the air here is magnificent. You named this place “El Dorado”
  25. >The island has a lighthouse that is also a windmill that powers up the whole island, making it move by the power of the air… you think. Inside lurked your bed and other important stuff like your taco stand. Also the island has grass, trees, flowers and fences in some border areas for security.
  26. >Man, this is your happy place. When the night hits, the lighthouse turns by itself and illuminates the night sky, as chaotic as it was, the sky at night was a beauty you could call a masterpiece
  27. >It is weird that Discord didn’t change the night’s sky. Maybe it was for Luna? It could be.
  28. >And right now you were sitting on the edge of the island, enjoying the view from here while thinking what you could do…
  29. >You stay in deep thought as you make a red bubble stick appear from thin air. With some soap on the stick, you inhale and exhale into the circle of the stick, making some bubbles of different shapes go on their way
  30. >Triangles, squares, anything but bubbles in the shape of a circle were emerging
  31. “Heh… of course”
  32. >You take another melancholic sigh as your mind remembers how the last several days have been gone
  33. >A crazy mess as always.
  34. >Lots of things happened in the course of the time of your training, you really got good at it… but at what cost?
  35. >You were even feeling alone the first days… it was… so depressing now that you think.
  36. >You keep blowing bubbles while your mind thinks back at the first week of your training in chaos magic
  37. >
  38. >First week of chaos training, Castle of Discord: Evening or so
  39. “Hnnngaaa…”
  40. >You take an exhausted breathe as you once again try to summon more than one of your clones
  41. “Mmmmnn…”
  42. >But alas, you could only get one clone
  43. >”That’s enough Alberto, don’t push yourself more than you can.” Discord said as he was eyeing the clone you created. “Besides, you did made a one hundred percent copy of yourself, so it’s still a good thing, you will improve in time, sooner or later”
  44. >Oh man… you really wanted an army of yourself again… for, eh… reasons.
  45. “I-If… you say so.” You say with your voice a bit tired while staring at your chaotic trainer father. “Maybe I need a break”
  46. ‘Yeah, maybe we do need a break…’ Your clone says while copying your fatigue.
  47. >It’s so… so weird to hear your own voice and even body saying what you thought or feel. But you really like it and could get used to it
  48. >But ehh… you don’t think they are one hundred percent copies of you. They need to prove themselves! They need your spirit! They need to-
  49. >Your copy suddenly started chasing his own tail
  50. ‘Gotta catch, gotta catch, gotta catch!’
  51. >Whoa, nevermind. That’s one hundred percent a good copy of yourself!
  52. >”Okay Anon. I’ll be out for a while, I need to expand the chaos in that so magical forest that you were.” Discord snaps his talons, instantly wearing some vacation clothes and a briefcase. What an odd choice of clothes. “I won’t take that much. You two better make a mess in this castle or you two will be in trouble! Ta-ta!”
  53. >Your clone stops chasing his tail to bid farewell to Discord, you didn’t say anything to him and just looked at him as he snapped his talons and disappeared from the throne room. Leaving your clone and you alone
  54. >You two stare at each other for a bit
  55. >…Please don’t get in an awkward moment with yourself, Alberto…
  56. >He was looking at the floor next to you for some reason.
  57. >…He was looking at your tail, the copy son of a bitch
  58. “Don’t you ever think about it! Chase your own tail, bro!”
  59. >His own tail started to wave and his right ear twitched
  60. ‘But you are me and I am you, doesn’t that mean that I would be chasing my own tail?’
  61. “Uh… eh…” Damn he got a point… you got a point? This is damn weird. “Well, I’m sorry but you can’t chase my tail. A no is a no!”
  62. >He was still looking at your tail though
  63. ‘Okay then…’ He stopped looking at your tail and was staring directly at you, a happy expression of innocence on his face. ‘So, what do I want to do? Dad’s out for the day it seems’
  64. “What do you want to do?”
  65. >Your clone nods
  66. ‘What do I want to do?’
  67. “Wait…” You shake your head. “What do /we/ want to do?”
  68. >Your clone nods his head again and smiles gladly
  69. ‘Oh yes! You catch up! Umm… we catch up!
  70. >Hmm… what do you ever wanted to do with yourself?
  71. >Besides… /that/.
  72. >…Idea!
  73. >…
  74. >3 hours later
  75. >You could have used this time with your clone to discover more abilities, seek a new power within you, or just achieving something; anything at all!
  76. >But you had decided to play with him for the entire 3 hours. Although playing with… [spoiler]yourself[/spoiler] it’s kind of lonely
  77. >First thing was, since there was two of you with the same thoughts in your heads, well, there wasn’t much to think about or talk about. The first hour went by with a gamesphere you decided to vivify for you two to play with
  78. >Your clone wouldn’t shut up at how SPHERICAL the console was
  79. >It’s curious and really weird how you can bring into reality almost anything, even from a TV show such as Drake and Josh. Makes you wonder if you can bring other stuff from other shows, or even a videogame
  80. >How much power would be required to bring a character to life? Heh, maybe you could try to summon a Deathclaw and present it to Discord as your pet iguana
  81. >And after getting bored of the gamesphere, things got a bit carried away with your clone growing to have his own agenda. Seems like chaos magic and a clone can really fuck up big time
  82. >At first you thought you had control on your clone, but as time went on… you discovered that he has free will to do what he pleases! It is incredible!
  83. >You were so surprised at this discovery…
  85. >But seems like chaos magic comes with its’ cons too
  86. >Apparently your clone is not only a one hundred percent copy even with a mind of his own, BUT, he can also do what you can with chaos magic
  87. >And since you recommended what you wanted to do in the first hours, your clone recommended /other/ thing /he/ wanted to do for the next hours
  88. >Not you! Him! You swear!
  89. >You two were meandering around somewhere in Discord’s castle, you can’t tell where since this place is sometimes a maze that relocates constantly. You were wearing a….
  90. >You take a sigh and groan
  91. “I don’t even want to say what I am wearing…”
  92. >The flashback wasn’t even cooperating with you! It is just that shameful! Oh god.
  93. >Let’s just cut to the point and say your clone wanted a damn theater play of Romeo and Juliet…
  94. ‘Anon, oh Anon! Wherefore art thou Anon?’
  95. >And he decided that you were good for the role of Juliet… you were even wearing a dress… a cute, yellow, frilly gown for the play
  97. “That’s the wrong balcony, pendejo!”
  98. > You make a flower pot appear from thin air and throw it directly at his head, but you fall short by some several inches.
  99. “Agh! Why would you even want to do a theater play with no public? Not… that I want public, but this is not fun!”
  100. ‘It is for me, you look great in that dress!’
  101. > He took a pause while scratching his head.
  102. ‘Or maybe I look good? I am having an existential crisis again…’
  104. “That’s it!”
  105. > You tear the Juliet dress with your teeth and you go down the stairs of the balcony. As you get to where your clone was, you stare at him angrily while not breaking eye contact.
  106. “Why the fuck would you want to do a theater play anyway? We should be having fun! Wearing a dress is NOT fun!”
  107. >Your clone rolled his eyes while putting his hoof on your chest
  108. ‘Ohh, come on compadre! Wearing a dress is fun too! Just look at me go!”
  109. > Your clone turns 360 degrees around and he instantly changes into a green gown while wiggling his hips as he sings a very particular song.
  110. ‘Mr. Bombastic! Something, fantastic! All the bitches looking at yooooo!’
  111. >Are you this mentally retarded? Or was it the chaos magic?
  112. >It must be the chaos magic
  113. “Look… can’t we, you know… call it a day and think about something to do later?”
  114. > You take a moment to yawn from the fatigue of the whole day.
  115. “It is getting late and… I’m kind of sleepy, don’t know ‘bout you.”
  116. >Your copy copies your yawn and nods his head.
  117. ‘You’re right. I am right, we are right. Let’s head to sleep’
  118. >Ugh, you really need to give him a name at this point or you’ll go insane of how many third person ways he can call you or himself…
  119. >So with that being said, you two went to your room and leapt onto the bed you two went for…
  120. >Man a king size bed for a prince is the best. Discord gives you the best of the best and you don’t pay him enough for this
  121. >Sharing a bed with yourself, heh… lewd. If it wasn’t because you were dead tired, you could think of something to do with your clone
  122. >But you were really too tired to even twitch a hoof. The pillow felt like a cloud…
  123. ‘Man, it feels nice to sleep for the first time! The things we will do tomorrow! Just thinking about it makes me...’
  124. > Your clone yawns a bit before continuing.
  125. ‘Makes me so excited…’
  126. “Mmhmm…”
  127. >You were slipped into a contemplative revere that night. Just seeing yourself looking at you so glad and happy about… existing. If you had more clones, would they share the same feelings? Was it part of the chaotic magic?
  128. >If it was by chaos magic, they wouldn’t be so… you. They would be more chaotic, like some little assholes, you think
  129. >Your clone tilts his head while staring at you.
  130. ‘Can’t sleep?’
  131. >You slowly nod your head
  132. ‘Still thinking about that filly?’
  133. “…”
  134. >You slowly nod your head again
  135. >He sighed while staring at the ceiling listlessly
  136. ‘I wish I had something to say… but I’m just you yourself… I can’t help me enough to give me something to make me feel better.’
  137. > He smirked while moving his head to look at you.
  138. ‘Unless dresses-‘
  139. >You get the pillow you were resting on and throw it at his face
  140. ‘Umf!’
  141. > He removes the pillow with his hoof and giggle a bit.
  142. ‘That’s a maybe? Heh…’
  143. >Man, if this clone was like this… you don’t know how the rest will be. If there is even more
  144. >You kinda… want to do something with him. You don’t even consider him yourself anymore at this point, he is other you with the same feelings yet made out of your chaotic magic
  145. >Fuck it, Discord isn’t here anyway…
  146. “Can you… come closer, please?”
  147. >You started blushing a bit while requesting your clone slip slightly nearer to your side
  148. ‘Uhmm…’
  149. > He started blushing too.
  150. ‘I mean, don’t you need to invite me to dinner first? Heh… heh…’
  151. “Just come here and…”
  152. > You stay silent and the next sentence you whisper to yourself, barely audible for your clone’s ears.
  153. “Cuddle with me…”
  154. >Your clone didn’t understand at first and was confused, but he didn’t complain about it
  155. >He came closer to you and… well, you slowly started nuzzling with him. Or well, yourself. Fuck you don’t even know at this point
  156. >Slowly nuzzling his colt cheek and feeling his fluffy fur made you get so calm. This was your own body that you were cuddling with, and it was so… relaxing
  157. >Maybe you needed this tender moment
  158. >Or maybe you are thinking as yourself as Sweetie belle…
  159. >Your clone placed his hooves around you so he could wrap you in a tight hug. Both your hearts were synchronized into a single symphony, a normal beat… nothing rushing, you imagined yourself hugging a pillow… or well, a body pillow
  160. ‘…This isn’t gay if we are the same, right?’
  161. “…Hush and let me sleep”
  162. ‘…Right…’
  163. >Although he felt uncomfortable at first, your clone and you slowly went into Morpheus’s realm
  164. >That night you had a nightmare of yourself, lonely in front of what appeared to be a castle made of crystals. Two figures in a balcony looking below at you while at your side was the shadow of a long creature which you think was your father
  165. >Whispers were coming from everywhere as the castle disappeared and you were once again alone
  166. >You heard the voice of a young girl say something before everything goes black
  167. >”You promised.”
  168. >The next morning, you woke up with tears on your eyes…
  169. >…
  170. >And two other clones on your bed, cuddling each other
  171. “Uh…?”
  172. >They started yawning and waking up at the same time as you did
  173. “…WAIT WHAT?”
  174. >As you screamed, the other three colts jumped out of the bed, startled from your sudden screaming
  175. >One by one they started groaning as they landed on the tough floor while you were… really freaking out
  176. >When did you create two other clones!? Was it in your sleep?
  177. ‘The bed wasn’t comfy anyway! Thanks!’
  178. > A clone said with bitter sarcasm lacing his tone.
  179. ‘Anyone’s hungry too? I can make breakfast! Who wants some enchiladas?’
  180. > Another clone said with excitement dancing about his voice.
  181. >The two clones that were at his side, with their tails waving with excitement, nodded and exclaimed at the same time
  183. >And the three clones left you alone on your room as they went to make breakfast…
  184. >Wait
  185. “¿Que chingados fue eso?”
  186. >As you said your usual Mexican words, you notice some subtitles below you.
  187. (What the fuck was that?)
  188. “…Eh?”
  189. >Then you hear the distant cackled voice of your favorite God that you know
  190. >”Oh ho ho! Anon!” And he appeared in front of you with a lifesaver outfit. “You wouldn’t believe how that forest is! The timberwolves are so easily scared and-“ He stopped mid sentence as he saw you with your hooves crossed and an angry face. “What? Can’t I appear in the middle of your room while telling my adventures?”
  191. “It’s not that…”
  192. >”Then what is it, boyo?” Discord poofed his clothes out and sat on the side of your bed while listening to you, “I’m all ears! Shot away, colt!”
  193. “I swear if you turn me into a damn gun I’m going to-“
  194. >And with a snap of his talons and as if it was a wish from a genie, he fucking turns you into a M911
  196. (BANG- OF A BITCH!)
  197. > You shot a bullet out of rage at him, which instantly disappears as your body changes to a horse again.
  198. “I swear if you do that again, I’m going to turn you into a damn FAMAS!”
  199. > You stare at him while twitching your eye
  200. >”Alright, alright, I had my fun” Discord laughed a bit and with a pat on the back, he let you resume your complaining
  201. “Why I am having this weird subtitles anytime I say something in Spanish?”
  202. > You stare below you.
  203. “Ejemplo”
  204. (Example)
  205. > The words appear below as if you were in a subtitled movie or show.
  206. “See! What the hell is this?”
  207. >”Well son, you think I would translate every word you say in your native language? I’m tired already of using a dictionary or kidnapping mexicolt ponies to be my translators. Great idea, eh?”
  208. >What a lazy idea
  209. “Pinche flojo… ”
  210. (I’m so gay)
  211. > You look below and see the subti- HEY!
  212. “That’s not what I said, you son of a bitch!”
  213. >He cackled laughing again while standing up
  214. >”You’ll eventually get used to it. But don’t worry; only certain ponies can see them”
  215. >Certain ponies? What does he mean by this? Is he talking about Princess Luna maybe?
  216. >Man, you don’t even want to ask
  217. “Whatever…”
  218. >”Ah, that’s the spirit, son! Not caring about a single thing, just like me!” He wipes a tear out of his eye. “You make me so proud everyday, son! And what a son! You even created more clones!”
  219. >…Accidently created more clones
  220. “Y-Yeah, I did… with my eyes closed too!”
  221. >Literally
  222. >”Just remember to tell them who’s boss… usually clones tend to take over the leadership and stuff like that.” He scratched his beard. “Aren’t you a bit concerned that they could do that? Remember, chaos magic can be fun but the fun can go against you!”
  223. >The clones? Trying to out-do you? JA!
  224. “Pfft… sure.”
  225. >Boy if you had listened to Discord and directly managed to tell your other clones that you were the alpha of the group… you could have saved time
  226. ‘Let’s play videogames!’
  227. > A clone said while holding with his hooves a keyboard and mouse
  228. ‘If we are going to play something, it’s going to be hide and seek!’
  229. > Another clone proposed.
  230. ‘I say we watch a movie today!’
  231. > This clone made appear an eyepatch and a fake parrot on his shoulder.
  232. ‘Pirate movies! Summoning movies is pirating movies! Yar!’
  233. >Boy… things quickly went from zero to chaos in mere seconds
  234. >Your clones, were vigorously fighting with each other about what they wanted to do in the next few hours
  235. >Man, you didn’t even felt like playing. You wanted to practice your chaos magic and see if they could copy your magic
  236. “Maybe we could-“
  237. ‘SHUT UP!’
  238. > The three son of a bitches clones hushed you and went back to debating each other
  239. >Oh no they didn’t! Nobody shuts you up but yourself!
  240. >…
  242. >You go in the middle of the discussion that they were having to intervene and stop the childish madness of them
  243. “Alright you little shits… LISTEN UP!”
  244. > They stopped discussing and were staring at you with really displeased expressions.
  245. “I am the original Anon here, the one that created you three… so you fuckers better listen to me, or I’ll take you three back to my mind where you three belong!”
  246. >The threat… didn’t impress them that much
  247. ‘You think you can stop us? Force us to go back to that empty skull that you call mind? Hah!’
  248. > A clone made fun out of you.
  249. ‘…Should we even make fun of him? We are the same ponies after all’
  250. > A more clever clone said
  251. ‘Whatever…’
  252. > The first clone said while going in front of you and poking you hard on the chest.
  253. ‘Listen up, amigo, if ya wanna fight for the leadership, you better bet your ass /we/ are going to battle for supremacy!’
  254. (Faggit, where art thou?)
  255. >…God damnit, were you this stubborn?
  256. >Fighting with yourself? No, there should be an easy way to decide who will lead the clones
  257. >And you got the perfect game for it!
  258. “Why fight when we have an easy way to decide?”
  259. > You grin at your clone and he backs up a bit while staring at the other two clones.
  260. ‘What do you have in mind?’
  261. >Oh now you have a mind… you little shit
  262. “Easy. Since you three are me and I am you three, it should be easy to decide who the leader is. Listen.”
  263. > You inhale and exhale before explain the game you had in mind.
  264. “The way we’re deciding who’s the leader is simple… everyone is going to make a hat appear on their heads. The one Anon who chooses the color red, shall be the leader. The others won’t”
  265. >The three clones started murmuring and then smirking at you, understanding the game and what they needed to be done to win
  266. >Now, let’s see if they’re dumb enough
  267. ‘Game on!’
  268. ‘Me too.’
  269. ‘Me three!’
  270. >Seems like they were accepting your non-fighting way to decide for the leader
  271. “Okay, here we go… in three!”
  272. >You started to get ready
  273. “Two!”
  274. >They started to focus already on the hat color…
  275. “One!”
  276. >You close your eyes as they did and started imagining a hat… probably they will choose the same design, but will they choose the same color?
  277. >You open your eyes and look at your clones. Each one of them had a red hat on their heads with a red tunic and tiny sword that looked similar to The legend of Zelda. They looked really proud… until they looked at each other
  278. ‘Hey! What gives! You two can’t choose red! I did!’
  279. > One clone said angrily
  280. ‘You two can’t be the leader! I am the best Anon here!’
  281. > The next clone was angry too
  282. >But before the third clone could speak, he noticed your hat and clothes.
  283. ‘Guys… I think we got tricked, hard.’
  284. > He noticed.
  285. >You weren’t wearing a red hat; you were wearing a green hat AND green tunic. Hell, You could hear that tiny sound effect when opening a box in Wind Waker.
  286. >With a smirk and wiggling your eyebrows at them, you say your victory words
  287. “So seems I’m the leader here”
  288. >And instantly, they started to have meltdowns…
  289. ‘Th-that… that’s not fair! NOT FAAAAIR! REEEEEEEEEEE!!’
  290. >You pull out your tongue as you stare at the clone who was having an angry screech at this moment
  291. “I knew you guys would choose red, so this is why I choose green. This way it was know who was the different and ORIGINAL me, so you guys don’t have anything else but shut up and listen to me, the one and only leader”
  292. > You stand proud while pulling your sword, pointing it to the sky.
  293. “Alberto, the prince of chaos! Wahahahaha!”
  294. >…Man you need to practice your laughs
  295. ‘So… the leader, uh?’
  296. >You hear someone pulling out his sword
  297. ‘There can be only one here! Yaaaaaah!’
  298. >One of your clones screamed while heading towards you, sword in hoof
  299. “Oh shit!”
  300. >You evade it without getting a single scratch, good thing he screamed the battle cry, otherwises…
  301. >Wait a moment! Why he got hostile all of the sudden?
  302. ‘NEW RULE!’
  304. ‘Whoever is the last pony standing! IS the new leader!’
  305. >That is retarded, they won’t listen to-
  307. > The second clone pulled out a big ass lance, similar to the one that wears Ornstein from Dark Souls
  310. > The last clone pulled out a magnum .44 with several barrels, a long scope and a silencer
  312. >They charged at you at the exact freaking time, they were teaming up to beat you and defeat you
  313. >But you can play too!
  314. “Fools…!”
  315. > You mentally prepare for the fight… but before you do, you yell from top of your lungs… “LA HORA!”
  316. (The time I was Sakura)
  317. >Time stops and with it, your clones freeze
  318. “And so time stops… tch, you guys really are stubborn like me.”
  319. > You close your eyes and start laughing.
  320. “But not enough to stop me! Alberto! …Now how the hell do I remove those weapons before time starts to-“
  321. >You hear a crack, as if a window broke nearby you.
  322. >The hell was that?
  323. >You look to the three clones and… WHAT
  324. ‘Heh…’
  325. >
  326. >They were starting to…
  327. “Move…”
  328. >You stopped time! They shouldn’t be able to move! What kind of bullshittery is this!?
  329. ‘Nice trick… We give you that! BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH!’
  330. > One close said as he was now free able to move in your time stop spell
  331. ‘We are the same colts! We share the exact same powers!’
  332. > The next clone exclaimed.
  333. ‘That means your time spell freezing doesn’t work on us! Prepare to fight!’
  334. > The final colt said while preparing to attack
  335. >And you stand there… mouth wide open… as your clones started to once again go directly for the attack
  336. >You only have two words to say…
  337. “Good grief…”
  338. >
  339. >You stare at the sky above as your memories from that day pause
  340. >It was kinda quick how things escalated so fast in such a short period of time
  341. >It was you versus your 3 clones... but you didn't give up!
  342. >A colt came from behind you, putting his cheek on the side of yours. It was your clone, he was wearing the red hat and was giggling at your side
  343. >"Hey Anon! What are ya doing on the edge of the island? Thinking about the past?"
  344. >Your clone said while nuzzling on your cheek, he was very affectionate for some reason
  345. "I was just-"
  346. >But before you could speak, another clone comes right behind you and nuzzles on the other cheek you had available
  347. >"Knowing me, he was having a flashback! Probably from the first time we all met up and had a contest to see who's the best Anon!" Your little cute doppelganger says as he keeps nuzzling at your side, his cheek felt... sticky for some reason. "Are you in the part where you cry for Discord's help or the part where you figure out how to beat us?"
  348. >Oi!
  349. "I-I wasn't screaming for Discord's help! I was just saying that... that fight was a total discord! You know, chaos... heh." You look to your other clone which had a grin on his face. "Oh come on guys.... Also, why are you so sticky dude?"
  350. >The colt that was nuzzling on your left cheek soon left the tiny nuzzling, leaving your cheek a bit sticky with some... white stuff?
  351. >"Oh, we can explain!" The last clone, which was wearing a purple helmet and had the face all covered in some glue or white stuff, stepped near you three. "We had sex!" The clone says triumphantly
  352. >Oh so that was it, you almost thought they had sex or some shi-
  353. >...Wait, what?
  354. "You two had sex!?
  355. >"And you two didn't invite?!"
  356. >The clone that was nuzzling on your right cheek stopped and complained to the other two clones who were proudly nodding at you two
  357. "Wh...wha- but how?"
  358. >"Well, duh! With our pee-pees!"
  359. >The clone with the purple helmet said, followed by a nod and a "yes" from the other clone that just... nuzzled on your cheek with damn horse semen... goddamnit why
  360. >Okay, something you also discovered amid the recent pass of time was that you can, well, do your needs for the usual stuff, taking a shit, peeing, even bathing after a day full of chaos. But you never tested out if you could masturbate or even had sex with your clones
  361. >And with the other guests... ugh, you don't need to think dirty thoughts, sex can come later
  362. >Or came
  363. >Hehehe
  364. "Okay, I get it... you guys have your needs... but-"
  365. >The clone that didn't have a hat, suddenly poofed a blue helmet on top of his head
  366. >Okay that was... random
  367. >Why the helmet?
  368. "You two wearing helmets and having had sex makes no sense to me... explain, why the helmet?"
  369. >Both colts look at each other while trying to contain their laughter
  370. >"We had sex with protection!"
  371. >Both say at the same time as if they waited for that question
  372. >...
  373. "Oh okay, so you guys were playing a prank on me and you two didn't have any sex! You two were just making a pun! Haha! Good one!"
  374. >You really were hoping that was a prank, tho. You can't just imagine yourself fucking, well, you.
  375. >Although that would be kinda hot
  376. >...Having thoughts of colts having sex as you are an adult in mind, makes you a pedophile?
  377. >Hm, maybe you are a spiritual pedophile
  378. >Better that than a spiritual homosexual
  379. >"Oh, of course, it was a prank. We /suck/ at sex anyway"
  380. >They both gave each other a hoof bump and laughed once again
  381. >Ah, the shit you have to deal with
  382. >"Well? Are you going to finish the flashback of how you beat us? We're waiting!"
  383. >They three sit at the edge of the island, just as you were
  384. >You don't reply to them, just stare as the dandelions of the island take flight into the chaotic sky...
  385. >...
  386. >..
  387. >...
  388. >You were getting attacked from three angles while having the wall from Discord's castle at your back. You couldn't escape the attack of the three colts with nowhere to retreat
  389. >You had to defend yourself somehow!
  390. >But suddenly... confidence filled you and various questions suddenly shot into your mind.
  391. >If you were yourself and you attacked yourself... what would you do?
  392. >They have the exact same powers and thoughts you have
  393. >If you can't win, they win... which means, you still win
  394. >That... doesn't apply that much logic, but you're fighting chaos magic, anything can happen
  395. >As time felt like hours, your mind thought of something
  396. >It was a dumb something, but sometimes something is all you got
  397. >But fuck it... you're going to try it, as crazy as it sounds it’s the one shot you have to fire
  398. >You give the colts a hard stare as you summon a black blindfold, which you quickly place over your eyes and tie
  399. >And as if it was less, your chaos magic and thoughts think of a suit for the fight. You instantly wore black gloves, stockings and a big long sword that you couldn't see for the blindfold
  400. >But for some reason you sense it... you could /feel/ it was a large white sword... maybe a katana, it was floating next to you. Also for some reason, you feel as if you were wearing fucking underwear
  401. >It was comfy tho.
  402. >The colts stopped moving as they saw your sudden strategy
  403. "I will demonstrate to you, foolish clones, who the leader is here." Your auditive senses were more sensitive at the moment, you could hear a clone gritting his teeth. "My future is something I won't give to you clones to continue for me, if you want it... you must take it from me."
  404. >Well the first thought you had was that "If you can't see them they can't see you" but this damn clothes and sword gave you the determination to face them on
  405. >Nothing can stop you now!
  406. >"CHARGE!"
  407. >The three clones charge directly at you
  408. >You could sense them even if you couldn't see them... they were so close
  409. >It was time to!-
  410. >One clone managed to penetrate you with his lance on your chest
  411. "..."
  412. >You could feel the electricity going through your veins
  413. >"Gotcha!"
  414. >The clone said sounding all victorious
  415. >The next clone wasted no time and stabbed you directly to your flanks with his twin sword
  416. >You couldn't speak at all now
  417. >"Not that determined now! Are we?"
  418. >But the last clone didn't move at all, he was just staring at the two clones stabbing you
  419. "..."
  420. >Your body suddenly felt like a feather and you collapsed on the floor, your katana quickly disappeared from your side
  421. >As your body stayed on the floor, the two clones were laughing and yelling victory
  422. >...
  423. >You were dead
  424. >...
  425. >Or were you?
  426. >As the clones were still laughing and left their weapons on the floor, the clone that didn't talk started to point his pistol at one clone
  427. >Your lifeless body was now turning into water
  428. >And now you were...
  429. *Bang*
  430. >Smirking as you shot one bullet to one of your clones, who couldn't react in time because of their laughter
  431. >The colt quickly become into water after being shot in the head
  432. >The remaining clone, who was now mouth agape at the sight of two puddles of water at his side, was confusing and looking at you
  433. >"B-But... how?" He stared once again at the puddles and then at you holding the pistol. "Wait... you are still alive?" He only now noticed
  434. >You chuckle and wink at him
  435. "Let's say, I finally learned a thing or two after playing with you guys... one, I can make appear better stuff if I concentrate hard enough. And two..." You put your pistol down as you smile at the remaining clone. "I can teleport to any of you guys and change bodies with any of you at will. Impressive, don't you think, Anon?"
  436. >You close your eyes and as you open em, you feel yourself wearing the clothes of Link in all his green glory
  437. >The clone was staring with a surprised expression on his face
  438. >It didn't last some seconds until he started clapping his hooves on the ground
  439. >"B-Bravo! Bravissimo! I wouldn't expect less from the original Anon! So genius! So determined! So dumb enough to make a suicidal strategy!"
  440. "Haha, ye- hey!"
  441. >The clone started laughing with a tear in his right eye as you complained about how he called you dumb
  442. >You just... couldn't get mad at yourself now. You learned a thing or two... and it was a good lesson for the future
  443. >You start to slowly laugh and join the clone, together laughing at how the day went
  444. >...
  445. >..
  446. >.
  447. >And on that day, you won leadership over your clones and now they appear and disappear whenever you want them or not. Although most of the time they're there for you
  448. "Damn... time goes so quick when you discover stuff and train." You look back at the middle of the island, the three clones were now playing with each other tag. "Those three soon will be more. I can just feel it"
  449. >"I see you are having a nostalgia flashback there, Alberto!"
  450. >There he is...
  451. >Poofing at your side with a blue fumigator outfit was Discord, even wearing a gas mask
  452. "Hey, dad!" You wave your hoof at him. "What's up with the suit? Jew hunt?"
  453. >"Nah, just some pests in the Everfree Forest... some veins got a bit wide and I'm trying to fix it. I don't think I want everypony to be gardeners in the future"
  454. >Uh, veins, hm? Maybe you could see the forest from above and see how they look from here
  455. "Weird from your part that you want to fix something, pero bueno... (But well...), you can do whatever you want here"
  456. >"Oh ho ho ho! I see you fixed my lovely subtitles! You really are getting a good hang on the chaos magic, eh, Alberto?"
  457. "Si... (Yes...) I really wish I learned how to modify the subtitles before meeting... you know who." You give him a hard look as you say the next words to him with a bit more of voice. "Uncle..."
  458. >"Oh please, don't bring her to this." Discord crosses his diverse arms and looks down at you. "Luna was already feeling as lonely as you were! You two get sooooo bored when feeling like that. I needed to fix it, in /my/ way!"
  459. >Yeah, what a way to fix a problem but with another problem!
  460. >Seriously, after you got a good hang on your clones, part of you was still feeling a bit lonely, so was Princess Luna as Discord told her that, Celestia was "punished" for something she did and couldn't see her yet
  461. >But Celestia was soon to be free so she could see her sister once again
  462. >...But the punishment remained.
  463. >Seriously, as if that day didn't surprise you enough already... you could stare at the sky and think about that day as the next flashback
  464. >But before you could, the voice of a filly in the distance could be heard
  465. >”I’M WALKING ON SUUUUNSHINE, WO-OO-OHH~!” You hear the song of a filly in the distance of the island... almost sounded as if she was yelling
  466. >Oh boy, here she comes again
  467. >"Quick guys, she is here! HIIIIIIIDE!"
  468. >The clone that was wearing the red hat screamed and instantly, the three clones dug a hole at the same time with their bare hooves... which was magically filled afterward
  469. >In the distance, a white filly with pink mane and a big smile on her face, approached your resting place while jumping around
  470. >”Boing! B-Boing! Bo-Boing!” Each time she jumped she repeated the same word. “Bo-bo-boing!”
  471. >God, is she annoying sometimes
  472. >So… after the events of the cave of harmony, a week later more or so, Discord decided to undo the stone prison of Celestia, but Discord decided was the best idea to turn her into a filly… you don’t know why that is and never, never, EVER expected him to return her to normal since she wanted both of us trapped in stone and turned to stone
  473. >But… as many hard feelings you had for her, she doesn’t remember anything from that time and sees Discord as her uncle… as for you, she sees you as a cousin
  474. >And she is very okay with the chaos around, which she considers funny and is like, the contrary of her normal self. Maybe it is because she is a filly, but still, weird
  475. >Discord told Luna that this was a punishment and it was temporary, thus, making her the babysitter of Celestia. Luna doesn’t complain about it since she finds the filly Celestia “delightful” and something about remembering the good old times
  476. >And she isn’t the only one who got turned into a filly…
  477. >”Hey Anon! Want to play with us later?” The filly beamed a smile while jumping in place. “Pinkie wants to play too! She made a surprise party for us which she told me not to say a thing to you!” She realized what she said and cutely placed a hoof on her muzzle. “Whoopsy! Hehe!”
  478. >So yeah… for some reason, Discord decided that Celestia, Pinkamena, and Fluttershy were going to be fillies from now on. A punishment? For the fun of it? For them to forget it? You have no idea as to why he did that, but… part of you is kinda okay with it. You were pretty alone the first week after that petrification and now… you feel better
  479. >Maybe this is what you wanted… fill that emptiness in you with other ponies…
  480. >You still feel sorry for her. You want to amend your mistakes… but you know it’ll never happen since… you are a dumb colt
  481. >Ah... maybe is time for the flashback of how Celestia got turned into a filly
  482. >
  483. >It was sometime later after the fight with your clones, Discord and Luna were in the throne room and-
  484. >...
  485. >Why is your flashback an empty blackness? Why can't you imagine it?
  486. >"Ah, Anon... can't believe you forgot about your ol' dad! You know how rude is to think and not pay attention to your older?"
  487. >Oh shit you forgot Discord was at your side the whole time!
  488. >”And as a punishment... I'm going to skip your flashback to the next one you were going to think later in your melancholic day.”
  489. "Aww, come on dude! It was a good flashback!"
  490. >You hear his evil chuckle in the distant edge of your mind
  491. >...How the fuck does this flashback works anyway, you think there is a part where you messed up anyway
  492. >"Oh hush, let me continue and refresh your next flashback as the one you got your cute rupee fan companion. Is she hiding in the bushes again?"
  493. "Probably"
  494. >"Well, let us not waste any more time and see the past that is your flashback, son! I can't wait to see myself break the fourth wall of your flashback"
  495. >The fuck is the fourth wall?
  496. "Discord, by the way, are you in my mind or something?"
  497. >"Why yes, I'm in your mind. Plenty of space here to make a whole apartment if you ask me!"
  498. >...
  499. >Hey!
  500. >Sometime later after the duel with the clones you had, you were socializing too much with them and the new fillies in town.
  501. >You were walking around the new island you created with the help of your clones some time ago.
  502. >Well, you did create it, and that was an incredible sight when you four vivified it. However, alas, that memory is beyond remembering for the moment as SOMEONE made you skip that amazing flashback!
  503. >Isn't that right, papa?
  504. >...
  505. >Yeah, you better not talk.
  506. >So you were walking around, minding your own business while the day passed.
  507. "Ah... I feel like buying an ice cream!"
  508. >You said with enthusiasm in your tone.
  509. "Wonder if the excellent salesman has opened his stand already!"
  510. >And so you went walking in the direction toward the south of the floating island that as you recall naming, you called "El Dorado."
  511. >There was a line of two colts in line waiting for iced cream, all of them having mustaches and wearing sombreros. As for the salesman himself, he was with his regular ice cream seller clothes, of course, he had a mustache too.
  512. 'Why, what a gentlecolt we have here!'
  513. > The colt that was last in line said to you.
  514. 'Would you like to take my place in this line? I am not that hungry and seeing such a colt on this side of the island leaves me with awe.'
  515. > The colt moved aside.
  516. 'Please, accept my place in the line.'
  517. >The next colt noticed you and just as the first colt gave you his place, he did too.
  518. 'My, my, oh my! You are a classy colt! Not wearing anything at all as we do! But that means you should be on the most top of classical classes!'
  519. > He moved and stayed near the last colt in the line while leering you and puckering his lips.
  520. 'Please, be my guest and take my place.'
  521. >You accepted and thanked the gentlecolt.
  522. >And so the ice cream seller received you with a happy smile.
  523. 'Hello!'
  524. > He greeted you.
  525. 'What can I do for you, you absolutely handsome creature?'
  526. "Thank you!"
  527. > You chuckled to yourself as the ice cream seller said his compliments to you.
  528. > "I would like an ice cream! About..."
  529. > You extended your hooves way too broad.
  530. "This high!"
  531. 'Okay, coming right up!'
  532. > The ice cream seller said, moments later he spun around, and a large ice cream cone with various kinds of flavors of ice cream appeared on his hoof.
  533. >You could see almost every color of the rainbow! Every flavor you could think! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blue moon, lemon, coconut milk, cookies n' cream, even rocky road!
  534. >You stare in awe as the ice cream seller gives you the large tempting delicious ice cream cone with all the requirements you asked for.
  535. >As you grab the ice cream cone with the invisible grip of your hoof's frog, you smile and lick free your hoof
  536. "How much I owe you?"
  537. >You were already thinking of how many Discord Coins this ice cream cone would be worth, but before you could pick up your pocket wallet, the ice cream seller surprises you yet with another comment.
  538. 'Nothing, it's free!'
  539. "FREE!?"
  540. > You say with a surprised expression that you did not expect.
  541. >This colt must be the best, most intelligent, amazing and beautiful colt you've ever encountered in your whole life!
  542. >As he nodded, the mustache that adorned his face, started to slip from his face, it slowly fell without him noticing.
  543. "HEY!"
  544. > You point at him with your free hoof. At this point, he just noticed his fake mustache fell to the ground.
  545. "Alberto!"
  546. >He stares at you with a nervous smile and starts hiding under his stand.
  547. 'HE KNOWS!'
  548. > Yelled a colt from behind you.
  550. >The other colt said, moments before pulling a bag the size of your whole body out of nowhere, and stuffing you inside it ice cream and all..
  551. "H-Hey! Where did the lights go!?"
  552. >As you tried to struggle, only one thing came to your mind.
  553. >All this sudden darkness...
  554. "Well, it must be night already!"
  555. >And so snores and sleepy noises came from the bag that the two colts were holding.
  556. '...That was easier than I expected it to be.'
  557. > The colt said while sweating slightly.
  558. >A magical poof could be heard from near the ice cream stand. An old and familiar laugh that you often hear now and then bellowed forth.
  559. >It was Discord, probably had something in plan for you or just was the usual shenanigans a God like him is keen on.
  560. >He stared in the direction of the three colts that were holding the bag that you yourself were inside of.
  561. >"Hm. May the real Alberto stand up, please?" He changed to a secretary 90's outfit. "I repeat, may the real Alberto, please stand up?"
  562. 'Oh no! He wants us to sing again!'
  563. > One of your clones said with fear in his voice.
  564. 'Not again! The last one was horrible! Alberto just sings awful!'
  565. > The next clone said, almost panicking in place.
  566. 'Quick, do the all for one! DO THE ALL FOR ONE!'
  567. >And so your clones concentrated on the bag that you were in, every one of them yelling the same phrase.
  568. 'ALL FOR ONE!'
  569. >And in a blink of an eye, the clones disappeared and were absorbed back into your body.
  570. >You take a wide yawn as you come out of the bag.
  571. "I'm the... real Alberto, yes I'm the real Alberto."
  572. >You rub your eyes before letting another yawn.
  573. >"What did I miss?"
  574. >Discord just chuckled as he pat your head.
  575. >"Nothing much, you just missed how your little clones want to sing again with you."
  576. "They do!? That's amazing!"
  577. > You do a little victory jump.
  578. "Ah... but what brings you here, papa? Another mission? Notices about the war between the bugs and crystal army?"
  579. >Discord shakes his head.
  580. >"Nope! Not even close, son! I'm here to give you a choice for your yet to come adventures in the near future." He snaps his talons, and an old T.V appears in front of you two. "You see, some of your counterparts from different worlds have some companions. Let me show you an example!"
  581. >Making a fluffy pillow appear with your chaos magic, you put your butt on it, your tail waving exciting as you wait for what Discord would show you.
  582. "Well, you could bring a better T.V... but whatever! Show me what you got!"
  583. >Discord made appear a remote control, and with a click of the power button, the image of a green colt with messy mane that was in some room was live in the T.V
  584. >Hmm, judging by the room, it must be his bedroom. He was sitting on a bed with a pillow that he was-
  585. >"OHHH MY QUEEN! Ah~."
  586. >Wait, is that colt doing what you think he’s-
  587. >Your counterpart started to moan louder.
  588. >W-What the fuck is this PG-13 SHIT!?
  589. "Discord?"
  590. >"Yes, Anon?"
  591. "Why is that colt humping a pillow like it's an actual... living being?"
  592. >Jesus Christ, how can he leave so many stains on a white pillow...?
  594. >You cover your eyes and yell at Discord.
  596. >Discord chuckles and does as you order. The T.V this time showed the same colt, but without humping a damn pillow... he was with a young and... cute green teenage mare.
  597. >You uncover your hooves and watch what is on T.V this time.
  598. "Whoa, who's that?"
  599. >You ask Discord while looking at him.
  600. "Her bedroom eyes are damn tempting... and they look similar. Are they family?"
  601. >Discord shrugged.
  602. >"You could say it in a way. Also, don't you feel you've seen this young mare before?"
  603. >She? Hmm... nope. You don't think you've ever seen her in your whole life here.
  604. >But what you noticed is the cutie mark of that alternative you, those were lots of arrows pointing in every direction. You could swear you've seen that before, but where?
  605. >"Anyway, as I was saying, your alternative counterparts have one or many companions. Look at this one!"
  606. >The T.V changed into another channel, this time showing a green colt (which of course was your alternative you) at the side of a little filly that had a gray fur with splotches on the lower parts of her hooves and upper chest, a messy golden mane and tail. The question is, is she a bat or are those wings fake? She got a cutie mark of a ghost and a magnifying glass, so she must be a pony, you guess.
  607. >They were in some bat-cave with a big ass laboratory, doing... stuff.
  608. >Oi, that alternative you got a cutie mark too! They must have been in Equestria for so long if they got cutie mark already, yours was pure luck. Probably.
  609. >Although you don't know what that white stain he got on his flank is. Maybe the other colt came so hard the seed went to this Anon's world?
  610. >Oh god damn now you're thinking about those two fucking each other.
  611. >THINK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE, DAMNIT! Why are you so gay today?
  612. "Well... your point, Discord?"
  613. >"My point is, you need a little companion at your side too! Somepony to never leave your side, get in trouble with you, and cause chaos with you!"
  614. >This was odd. You know Discord is random and shit, but, why does he want someone at your side? Don't you have enough with your clones, Celestia, Pinkamena and Fluttershy as fillies? Hell, even Luna was a babysitter now.
  615. "I mean, I don't mind... but why? Why do I need a companion when I already got company at my side?"
  616. >"Now, now, Alberto." Discord appeared at your side in a bell-boy disguise. "You'll need to move from time to time to different quests you'll get in the future. I don't want a lazy son staying in the basement as the time passes and chaos continues its cycle. I have plans for you, big plans! But you need somepony to help you along the way."
  617. >He made some baggage appear from thin air and moved them from place to place.
  618. >”Besides, I owe you one since the last incident with Mr. Chesee legs. I said I was keeping my word as Draconequus that I wouldn't do anything to miss Squeaky Marshmellow, but alas! Queeny ruined my plans I had with her!"
  619. >Plans?
  620. "Plans? What plans?"
  621. >He made the bell-boy clothes and baggage disappear, this time he was wearing a butter outfit.
  622. >"Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, boyo! But what I had in mind, was for that little filly to become closer to chaos. Something about sharing a throne at your side, make her a little princess of chaos, but Chrysalis ruined my fun on that."
  623. >Remembering Sweetie Belle... still hurt you.
  624. >Discord divided himself and stayed on both your sides while picking on your cheeks, making you force a smile.
  625. >"I don't want to see you frown, son! You'll get to choose your companion! Aren't you happy? You can choose ANYONE from the entire library of characters in existence!"
  626. "...Anyone?"
  627. >"A-NY-ONE!" Discord said while letting a light chuckle bubble forth. "But that someone that you choose will become a pony, just leave that in your mind and think wise."
  628. >So anyone... that's a huge selection he is giving to you.
  629. >Or maybe it was a test? He couldn't let you choose just anyone and don't have a consequence.
  630. >But who to choose?
  631. >Hmm...
  632. >Maybe someone from history? Hitler? ...Nah, too famous and wouldn't be a good companion.
  633. >Right... you need to choose a companion to be at your side while on quests.
  634. >Quests...
  635. >Some RPG character?
  636. >Ok so we are on a good route... someone from a video game should do.
  637. >Maybe someone from some medieval game would work too. Hell, you could try to bring fucking Alduin and see what happens!
  638. >...Except that it would mean the end of this world, which you don't want to happen. Just imagining a world ending for your fault makes your whole tail shiver.
  639. >Not like that's happening anyway.
  640. >Well, back to thinking.
  641. >The character you choose will become a pony... a companion pony...
  642. >Then the idea hit you right square to your head.
  643. >You had three clones which were wearing now and then tunics and hats from the exact colors of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
  644. >And there is indeed a horse in the game...
  645. >Epona was her name, you remember it very damn well. Hell, you remember those weeks played drunk while talking to the T.V at your apartment, speaking to the character and what not.
  646. >God how cringy.
  647. >You can't wait to talk to her!
  648. "I made my decision!"
  649. >Discord was in a hammock and had almost fallen asleep. He yawned and moved on it, making it disappear as he stands up.
  650. >"So? Who is the winner?" Discord said, anxious to hear your answer.
  651. "I want to bring Epona here and make her my companion!"
  652. >Discord was stunned for a moment there for some reason, then he spoke to you.
  653. >"So, for what reason you decided to have the Goddess of Fertility at your side? Don't you have enough with my presence that you have to bring HER here? She is bad at parties and boring."
  654. >W-What? No! He miss heard that!
  655. "No, no, no! Wait!"
  656. > Discord Almost snapped his talons, but you stopped him from doing so.
  657. "I didn't know there was a goodness! I was talking about a character from a video game! She is a horse! I... think she's female."
  658. >Discord took a satisfied sigh and wiped some sweat off of his forehead.
  659. >"For a moment I thought I was done for..." Discord coughed on his claw and looked at you. "Okay, since I don't know who's the character you're talking about, I'm going to enter into your head, and I want you to imagine the character you want here."
  660. "Is it going to hurt?"
  661. >"Not unless you want it to."
  662. >You take a gulp and close your eyes, imagining the horse in your head.
  663. >But you don't know what could come out of this. You didn't even ask Discord if Epona would have memories from her life in the game.
  664. >But whatever, that'll be the surprise!
  665. >You felt as though your head got heavier and some seconds later... it felt light and empty as always.
  666. >You opened your eyes, and a portal to another dimension appeared, showing an open field with a castle in the back- HOLY SHIT WAS THAT HYRULE CASTLE!?
  667. >[Fangarsm noises]
  668. >Discord made a fishing rod appear with a carrot on the hook.
  669. >"Now, if your mind was right, this bait should do the trick to bring your new companion into our world."
  670. "Are you sure that's going to work? I don't think that-"
  671. >But before you could finish, Discord already cast the line of the fishing rod, and quickly started to struggle.
  672. >"Haha! She took the bait faster than those humans at that strange board at your world!"
  673. >But the line of the fishing rod snapped.
  674. >"Hmm... that is weird. I thought it would do the trick, maybe this character is intelligent."
  675. >God, hopefully, she was alone, and Link wasn't with her.
  676. "Hey Discord, got something to emit a song?"
  677. >"Hmm?" He stroked his beard before realizing something. "Oh yes! I saw in your mind something about an instrument used for this peculiar character!" Instead of making the musical instrument appear, he searched in his pockets... which he doesn't have but for some reason does at the moment, for something. "Hmm.. not here, not here either... hmm... aha!"
  678. >Finally, he brought a golden whistle from his pockets. “Would this do the trick?”
  679. >"Do me the honors, Anon!"
  680. >You, excited about calling Epona, didn't think twice and did go ahead to use the whistle.
  681. >It made the same sound like that item from Twilight Princess... it was relaxing yet short.
  682. >And so you two waited... but not for long as you two soon heard an extreme galloping from the portal.
  683. >Your eyes were filling with awe as the horse stepped near the portal. You could see her! You could see her! She was so-
  684. >As Epona transpassed from worlds, her whole body changed.
  685. >Inside the portal that was Hyrule's field, she was her normal horse size.
  686. >But right in front of you... she was... almost your side, not that tiny but a bit taller than you. She was brown with a light silver mane and tail along with a white marking on her forehead.
  687. >And it was interesting that her cutie mark was the triforce in all its greatness.
  688. >She was looking at all directions as if she was lost or searching for someone. Probably Link or whoever called her.
  689. >And she. Was. So. DAMN. CUTE!
  690. >"There you go, son." Discord said after closing the portal to the majestic field that was Hyrule's field. "Don't be shy and say hi to your new companion!"
  691. >O-Okay Alberto, don't fuck this up! Just say hi and don't ask dumb questions!
  692. >You slowly approach the confused grown up filly and with a nervous smile, you wave your hoof at her
  693. "H-Hi! My name is meet you! Nice to Anon!"
  694. >Nailed it, Anon. Fucking, NAILED IT.
  695. >Discord was chuckling, of course, he was.
  696. >But Epona... just looked at you silently with a very innocent expression.
  697. >And after awkward seconds, she spoke.
  698. >"Neigh?" She said.
  699. "...Neigh?" You... eh, talk back?
  700. >"Neigh, neiigh."
  701. >Oh god is she speaking hyrulian or some shit?
  702. >"Whoopsie! I forgot to fix her filters for language! Let me fix her." Discord appeared floating on top of Epona, which startled her and she quickly wanted to move. But she couldn't as Discord grabbed her with his magic grip. "Hold still, will you?"
  703. >"Neiiigh! Neiiigh!" You could tell by the words that she didn't like what Discord wanted to do to her.
  704. >Discord grabbed Epona's ears, and as if it was a television signal antenna, he moved her ears to the sides to get good reception.
  705. >"Neigh! Neigh! Ne- Auch! Stop that, please!" She... finally spoke in English! Her voice was young and cute! Oh gosh!
  706. >"There we go." Discord released Epona, which let her fall slowly to the floor and was once again in front of you. "Now try again, will ya? And don't act awkward in front of her."
  707. >You take a gulp and breath slowly. You were nervous about meeting a fictional character from a video game in real life.
  708. >Just go already, champ.
  709. "H-Hi!"
  710. >Epona stared at you with her mouth slightly open, then, her right ear twitched.
  711. >"H-Hi!" For some reason, she imitated your voice.
  712. >Okay Alberto, slowly breathes... you can do this.
  713. "I'm Anon, pleased to meet you." You smile to her, letting her know you meant no harm.
  714. >She seemed to be calming down from the sudden magic grip of Discord and started to relax..
  715. >"I'm Epona." She looked again at all sides but yours. "Where I am? I remember running in an open field."
  716. >You were about to explain to her what happened, but Discord interrupted.
  717. >"By goodness sakes, you two are so slow!" He snapped his talons, and both of you were pressing your cheeks together. "Anon, Epona. Epona, Anon. You two are now brother and sister. Learn to live with it!" He disappeared from where he was floating and appeared as tiny as he could be on your ear just to whisper you something. "You're very welcome. This time try not to mess it up." And then he disappeared, leaving you two alone on the island.
  718. >God you were starting to blush.
  719. "U-uh..."
  720. >Instead of separating from you, she gave you a warm hug and began to nuzzle on your mane.
  721. >"I always wanted a brother! I hope we get along with and we do all kind of activities! We can train to jump over obstacles! And fight monsters! And, and!"
  722. >Now you are not sure about what kind of problem you are. But you like it! She is too cute; you had to return the nuzzles. She is sooooo soft! And affectionate! And cute!
  723. >Best! Companion! Ever!
  724. >
  725. >And so the flashback faded away.
  726. >Damn, how time passes quickly, it was almost night time on the island.
  727. >Discord decided to bug off and went his way, maybe to mess with Luna or somepony in his castle.
  728. >As for you, there was a nearby bush moving and you know very well who was hiding there.
  729. >Or well, not hiding. More like searching for treasures.
  730. >With a big jump, Epona came out of the bush with something in her snout. It looked like some rock.
  732. >You stare at her confused for a bit, moments later, she spits out the rock and says it again
  733. >"Look what I found!"
  734. >It was a very shiny red rock.. or wait, isn't this...?
  735. "Oh... is this a red rupee?"
  736. >She happily nodded while getting the rupee in a bag that had even more rupees.
  737. >"Yes! I found it! We should buy carrots with it! Or saddles! Or carrots and saddles!"
  738. >Her ear started twitching, and she began sniffing again, then again she jumps into another bush from the island
  739. >Is she a dog or a horse?
  740. >"Anon! I found a blue rupee this time!" She said excitedly.
  741. >Now you don't know how she can find all these gems, but you don't mind.
  742. >If she is happy so are you.
  743. >You hear the voice of yet another young filly coming near your spot on the island.
  744. >”Anononono!"
  745. >Uughhhhhh here she comes again...
  746. “What do you want now, Celestia? I'm not in the mood to play again.”
  747. >She pouts at you and looks a bit angry.
  748. >”I told you just to call me Tia!”
  749. >That’s… weird because as a Mexican, that is "uncle" in English
  750. “What do you want… tia”
  751. >She jumped in place as if happy for you to call her like that.
  752. >She sits near your spot and points to the distance.
  753. >”Does that mountain has a name?”
  754. >You stare where she was staring and notice some mountains very far away.
  755. >Ugh... it wasn't only one.
  756. “Which?” You ask the filly princess.
  757. >”Okay! And those two?”
  758. >Wait what
  759. “Celestia, I-“
  760. >”Really!? Is that mountain named like me? That must be thanks to Uncle Discord! I really, really, really, really need to thank hiiiiiim!”
  761. >She started flying, and her horn began to shine from the excitement, you think.
  762. >"I gotta find him! We'll talk later, Anonono! Bye bye!"
  763. >And so she finally left you be.
  764. >…You wish you had at least an aspirin to deal with her
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