Trapwire Stratfor Email 22

Aug 10th, 2012
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  1. [alpha] TrapWire on London Hotel Plots
  3. Released on 2012-08-09 18:00 GMT
  4. Email-ID 77491
  5. Date 2011-06-17 15:22:38
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  9. Re. London: I've been hearing rumblings about hotel plots (London and
  10. elsewhere) for past six months. In my opinion, setting fire to your hotel
  11. room(s) is a pretty lame attempt at a terrorist strike...and shows the
  12. perps probably hadn't done much recce yet, or they would have seen the
  13. fire suppression systems at the Ritz. I've said this many times before: I
  14. have strong reservations that any group would attempt a "Mumbai-style"
  15. attack against a modern, western target. Our cops are not Indian cops. Our
  16. cops will run towards gun fire, not away. And our cops will not be using
  17. 100 year old bolt action single-shot rifles. The Mumbai attack worked
  18. because it was in Mumbai. Once again, everyone here is fixated on the last
  19. battle. But that's just my humble opinion.
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