Dadonequus Discord Part 152

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  1. >You follow Chrysalis down to the bottom of the basement.
  2. >Still a twist of dark dank cavernous darkness. In any normal circumstance. This large a cave wouldn't make any sense. But given you are in a world of chaos. It was the most sensible type of basement there could ever be.
  3. >Chrysalis led you to where her throne sat, with two torches on either side and released green flames. The orb of Smooze in front of it. Glowing purple.
  4. >The Captain sat patiently beside the throne. He shifts those big blue eyes of his towards you. but remains in place.
  5. >Chrysalis plopped herself on her throne, and looked upon you. Waiting for the magic to happen. "Ok Anon, I leave it to you"
  6. >The Captain's ears actually perk up to those words. He turns his head to Chrysalis, confused. "My queen. May I ask what that means?"
  7. >"No, you may not. It'll become obvious once Anon has done his work." Chrysalis said, as she awaited your magic while resting her head back.
  8. >"My Queen, I...don't know what's going on here. But should we let that pony do....whatever he's going to do?" The captain was concerned. He had no fucking idea what was going on. The other changelings were gathering as well as you pulled your horn out to do your thing.
  9. >Chrysalis leaned her head back and sighed in annoyance. "Captain, this isn't a battle or a need for your "invaluable" advice. Now, unless I am in need of you.....keep..silent"
  10. >"B-but my q-"
  11. >"CAPTAIN!" Chrysalis flipped around on her chair and brought herself closer to the captain; looking him dead in the eye. ".....are you questioning MY orders?"
  12. >"" The captain was sweating. It was almost the same situation as the runt. But Chrysalis wasn't showing the captain affection. Nor was the captain bending as easily as the runt.
  13. >" what?" Chrysalis moved her head a little closer, causing the captain to lower his down.
  15. >The captain didn't say a word. Chrysalis just continued staring at him for another moment until she decided his silence was enough;The captain himself looked flushed. He really didn't know what to do.
  16. >"Now Anon, if you don't mind" Chrysalis continued to wait. Waiting for the magic to happen.
  17. >Well, here we go. But considering the audience. You had to think bigger, badder, more theatrical........OF COURSE!
  18. >You slap on the horn. It once again binds and transforms into a unicorn horn.
  19. >You don't even need to aim the horn for this. You let your magic flow out all across the cave as it began to shift,shake, and roar.
  20. >The changelings didn't seem to know what to do. Some even began to fall off the walls, others panicking.
  21. >The captain looked to Chrysalis once again. "My queen..." He was internally freaking out
  22. >Chrysalis didn't even react. She was actually waiting in anticipation as the walls began to transform. "Hold yourself Captain....hold yourself"
  23. >The cavern begins to transform. Rock turns to carpet and wood. Lights appear on the walls as a projector screen of mass proportions appears in the distance. Chairs, upon chairs, UPON CHAIRS appear, nicely put in lines. You even make a concession stand in the back. Putting the Smooze in a specialized slush machine to make "Liquid love".
  24. >Chrysalis's throne now sat in the front. Another throne sitting right next to it.
  25. >Chrysalis was amazed. She didn't know what to think, she was NOT expecting this. "What kind of palace is this?"
  26. >And, just as you thought. Despite your single charge. Your horn still stuck to your head. You'd only be able to cast theatre related spells. And the horn wouldn't pop off until the movie was over. HA, you were getting a real handle on this. You even give the horn a flick as you float over to the other throne.
  28. >You plant your butt right on the throne next to Chrysalis. HAHAHAH! YEAH! yeah...this was a great fucking use of a single charge. It almost felt like home.
  29. >You lean back and raise a single hoof upwards and wave it around to point at everything.
  30. "This palace, is called a "Theater""
  31. >"Theater?" Chrysalis looks around. Everything looked nice. But there was a lack of balconies, drapes, and a stage. "I thought we we're just going to watch a file reel., and this's nice. But not on the level of sophistication of the likes of Canterlot"
  32. >you cuddle into the throne and chuckle.
  33. "Oh, we're still going to be watching a film reel. This is the type of theater used in our world for the express purpose of watching movies and documentaries. And unlike those fancy smancy theaters. You can eat and drink during the movie. Look..."
  34. >You point to the concession stand
  35. "I made it where you can get popcorn, candy, and look, I even made it that you can get literal liquefied love. Pretty cool huh?"
  36. >Chrysalis was actually comfortable with the transformation. She even thought it was neat. All this, just for her. In fact, when she thought of all this being for her. she turned to you with a gentle smile. Though, still with the intent of warming you up. "Anon, you know how to make a queen feel special. I didn't think you'd go that far for me"
  38. >you gaze at her for a moment. Dammit, why does she have to look at you like that. Why did she have to have such pretty eyes? It just made everything so conflicting.
  39. " know. I just wanted to show you as much as the human experience as possible. better get your children in their seats with the snacks they want. The Documentary will start soon."
  40. >"Hmmm....." Chrysalis turned her head, watching her drones fumble and trip around. Still dazed from everything. "My children, Hear me! Collect the snacks you wish to eat and take a seat! Tonight, We shall be learning of humans........Also, Captain...bring me a slushie."
  41. >And just like that, the changelings began to scramble without question for snacks and seats until each one was filled but one. The runt, even slipping into the chair next to Chrysalis's throne.
  42. >The room began to dim as a light began to shine in the bag, way up near the roof.
  43. >The changelings were murmuring to themselves. Not knowing what to expect.
  44. >Chrysalis herself sat silently as she awaited the main event. She had never seen such a grandiose use of a projection machine before.
  45. >You were excited yourself. You loved this movie. Being able to share the experience with someone who has never even fathomed it's existence
  46. >However, the moment is ruined when the Captain hovers over you and kicks you in the back of your head as he takes your seat. "I sit next to the queen....not you!"
  47. >As you rub the back of your head, the captain holds the slushie towards Chrysalis. "My queen, here is the drink you have asked for."
  48. >Before you could even react angrily towards the captain. Chrysalis actually takes the first shot at the captain. By merely staring at him angrily, not even reaching for the slushie.
  50. >"My q-queen? Here's your slushie..." The Captain holds it out, even shaking it in front of her to get her to take it.
  51. >But she doesn't, she just stares at him.
  52. >You nor the captain make another move. She did not look pleased. "Captain...Who told you you could take that seat?"
  53. >"E-erm. My queen. I...I always sit next to you. I'm your captain. "
  54. >"Indeed you are....And yet, you only sit next to me to serve as my shield or as an adviser of war. So Captain, that being said, I want you to answer me a couple of questions"
  55. >The Captain gulped, he was so confused. He didn't know what was going on. "..yes?...My queen?"
  56. >She snatches the slushie away from him, and takes a sip before continuing. "...Am I in immediate danger?"
  57. >The captain looked around. Nothing seemed amiss. "...No:"
  58. >"And am in need of war counsel?"
  59. >The Captain shook his head "N-no"
  60. >Chrysalis chuckled "right, you're right on both counts. Good for you.And Since I am in no need of your services at the moment, that makes your title of captain moot. In fact, since Anon is the one providing us this little show. He no doubt needs the space and ability to do his work...wouldn't you agree?"
  61. >The Captain didn't want to disagree, not with her. So he just nodded
  62. >" that we understand eachother. Promptly remove yourself from that seat, and go find your own."
  63. >"B-but my queen. He's not even a changeling, he is no-"
  64. >Chrysalis exploded with rage. The little runt, that was fine because he was still trying to carry out orders. But this.....this was questioning a direct order. "CAPTAIN! DO....NOT...QUESTION ME! I will not allow disobedience in MY hive...not even from you. So unless you want your title removed will do as I say...and remove yourself from that seat"
  66. >The Captain said nothing. He knew he had to comply. But before he moved. He turned to you, and gave you a look of absolute murder. He himself was feeling betrayed. But he couldn't dwell on it now. So he complied, and flew off to find another seat.
  67. >Chrysalis then looks upon you, instantly changing he rmood to that of curious and jovial. She was ready for the damn movie already. "Well Anon, take your seat. We don't have all night you know."
  68. "...right..ok...let me just.."
  69. >You got up from being tossed down and dusted yourself off. You didn't know if definitely shouldn't question what just happened. Chrysalis was eager for a show. It was about to she got one.
  70. >You climb up back onto the other throne that was your seat. Ahhh, it really was comfortable on your tushy. And warm like your bed. Your horn began to glow as the movie's film reel went and attached itself to the projector as you hovered over a slushie drink and some never had liquid love before. You wondered what it tasted like.
  71. >And finally, the projector started to show something on screen. It was a pony's muzzle with a big X on it.
  72. >"Thank you for choosing Anon theater.." A voice that sounded suspiciously like Morgan Freeman said. In fact, the voice itself seemed to have been driving a few changelings a little nuts. They were looking around. Hearing the voice coming from all sides. "For the best experience in enjoying the feature presentation, we ask you to please not make any noises, don't buzz your wings, or try to destroy the manager of this humble theater, thank you"
  73. >The runt, who had gotten comfortable on the normal theater seat next to his queen's. Looks around, confused. "My queen, who was that? Should I seek out and destroy it?"
  74. >seek out and destroy...huh...the little runt really took that mantra seriously.
  75. >Chrysalis turned to him and shook her head. "No need, I'm sure this is all part of the experience...." She then turns to you, for reassurance "Right?"
  77. "Yeah, the sound comes from high quality speakers located all around the room. It's to kind of make you feel like you're right there."
  78. >"I see..." Chrysalis takes a sip of her slushie. She doesn't make a comment on it. But a squeezed out slush of love actually made it taste....pretty good. specially chilled. "So...when does the documentary start?"
  79. "Right...."
  80. >The screen should "And now, our feature presentation"
  81. "!"
  82. >The theater went from dim, to near darkness. The only thing really visible being the screen itself. You almost felt at home...almost. You were among creepy bug ponies after all
  83. >And finally. the movie started, You leave out the opening parts with the filmmakers intro bit. You felt it was unneeded.
  84. >"Starship troopers...hmn, i'm unimpressed with the title. I thought a human title would have had a little more pizzazz to it."
  85. "...just wait"
  86. >The movie opens up with the military ad to join the mobile infantry.
  87. >Chrysalis's eyes go wide as there is a multitude of gasps from the adueince.
  88. >"Those are humans? Walking turtle monsters without...turtle features? I...I can't comprehend this. How can they move so fluidly? And what is...wait...this is a military ad? I thought this was a Documentary"
  89. "Woah woah, relax. That shell is actually the armor we wear to protect ourselves. designed to let us move around as if we were naked while protecting us from a multitude of offensive strikes. As for the ad. Just watch. This Documentary has a quirky way of telling everything."
  90. >The movie then goes on to explain bug meteorites and the battle against Klendathu.
  92. >"...There's no way. You can't tell me that you have those kind of machines. Those rocks must be as big, larger than any kingdom in Equestria. That can't actually be possible"
  93. "'s possible. See, where ponies mostly made advancement in magic. We as humans made advancements in technology. See, that rock may be big. But are guns can blast it into nothing. Imagine if we used it on...say...Canterlot?"
  94. >You humor her, see how'd she react to a little "positive" reinforcement. She was gonna need it. Because this movie was gonna blow her the fuck out later.
  95. >Chrysalis smirked, looking straight at the screen as it explained the human mission. "Yes" She chuckled evilly "just imagine..."
  96. >It then gets to the newscaster soldier.
  97. >" of those useless soldiers who report the news to the useless masses. What a waste. I didn't think humans would need one of.....hello what's this?"
  98. >The bug comes out, and grabs and begins to crush the human. there's already thunderous applause in the audience.
  99. >" those are the bugs of your world. I'm..intrigued and disappointed. I expected them to be of a higher intelligence considering you humans have waged war on-......" Chrysalis's eyes go wide as he gets mercillesly split in half. She's silent for a few moments. " much...for that armor."
  100. >The other changelings themselves seemed horrified by what they just saw. They were against the humans. But it seems they never saw something so violent before. The run however, was glues to his seat. Munching on popcorn and sipping his slushie.
  101. >"....I take it back. What they don't have in intelligence. They make up for in pure brutality, What's the point of those weapons and armor if they slay you humans left and right?"
  102. "it's better than nothing.. Just watch. things will get interesting soon"
  104. >"It's already interesting. I've never seen such brutality in my life. It's almost....frightening. If those things we're ever allowed to come here. They would tear into every being, every kingdom, every forest...and rip them into itty bitty bits. I don't even think I could stop them. They don't look like they'd be willing to make an alliance. It also leaves no question why you'd prefer here to there. Your entire race must be extinct by now."
  105. >You stifle a laugh. Oh god, she was so cutely ignorant. And it was nice to see her a little fearful of the bugs....can't wait to see when the humans demolish them.
  106. "Oh yeah, the bugs are pretty scary, but don't count the humans out just yet. This documentary hasn't even begun yet.
  107. >The movie then enters the beginning class scene with Rico. Chrysalis doesn't seem to find this part too interesting. Being silent to absorb the information. Now seeing that it was indeed armor humans we're wearing. " humans always wear clothes?"
  108. "Yeah, why?"
  109. >"Clothes are usually used for formal events to accentuate one's features. But they seem to wear it out of....necessity. oh....OH" Chrysalis starts to laugh. "Don't tell me i'm right. That's too much. You humans have no external protection whatsoever. That's incredible!"
  110. >You just stay the course, being cheerful and explanatory to every question she asks.
  111. "yeah, we wore it for necessity. We also wore it because we considered being naked very lewd."
  112. >Chrysalis sees the affections flying every which way as the scene ends. with the kissing and relationship building. "I see.....ohhhhhh"
  113. >Chrysalis gives you a very evil grin. "So then......does that mean every female you see in Equestria makes you and bothered"
  114. >fuck
  116. "It's n-not like that. It's know. they have a coat at least.that's don't get hot and bothered"
  117. >Chrysalis chuckles as she sees the lies practically circle you. "so, if I say.....changed into one of your closest friends and wiggled my butt in your face; that you'd just be perfectly ok with it?"
  118. >you gulp. You had a feeling she would do it, right now, during the movie, and taunt you in front of the entire hive.
  119. "Chrysalis...can we just focus on the documentary please?"
  120. >"I can still hear it Anon, I don't think I have to........OH MY BROOD?! WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT POOR CREATURE?!"
  121. >It was on the scene where they we're dissecting the bug. she happened to take a glance right on the scene.
  122. >...that..for you..was a close call.
  123. "Their dissecting it. to understand it better"
  124. >"WHY?!"
  125. "I thought you didn't actually care too much about the bugs"
  126. > were hoping for this reaction. hehehehe
  128. "Oh come on Chrysalis, you saw those bugs rip my kind in two. fair is fair."
  129. >"grrr..that's a matter of war Anon. Just because your kind are a brutal and violent race doesn't mean you should go opening up an innocent bug that probably only meant to make a small meal of your useless young."
  130. "different universe Chrysalis. And bugs aren't so innocent. They are killing machines in my universe, They see something different form them, they kill it, then eat it. No politics exist. So it's not like we can go and talk with them."
  132. >".....I see....I still don't like it. I don't even understand how your race can have trouble with theirs. If I watched everything correctly. The distance between your races is almost like a dimensional rift of sorts."
  133. "Close, galaxys are actually really big. If you were to make a road to walk on to get from our planet to theirs. Well....I hope you could live several million years at a walking pace."
  134. >"Millions of years?....then.." That didn't seem feasible to her " your mode of travel moves you at speeds several times faster than any pegasi? that what I'm hearing?"
  135. "Several times?...try more like over a million times. Pegasi ain't nothing compared to human engineering"
  136. >Chrysalis, for the moment, kept a few doubts in her mind. "....until I see it in this documentary, I'm going to just...hold off on that thought"
  137. >things continue on. everyone watching silently as the movie goes on. up until the dance.
  138. >" humans and your absolute need for romance. It's no better than a pony's. If it wasn't for the need for love, then I'd abolish it all together. It's so....stupid"
  139. "Well. All things need to be able to love Chrysalis. Not just for a mate, but for their young. I know we've had this conversation before"
  140. >"I'm just commenting. I know there needs to be a degree of love. Specially since we feast on it. But there's just a limit to how much i could take on a visual level."
  141. >...wut?
  142. >You look at her with disdainful surprise
  143. "Are you serious? Then why do you always try to seduce me? You know, even if it's fake, you're showing a gross display of love and lust, right?"
  144. >"But that's exactly it Anon, it's fake. it's skewing the notion of love into a twisted idea of extracting nourishment. It's diabolical really. I love it"
  146. >you sigh and focus your eyes on the move.
  147. "Yeah yeah...whatever.."
  148. >Chrysalis gives you a gentle rub on the head "Don't be moody Anon, just think more before you try to argue on a subject I know much more about it. now hush, I want to concentrate on the documentary"
  149. >You slump on your throne. And look at your love slushie. Hmm....You wondered what it actually tasted like. You went through the trouble to liquefy it. Might as well see what the big deal is.
  150. >You take a sip through the straw.
  151. >The taste....was sugar sweet. It didn't taste like anything you've had before. And yet, it tasted...soothing. and despite it's chill. It made you feel all warm and snuggly.
  152. >Chrysalis could sense a small change in you. you were suddenly letting out vibes of love for no reason.
  153. >"Anon...Is something the matter? or does looking at human females affect you that much?"
  154. "I's...I think it's my drink. I feel want to nuzzle into something."
  155. >Chrysalis slowly hovers your slushie away from you, she can see you eyeing her. but not in a seduced way. But in a "cuddle me mommy" way. "I...think I'll be taking this away from you. Your body doesn't process this as food and I really don't want you getting all emotional."
  156. >You really wanted a hug.
  157. "...ok..but...umm..can I..ask you something?"
  158. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes and immediately slaps you.
  159. "OWWW!"
  160. >You rub your cheek
  161. "what was that for?! geez!"
  162. >"Feel worse? unloved, cynical, willing to lust over something?"
  163. "I am now..sheesh"
  164. >"Good, you're back to normal."
  165. >agh, you now realized why she slapped you. crap, you didn't think the slushie would affect you like that. Weird....
  167. >"You know, I'm surprised you humans can be so numerous. This is your military recruits right?"
  168. >You both we're at the part where Rico joins the mobile infantry.
  169. "Yeah, what do you mean by numerous?"
  170. >"Well, if I've understood everything so far. you have citizens and civilians. And if these are just civilians who wish to become citizens. Then...well...Those are more recruits than Celestia's precious royal guard and those useless Wonderbolts put together. I could only imagine the numbers of your actual military. Then again, given the opening of this documentary. I assume one of the many tactics humans have is to throw waves of your own kind into danger until either you or your enemy is defeated. Primitive..."
  171. >She...wasn't wrong.
  172. "yeah, that's kind of how we do things. the smarter guys do all the background work while the grunts pretty much go and die."
  173. >"I see, and given how this instructor is just breaking their arms and throwing blades into their hands. I surmise they only take either the best...or the most insane. Effective. I like it, I wish the captain had that instructor's tact. He seems to actually know what he's doing. Disciplined, goal oriented, knowledgeable. He would have made a fine drone."
  174. >"And....ohh...ohhh...oh no. Is that what you humans look like without your clothes? IT reminds me....hold on."
  175. >Chrysalis squints her eyes. "'re like minotaurs. but without the legs or head. That's. Why is that?"
  176. "Well....aren't you just a bug that looks like a pony? and what about the breezies? They are like....teeny tiny ponies"
  179. >Chrysalis didn't even stop to realize that yes. she was a bug..and yes, she was shaped like a pony...infact. she can turn into ponies...right. "...hmnnn, touche Anon, touche. I suppose some creatures evolve to look similar to others. Ok then, with that out of the way. The only other question I have is why is it focusing on this Rico character? Is he that important?"
  180. "Very, it'll become clear why later"
  181. >"It better, I want to see more of the Klendathian bugs"
  182. "We're not getting to them just yet. Right now, you're gonna see the chariot...of the humans"
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