My Little Stallion

Nov 30th, 2013
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  1. Frankly, I couldn't fucking believe my luck. And for once, I wasn't being sarcastic; I actually felt like the single most fortunate man on the planet.
  3. You see, I'd been having a bit of a dry spell lately, something all-too-common for an average-looking grad school student like me. Compounding the matter was my full time job, and my crippling self-confidence issues courtesy of my ex-girlfriend of two years leaving me. I rarely had time to hit the bars, and when I did, it was more for drinking my stress away than for picking up some strange.
  5. So anyway, back to the source of my good fortune, the stunningly beautiful woman lying on the bed before me, her curly, purple-tinted hair and white sheets covering her so as to leave just enough to my imagination.
  7. "Oh, darling, don't leave a lady waiting," She purred, her posh accent making it hard for me to believe that I'd met her in one of my usual dive bars. Honestly, I was impressed, too, that she seemed more interested in getting to know me than getting drinks or a cheap one-nighter off me. In fact, it'd taken 3 weeks of coffee dates, museum excursions, and various other pleasant little distractions to bring us to this point, the two of us in her apartment together for the first time.
  9. I wasted no time in stripping my clothes off, causing her to titter softly at my exacerbated mass of brown bed-head as I slowly climbed onto the bed, holding myself over her.
  11. Before I knew what hit me, her arms were around my neck, her legs around my waist, and...
  13. -----
  15. "Oh, my, Anon," Rarity panted, her beautifully-rounded bosom gently heaving, "you are certainly a gentleman in the boudoir, you're so atten-" She was cut off by another passionate kiss from yours truly. She had a mildly strange name, but damn if it didn't fit her to a 'T', I'd never before seen a woman like her.
  17. Pulling away from her and crashing down on my back next to her, I sighed as I felt myself sink back into the bed. Feeling cocky, I of course had to respond, "Glad you enjoyed it, hope I wasn't too much for you, heh."
  19. Still smiling, she rolled her eyes. "So modest, dear. I take it you enjoyed yourself as well?"
  21. I turned my head to face her, almost entranced by those sparkling blue eyes of hers. "In all seriousness, I'm glad I was able to show you a good time," I broke eye contact, and before I realized what I'd said, "It's um, been a while for me."
  23. Rarity just laid there with a kindly smile.
  25. "Um, sorry, that was awkward."
  27. "Oh, not at all," she giggled, "You certainly could have fooled me, and besides, I appreciate your honesty. Your whole fake bravado act was cute at first, but, it, ah, shall we say, grew old rather quickly?"
  29. I felt my face flush slightly, laughing a little. "It was that transparent, eh?"
  31. Rarity smiled and pulled herself closer to me. "I figured you might put up a little act. You were so nervous when you approached me that night at the bar," she paused to giggle softly, "Whether you believe it or not, I'd been watching you from across the room long before you first saw me. I saw how friendly and genuine you were with your friends, how you were more than willing to spare a few extra dollars to cover your friend's bill... That and various other small acts told me all I needed to know about you. You may occasionally put up a tough outer facade, but I'm quite certain you're a very sensitive, kind man."
  33. Not gonna lie, I was floored, flattered, and guilt-ridden all at once. She must have sensed this as she continued to speak.
  35. "Oh, no need to feel bad, darling, quite the opposite! You were having so much fun!" She gave me a smoldering, half-lidded stare, "...And nothing gets me off faster than knowing how much my partner is enjoying himself," She gave me a gentle peck on the cheek before snuggling in tighter with me.
  37. As the conversation continued, I was blown away. I was completely transparent to this woman, totally exposed. She'd found me out before I'd even started. I felt so vulnerable... And I loved every second of it. I wasn't usually one to press my luck, but this was going to be an exception. I felt a connection with her on a level I hadn't felt in quite some time, like I could be totally honest with her. She was just so... Accepting. Like she would gladly take me for me
  39. "So... Rarity..."
  41. She batted her gorgeous eyelashes at me. "Yes, Anon?"
  43. Deep breath, Anon. "I'm not normally much for all of this pillow talk, but..."
  45. Those damned blue eyes. "But what, darling?" Hnnnnggggg....
  47. "Maybe I'm oblivious, but I'm going to get to see you again after tonight, right?"
  49. She hugged me tightly. "Of course, dear! A lady does not have one night stands, it is simply unbecoming! I must say I'm quite taken with you, Anon. You're not like most of the gentlemen who attempt to garner my affections, and I hope I've made that quite clear."
  51. THANK YOU BASED G-- Wait, over-the-top good shit never happens to me without some sort of catch. Or, that's what I would have thought if I weren't so completely entranced with her eyes.
  53. Rarity tittered again as she draped her arm across my chest. "Dear, I fully intend on seeing you again at the very next opportunity, but I do believe we have both earned ourselves a good night's sleep."
  55. I nodded, and reached over to turn off the small, faintly-pink lamp currently throwing a gently glow across our bodies. As I found myself drifting off to sleep, her head on my chest, I noticed a growing stiffness in my muscles.
  57. "Damn," I thought to myself, "the saying seems to be true, lady in the streets, freak in the sheets..."
  59. ---------
  61. The rising sun cast a few errant rays into Rarity's room, gently rousing me from sleep. Apparently Rarity had gotten up a bit earlier without disturbing me.
  63. "Fuck," I stretched my arms and legs out, "I've never been this stiff after sex before..."
  65. As my arm stretched around, I noticed something strange on my arm, it had a light, patchy dusting of red fuzz on it. "Weird," I tried to brush it off, to no avail, "the fuck is this?"
  67. As if in response, I could have sworn it became a bit thicker. "Is this fur?"
  69. Out of nowhere, my jaw went slack, and an odd grinding noise filled my ears as my nose appeared to extend further away from my eyes, prompting a terrified scream.
  71. From the corner of my eye, I saw Rarity casually stroll back in, looking me up and down. Why was she so nonchalant about this?! My head was deforming and I was turning red!
  73. "Ah, I'd wondered if this would happen," she gently sat down on the bed next to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "I know you must be absolutely horrified right now, but you're going to be alright."
  75. Those eyes of hers... Hearing her reassurance, coupled with those kind beautiful eyes, I managed to slow my pulse and choke out a few words once my... Snout, for lack of a better term... Had stopped stretching. "Rarity, you KNOW what's going on?"
  77. She sighed, and looked almost guilty. "I'm afraid so, and I do feel horrible for misleading you... It's just... Well, I'm not quite the sort of lady you may have thought I was. I'm not originally of this world."
  79. Still focusing on my increasingly-furry red arms and snout, I can only muster up a confused expression.
  81. "I was originally a unicorn, in another universe. I was sent here by accident, courtesy of a rogue spell from a dear friend of mine. Perhaps time flows differently here, and Twilight hasn't yet found me, or perhaps I am truly stranded here. Regardless, I've been here for a good ten years. I'm... I'm also not exactly human."
  83. As she finished that sentence, she was quickly engulfed by a flash of light, causing me to slam my eyes shut.
  85. A few seconds later, her voice rang out again. "Anon, it's alright, you may open your eyes now."
  87. Where once a beautiful, classy woman once sat, a small, pure-white unicorn with Rarity's hairstyle and a similar tail sat there. "As I said, Anon, I am a unicorn."
  89. There were those eyes again, those calming, kindly blue eyes. "I... I believe you. But-"
  91. She cut me off by pressing a hoof gently to my snout. "But why are you changing? Well, as a unicorn, I am capable of utilizing magic. I am not powerful enough, nor knowledgeable enough, to send myself home, but I was able to create a very convincing disguise."
  93. I opened my mouth to speak, only to have that hoof pressed to my lips again.
  95. "I'm getting there, dear, I promise. You see, at first, my full intention was to blend in, and avoid attention. But, as time wore on, it became clear that I wouldn't be leaving any time soon. So, I began to get comfortable, socialize, and fall back into my old hobbies," She swept a hoof through the air, as if pointing around, "all of those curtains, my clothes, it was all designed, and in some cases sewn, by me."
  97. I groaned as I felt my head changing shape further, prompting Rarity to try to stroke my back.
  99. "After a while, it didn't seem so bad, even if I did feel a smidge of loneliness. Sadly, magic can be quite unpredictable, and it can have volatile effects on non-magical creatures such as yourself and other humans."
  101. She began to tear up a bit, and so, forgetting my predicament momentarily, I gave this strange little white pony a hug.
  103. "Thank you, Anon... Now, as I was saying, magic is strange. There was no telling what could happen were I to get close to, or become intimate, with someone. So, I resolved to find someone that I knew I could connect with, that way, I knew that if something did happen, I could at least take care of him. After all, should something drastic occur, that man could be stuck with me for a while..."
  105. Suddenly, my brain kicked back in. "So... You're a unicorn?!"
  107. She nodded sadly and sighed. "I thought we already covered that, darling..."
  109. Brain.exe has stopped working. Error: I fucked a pony. "So... I had sex with a pony?! Oh god."
  111. Rarity sniffled a little and nuzzled into my stomach. "Oh please don't be upset... If it eases your mind, I *was* technically a human woman," she half-heartedly pointed at her horn, "magic, remember? It *is* temporary, but it lasts long enough to be useful..."
  113. She looked up with those eyes, and pouted. I couldn't be mad for long...
  115. Rarity was attempting to choke back sobs at this point. "Anon, please forgive me. You should know, I don't know if I can disguise you like myself, but please believe I will take care of you. I... I do love you, Anon. I hope you know that..."
  117. I honestly couldn't believe how well I was taking this. I was transforming into some strange creature, because I slept with a disguised magical horse from another universe. But... Well, I might as well admit it, I loved her, and she had me wrapped around her little marshmallow hooves. As I realized this, I felt a pleasant, warm pressure in my gut. Things felt like they'd be ok.
  119. I sighed. "Rarity... I love you too. But I'm scared."
  121. She sighed as well, though she did so in relief. "Well, will it ease your mind if you knew there were a few benefits to this?"
  123. I simply raised an eyebrow.
  125. "Well," she pulled back the sheet covering my still-nude lower half, "it seems as though one of the, ahem, *bigger* benefits is about to show itself."
  127. I looked down, and realized that there was an actual source of that warming pressure from earlier. I wasn't erect, but Anon Jr. had clearly experienced a growth spurt. I could also make out a faint, but steadily increasing throbbing in my testes, the feeling becoming more and more pleasurable. I take back what I said earlier, as I caught on to all of this, Anon Jr. was standing at full attention. Suddenly, my balls ballooned outwards, increasing in size by about 50%.
  129. For the first time ever, I moaned the phrase "OH GOD MAH BAWLLLS" in pleasure, rather than in pained reaction to a badly-placed toss of the football. Rarity could only giggle quietly, covering her mouth demurely with a hoof. My cock was also growing steadily, becoming a mottled mixture of two shades of red, ending in a very beastial, flared equine cock head.
  131. They pulsed mildly a few more times, before exploding outwards again, stopping once they were about two or three times their original size, accompanied by an eruption of cum from my new pony dick as well as another guttural howl of pleasure from me, and covered with the same red fuzz that was coating my entire body.
  133. Rarity was trying her best not to stare. "O-oh my..."
  135. Suddenly, I felt my torso shrinking, while my neck cracked and repositioned itself. It wasn't painful, but I yelled out nonetheless I saw my fingers withering away into nothing, before all four of my limbs re-angled themselves to better suit a quadripedal digitigrade gait. I could only assume my toes and feet had met similar fates.
  137. Rarity simply rubbed my shoulder, calming me down. "Shhh... There there now, the worse is over..."
  139. Finally, the shifting slowed, and was topped off with a sort of "FWWOOMP" noise from my head and backside. A look at Rarity confirmed that, yep, my mane and tail had grown in, replacing my dark brown hair with a sandy-blonde color. Huh. Red fur, and fair hair.
  141. I attempted to snuggle up to Rariy. "So... How do I look?"
  143. "Oddly, a lot like an old friend of mine, if you were more muscular..." She caught the mildly-insulted expression on my face, "Mac was a farm pony. Trust me, he's quite the exception to the rule."
  145. I continued sadly gazing at my new form. "I'm gonna miss you hands..." I chuckled bitterly, "it's funny, I've basically just lost all of my old friends, my career, my family, yet I'm most bothered by losing my hands..."
  147. "Well... As I said, I'll do my best to take care of you. You're what we refer to as an earth pony. I may be able to give you a disguise but..." She leaned up and kissed my cheek.
  149. I could only sigh sadly.
  151. Rarity then stood up and bounded onto the floor, a strange but intoxicating scent surrounding her. "I believe I need to cheer you up, darling, and make you feel a bit more comfortable with your new body. I do promise that it's not ALL bad..." She shot me that trademark half-lidded gaze of hers, leaned down, and raised her flank and tail, giving it a playful little shake.
  153. I had to agree with Anon Jr., what a fuckin' view.
  155. As I tried to coordinate my new limbs to pounce my mare, I couldn't help but think that maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...
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