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  1. Name: Feu
  2. Nickname.Alias: Brunhilda The Chaotic
  3. Age: 500
  4. Race: Demon
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Country Origin: Hell
  7. Occupation: Deathknight of sibriex of House of M
  8. Sexuality: heterosexual
  9. Elemental affinity: Lava, Fire and Earth
  10. Weapon(s): Lance of Brynhilde
  11. A volcanic born lance that channels Feus desire of a beautiful fight upon it's blade. The more powerful her desire for the heart of her foe the larger the weapon becomes
  12. Biography: Feu is a demon that throughout history has attacked mortals praying upon them acting as if she were a chaotic storm out for blood. In reality this is how she "plays" with them. Fighting is her one desire and fighting and killing strong foes is what excites her most. After battle she tears out the hearts of her victims and consumes them. She remembers the name of everyone she has ever killed or attempted to kill. If they willingly escape she gives up the chase no longer having the desire to kill them. She joined the House of M after she was targeted by one of their white crown members. She killed the assailiant and found out about them later when she was scouted by them accepting the invitation in hopes of finding more worthy targets to do battle with and kill. The guilds motto of the strong eating the weak to advance is what piqued her interest the most. She happily progressed through the rankings taking on assignment after assignment all the way to White Crown. She continued accepting assignment after assignment until she was recognized as the strongest White Crown member of the guild. Satisfied she challenged a Deathknight seat helder for the seat and killed them by tearing their heart out of their chest and devoured it just like her past victims. Personally she does not care about the war of the world going on between Delcroix's cross faction and the mortals. She simply wants to find strong burning fires and eat their heart thus she usually ends up declining to vote in matters regarding that since she just does not care for it at all although she will nevertheless happily accept any mission to fight and kill someone no matter what faction they belong to.
  13. Abilities: Master spearmanship
  15. Burning insides - all debuffs except those that deal with her mind will be ineffective on her as her insides themselves will burn the outside toxins into nothingness
  17. Love is war - a passive ability that increase all of her stats the more blood thirsty she becomes for her foes heart. If the foe escapes while this ability is gearing up she will lose all interest in continuing the fight/war and leave the battlefield out of boredom
  19. Dragonic strength - her physical abilities are unreal given her human-like size. The strength of each and every one of her blows equals that of a pure dragon
  21. Volcanic Enhancement - coats her spear in volcanic flame. When it strikes the ground it will set a "mine" that when stepped upon will summon forth a geyser of magma to rise from the ground 10 feet upwards
  23. Volcanic battlefield - fires a ball of magma into the air. Fireballs of magma will rain upon the entire battlefield destroying the environment until nothing is left except molten earth and the people within
  25. Volcanic earthquake - by smashing her volcanic enhanced spear into the ground an earthquake will occur shattering the ground around the striked zone and dooming uncareful combatants to falling into a pit of lava that will devour and incinirate them. The AoE of the earthquake is yards around the strikes point upon the ground and 10 feet deep for the fall into a pit of lava
  27. Volcano manipulation - can manipulate any and all volcanos and magma in her general area including ones beneath the earth. Cannot create new volcanos and if she goes overboard the volcanos beneath the ground could destroy the very land she is on
  29. Volcanic breath - fires a sweeping torrent of magma flames all around her in a circle. Anyone caught in the magma will burn and be trapped in an encasing of cooled down magma. Cannot escape unless they have earth manipulation or a teleport type of ability
  31. Volanic storm - by smashing her spear against broke pieces of the ground,boulders,rocks or anything solid she can smash them as if they were a baseball. They will turn into bombs of volcanic destruction as when they make contact with anything they will explode sending volcanic flames all around and under it.
  33. Human torch - enchants her entire body with volcanic flame as she launches herself at any and all foes. Dramatically increases her speed and deeply burns anything that even tries to touch her and her flames. The fire can be extinguished with master tier water magic. Her level of speed while in this "form" is equal to a raging bullet
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