Rayuan untuk page Say No to MLM

ak47suk1 Feb 3rd, 2017 (edited) 129 Never
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  1. I'm unable to visit Say no to MLM page at . This page is good on educating Malaysian on current ponzi and pyramid scheme in Malaysia. Unfortunately, this page has been disabled by Facebook due to false reports from these ponzi schemes members to silence Say no to MLM rights and freedom of expression in educating Malaysian on pyramid and ponzi schemes.
  3. Another template:
  5. An FB page by the name Say No to MLM has been disabled. It is said that the page does not follow the Facebook Terms & Community Standards.
  7. I am writing this to report that the page should not be disabled. It is an informative page where activists share their knowledge & information on ponzi schemes & money laundering activities available in Malaysia. They spread awareness to the public so that they can avoid to get involved in the illegal activities.
  9. This group is a very useful group. This is the group where members can guide & warn the public about illegal schemes & activities that cheat the public & put them in trouble with the law in Malaysia. I would like the page to continue spreading awareness to the public. It must not be disabled because it means scammers are using FB to spread their agendas & this page is created to fight the scammers.
  11. This is the link of the group:
  15. P/S: Please have a mechanism that prevent such things from happening again to pages and groups that fight scams on financial and health information.
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