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  1. PART 1
  3. EDIT 11:26 EST: They have a photo of the alleged suspect.
  4.  EDIT 11:27 EST: Heard a Black Male in all black clothing.
  5.  EDIT 11:32 EST: NBC just reported the shots on TV. No new info there.
  6.  EDIT 11:33 EST: There was a robbery at a near by 7-11 (Dark Skin White Male 5'11' 200lbs, black top). Could be related?
  7.  EDIT 11:40 EST: Woman reported on the ground screaming/crying. Male that was with her just walked away. [Unrelated, thanks /u/dontgotmilk]
  8.  EDIT 11:42 EST: Image from the scene. Warning blood.
  9.  EDIT 11:44 EST: Possible witness.
  10.  EDIT 11:47 EST: /u/philsmith24457 points out they mentioned a mini excavator [Unrelated]
  11.  EDIT 11:59 EST: Reportedly a group of Black males. 1 in a gray hoodie, in his early 20's, heavy set. 2 in black hoodies. Firearms present. [Unrelated].
  12.  EDIT 12:04 EST: from /u/TheFightingFarsi : NBC Connecticut reporting MIT Officer has died. (grain of salt till for now)
  13.  EDIT 12:07 EST: MIT updated their emergency site with news. Police are searching the campus, stay indoors.
  14.  EDIT 12:12 EST: Removed links to emergency site to prevent Reddit DDoS. Thanks /u/Some-Internet-Guy
  15.  EDIT 12:13 EST: Boston Globe Editor confirms MIT officer death.
  16.  EDIT 12:16 EST: /u/TheFightingFarsi has more info on the MIT officer.
  17.  EDIT 12:17 EST: [Unrelated] Black male with grey hoodie put his firearm in the front pouch. Please stay inside tonight.
  18.  EDIT 12:23 EST: It seems like the MIT officer was the only one involved as of right now. No students have been reported harmed. Seems like a case of wrong place, wrong time. Will continue updating if any new information comes up.
  19.  EDIT 12:26 EST: Dark Skin White Male from 11:33 was mentioned. He has a gotee.
  20.  EDIT 12:28 EST: Black Mercedes SUV car-jacked in the last 30 minutes. 2 Middel-Eastern males with firearms. PLEASE don't be related to the bombings Q.Q License Plage - 137 NZ1
  21.  EDIT 12:30 EST: More images from MIT.
  22.  EDIT 12:32 EST: The filled up with gas, payed cash. Car took off to Harvard Square.
  23.  EDIT 12:32 EST: Car owner is fine, escaped while they were filling up.
  24.  EDIT 12:34 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again. Police continue to sweep the campus.
  25.  EDIT 12:35 EST: Driver of car-jacked Mercedes displayed firearm to police.
  26.  EDIT 12:38 EST: I was disconnected from the live feed.
  27.  EDIT 12:40 EST: I got the feed back.
  28.  EDIT 12:41 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again. The shooter remains at large, police continue to search the campus. Please REMAIN INDOORS until further notice.
  29.  EDIT 12:45 EST: /u/speedbreeze has a summary in multiple languages. They have fact-checked info, where I relay what I am hearing on the feed.
  30.  EDIT 12:47 EST: /u/sceptre886 mentioned the car stolen is a Mercedes ML-350. Tag number 137 NZ1
  31.  EDIT 12:49 EST: Shots fired in Cambridge. Shots and Explosions in Watertown.
  32.  EDIT 12:50 EST: Shots fired. Grenades spotted.
  33.  EDIT 12:51 EST: More shots, explosion. Grenade went off.
  34.  EDIT 12:55 EST: Officer down. Explosives at scene. 94 Spruce Street??
  35.  EDIT 12:56 EST: Reports of a stolen state police truck. Black, 4 door.
  36.  EDIT 12:57 EST: Second officer down. Hand Grenades...automatic weapons fired.
  37.  EDIT 12:58 EST: Spruce (sp?) and Lincoln
  38.  EDIT 1:00 EST: Dexter and Laural. Suspect injured. Explosives in the area.
  39.  EDIT 1:01 EST: Officers ordered back. Map of area thanks to /u/rm-rf_
  41. EDIT 1:01 EST: Suspect is on foot.
  42.  EDIT 1:02 EST: /u/iBrave sent me another map
  43.  EDIT 1:03 EST: Bomb Squad on their way.
  44.  EDIT 1:05 EST: Officers asked to power off phones/leave them in the car to prevent explosions.
  45.  EDIT 1:06 EST: 2 explosives confirmed. One near down officer. Robot in area to diffuse.
  46.  EDIT 1:09 EST: Suspect car still in the area.
  47.  EDIT 1:09 EST: Parameter from unnamed source.
  48.  EDIT 1:10 EST: Watertown not answering phones. Suspect in ambulance, one at gun point.
  49.  EDIT 1:11 EST: OFFICER MISSING! [NVM, thank God]!
  50.  EDIT 1:11 EST: They are taking one of the suspects to Beth Israel (hospital). (Thanks /u/TheVacillate)
  51.  EDIT 1:12 EST: FBI on scene (thanks /u/bnjmn556)
  52.  EDIT 1:13 EST: Roll call to make sure everyone is okay/accounted for.
  53.  EDIT 1:17 EST: MIT updated their site: Suspect remains at large.
  54.  EDIT 1:19 EST: 2 in custody.
  55.  EDIT 1:19 EST: Another guy down?
  56.  EDIT 1:20 EST: Photos and Videos
  57.  EDIT 1:22 EST: Reports of suspect heavily armed in backyards.
  58.  EDIT 1:23 EST: MSP called for K9 unit.
  59.  EDIT 1:25 EST: May NOT have second suspect!!!
  60.  EDIT 1:26 EST: Reports of pressure cooker bombs!!!
  61.  EDIT 1:29 EST: Active shooter. audio noises
  62.  EDIT 1:29 EST: CNN has footage of suspect at gun point.
  63.  EDIT 1:30 EST: No report of an active shooter at this time. 40 police cars on their way to Watertown.
  64.  EDIT 1:32 EST: Second suspect reported to be in custody. No active shooters. No shots fired.
  65.  EDIT 1:33 EST *: Police are making people turning off their phones.
  66.  *EDIT 1:35 EST: Suspect ordered to strip down before being taken into an armored vehicle. Photo of suspect on ground - REMOVED PHOTO Not a suspect! EDIT 1:36 EST: Children's Hospital on lockdown.
  67.  EDIT 1:38 EST: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for kind words. Keep sending me info and I'll keep updating. Stay safe everyone! This is not the post I wanted to make today...
  68.  EDIT 1:39 EST: WCVB reports one suspect is at large!
  69.  EDIT 1:41 EST: Reports of first officer down has died of his wounds (death toll: 2)
  70.  EDIT 1:42 EST: Reports of explosion at Harvard Quad.
  71.  EDIT 1:42 EST: Second suspect not in custody from radio! Be safe all!!
  72.  EDIT 1:44 EST: Children's Hospital clear. No shots fired there.
  73.  EDIT 1:46 EST: Explosion heard was from bomb squad.
  74.  EDIT 1:47 EST: Backpacks left on Laurel St.
  75.  EDIT 1:48 EST: News about Harvard Quad bomb seems to be fake. No bomb confirmed there.
  76.  EDIT 1:55 EST: Second suspect middle eastern looking, clean shaven, male with blue jacket with a "christmas style" hat.
  77.  EDIT 1:56 EST: My inbox is flooded with "Fuck the Mods" posts. Please, not now. Come back with hate in a few hours. For now, only news. Hate them in another thread.
  78.  EDIT 1:57 EST: The Christmas hat is a beenie.
  79.  EDIT 1:58 EST: MIT update: Suspect from there is no longer on campus. Right now, these are two different incidents and not related.
  80.  EDIT 1:58 EST: Suspect who was laying on the ground was released and is walking home. Taken in from confusion.
  81.  EDIT 2:00 EST: Reports of a "code black" at Auburn Hospital. Nothing confirmed.
  82.  EDIT 2:02 EST: Sorry for lack of info. Inbox is flooded, dealing with thread transfer and my scanner stopped. Back at it!
  83.  EDIT 2:05 EST: Officer ducked down (idk if that is bad).
  84.  EDIT 2:05 EST: Overhead Helicopter to light abandoned SUV to direct ground police.
  85.  EDIT 2:06 EST: Police searching house for second suspect.
  86.  EDIT 2:09 EST: Reported - house that should be empty has people in it. MAP
  87.  EDIT 2:14 EST: Reported SWAT called in. Police listed a name, unclear if related.
  88.  EDIT 2:15 EST: SF Airport evacuated bc of a small fire. [Unrelated]
  89.  EDIT 2:17 EST: Entering house on the second floor.
  90.  EDIT 2:17 EST: Long guns were used to fire at police. Ambulance called to American Legion.
  91.  EDIT 2:18 EST: [UNRELATED] FBI released new photos of bombers. HERE
  92.  EDIT 2:20 EST: My streams seems to have lagged behind everyones. Someone hit by car.
  93.  EDIT 2:24 EST: 15 shots fired.
  94.  EDIT 2:26 EST: OFFICER ASSIST 04/19/13 01:27 (WATERTOWN - ) UPDATE:2 PIPE BOMBS IN THE ROADWAY- 1 BEING NEUTRALIZED- 2ND LIVE- AREA BEING EVACUATED. [MAS163] - http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/1221
  95.  EDIT 2:26 EST: Backdoor found opened. Police searching the area. Handgun mag found.
  96.  EDIT 2:27 EST: Reports of shots fired at Aberdeen & Mr. Auburn.
  97.  EDIT 2:29 EST: NBC is showing a cat screaming NO! while being put into a tub...
  98.  EDIT 2:30 EST: Boston Globe is confirming one of the Marathon bombers is in custody.
  99.  EDIT 2:31 EST: Gold Nissan Maxima being searched.
  100.  EDIT 2:35 EST: Different news places are reporting 1 suspect as dead, and another reporting that same suspect as in custody. Nothing known about his status atm.
  101.  EDIT 2:40 EST: Large area cleared by police (protected area location).
  102.  EDIT 2:41 EST: Boston Globe seems to be reporting everything...I'm not going to trust them for now on. Just FYI.
  103.  EDIT 2:43 EST: White male in gray hoodie considered armed and dpangerious!
  104.  EDIT 2:44 EST: More update - White male, black hoodie, curly hair.
  105.  EDIT 2:46 EST: Mt. Auburn Hospital is being evacuated. - FALSE, accepted in confusion
  106.  EDIT 2:48 EST: Police confirm these are the Marathon Bombers
  107.  EDIT 2:48 EST: Suspect who is at large is confirmed to be the Marathon Bomber with the white hat!
  108.  EDIT 2:51 EST: Red vehicle (Toyota) hasn't moved in an hour, has people in it. Police scoping it out.
  109.  EDIT 2:53 EST: Robot searching car
  110.  EDIT 2:55 EST: My feed crashed again. Either server issues or they took it down to hide info.
  111.  EDIT 2:56 EST: Police confirm MIT and Bombers are connected.
  112.  EDIT 2:58 EST: My feed is back.
  113.  EDIT 3:00 EST: Police looking for Black Dodge Avenger?
  114.  EDIT 3:01 EST: Reports are coming in that one of the suspects is the missing Brown student.
  115.  EDIT 3:02 EST: One suspect dead
  116.  EDIT 3:03 EST: Someone sent me suspects names....they don't deserve to be posted.
  117.  EDIT 3:04 EST: Suspect seen running (on foot).
  118.  EDIT 3:06 EST: {delayed} Swat only in the area.
  119.  EDIT 3:08 EST: Some sites are reporting "Bombs everywhere". Only 2 where known (and diffused). The suspect may have some on him, but none are out and about.
  120.  EDIT 3:10 EST: Suspect lost in foot pursuit.
  121.  EDIT 3:11 EST: Naked suspect being loaded into car seems to be old footage for suspect they released earlier (wrong guy).
  122.  EDIT 3:16 EST: People keep telling me there is no foot pursuit. Did they stop?
  123.  EDIT 3:19 EST: K9 Units deployed. 465 Arsenal Street open door.
  124.  EDIT 3:20 EST: MAP of 465 Arsenal Street.
  125.  EDIT 3:21 EST: Sounds like shots being fired! My fault, 2nd stream played a video with shots
  126.  EDIT 3:22 EST: All officers no involved in static posts are to report to Arsenal.
  127.  EDIT 3:24 EST: Officers now showing up in plain cloths. Friendly fire a worry.
  128.  EDIT 3:24 EST: K9 checking open door. Pressure cooker found at Watertown.
  129.  EDIT 3:26 EST: My inbox is flooded with "Officer Down" posts. I haven't heard it but I might be behind in the stream. Bad ears, no other officers down.
  130.  EDIT 3:31 EST: More sites confirming Pressure Cooker bombs found in Watertown.
  131.  EDIT 3:34 EST: Police to release info to the media. Can someone get me a press pass?
  132.  EDIT 3:39 EST: /u/Brutal_Sandwich sent me this MAP of events.
  133.  EDIT 3:40 EST: News site WCVB is reporting first suspect dead.
  134.  EDIT 3:42 EST: Police are going house to house doing sweeps.
  135.  EDIT 3:45 EST: Perimeter is on lock down. They seem to be waiting till daylight to continue the search.
  136.  EDIT 3:50 EDT: They requested a tactical bear to move/dispose of bombs.
  137.  EDIT 3:53 EDT: Motion sensors tripping in buildings.
  138.  EDIT 3:55 EDT: This is a Tactical Bear
  139.  EDIT 4:00 EDT: Motion Sensors seem to have been tripped by suspect 2. He has reportedly locked himself in the building.
  142. PART 2
  144. EDIT 11:18 EDT: getting food. Police are surround house with guns drawn. Will make 3rd thread shortly.
  145.  EDIT 10:16 EDT: Guys! I have to run and take care of some things. I will be back but things need to happen today before I can continue this.
  146.  EDIT 10:02 EDT: Police located Gray 99 Honda CRV (with suspect).
  147.  EDIT 9:45 EDT: Police are now looking for MULTIPLE suspects!
  148.  EDIT 9:13 EDT: Personal blackout to prevent info getting to White Hat. EDIT Scanner offline.
  149.  EDIT 8:59 EDT: Suspect is boasting online according to police. EDIT "I will kill you all because you killed my brother". posted online. EDITEDIT Troll account.
  150.  EDIT 8:56 EDT: Another suspicious package spotted.
  151.  EDIT 8:51 EDT: Sounds like they are going to use the buses to evacuate people.
  152.  EDIT 8:48 EDT: Rocket in basement reported. Requests for EOD.
  153.  EDIT 8:45 EDT: Scanner blowing up with yelling and dogs barking.
  154.  EDIT 8:42 EDT: Just saw a man in a black hoodie running in a yard on TV.
  155.  EDIT 8:34 EDT: Man in black hoodie running through yards.
  156.  EDIT 8:22 EDT: Trigger found, all units use extreme caution!
  157.  EDIT 8:20 EDT: Suicide vest strest. White Hat might be wearing one.
  158.  EDIT 8:12 EDT: Bomb dogs are being moved to a new location.
  159.  EDIT 7:40 EDT: Reddit is slow! 1 in custody! Not confirmed to be White Hat.
  160.  EDIT 7:20 EDT: FBI Agent requested.
  161.  EDIT 7:17 EDT: Scanner reports suspect may be in a cab headed to the Moakely Courthouse.
  162.  EDIT 7:14 EDT: Controlled detonation at Charle's Gate.
  163.  EDIT 7:13 EDT: I'm getting a lot of comments with old info, either my post is out of date or I am getting a flood of old posts from when Reddit was down.
  164.  EDIT 7:07 EDT: Suspects are brothers, 19 and 20. Not the missing student from Brown.
  165.  EDIT 7:05 EDT: Are we back? Suspects location was narrowed to Chechnya. Living in US for almost a year.
  166.  EDIT 6:43 EDT: Marathon Bombers are from Russia.
  167.  EDIT 6:38 EDT: Reddit seems to be back online. Down for 30 minutes.
  169. EDIT 6:?? EDT: Twitting updates because Reddit is crashing
  170.  EDIT 6:00 EDT: Manhunt started. I crashed Reddit.
  172. EDIT 5:46 EDT: All subway and commuter lines suspended.
  173.  EDIT 5:45 EDT: Reddit isn't staying up. How many people are online? 10 minutes till Sunrise.
  174.  EDIT 5:36 EDT: Reddit crashed on me, and everything I own is beeping and booping. My internet is at a crawl. I'll try and update the best I can. Sunrise is in 20 minutes.
  175.  EDIT 5:31 EDT: To stop confusion: Naked Man = Fake Suspect. Black Hat = first real suspect, dead. White Hat = Still on the run. No more numbers from me.
  176.  EDIT 5:27 EDT: Hospital Press Conference is where they are talking about dead suspect. My TV says "second suspect" but it seems out of date and doesn't look to be "White Hat".
  177.  EDIT 5:24 EDT: Report of male with heavy backpack on bike. Unclear if "second suspect" is actually the first or "Black Hat".
  178.  EDIT 5:21 EDT: Second suspect connected with bombing is dead.
  179.  EDIT 5:19 EDT: SO MANY FRIEND INVITES!!!! I'll keep everyone updated when I get more info. It is slow. Police are waiting for sunrise.
  180.  EDIT 5:15 EDT: FBI to hold news conference.
  181.  EDIT 5:13 EDT: I'm still here. No real new news. People have started to "friend" me on other sites/games. No need to buy me anything, literally the least I can do. Send money to BPD.
  182.  EDIT 5:07 EDT: Not much chatter. News is slow, ramping up for sunrise.
  183.  EDIT 5:02 EDT: NBC is reporting "foreign military training". Nothing to confirm this is the case.
  184.  EDIT 5:00 EDT: Sunrise in 56 minutes. Bus brought in to evac Dexter at Arsenal.
  185.  EDIT 4:56 EDT: Package at 540 Memorial Drive presents no danger. All is safe at MIT.
  186.  EDIT 4:54 EDT: Bomb dogs requested at 540 Memorial Drive.
  187.  EDIT 4:51 EDT: My radio is silent. 3 injured officers are reported at the BPD command post.
  188.  EDIT 4:48 EDT: They mentioned an injured officer at command post. Unconfirmed if it is a new injury or related to this.
  189.  EDIT 4:44 EDT: "All is well" after a period of silence.
  190.  EDIT 4:43 EDT: Officer heard saying "Get down on your knees".
  191.  EDIT 4:42 EDT: Greenway bicycle paths shutting down.
  192.  EDIT 4:39 EDT: MIT update - Suspicious package in the area of 500 Memorial Drive.
  193.  EDIT 4:36 EDT: Suspect 1 was confirmed dead at Mt. Auburn, not Mass General. My mistake.
  194.  EDIT 4:35 EDT: CNN is showing Naked Man. He is NO LONGER A SUSPECT. CNN is old news.
  195.  EDIT 4:34 EDT: Suspect 1 died to explosive attached to chest! White Hat might have one as well.
  196.  EDIT 4:34 EDT: "White Hat" reported to have explosive device on him.
  197.  EDIT 4:31 EDT: Suspect "White Hat" has been spotted.
  198.  EDIT 4:30 EDT: /u/Trucidar suggest we use Reddit Stream to reduce refreshing.
  199.  EDIT 4:28 EDT: Sunrise in Boston will be at 5:56 AM EDT.
  200.  EDIT 4:27 EDT: Police officer that was shot is in surgery (2nd one shot, first one was pronounced dead).
  201.  EDIT 4:25 EDT: First suspect was pronounced DOA at Mass General.
  202.  EDIT 4:24 EDT: Police #1 mission atm is public safety. Stay inside.
  203.  EDIT 4:24 EDT: Reported box of wires found at [location removed].
  204.  EDIT 4:20 EDT: One suspect from the Boston Bombing being confirmed killed on TV. Radio is quite.
  205.  EDIT 4:16 EDT: BPD Twitter posted image of suspect from 7/11
  206.  EDIT 4:14 EDT: Officers advised to use radio silence. I think thats my fault Q.Q
  207.  EDIT 4:13 EDT: People want me to make a new thread, no need to spam any more then I have. This will be fine. I will switch my order so new info is at the top!
  208.  EDIT 4:11 EDT: Suspect may no longer be in that house and may not have set off the motion sensors.
  209.  EDIT 4:08 EDT: We Reddit DDoS'ed Reddit.
  210.  EDIT 4:05 EDT: Officers have 2 handguns and a knife. 2 Long guns missing, suspect 2 might still have them.
  213. PART 3
  215. EDIT 115 10:00: They think they might know the vehicle that the suspect is operating. Grey Honda CRV.
  217. EDIT 113 9:54: Having discussions about some movements. Nothing specific.
  219. EDIT 112 9:49: Special Ops and K9 units inbound for suspicious vehicle.
  221. EDIT 111 9:48:Updated photo of suspect released by Boston PD. Another suspicious package found in a parking lot.
  223. EDIT 110 9:45: 3 People in a car, possible contact with suspect. Voice not very clear. Sending resources to location.
  225. EDIT 109 9:42: Radio or scanner silence. Just silence. EOD is being called in.
  227. EDIT 108 9:39: Someone in a building is waving at the cops to come in. Now say he is no longer there. White male, blue long sleeve shirt, second floor.
  229. EDIT 107 9:35: Suspicious package, four boxes tied together. Only information known at the time.
  231. EDIT 106 9:34: Cleared a house, nothing of value.
  233. EDIT 105 9:30: Black hoodie subject was checked out and apparently cleared. He was emailing pictures to his brother.
  235. EDIT 104 9:28: Removing all addresses. Feed is back up. They are about to clear some houses.
  237. EDIT 103 9:23: I'm reading that all police scanners are down. If you find one working let me know.
  239. EDIT 102 9:22: Feed cut out for me on Broadcastify. Picked up another one.
  241. EDIT 101 9:14: Moving assets back to staging area to figure out redeployment. Looks like ------- was an abandoned house.
  243. EDIT 100 9:13: Removed addresses. Good call, shouldn't have put the house numbers. Leaving street names for those who live in the area that need to not be in those areas. If they are requesting no street names either tell me and I"ll remove them.
  245. EDIT 99 9:11: /u/esopterodactyl has the twitter link for Boston PD
  247. EDIT 99 9:10:/u/foobster found Suspect #2's twitter REMOVED
  249. EDIT 98 9:09: Address is ------- & ------- for male in black hoodie on the back porch with a laptop.
  251. EDIT 97 9:08: They are getting a microphone ready to record something.
  253. EDIT 96 9:05: Individual on ------- street with a laptop. They are checking it out. Male with black hoodie and laptop, grey house.
  255. EDIT 95 9:04: Found suspect with black hoodie. They saw him taking pictures, he ducked into a house once the area was secured.
  257. EDIT 94 9:03: Officer saw someone in grey sweatshirt that didn't respond to him.
  259. EDIT 93 9:01: Said the information was 7 hours old, people had already left the house, boston PD is going to go in and clear it.
  261. Subject may have posted online, considered to be a likely fake now due to recent creation.
  263. EDIT 92 9:01: Undercover found possible suspect at Arsenal.
  265. EDIT 91 8:58:Sounded like suspects voice on scanner, did not recognize voice, may have been repeating what was said "I will kill you all like you killed my brother" (Did anyone else hear that? Am I going crazy?)
  267. EDIT 90 8:56: Talking with helicopter, heli is 5m out.
  269. EDIT 89 8:55: No foot chase, no one saw someone enter one of the houses. "We have units to -------- (?) street, package in the lobby, left unattended." They are ready to search on Oak st.
  271. EDIT 88 8:54: Notified about someone running through a yard with a black hoodie.
  273. EDIT 87 8:53: SWAT went into an apartment. EOD is coming in on -------- and -------.
  275. EDIT 86 8:52: Occupant in a building, white backpack, grey jacket with hood. Nearby building with sat dishes on top. Outside the perimeter. Large industrial building.
  277. EDIT 85 8:52: Unit frantically saying something. Can't make it out.
  279. EDIT 84 8:51: Asking if anyone actually got a clear visual of him running into a home. No response.
  281. EDIT 83 8:50: They are trying to get about 30 people out of there with a bus.
  283. EDIT 82 8:47: They are about to go into -------.
  285. EDIT 81 8:46: "Looks like some type of rocket in the basement. We need EOD here."
  287. EDIT 80-2 8:45: Special ops responding to ------. Couple guys on --------. Others on --------.
  289. EDIT 80 8:38-8:45: Back door is open. Asking for armor to be expedited. "There are three armor coming for cover." Tactical team is in place.
  291. Just going to write what is said below for this incident:
  293. "We gotta get discipline. We have to hold cover." "We don't need anymore help here." "Clear up the air." "Looking at number ----, Bear with us, officers holding the perimeter. Everyone behind cover. All agencies here."
  295. "We are not sending our guys in. We are waiting for tactical. We have tactical officers in the back. Officers on ------ in case they double back when we clear this. Media members running around in the complex there. Somebody grab them and get them out of here."
  297. "Man with a black hoodie moving towards ----." - Last seen. "Yellow House. Grey house on ------ had a motion light go on." "Officers on -------." "Can we get a ram up to -------?"
  299. "The suspect may be in 25, 23, ----, all officers pull back from that location. We have to have SWAT cover down. ---- green house, ---- tan house. Keep an eye on that, keep cover."
  301. "We have enough assets here now. We're going to clear this house and then move over there." "I'm trying to move my guys to proper cover" (5th time he's said it, get behind cover guys!)
  303. "Clearing ---- --------, then we'll move over to help you there."
  305. EDIT 79 8:38: Last location of the suspect... Last officer to see the suspect: Charlie supervisor. They are checking the cellar basement, open door.
  307. EDIT 78 8:37: Requesting tactical team to ---- --------. Reminding units to stay back in case he doubles back. EOD team needed at ----------.
  309. EDIT 77 8:36: An officers emergency signal is going off, asking if he is ok. No response yet.
  311. EDIT 76 8:35: "Officers stay in case they try to double back." They have enough officers there, saying they have plenty of help. "Stay in your zone. Guys get behind cover! (irritated) Warning, use caution in approach."
  313. EDIT 75 8:34: ---- -------- in Watertown needs help. Assistance is on the way, "units use caution"
  315. EDIT 74 8:30: Tactical Ops squads are calling in statuses. All appear to be actively searching. Other officers waiting to contact them. One is hooking up with a HAZMAT team.
  317. EDIT 73 8:27: Code 5 on ------ towards Watertown. Code 5 = Transporting a prisoner.
  319. EDIT 72 8:22: "---------- (sounded like), black bookbag, looks suspicious" EOD called.
  321. EDIT 71 8:21: "Attention all officers, if anyone approaches the suspect, a trigger was found on the bodies of individuals in our custody, indicates current suspect may be wearing a suicide vest." paraphrased.
  323. EDIT 70 8:20:GENERAL UPDATE: Suspect #1 (Black Hat) is dead. Believe he may have been wearing explosives, extreme trauma to body. Suspect #2 (white hat) is still on the run. They have apprehended other related suspects who had trigger devices. Unknown amount of suspects or relation. All public transportation in Boston is shut down. Primary suspects were brothers.
  325. EDIT 69 8:19: State reports suspect is most likely wearing a suicide vest.
  327. EDIT 68 8:18: There is another vehicle at the entrance to the --------, asking if they are expecting another vehicle. "Standby"
  329. EDIT 67 8:17: "All officers use extreme caution, may have suicide vest on, extreme caution when encountering suspect." Came out of nowhere.
  331. EDIT 66 8:15: ---- -------, special ops unit going there along with another unit.
  333. EDIT 65 8:13: -------, local PD had to pull back. Requesting a unit to help with crowd.
  335. EDIT 64 8:11: "All bomb dogs report to the ------, the --------."
  337. EDIT 63 8:10: Just moving units around, no real leads or hot spots.
  339. EDIT 62 8:07: All Tango Echo (Special Ops) units that were assisting in Watertown are now ----------.
  341. EDIT 61 8:03: All responding units respond to state police and you will be issued a strike team. "All units responding to --------." Looks like they're bringing even more in.
  343. EDIT 60 8:01: Sending trooper to --------- (spelled it like it sounded)
  345. EDIT 59 8:00: Nothing going on. Open mic sounds like bridge to "Whole Lotta Love."
  347. EDIT 58 7:57: I hope someone gets something out of this 3 hours from now when reddit starts working again. :)
  349. EDIT 57 7:56: "White male yellow jacket eastbound on the walkway headed (unintelligible)
  351. EDIT 56 7:54: SWAT Team en route to -------.
  353. EDIT 55 7:53: "They have the device." Hard to hear, broke through a lot of chatter.
  355. EDIT 54 7:51: Requesting a SWAT team to ---- -----.
  357. EDIT 53 7:50: Clearing crawlspace on ----.
  359. EDIT 52 7:49: "Tracking kanines right around the corner, how far out are you?"
  361. EDIT 51 7:48: Come to -------, north of that device, all six units come, 50-75m apart.
  363. EDIT 50 7:47: Requested tracking dogs near --------.
  365. EDIT 49 7:46: Something vague about putting your hands somewhere.
  367. EDIT 48 7:45: Red BMW, very high rate of speed. Called out license to check.
  369. EDIT 47 7:42: "Negative on that package, owner was aware of it."
  371. EDIT 46 7:40: In a few minutes we're going into a house on ---- --------. Package outside with clothes in it. They may need a bomb unit.
  373. EDIT 45 7:39: Looks like reddit is back. Hopefully it stays. I'll keep updating while reddit is out, seems like it still is.
  375. EDIT 44 7:38: Asking if ------ ramp was opened, said the situation there was resolved and they think it is open.
  377. EDIT 43 7:37: Marine unit being called, asking if they have the suspect. "Unknown."
  379. EDIT 42 7:36: ---- --------- 1 in custody.
  381. EDIT 41 7:35: Gang unit meeting up at ---- ----- Street to assist on an interview.
  383. EDIT 40 7:34: Calling ambulance to stand by for SWAT teams "to be held if needed."
  385. EDIT 39 7:34: Cab that dropped off a person that led a foot chase near ---------, telling them to dispatch units to the area.
  387. EDIT 38 7:33: Sending units to bridge near --------.
  389. EDIT 37 7:32: Unit working up search from ------ to -------.
  391. EDIT 36 7:31: "White truck with Russian lettering." "Have a secret service compliment here (? I think that's what he said), no thank you."
  393. EDIT 35 7:30: Asking where to assign two bus loads of officers that just arrived. Moving to staging point at Arsenal Mall.
  395. EDIT 34 7:29: "Negative on device at --------."
  397. EDIT 33 7:28: "We received a call about a suspicious package." "Where?" ... "---- ------ (?)" Northbound on I-28, debris mentioned earlier.
  399. EDIT 32 7:26: Requesting non lethal rounds on ------. Earlier numerous units needed rounds, not clear if they didn't have them to begin with or used them.
  401. EDIT 31 7:25: "One report that truck dumped a lot of debris on the road." "1/4 mile outside of the (unintelligible)
  403. EDIT 30 7:22: "The photograph you just sent me, where did you take that from?" It was forwarded. "--------, diagonally across from ----" "where they stopped this guy." "The picture you sent me is from ------- I have that acknowledged" - No context on what photo was, possibly detonated device.
  405. EDIT 29 7:20: "Check out -------." "Located an article of clothing that might have been worn by the suspect." Needs someone to collect it. RESPONSE: First priority is to search for suspect, then EOD, then collecting evidence.
  407. EDIT 28 7:18: "The armored vehicle element has an option of rotating one personnel in a truck with a medic." "Reserve tactical team near Nathaniel Hall, all units high visibility."
  409. EDIT 27 7:15: "Getting info that party may be in a cab heading towards the courthouse." "I don't know where he's coming from." - dispatch
  411. EDIT 26 7:11: "It exploded, whatever they detonated down here."
  413. EDIT 25 7:10: "------- needs to be shut down" "there is a device, there will be a detonation" - EOD Commander
  415. EDIT 24 7:09: "We just crossed ------, we're working between ------ and ------ street now."
  417. EDIT 23 7:08: Matching suspect to telephone, 93 phone calls made (? Not sure, no other context)
  419. EDIT 22 7:07: Asking if the parole yard had been checked, telling unit on ------ that they are moving through. "We have a lot of moving parts, avoid a crossfire situation"
  421. EDIT 21 7:06: Techs said "item was a positive" moving to "phase 2"
  423. EDIT 20 7:05: Requesting "delta detective" to return (sounded like guy at Arsenal, not sure though)
  425. EDIT 19 7:04: "All units, subject we have is not a threat, stand down."
  427. EDIT 18 7:03: "Sending three from H4 to ------, three truck teams and one of mine."
  429. EDIT 17 7:02: "Be right out front on ------, two troopers will meet you out there, they have the location."
  431. EDIT 16 7:01: EMT's needed, #7 in parking lot, loud beeping during call out of address.
  433. EDIT 15 7:00: ------- closure "package underneath the roadway, EOD is going to be investigating."
  435. EDIT 14 6:59: Mention of a "threat" on --------, "someone said take cover" "detonated pipe bomb, ------- and -------."
  437. EDIT 13 6:57: Requesting assistance to check a building, -------.
  439. EDIT 12 6:56: "In the direction of the Convention..." No context.
  441. EDIT 11 6:55: Reporting Nissan heading down -----, saying they need to stop him.
  443. EDIT 10 6:53: 3rd party called to say suspect 2 spotted on ------ Bridge walking towards downtown. Multiple units on the way.
  445. EDIT 9 6:49: "Show her the package please! Go to the back, show her the package!" No context.
  447. EDIT 8: Woman reports on ------ that her shed is open with the lock on the ground. Units moving.
  449. EDIT 7: /u/JpDeathBlades's twitter says Marathon bombers are Russian. https://twitter.com/JpDeathBlade. AP Link
  451. EDIT 6: Calling out white Honda Civic, unattended near exit 19. Open garage door on Auburn, checking out now.
  453. EDIT 5: One of the cab suspects is not giving information, only said something about -------.
  455. EDIT 4: Strike team 2 at ------ right now.
  457. EDIT 3: Two guys in handcuffs from cab, bomb squad is there. No mention if this is the suspect.
  459. EDIT 2: Five SWAT teams deployed, clearing Watertown area house by house.
  461. EDIT 1: They just said everyone head to the ------.
  463. They stopped a cab with three middle eastern people, originally thought it was him but apparently it is not. They had called all units to the locations but have since spread back out.
  465. If /u/JpDeathBlade is already doing one let me know. I didn't see one so I thought I'd keep one up.
  468. PART 4
  471. EDIT 202 1:31: It's basically been a lot of officers telling each other where they are going and general communication. Nothing new.
  473. EDIT 201 1:30: Conference starting, link below.
  475. EDIT 200 1:26: Correspondent /u/potato_bus says another press conference is coming up.
  477. EDIT 199 1:21: I have heard no updates on the old man with the dead switch or the location of White Hat. I am only listening to the scanner but I do check messages for info.
  479. EDIT 198 1:20: Apparently the 'hostage' was frightened by a police officer with a gun.
  481. EDIT 197 1:18: House with 'hostage' was clear.
  483. EDIT 196 1:17: They made sure the situation from 185/177 is definitely clear.
  485. EDIT 195 1:15: "Ambulance on the way to evaluate her."
  487. EDIT 194 1:14: People are telling me they said the hostage is safe.
  489. EDIT 193 1:11: They are calling for an ambulance to swing by. If something was said before it I missed it.
  491. EDIT 191 1:10: A lot of garbled messages, SWAT is stepping in.
  493. EDIT 190 1:08: Front door opened, "we have the message".
  495. EDIT 189 1:07: Look if the hostage taker is reading reddit instead of listening to the scanner then he's screwing himself and we're helping the police.
  497. EDIT 188 1:05: Attempting to contact hostage taker.
  499. EDIT 187 1:02: Possible house with hostage located.
  501. EDIT 186 1:00: Another suspicious package reported.
  503. EDIT 185 12:57: Situation from EDIT 177 is clear.
  505. EDIT 184 12:56: Possible hostage situation.
  507. EDIT 183 12:55: "Everyone take cover. No more units."
  509. EDIT 182 12:55: "A person is being held there by gunpoint."
  511. EDIT 181 12:54: A man is trying to get through security but has no credentials.
  513. EDIT 180 12:53: Woman is being held by a man with a gun
  515. EDIT 179 12:53: Again, I don't know what the specifics of 173 are. I'm not holding out. They just started talking and then said 'we don't want this on the air' and then didn't talk about any specifics.
  517. EDIT 178 12:51: Reports are coming in that the White House situation room has been activated. I'm looking up more now on that.
  519. EDIT 177 12:47: They are following up on another lead similar to the open basement. Stuff has been moved since they last investigated the area. (Look, do I think white hat is reading this instead of just listening to the scanner? No, but i can be a little more vague when the detail doesn't matter.)
  521. EDIT 176 12:42: About EDIT 173, I don't really know what it is. They aren't saying many details, they are checking on a vehicle, but other than that the only details are unit number and specific locations. Which is exactly what they asked not be posted. If something happens I'll post the aftermath. And this is the first time they specifically said on the scanner not to mention something on the air.
  523. EDIT 175 12:40: They are checking on something but not being very descriptive.
  525. EDIT 174 12:38: There will be a controlled explosion in Cambridge later in the day as a precaution.
  527. EDIT 173 12:35: They just said something that they don't want on air. Don't write a comment about it.
  529. EDIT 172 12:34: I'm still listening to the scanner and not the press conference so if anything new comes out in the conference please let me know.
  531. EDIT 171 12:33: EOD team being sent to another location.
  533. EDIT 170 12:29:/u/potato_bus posts link to upcoming press conference. Police are very concerned about the security for the conference, or rather, making sure it is as secure as possible.
  535. EDIT 169 12:27: Open basement door that is being checked out.
  537. EDIT 168 12:24:/u/potato_bus said that MyFoxBoston is reporting that the helicopters are part of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), they are not military.
  539. EDIT 167 12:22: CNN is confirming that the link is his twitter account: https://twitter.com/J_tsar/
  541. EDIT 166 12:17:/u/SolusLoqui posted a link to a Guardian photo album of Boston's deserted street. Still waiting on press area to be cleared apparently.
  543. EDIT 165 12:15: As you've probably seen, military choppers have arrived. Also news networks are reporting on the same twitter I linked. I'm still leaving it down, but there are many cached pics of him.
  545. EDIT 164 12:13: Press conference should be sometime soon.
  547. EDIT 162 12:05: For those asking there have not been any recent updates on Suspect #2 (White Hat)
  549. EDIT 161 12:02: Suspect is "clear", safe for EMS to approach him.
  551. EDIT 160 12:01: Numerous people from different areas have reported loss of power. (Power outages were reportedly due to construction.)
  553. EDIT 159 12:00:/u/greenlep posted a different link to a possible twitter for Suspect #2 (White Hat). Take it with a grain of salt, but looks more legit than the last one. REMOVED Cached profile pic was of Suspect #2 (White Hat) but it will stay removed until some source verifies it.
  555. EDIT 158 11:56: Still working on the old suspect, no updates on his status.
  557. EDIT 157 11:55: Apparently the "jumper" was not a person, but an area where a possible bomb may have been which explains why an EOD was sent to the location.
  559. EDIT 156 11:52:/u/riothedragonman lives near the area where the jumper was reported and says everyone has dispersed.
  561. EDIT 155 11:51: Someone asked, no update on hockey duffel bag drop off. No update on jumper.
  563. EDIT 154 11:47: Four robots operating on the old man right now. No word on device or explosive.
  565. EDIT 153 11:45: Press conference will begin soon, they are letting media with credentials enter the scene.
  567. EDIT 152 11:44: One area that was previously being investigated is clear. Not the old man or jumper scene.
  569. EDIT 151 11:39: Second bearcat is arriving at the original scene with the old man.
  571. EDIT 150 11:35: They are doing police stuff that doesn't need to be reported.
  573. EDIT 149 11:30: An EOD team is being called to the overpass, no specifics.
  575. EDIT 148 11:28: Possible jumper on an overpass.
  577. EDIT 147 11:26: Because it keeps getting asked. The suspect that is being searched by the EOD robots, that is handcuffed, that has the dead man switch, is a 60-70 yr old gray haired man. He was specifically identified as having salt and pepper hair, even the age 90 was thrown out. This is NOT White Hat aka Suspect #2
  579. EDIT 146 11:24: Investigating possible sighting of suspect #2 at different location. (Most likely a false sighting, nothing else was said about this)
  581. EDIT 145 11:23: Unknown car has stopped within a security perimeter.
  583. EDIT 144 11:22: They said they need to bring in a second EOD robot and a second Bearcat (armored vehicle)
  585. EDIT 143 11:19: EOD robot is still clearing the suspect. He will be interviewed after he is cleared.
  587. EDIT 142 11:18: Officials are supposed to give any update some time soon.
  589. EDIT 141 11:15: They are telling all non-SWAT to leave the area.
  591. EDIT 140 11:14: Subject definitely has some kind of device or switch in his hand.
  593. EDIT 139 11:11: EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) robot is attempting to remove the jacket from the man right now.
  595. EDIT 138 11:07: Been silent, EOD is on scene.
  597. EDIT 137 11:03: To further clarify, guy with the white hat has nothing to do with this (as far as we know). He is still on the loose. This suspect is an old man (60-70) with grey hair and appears to be holding a dead man switch.
  599. EDIT 135 11:01: Negotiating with suspect (not white hat).
  601. EDIT 134 11:00: Apparently EDIT 126/128 was not clear. This is not Suspect #2 aka White Hat.
  603. EDIT 133 10:59: Guessing they are still waiting on EOD.
  605. EDIT 132 10:53:Hearing "man down" in the background, asking about another location. Had two streams going and couldn't tell what was overlapping. Not true.
  607. EDIT 132 10:52: Making attempts to block a possible blast.
  609. EDIT 131 10:51: Suspect is shaking his head "no" and trying to arch his back up, speculating that he may be trying to do something with the device.
  611. EDIT 130 10:47: He has something in his right hand that he holding. Last person had a dead man switch. (If someone lets go of a dead man switch it triggers the mechanism)
  613. EDIT 129 10:46: Some people are saying they heard reports of a shot fired.
  615. EDIT 128 10:45: Waiting on EOD to move further. Still no information on if the older man held at gunpoint has any relation to Boston Suspect #2. Has anyone heard how they originally found him or if he approached officers?
  617. EDIT 127 10:44: Suspect is being held at gunpoint and is in handcuffs.
  619. EDIT 126 10:40: Waiting on mod position. A different suspect may be found, may have transmitter on him. They are being cautious, white male, 60-70 yrs old. Brown jacket, device is in jacket.
  621. EDIT 125 10:39: It has been brought to my attention that the Boston PD has been asking that people do not post information from the scanner online. As of now I will reduce updates only to information that either they want people to know (like the CRV info) or that can not compromise them at all. Or stuff that is already on national news, like the man being held at gunpoint.
  623. EDIT 124 10:25: Some guy just dropped a hockey duffle bag by "Save the Harbor Save the Bay" and left, they are looking for him.
  625. EDIT 123 10:24: You can stream this post to reduce the load on reddit. Updated to new post.
  627. EDIT 122 10:22: Looking at a red Crown Victoria now.
  629. EDIT 121 10:20: CRV was apparently found empty.
  631. EDIT 120 10:18: They say they have or have seen some possible suspects who look Russian. "We have him with us." Not entirely sure the specific. I don't think it's the actual suspect, they were being too casual about it.
  633. EDIT 119 10:15: Still looking for 1999 Grey Honda CRV License # 316 ES9 (thanks, sleepy dyslexia kicking in). Suspect is believed to be driving/in the vehicle.
  635. EDIT 118 10:13: Pretty slow going right now. Just making sure everything is in order.
  637. EDIT 117 10:07: Found a .40 caliber round casing. Said it was in "pristine condition." Found some distance from shootouts, said it looked like it might be one of theirs.
  639. EDIT 116 10:06: Whew, start of hour 4...
  641. You can stream this post to reduce the load on reddit. Thanks /u/radd_it. Updated to new post.
  643. Previous Thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/1co7a4/live_update_thread_unofficial_part_3/
  645. EDIT 192 1:10: Thank you for the reddit gold, I highly appreciate it.
  648. PART 5
  651. EDIT 241 3:37 PM: Scanner - They found vehicle with multiple circuit boards in it.
  652.  EDIT 240 3:36 PM: Open Mic - When someone is constantly transmitting without realizing it.
  653.  EDIT 239 3:28 PM: Joe needs to watch his open mic. >=[
  654.  EDIT 238 3:27 PM: EDIT: "UNTIL the Perpetrators in custody".
  655.  EDIT 237 3:21 PM: Suspect on the ground.
  656.  EDIT 236 3:19 PM: Image of SWAT.
  657.  EDIT 235 3:10 PM: Suspicious motor vehicle located. Driver side door open.
  658.  EDIT 234 3:04 PM: 233 not confirmed. EDIT Was FBI Agent.
  659.  EDIT 233 3:02 PM: One the of suspects seen wearing tactical vest.
  660.  EDIT 232 3:01 PM: "If the target, or the friend, leaves that building and attempts to enter that vehicle, or any vehicle, you are authorized by the FBI to stop them from entering that vehicle and take them into custody."
  661.  EDIT 231 2:57 PM: Man seen with backpack and hoodie.
  662.  EDIT 230 2:51 PM: Odyssey "located and secured".
  663.  EDIT 229 2:50 PM: Officer dead from 228 is MIT Officer, all these are for the whole situation.
  664.  EDIT 228 2:44 PM: Update on officers: 1 dead, 1 in critical condition, 15 injured. (whole day)
  665.  EDIT 227 2:40 PM: BOLO - 95 Honda Odyssey - Gray - 93NN73
  666.  EDIT 226 2:36 PM: Add to 224 - Aunt said she was going back to Russia on the 24th.
  667.  EDIT 225 2:34 PM: Scanner back up.
  668.  EDIT 224 2:32 PM: Father told media the boys were planning on going back to Russia in a few days.
  669.  EDIT 223 2:30 PM: Scanner down.
  670.  EDIT 222 2:29 PM: Confusion on the car from media. Car with plate 116-GC7 found.
  671.  EDIT 221 2:28 PM: WCVB - Father says he talked to the suspected bombers and they denied being at the Marathon.
  672.  EDIT 220 2:25 PM: Internet issues. More bomb sniffing K9's requested.
  673.  EDIT 219 2:18 PM: 217 is the car to look for. 1999 Green Honda Sedan Plate 116-GC7.
  674.  EDIT 218 2:16 PM: Correction 216 - Honda Civic was recovered in Watertown.
  675.  EDIT 217 2:14 PM: Police seeking MA Plate: 116-GC7, ’99 Honda Sedan, Color - Green. Possible suspect car. Do not approach.
  677.  EDIT 215 2:06 PM: [NOT RELATED] <= First mistake (and last, hold me to it)
  678.  EDIT 214 2:05 PM: Changed MIT donation link.
  679.  EDIT 213 1:59 PM: Scanner - Fire alarm was triggered.
  680.  EDIT 212 1:58 PM: CNN is interviewing the aunt
  681.  EDIT 211 1:56 PM: MIT set up a donation for the Collier Family.. If you want to give me gold, send your money here instead.
  682.  EDIT 210 1:53 PM: /u/fr1ck - Re 206: Girl claimed to be Chinese press corp. She had no credentials.
  683.  EDIT 209 1:50 PM: Reddit Stream
  684.  EDIT 208 1:48 PM: Image of dead suspect 1 (Black Hat) online. Not confirmed to be real.
  685.  EDIT 207 1:47 PM: Governor met with officer after surgery. Doing fine.
  686.  EDIT 206 1:45 PM: Girl trying to get into press area, doesn't have a press badge.
  688. EDIT 000 3:14 PM: REMINDER: Do no post critical details (times, locations, addresses, names, etc).
  691. PART 6
  694. FINAL EDIT - This thread is now read-only. I am done updating for today (almost 32 hours up atm). Someone else can take over. It was good, and I wish it ended sooner, but I need a nap =)
  696. EDIT 259 5:30 PM: WHITE HAT IS AT LARGE! Considered armed and deadly. May be wearing suicide vest. Location unknown.
  697.  EDIT 258 5:27 PM: THIRD SUBJECT IS ELDERLY MALE! No White Hat.
  698.  EDIT 257 5:26 PM: Press area clear.
  699.  EDIT 256 5:23 PM: 2 males in custody. None are White Hat. Third male inside a building, surrounded.
  700.  EDIT 255 5:21 PM: A subject was taken into custody. Identity not confirmed.
  701.  EDIT 254 5:10 PM: I'm back, Thread 7 guy bounced. Looks like a press event shortly.
  703. EDIT 253 4:52 PM: Not gone. Everything is calm.
  704.  EDIT 252 4:35 PM: K9's for press area requested to be bomb dogs.
  705.  EDIT 251 4:33 PM: Request - K9 to sweep press area.
  706.  EDIT 250 4:32 PM: Individual prone in alleyway.
  707.  EDIT 249 4:29 PM: Several zones 100% searched.
  708.  EDIT 248 4:23 PM: EDIT to 246. They got gas at a Shell station. Did NOT rob 7/11.
  709.  EDIT 247 4:22 PM: Suspicious Individual ditched a gray CRV in Watertown.
  710.  EDIT 246 4:09 PM: WCVB reported that the suspects stopped at the 7/11 to get gas, but did not rob it.
  711.  EDIT 245 4:00 PM: Many officers about to hit their 18 hours. Shift changes soon.
  712.  EDIT 244 3:58 PM: NEW LINK - Father thinks his sons are being framed.
  713.  EDIT 243 3:54 PM: Rain soon, could hinder search efforts.
  714.  EDIT 242 3:52 PM: Debriefing announced.
  717. PART 7
  720. EDIT 317: 7:31PM Want to keep updating everyone each minute. Still radio silence. Completely dead on the radio.
  721.  EDIT 316: 7:30PM Two choppers in the air (according to whatever news station I have on TV - NOT THE SCANNER) with infrared cameras.
  722.  EDIT 315: 7:29PM Still mumblings about dogs and weapons, no brand new information. Still attempting radio silence for the TAC squads.
  723.  EDIT 314: 7:28PM Suspect is in the boat and he has a wire fence behind him. Trying to decipher chatter here as quickly as I can. Sorry if I miss something.
  724.  EDIT 313: 7:27PM One friendly is "a little too close" to the boat. Asking them to leave.
  725.  EDIT 312: 7:26PM "Suspect prone" Not sure if I heard that right. There is still movement in the back of the boat.
  726.  EDIT 311: 7:26PM They are attempting to come up with an official dog to track down the suspect in case he gets out of the boat. FBI dog versus BPD dog? I pick the FBI dog.
  727.  EDIT 310: 7:25PM Tactical folk trying to get up on a wall for either entry or line of sight. They have a K9 unit on hand as well.
  728.  EDIT 309: 7:23PM "Clear the air. Let's maintain radio silence." "OK boss, we're in the house."
  729.  EDIT 308: 7:22PM "Keep going dispatch, you guys are doing a great job."
  730.  EDIT 307: 7:22PM All non-tactical policemen are asked to leave the area. Those with the best weapons are in place and they want them to have the best view of the incident.
  731.  EDIT 306: 7:21PM This post filled in while I was gone. THANK YOU!
  732.  EDIT 286: 7:19PM The backyard has been cleared of all officers and civilians in case of crossfire. Apparent standoff situation - will continue to update quickly. The scanner is very busy.
  733.  EDIT 285: 7:17PM If the boat is in fact opened, officers are to be wary of crossfire. EMS is being called. Passerbys are advising multiple people are running. Unsure if they are civilian or not. EDIT 284: 7:16PM All non-essential officers are being asked to set up a perimeter. They are ripping off something...not sure what. I think he is hiding in a boat. EDIT 283: 7:16PM Garage is clear. I have a scanner up and I will update by the moment from here on out until the conclusion.
  734.  EDIT 282: 7:15PM Shots fired. Suspect possibly down. Ambulance being backed in. "All police officers form all commands in the rear of that white garage behind the house need to move. You are in the line of fire."
  735.  EDIT 281: 7:14PM Stupid traffic...sorry guys. Police and FBI have tracked down a car. Shots fired at 7:09. EOD on scene. EDIT 280: 6:49PM Since the scanners aren't working for me here at work, I'm going to go rush home and see if I can get them back up there. 10-15 minutes, I promise.
  736.  EDIT 279: 6:46PM Reports of a suspect in custody. No description, name, location, or anything else. I can not even hint at it being the primary suspect.
  737.  EDIT 278: 6:45PM I have been sent a recording of the potential high speed chase by /u/That_Urks_Me and it seems as plausible as the other scanner audio I have found. Thank you to everyone that has sent me scanner links, I think I have one that is working for now. EDIT 277: 6:42PM Mention of a possible runner. (This was potentially of a recorded audio - apologies)
  738.  EDIT 276: 6:40PM Unconfirmed reports of high speed chase matching a vehicle description. My scanners are all down so I think it's a good time for me to run home and find a new one. Staying for a little while longer in case something happens.
  739.  EDIT 275: 6:37PM Delayed edit from 6:32 from /u/extrasweettea "Male on bike wearing all black with curly hair seen on bike going towards central square with large backpack.. Units deployed."
  740.  EDIT 274: 6:34PM My scanner went down so I'm looking for a new one. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING SCANNER LINKS. Also, I will be heading home soon from work so I will be out of updates for about 15 minutes. I will let you know when I leave and when I get back
  741.  EDIT 273: 6:28PM More questions about civilians entering the streets and how to handle the situation. Questions about traffic patterns and allowable areas are being discussed.
  742.  EDIT 272: 6:24PM Possible sighting of the suspect in [REDACTED]. Police are sending units to investigate.
  743.  EDIT 271: 6:23PM Police on [REDACTED] street say that federal agents and other agencies are falling back and the perimeter is getting sparse.
  744.  EDIT 270: 6:18PM Delayed edit from 6:12 from /u/extrasweettea "Vehicle was left with clerk after being given $20 to park it in unknown parking lot. Was told someone would come by at 10 to pick it up. No keys were left."
  745.  EDIT 269: 6:16PM Suspicious knapsack found. EOD requested. Unsure of location but I believe Watertown.
  746.  EDIT 268: 6:15PM Police are seeing people leaving their houses and requesting how to act. Police recommended to stand down and continue breaking down the perimeter but stay on alert.
  747.  EDIT 267: 6:13PM Breaking down the perimeter. Police are asked to stand down (in shifts) and head back to the staging area for rest and debriefing.
  748.  EDIT 266: 6:10PM Public transit is back open and the "stay indoors request" has been lifted.
  749.  EDIT 265: 6:09PM Drawing back TAC teams, stepping up police patrol in Watertown. "Commited to a conclusion" but no arrests as of yet.
  750.  EDIT 264 6:04PM: Backpack possibly containing umpire equipment. Could be separate suspicious package.
  751.  EDIT 263 6:03 PM: Requesting officers over 18 hours to once again be replaced.
  752.  EDIT 262 5:58 PM: Backpack spotted in metal box. EOD and K9 team requested. No information about location (eg. Boston/Cambridge etc.)
  753.  EDIT 261 5:57 PM: [Slight Meta] The scanner has calmed down, so updates might be sparse for a little bit.
  754.  EDIT 260 5:55 PM: They are still searching the perimeter. About "6 streets" to go.
  756. PART 7.5
  758. EDIT 281: 6:58PM Shots fired.
  760. EDIT 282: 7:01 Grid locked franko street
  762. EDIT 283: 7:01 EMS and firestations arriving
  764. EDIT 284: 7:02PM Firing dummy rounds into a boat. Edit: preparing too fire
  766. EDIT 285: 7:02PM Firing gas into boat. Edit: preparing too fire
  768. EDIT 286: 7:04PM Bearcat arriving.
  770. EDIT 287: 7:05PM Calling for tactical to take over and everyone else to fall back.
  772. EDIT 288: 7:06PM Calls to sertup perimiter.
  774. EDIT 289: 7:06PM Movement detected in boat.
  776. EDIT 290: 7:07PM EOD on scene. There is a family in the basement.
  778. EDIT 291: 7:08PM "Hes lieing on the side of the boat. The fence side".
  780. EDIT 292: 7:08PM "No movement". Hes in the middle of the boat.
  782. EDIT 293: 7:09PM 'Legs moving. Head is not'.
  784. EDIT 294: 7:10PM They want to knock the boat over
  786. EDIT 295: 7:11PM Open mic calls.
  788. EDIT 296: 7:11PM They need bearcats at franko.
  790. EDIT 297: 7:12PM More open mic calls.
  792. EDIT 298: 7:12PM They need to get the street open to bring the armour(sic.) down
  796. Man i gatta piss so bad
  798. EDIT 300: 7:14PM EOD coming out
  800. EDIT 301: 7:15PM Police need to get out of white garages line of fire. Behind the white house.
  802. EDIT 302: 7:16PM All non tacticals should be assuming a perimeter
  804. EDIT 303: 7:17PM They want to rip the top off the boat. "Beware of crossfire"
  806. EDIT 304: 7:17PM They need EMS
  808. EDIT 305: 7:19PM Boat in the backyard? Where the garages are.
  810. EDIT 306: 7:20PM Two Officers by a blue garage are in the line of fire.
  814. EDIT 308: 7:21PM Battery clamp on latter
  816. EDIT 309: 7:22PM Movement on top of the stairs? [Not sure]
  818. EDIT 310: 7:23PM They are maintaining radio silence [Not sure] "Clear the air"
  820. EDIT 311: 7:24PM Designate one dog handler on scene
  822. EDIT 312: 7:25PM Trying to get up a wall
  824. i hope this is worth pissing my pants
  826. EDIT 313: 7:26PM Need co-operating dogs.
  828. EDIT 314: 7:26PM No movement in back of the boat
  830. EDIT 315: 7:27PM One friendly to close to the opposite side of the boat(near shed)
  832. EDIT 316: 7:28PM He has no cover to move(the cop). Shit.
  834. EDIT 317: 7:28PM Radio silence.
  836. EDIT 318: 7:30PM Radio silence. Edit: They mentioned someone having a diagram of the place. Not sure(was a while back)
  838. EDIT 319: 7:32PM Extraction, there pulling the friendly out. Or at least going to attempt to.
  840. EDIT 320: 7:33PM They need to know if there is movement in the boat.
  842. EDIT 321: 7:33PM Purple dot? 80-90 callback? [Not sure]
  844. can the gods of reddit make this comment infinite length?
  846. EDIT 321: 7:34PM Family & children CANT be evacuated. Its going to be hard.
  848. Fuck error 502. I hope you can see this.
  850. EDIT 322: 7:36PM Negative eyes on the boat. I don't think they see movement.
  854. EDIT 324: 7:38PM There making head way. Want to continue. Want to pull the cover off the boat.
  856. EDIT 325: 7:39PM He sat up. Confirmed movement in the boat. Absolutely confirmed movement.
  858. EDIT 326: 7:41PM Want lights on the boat. He sat up on the boat.
  860. EDIT 327: 7:42PM He is sitting up again.
  862. EDIT 328: 7:42PM He is in the center of the boat.
  864. EDIT 329: 7:43PM He is inside the stern (I think i heard wrong)
  866. EDIT 330: 7:44PM Bearcat needs front floods on for light. They don't want to light up the boat just yet.
  868. EDIT 331: 7:44PM They don't want to shine light on the boat till they get guys on it. Dis-organised teams right now, need to do things slow.
  870. EDIT 332: 7:45PM "Reporting fire or flame on boat"
  872. sorry, hit mute on my stream
  874. EDIT 333: 7:46PM FBI launching FDD. Flash bang. [Not sure if they did, radio silence]
  876. EDIT 334: 7:47PM "Maintain radio silence.. do not return fire"
  878. EDIT 335: 7:49PM 'Bearcat. Back it up.'
  880. EDIT 336: 7:50PM "Flash bangs out".."No movement from subject"
  882. EDIT 337: 7:51PM 'Obstruction. Stand by sir. Open door to garage?'..They have a k9
  884. EDIT 338: 7:52PM Asking if there is a fire on the boat. Negative on fire or lights.
  886. EDIT 339: 7:53PM Another flash bang. Negative on movement.
  888. EDIT 340: 7:54PM "Radio silence". They are thinking about negotiations.
  890. EDIT 341: 7:55PM Shutting something down. Not sure what, maybe lights.
  892. EDIT 342: 7:56PM "No movement"
  894. EDIT 343: 7:58PM "Negative movement"
  896. if your pming me, im not checking, this news is too fast
  898. EDIT 344: 8:01PM They are negotiating I believe. [Not sure]
  900. EDIT 345: 8:04PM [Possibly unrelated] A car taking an exit somewhere.
  902. EDIT 346: 8:06PM Movement. I think they need spot light assistance.
  904. take everything i say from this point on with a grain of salt, as it is very difficult
  906. EDIT 347: 8:08PM Someone wants to light up the boat. The request is denied because they have to move there men. 'FBI wants the sun on that(boat)'
  908. EDIT 348: 8:09PM "Hold on those lights"
  910. EDIT 349: 8:10PM "Light the boat up with the night sun". 'Two cars someone has an eye on'
  912. EDIT 350: 8:10PM "15 minutes". I'm guessing 15 minutes till lights come on.
  914. EDIT 351: 8:12PM Helicopter feed. Omg, he just said its broadcasted on the internet. Helicopter is terminating the down link. "You cant code the downlink-Neagative"
  916. EDIT 352: 8:14PM Media coming in from parker street.
  918. EDIT 353: 8:16PM Helicopter needs fuel. [Not sure]
  920. EDIT 354: 8:16PM Cops in plain cloths need help.
  922. I'm considering lagging the events, just to make them feel safer, but in reality anyone can listen to this feed, im just transcribing it
  924. EDIT 355: 8:21PM Firetrucks showing up [not sure]. Open mic. Watch it.
  926. EDIT 356: 8:22PM Accidental radio alarm going off.
  928. Note the radio silence, I don't think anything of importance will be broadcasted anymore
  930. EDIT 357: 8:24PM "Stay on post till 2100"
  932. EDIT 358: 8:28PM I believe they are waiting on a fuel, most likely for the helicopter. "Someone get in touch with the EMS ambulance and have them move it"
  934. EDIT 359: 8:29PM [Unrelated] Multi car accident.
  936. I'm going to stop posting now, as I just realized there is a new thread.
  940. PART 8
  944. EDIT 362: 8:33PM Please continue to keep the comments slow or stop them completely. It will help this page load quicker. Officers discussing tactical movements that I will again not discuss.
  945.  EDIT 361: 8:30PM I am currently on the Rt.9 scanner (NO LINKS PLEASE) and looking at the Eastern Mass scanner. 'H4' apparently is apparently the Boston based command post.
  946.  EDIT 360: 8:29PM An ambulance is blocking something, EMS is coming to move it. New scanner is still trying to load so I'll keep it going. Asked again to keep chatter to a minimum. The scene sounds tense, but under control.
  947.  EDIT 359: 8:26PM Officers asking for cold water. I'm looking at a new scanner right now so we'll see if that is more active.
  948.  EDIT 358: 8:25PM Police told to stay at their post until 2100. Not sure what will happen at 9:00PM but they will fall back to "H4"
  949.  EDIT 357: 8:23PM Chatter about a larger perimeter perhaps beyond the smaller one. Talking about offramps and highway codes.
  950.  EDIT 356: 8:22PM I am still on the BPD scanner, and it is quiet on that end. More open mic comments.
  951.  EDIT 355: 8:19PM Still see imaging in the boat - from what I heard a bit ago but wanted to update. Suspect is still in the boat. TV broadcast speculating he's been in the boat for quite some time.
  952.  EDIT 354: 8:19PM People jumping over the gate in the back. Possibly officers, assuming tactical squad. Not a lot of background on that statement to give.
  953.  EDIT 353: 8:16PM Apparently the downlink is the video - not the scanner. I am just writing what I hear as quickly as possible and not filtering what I hear. There are officers looking for help with keeping the population off the streets.
  954.  EDIT 352: 8:15PM Asking for a new, tighter perimeter to be placed. Discussing street names and a large media contingent. I will not post street names but they are closing the box around the house.
  955.  EDIT 351: 8:14PM The BPD is talking about how the downlink is being thrown on the internet. They might shut it down. They are concerned about it being broadcast and are possibly moving channels. Once more pass with the chopper before it refuels.
  956.  EDIT 350: 8:13PM Possibly the main issue with the sun moving to the boat is that it is on the helicopter.
  957.  EDIT 349: 8:11PM The main issue with the boat seems to be the fuel on board. They are not sure if the suspect has anything flammable on him that can ignite the fuel onboard. More discussion about tactical movements that I will not discuss.
  958.  EDIT 348: 8:10PM Another request to put the "night sun" on the boat. Still met with some resistance.
  959.  EDIT 347: 8:09PM Still discussing safety issues with lighting up the boat. Also, I get it, I'm an idiot for the flameless paper. I don't need another 100 people telling me, I already read the first 75.
  960.  EDIT 346: 8:08PM "The FBI would like you to put the sun on the boat. Take all precautions if you can't do it." "OK Standby"
  961.  EDIT 345: 8:07PM "Can you light up the boat?" "That is a negative sir, that will give away our location." "Light up the boat!" "We cannot sir, we cannot."
  962.  EDIT 344: 8:05PM "We have movement. Arms are moving. Repeat, we have movement." Requesting flood light assistance now from the side. Unsure what changed.
  963.  EDIT 343: 8:04PM I've been told by everyone that it's flameless OC paper, like tear gas I guess. That seems to be the consensus...apparently I'm typing too quickly here.
  964.  EDIT 342: 8:03PM I want to apologize again for the mixup between thread 7 and thread 8. There is still little talk over the radio. Apparently it's freaking snowing outside my window...GO HOME CHICAGO WEATHER! YOU'RE DRUNK! Really...no radio chatter on my feed.
  965.  EDIT 341: 8:02PM ATF is negotiating with someone, unsure about what. First mention I've heard of ATF all evening.
  966.  EDIT 340: 7:59PM Talking about flameless copy paper? No idea why...maybe they're trying to refill their cash register. Humor over and out. Still nothing new to report. Asking about TAC communication with the FBI.
  967.  EDIT 339: 7:59PM Asking how the long rifles are holding up. First mention of potential sniper cover. Can't confirm, but it seems a part of the TAC squad.
  968.  EDIT 338: 7:58PM Still negative movement. Suspect on his back in the boat without movement.
  969.  EDIT 337: 7:57PM Discussing a changeover for something. Potentially the chopper or possibly the TAC squads. Unsure at the moment - will update with info.
  970.  EDIT 336: 7:56PM No further movement. News stations reporting blood on the boat. Nothing about blood on the scanner.
  971.  EDIT 335: 7:56PM Officers asked to shut off lights on cruisers. Unsure why. They're slowly being shut down. Still no movement. No more flashbangs or shots fired at the moment.
  972.  EDIT 334: 7:55PM Discussion of a plan. Plan not mentioned over scanner. Using codes and allusions to talk about the plan.
  973.  EDIT 333: 7:54PM All quiet on the scanner.
  974.  EDIT 332: 7:53PM Negative on the fire confirmed by the chopper. Still no movement from the top.
  975.  EDIT 331: 7:52PM Negative on the fire on the boat. From tactical vantage point, no fire on the boat. negative on movement, another flashbang requested.
  976.  EDIT 330: 7:52PM News outlets reporting "pop pop" noises. Those would be the flashbangs. Inquiry about the fire on the boat has been posted. Awaiting a response.
  977.  EDIT 329: 7:50PM Flash bang hit forward of the subject. No movement from the subject by confirmed hit of flashbang.
  978.  EDIT 328: 7:50PM Still radio silence. Fire on the boat appears to be confirmed by scanner, still unsure. Also, I have a working scanner everyone...thanks for the messages though but they slow my load time. FLASHBANGS OUT
  979.  EDIT 327: 7:49PM Boston BEARCAT asked to back up as they need access to something. Not sure what.
  980.  EDIT 326: 7:48PM All units asked for radio silence once more. Told to not return fire as another flash bang is being fired into the center of the boat. (Sorry again for the mess up with threads everyone)
  981.  EDIT 325: 7:46PM FBI shooting off a flashbang. Everyone told DO NOT RETURN FIRE.
  982.  EDIT 324: 7:45PM Possible fire on the boat. Unsure of the origin but there is a possible fire on the boat. There is a tac team with a Bearcat waiting to move in but there are currently conflicting plans.
  983.  EDIT 323: 7:44PM Sorry for the confusion. I got locked out of /r/news for a little bit. "We do NOT want to light up the boat. Not lights on the boat please."
  984.  EDIT 322: 7:43PM He is on the boat. Center mass is leaned towards the fence line. He is inside the stern - or maybe the gastank is inside the stern. Half full tank with 20 gallons of fuel. Unsure if the suspect is trying to get to it.
  985.  EDIT 321: 7:42PM Confirmed movement in the boat from multiple sources. Confirmed movement in the boat.
  986.  EDIT 320: 7:40PM There is a full tank on the boat. 20 gallons of fuel on the boat. Helicopters overhead say there is movement in the boat. Asking for spotlights on the boat.
  987.  EDIT 319: 7:40PM There is quite a bit of movement in the boat. He is sitting up and moving.
  988.  EDIT 318: 7:39PM SORRY! It wouldn't let me make a new post in /r/news so I had to make one here. I don't know why.
  989.  EDIT 317: 7:32PM They are working to meet up around the back of the house. They almost have the top of the boat ripped off.
  992. PART 9
  995. EDIT 384: 8:56PM Everyone is clearing out and finalizing movement out. I am going to believe that the suspect is alive at the moment as they continue to refer to him "in custody" rather than "deceased". Just my personal opinion and that means nothing. They are currently organizing the return of all weapons to the appropriate jurisdictions. I think we're all done here. "Good job boys."
  997.  EDIT 382: 8:53PM Thanks is going around to the TAC squads, the FBI, the dispatch, everyone seems to feel this part of the ordeal is over.
  998.  EDIT 381: 8:52PM "Great job"
  999.  EDIT 380: 8:51PM Every suspect is being questioned, not sure who else they have to question but possibly witnesses or others detained during the investigation. The FBI and the police are meeting to discuss transport I believe.
  1000.  EDIT 379: 8:50PM Officers are continuing to the sweep the area.
  1001.  EDIT 378: 8:49PM All residents being asked to return back to their houses to clear the street. Potential helicopter lift for the suspect. Unsure once again. Apologies for waffling. Asking to clear the street for the "victim". Don't know what to make out of that.
  1002.  EDIT 377: 8:48PM Suspect is once again confirmed in custody. That makes me feel he is still alive, if only barely.
  1003.  EDIT 376: 8:47PM Confirmed once more - suspect is in custody. Conflicting reports about suspect being dead and suspect being treated by an EMS. I will not make any claims to either point. They are still calling an ambulance.
  1004.  EDIT 375: 8:46PM Cheers from the crowd heard as scanners reported they have the man in custody. WE HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS THE 19 YEAR OLD WHITE HAT.
  1005.  EDIT 374: 8:45PM I am still on local Boston scanner and can't get the Eastern Mass one to work but it appears they have him in custody.
  1006.  EDIT 373: 8:44PM Local Boston media reporting suspect is captured and alive, medic on route.
  1007.  EDIT 372: 8:43PM Probably not about the suspect in the boat - talking about the EOD unit in Watertown.
  1008.  EDIT 371: 8:43PM Suspect might be about the black bag. No clues.
  1009.  EDIT 370: 8:42PM "MEDIC! MEDIC!" Chilling cry.
  1010.  EDIT 369: 8:42PM Suspect in custody but NO ONE INSIDE OF PERIMETER
  1011.  EDIT 368: 8:40PM Media was ordered off the roof, not Police. My apologies. I also forgot to turn off post replies going to my inbox...fail...
  1012.  EDIT 367: 8:39PM Abandoned black bag outside in the city of Boston. Not located near the episode going on. It is actually in Watertown not Boston. Proceeding EOD.
  1013.  EDIT 366: 8:39PM Asking all police in the outer perimeter to hold fast and be prepared.
  1014.  EDIT 365: 8:38PM 110 comments in 2 minutes... /facepalm
  1015.  EDIT 364: 8:36PM Talking about grabbing rifle shields and meeting up with FBI TAC. Police have been ordered off the roof, not sure why.
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