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  1. 7:07 AM] iflyheli: thanks for reaching out
  2. [7:07 AM] iflyheli: i really do appreciate it but it's already done
  3. [7:07 AM] iflyheli: have fun in the city
  4. [7:09 AM] Zeynith: You're currently missing, so it isn't done yet!
  5. [7:11 AM] iflyheli: Hmmmm crashed a heli from 2k AGL
  6. [7:11 AM] iflyheli: its not your fault
  7. [7:12 AM] iflyheli: ill be making a report to dude himself
  8. [7:12 AM] iflyheli: letting him know everything
  9. [7:12 AM] iflyheli: i just cant be accused of something like that
  10. [7:14 AM] iflyheli: and at this point it doesn't even fkn matter tbh
  11. [7:16 AM] Zeynith: Well it matters to me, and feels very much my fault... If I had just talked to you instead of chickening out Dawn wouldn't have said what she said and this wouldn't have happened...
  12. [7:16 AM] iflyheli: yea well tbh
  13. [7:17 AM] iflyheli: you had weeks to do so
  14. [7:18 AM] iflyheli: dont worry i wont be admin or anything so you have nothing to worry about i just have to explain to the staff why im quitting
  15. [7:18 AM] iflyheli: and everything i pretty much do is logged
  16. [7:22 AM] Zeynith: I wasn't worried about that... I just didn't want you to quit the game over a misunderstanding. But now I just feel shitty about myself, and will feel guilty that I played a part in you leaving, which will hurt my experience in the city, and make me not want to go back.
  17. [7:27 AM] iflyheli: well all i can tell you as someone who has been here since the 3rd day
  18. [7:28 AM] iflyheli: you dont have to feel guilty
  19. [7:28 AM] iflyheli: just go have fun
  20. [7:28 AM] iflyheli: but you might get a message from a admin ti follow up
  21. [7:28 AM] iflyheli: to
  22. [7:28 AM] iflyheli: they might wanna know why i quit
  23. [7:31 AM] Zeynith: Why did you quit? Cause Dawn thought you were spying on her?
  24. [7:33 AM] iflyheli: lol spying no i dont do that i can replicate what "i heard you guys said" no prob maybe learn how shit works before you accuse people of shit or idk make a fkn ticket
  25. [7:34 AM] iflyheli: why in the flying fuck would i meta game a random girl who BTW came up to me but i prob planned that too right
  26. [7:34 AM] iflyheli: anyways
  27. [7:34 AM] iflyheli: idc anymore tbh
  28. [7:35 AM] iflyheli: makes me so sick
  29. [7:35 AM] iflyheli: i have to quit
  30. [7:35 AM] iflyheli: ill i do is RP
  31. [7:36 AM] iflyheli: but its fine i will be sending a report to papa himself
  32. [7:36 AM] iflyheli: and im done
  33. [7:36 AM] iflyheli: so youre good
  34. [7:39 AM] Zeynith: Look I don't know what went on between you and Dawn. I was RPing the info Dawn gave me. Why would I make a ticket cause my friend says she is being spied on? All of this was just RP for me, and I never accused you of shit except in character, which is what I'm supposed to do. I hardly saw Dawn once she was with you, and she was manipulating Alex too. She just didn't realize it until you two were together.
  35. [7:39 AM] iflyheli: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  36. [7:39 AM] iflyheli: yes make a ticket
  37. [7:39 AM] iflyheli: a admin watching people
  38. [7:39 AM] iflyheli: is gross af
  39. [7:40 AM] iflyheli: thats my prob
  40. [7:40 AM] iflyheli: its fine dont worry about it
  41. [7:40 AM] iflyheli: you might a message from someone at best
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